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Top 20 Naughty Gifts – Valentines Day 2019


So you want to have a hotter and sexier Valentine’s Day? Let us help you with that…

If you’re like us, you may like to give or receive more sexy presents to your partner for Valentines Day. Last year we tested many different sex toys and products, so we’ve put together a list of naughty ideas for you. There is something for everyone and every budget on our list, so we hope you enjoy it!

So here we go, let’s make it a sexy Valentines Day 2019! Please let us know if these lists helped you and share it around if you feel like your friends or followers would find it interesting 😉

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Top 6 Sex Toys for Penises and Prostates

Top 6 Sex Toys for Clitorises and Vaginas

Top 8 Sex Accessories and Games

Top 6 Sex Toys for Penises and Prostates

1. Cobra Libra II – Fun Factory

This is hands down my favourite penis vibrator. It’s great for solo masturbation. Though it isn’t possible to give a blowjob while using this toy on your partner’s penis. For that you may want to take a look at other options on this list. When it comes to vibrators for penises though, this one wins.

Cobra Libra Fun Factory Male Vibrator

View our Cobra Libra II review here

2. Satisfyer Men Vibration

Very similar toy to Cobra Libra II. It almost matches it’s greatness and comes at a significantly lower cost. If you want a cheaper sex toy for your partner, this is the one to buy.

Satisfyer Men Vibration Vibrator Sex Toy

View our Satisfyer Men Vibration review here

3. Man.Wand

This toy is AMAZING for couples. It is a magic wand style vibrator with a penis holder on the head. It feels amazing on the penis and can also be used while giving your partner a blowjob at the same time. Plus, this toy can also be used in any other way. It can be used on the clitoris, nipples and basically any other body part. The vibrator is strong and the vibration patterns are excellent.

Man.Wand vibrating wand sex toy

View our Man.Wand review here

4. Nexus Revo Slim

This anal toy is designed to stimulate the prostate gland. Which means it is an anal toy. Some guys are nervous about having their anus played with, so be sure that your partner actually finds it interesting to begin with. If they are curious about prostate play, the nexus revo slim is a great toy to start with. It’s expensive yet worth it. It’s small enough that it won’t hurt very much and it comes with a remote control. This means that your partner can put it inside themselves and allow you to control it with the remote. This indirect aspect of the remote will help your partner if it’s their first time with anal play.

Nexus Revo Slim and remote

View our Nexus Revo Slim review here

5. Pulse III – Hot Octopuss

This is a STRONG vibrator for penises. It works from oscillating plates instead of a traditional vibrator. It feels like a very strong vibrator and the turbo mode cannot disappoint. Like the Man.Wand, this toy can also be used while giving a blowjob. So for couple play, this toy is awesome. Hot Octopuss also have a smaller model called Atom, which could be interesting too.

Woman holding guybrator / vibrator for men

View our Pulse III review here

6. We-Vibe Verge Cock ring

This is the best cock ring we have ever used. The vibrator is powerful and the patterns are great. The toy is quite versatile and can be worn to stimulate either partner’s perineum or the clitoris.

We-vibe Verge

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Top 6 Sex toys for Clitorises and Vaginas

1. Womanizer Pro40

This is the best sex toy Eve has received. Womanizer has recently discontinued them so you should get one while you can! Their latest Womanizer Liberty isn’t as good. The toy works by alternating air pressure. The effect feels a little like vibration but has a unique feel for sure. It’s more for solo masturbation and can be used while your partner uses a different toy on themselves. However it’s not a toy your partner can enjoy using on you easily.

View our Pro40 review here

2. Loica Bullet Vibrator – Passage du Desir

Wow, this little bullet vibrator is damn strong. It’s advertised as a clitoris vibrator, however it can also be used on a penis. This makes it a brilliant couples toy. And again, this is a strong vibrator, one of the strongest we own.

Loïca Bullet Vibromasseur par Passage du Désir

View our Loica review here

3. We-Vibe Touch

This is a classic clitoris vibrator. It’s one of the first we own and we still use it regularly. It is best used on a clitoris because of the pinpoint stimulation that can be achieved. Yet it is also possible to use it on a penis. It isn’t as strong as the Loica Bullet Vibrator but it has a nicer silicone texture.

View our Touch review here

4. Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Thrusting Vibrator

This is an amazing vibrator. I’ve always been curious about ‘fucking machines’ yet haven’t ever been in a situation where I could buy or use one. This toy gave me a little taste of what it could be like. The top of the vibrator thrusts in and out while the rabbit stimulates the clitoris. Seriously, this toy is good. Your partner will love using it on you or watching you with it.

Lovehoney Thrusting Vibrator Rabbit

View our Happy Rabbit Thrusting review here

5. Lady Bi – Fun Factory

The Lady Bi is a rabbit vibrator with a very strong motor. The vibrations are amazing. It isn’t as refined as other toys because the silicone is harder in this toy. For Eve, this means the vibrations and dildo feel a little too intense sometimes, however for some women it may be a good thing.

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6. Fifty Shades Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg

This is an amazing toy to spice up your sex life. The toy has been designed to discretely sit inside the vagina while a partner controls the vibrator. This means you can use it while in public without being caught. This is a novelty toy that you won’t use as much as some of the others on this list. Yet it’s so worth it.

50 Shades Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg Vibrator

View our Relentless Vibrations review here

Top 8 Sex Accessories & Games

1. Bondage Ropes

Fifty Shades of Grey Restrain Me Bondage BDSM Ropes

Bondage Ropes could be an excellent way to spice up your sex life this Valentine’s Day. We reviewed very elegant ropes from Fifty Shades recently. You can read our review here.

2. BDSM Candles

Bondage candles are also a great way to spice things up. We don’t have any specific brands to tell you about. Just make sure you buy proper low heat BDSM candles for this. Normal wax candles burn at too high a temperature and can damage the skin.

3. Massage Candles

Massage candles are a great treat, especially during the winter months. The wax is oil based and very low heat, so you light the candle, wait a few moments and then pour it onto your partner’s skin. Or if you’re being very careful, pour it on your own skin first. Passage du Desir sell some great massage candles.

4. Massage Oils

Smiling lube

If candles are not your thing, a massage oil of your partner’s favourite fragrance would be a very nice treat. You could opt for ‘aphrodisiac’ style massage oils if you don’t have a specific fragrance in mind. Rose fragrance is another very romantic oil to choose.

5. Truth or Dare Card Games or Karma Sutra Cards

Passage du Desir, Love Honey and many other companies have their own Truth or Dare Card Games. You can even get some that work as Apps on your phone. Whichever one you choose, this could be a great idea for a sexy Valentines present and activity. You could also look into other sex games.

6. Edible Body Paint

What isn’t to love about edible body paint?? A good brand we have used is Shunga.

7. Book of sexy short stories

If you and your partner are the literary sort, you could try a book of sexy stories to use during foreplay. It’s also a fun way to teach your partner a language if they’re foreign.

8. Sexy Lingerie

Lingerie french flag

Some great french brands of lingerie include Darjeeling (Eve’s favourite), Etam, Aubade and Rouge Gorge.

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