For those of you that don’t know the history of this blog, one of us (me) is British and the other (Eve) is French. I’ve lived in France for a pretty long time but grew up in Britain. I have lived in several other European countries too but France is the place I decided to call home. The culture differences between France and the UK never stops fascinating me because I am reminded of them almost every day. I’ve had the opportunity to have several relationships here in France but it is my long-term French devil, Eve who has taught me the most about l’amour in France.

Eve and I were originally going to write just one or two articles about the differences in sexual attitudes between the UK and France. We’ve both learned a lot from each other. After reflecting on this idea though, we decided it would be too singular for us to talk about sexual differences only from our point of view. That’s when this French Connection series was born. “How cool would it be… for us to ask other sex bloggers about sex in France, sex in the UK and then translate their responses so that everybody can read each other’s points of view?”

Most of these interviews were done in the languages of the bloggers who we spoke to. For British people, I did interviews in English and Eve translated them to French. For French people, I did the interviews in French (with Eve’s help) and then I translated them to English. All of the interviews are available in both languages, so if you want to practice your French or English be our guest!