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Naughty Gifts for Valentines Day 2022

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Want some tips for naughty valentines day gifts from two sex toy bloggers? Well come on in and let us show you what we recommend for a naughtier, sexier valentines day this year.

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If you’re like us, you may like to give or receive more sexy presents to your partner for Valentines Day. Over the years that we’ve run this blog, we’ve tested many different sex toys and products, so we’ve put together a list of naughty ideas for you. There is something for everyone and every budget on our list, so we hope you enjoy it!

This year we have also decided to make a list of the shops with deals on for Valentines Day. Only a little while to go, so make sure you get those orders in on time! Or maybe you’re doing a late valentines day to take advantage of your weekend days? Either way, crack open some red wine or champagne and have a party with some sex toys.

We’ve tested all the sex toys we list on this page, so if you need to know a little more about them, just click through to the reviews. I’m going to list some of our favourite toys of the moment and then give you a list of all of the sex toy stores that have valentines day sales on.

So here we go, let’s make it a sexy Valentines Day 2022! Please let us know if these lists helped you and share it around if you feel like your friends or followers would find it interesting 😉

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Top 6 Sex Toys for Penises and Prostates

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Top 6 Sex Toys for Penises and Prostates

1. Pulse Solo Interactive – Hot Octopuss

This is hands down my favourite penis vibrator, it’s SO strong. It’s great for solo masturbation, plus it’s possible to give your partner a blowjob while this toy gives them sweet, sweet vibes. The bonus with this interactive model of the Pulse is that the toy can also be used long distance, meaning it can be controlled from a different country (for all your long distance couples out there). Another bonus is that if you like to watch adult content together, this toy uses the Feel Connect 3 app to sync to compatible porn vids.

pulse solo interactive

Buy it here

View our Pulse Solo Interactive review here

2. Arcwave Ion

The Arcwave Ion is the penis equivalent to the Womanizer clit stimulation toys. Like those toys, the Arcwave uses rapid pulses of air to stimulate the penis. It feels a bit like vibration and the harder you press the toy into the penis, the stronger it feels. On top of that, the toy has a real nice feeling silicone masturbator with an open end, so blowjobs are still possible with this penis toy.

arcwave ion review

Buy the Arcwave here

View our Arcwave Ion review here

3. The Edge 2 (prostate toy)

Lovense make really great app controlled toys, which means they are perfect for couples who spend time apart occasionally. These toys are also good for couples who want to play with remote control play. Lovense toys even sync to music, which is fun. Anyway, out of all the Lovense toys I’ve tried so far (including the penis ones), my favourite is the Edge 2. It’s such a powerful vibrator and feels amazing when my girlfriend controls it for me during sex. It makes my orgasms super powerful.

lovense edge 2 review waterproof prostate toy

Buy the Edge 2 here

View our Edge 2 review here

4. We Vibe Vector

The We Vibe Vector is very similar to the Edge 2 in vibration intensity, it’s also used to stimulate the prostate. The Vector however is slightly slimmer than the Edge 2 and comes with a physical remote as well as having the app options. I think it’s a nicer colour too. So if you’re buying a toy for a beginner to prostate play, the Vector would be better than the Edge 2 for that!

we-vibe vecto
A prostate massager (the Vector).

Buy the Vector here

View our Vector review here

5. Doxy Die Cast corded wand

This is a STRONG vibrating wand. The reason this is on my top toy list for penises is because I use it more regularly than most other toys. The beauty of the Doxy Die Cast is that it can be enjoyed by any gender. When I use it, I hold it up against my penis and it’s so strong that I don’t last long unless I take it away. This is another toy where partners can still give blowjobs – perfect!

review of doxy die cast wand vibrator

Buy the Doxy Die Cast here

View our Doxy Die Cast review here

6. Atom Plus Lux – Hot Octopuss

This is one of the nicest vibrating cock rings I’ve used. It’s incredibly powerful and has two motors in it, one for above the penis (for the clit) and another below the balls to stimulate the perineum of the person wearing it. Unlike other dual vibrator cock rings, the silicone of this one is quite stretchy, so it’s easier to put on. I highly recommend it!

atom plus lux review

Buy the Atom Plus Lux

View our Atom Plus Lux review here

Top 6 Sex toys for Clitorises and Vaginas

1. Womanizer Pro40

This is the best sex toy Eve has received, she’s had it since 2017 and it’s still one of her favourites. The toy works by alternating air pressure. The effect feels a little like vibration but has a unique feel. It’s more for solo masturbation and can be used while your partner uses a different toy on themselves. However it’s not a toy your partner can enjoy using on you easily. Another similar toy Eve loves is the Womanizer Premium (a slightly more fancy version).

Buy the Womanizer Pro40

View our Pro40 review here

2. Volta by Fun Factory

As improbable as this vibrator looks, it was one of my girlfriend’s favourite tests to do last year. She was sceptical about it when we first received it to test, however now several months after she finished writing her test on it, it’s still in her bedside drawer. Fun Factory’s vibration motors are always pretty good, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise really! This German company makes a lot of great vibrators.

fun factory volta

Buy the Volta

3. We-Vibe Chorus

This is a couples toy and is designed to be worn by placing one arm inside the vagina and to rest the motor on the clit. We’ve used it several times now and really like it. Even with my slightly larger girth, my girlfriend and I can have penetrative sex while she wears this toy without me causing her pain. We’ve tried a few toys like this before and they weren’t as comfortable as this one, so were really impressed with it. Good vibration motors and sexy design.

we vibe chorus

Buy the Chorus

View our Touch review here

4. Kurve by Hot Octopuss

One of Eve’s other favourite vibrators last year was the G spot vibrator Kurve by Hot Octopuss. This one has strong motors in it and has the same vibration technology as the Jett (a penis toy). The technology means that you can get both trebly “buzzy vibrations” and bass “rumbly vibrations”. My girlfriend enjoys mixing the modes and using this vibrator in the bath. It’s another one she keeps in her night stand.

Kurve Review Hot Octopuss

Buy the Kurve

View our Kurve review here

5. Domi 2 by Lovense

Eve has been using the Lovense wand more and more recently because it’s strong, rumbly and more importantly for her, it’s light weight. She doesn’t enjoy the Doxy Die Cast that I listed in my section as much because it weighs too much for her. The added advantage with the Domi 2 is that it is bluetooth app controlled and can be synced with other Lovense toys, as well as remote controlled from the other side of the World.

lovense domi 2 wand vibrator review

Buy the Domi 2

View our Domi 2 review here

6. Fifty Shades Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg

This is an amazing toy to spice up your sex life. The toy has been designed to discretely sit inside the vagina while a partner controls the vibrator. This means you can use it while in public without being caught. This is a novelty toy that you won’t use as much as some of the others on this list. Yet it’s so worth it.

50 Shades Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg Vibrator

Buy the Relentless Egg

View our Relentless Vibrations review here

Top 8 Sex Accessories & Games

1. Bondage Ropes

Fifty Shades of Grey Restrain Me Bondage BDSM Ropes

Bondage Ropes could be an excellent way to spice up your sex life this Valentine’s Day. We reviewed very elegant ropes from Fifty Shades recently. You can read our review here.

2. BDSM Candles

Bondage candles are also a great way to spice things up. We don’t have any specific brands to tell you about. Just make sure you buy proper low heat BDSM candles for this. Normal wax candles burn at too high a temperature and can damage the skin.

3. Massage Candles

Massage candles are a great treat, especially during the winter months. The wax is oil based and very low heat, so you light the candle, wait a few moments and then pour it onto your partner’s skin. Or if you’re being very careful, pour it on your own skin first. Passage du Desir sell some great massage candles.

4. Massage Oils

Smiling lube

If candles are not your thing, a massage oil of your partner’s favourite fragrance would be a very nice treat. You could opt for ‘aphrodisiac’ style massage oils if you don’t have a specific fragrance in mind. Rose fragrance is another very romantic oil to choose.

5. Truth or Dare Card Games or Karma Sutra Cards

Passage du Desir, Love Honey and many other companies have their own Truth or Dare Card Games. You can even get some that work as Apps on your phone. Whichever one you choose, this could be a great idea for a sexy Valentines present and activity. You could also look into other sex games like Monogamy and Nookii (which we have reviewed on this site).

6. Edible Body Paint

What isn’t to love about edible body paint?? A good brand we have used is Shunga.

7. Book of sexy short stories

If you and your partner are the literary sort, you could try a book of sexy stories to use during foreplay. It’s also a fun way to teach your partner a language if they’re foreign.

8. Sexy Lingerie

Lingerie french flag

Some great french brands of lingerie include Darjeeling (Eve’s favourite), Etam, Aubade and Rouge Gorge.

Top sex toy deals for Valentines Day 2022

We’ve been looking through all of the sex toy stores we know and trust to find you those that have Valentines Day 2022 deals on! Visit any of the stores below to take advantage of the deals. If you want them to arrive before valentines day, be sure to check the shipping costs. If you can’t get the stuff delivered to you in time and you don’t want to go to a physical store, you could print out an image of what you’ve bought to still make your partner excited on Valentines Day 🙂 Don’t forget to buy some champagne and roses…

Lovehoney’s Valentines Day Sale (Up to 50% off) – Worldwide

Lovehoney is known Worldwide but have their beginnings in the Las Vegas of 18th Century England, Bath. They sell a huge amount of toys, probably most of the ones I’ve listed on this page. They have many websites for different countries, so if you click the link below, my website will send you to the one nearest to you (all anonymous).

Another quick thing about Lovehoney – they sell quite a lot of sexy lingerie too, which is always nice for Valentines Day!

Check out the Lovehoney Sale

Peepshow Toys’ Blowout Sale (Up to 50% off) – USA

Peepshow Toys is a great online sex toy superstore if you happen to live in the USA (they ship elsewhere too but it’s mainly those in the USA that will be able to get stuff in time for Valentines Day). The added advantage of shopping at Peepshow Toys is that everything they sell is body-safe (which can’t be said for many others).

Check out the Peepshow Blowout Sale

Lovense’s Valentines Day Deal (Up to 45% off) – Worldwide

Lovense make fantastic bluetooth, app-controlled toys. Every one of their toys that I’ve tried so far has been great. I’ve tested the Edge 2, Max 2, Domi 2, Diamo and Gush, all of which you can find reviews of on this website using the search up top. The Lovense toys all have great connectivity and no matter where your partner is in the World, you’ll be able to control a sex toy on them using the Lovense app. Another cool thing about their toys is that you can sync them together (again via the app). You can even sync these toys to music!

Check out the Lovense Sale

Kiiroo’s Valentines Day Deal (Up to 60% off) – Worldwide

Kiiroo have several app controlled toys including the Kiiroo Keon and Pulse Interactive, which I have reviewed on this website. The app controlled side of their toys is great and allows both porn sync and long distance control. My personal favourite for the moment is the Pulse Interactive (as mentioned further up the page). Kiiroo also sell clit/vagina toys.

Check out Kiiroo’s sale

We Vibe Valentines Day Sex Toy Deals (Up to 50% off) – Worldwide

We Vibe is a luxury vibrator company who have made some of our favourite toys (including the Vector, Verge, Melt and Chorus). The toys can be a bit pricey so take advantage of the 50% off sale while you can. Bonus tip, some of We Vibe’s older toys like the Touch are still great!

Check out We Vibe’s sale

Hot Octopuss’s Valentines Deal (Up to 35% off) – UK / Europe (but can deliver to USA)

Hot Octopuss is a British company and makes one of my favourite penis vibrators, the Pulse. The Pulse comes in several different versions and my two favourites so far are the Pulse Duo Lux (couple’s version) and the Pulse Solo Interactive (the interactive version). I’ve reviewed both of those toys on this website and my girlfriend reviewed the Kurve, which is a great G spot vibrator. Hot Octopuss tend to make toys with very strong vibration motors.

Check out Hot Octopuss’ sale here

Womanizer Valentines Day Sale (Up to 50% off) – Worldwide

Womanizer sells my girlfriend’s two favourite toys, the Pro40 and the Premium. Both are similar style toys and use air pulse technology to stimulate the clitoris. Take advantage of the sale while you can. Another tip, my girlfriend recommends the bigger models like the Pro40/Premium over the small ones like the Liberty and Starlet, because the smaller ones weren’t as good for her.

Check out Womaniser’s sale here

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