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Lovely Pleasure: Interview with French Sex Bloggers

Miss and Mister of Lovely Pleasure

I contacted Miss and Mister of Lovely Pleasure to participate in an interview. Lovely Pleasure is a sex blog run by ‘Miss’ and ‘Mister’, an adventurous couple in their mid twenties. As well as review sex toys, they create galleries of sexy photos, write stories and more still.

Miss and Mister put a lot of effort into this QnA and it’s very interesting to read their thoughts on sexual attitudes in their region of France. What is extra interesting is that they responded to many questions individually, giving us two points of view at once. It was a real pleasure to get to know them a little better. I hope you enjoy their QnA as much as I did!

This QnA was originally done in French. To read Miss and Mister’s exact words you can use the language switcher at the top of the page and read this in French 🙂

As a reminder, I ask each person who gets involved with these QnAs to give me their unique perception of the world around them. So please respect Miss and Mister’s points of view! These QnAs aren’t sociological studies, they’re a bit of fun. If I asked someone else from the same community as them the same questions, perhaps I’d get different answers. That doesn’t matter. This is Lovely Pleasure’s QnA and Miss and Mister’s opinion. With that said, I’m passing the rest of this over to them!

1. Could you describe yourself and what you blog about?

Hello! So, what to say about me… I, Miss, am a young 25 year old woman and I work with computers. I have always been attracted to both men and women. I don’t like labels but you could say I am bisexual. If you want to know more about me, I am very curious of everything. I love learning new things and discovering others. I really enjoy video games and play whenever I have a little free time (whether on the PC or a console). On the other hand, I often have a book in my hand. I read everything, from thriller, romance to fantasy.

Hello! I am Mister, I’m 28 years old and I also work with computers; and yes, we are two geeks and our careers compliment that. I am attracted mainly to women and am therefore heterosexual if I need to define a label. I have several passions like IT and photography. My interest in photography came at the same time as the blog (it required a fair amount of photos to populate the site). I enjoy playing video games, whether on consoles or PC. I have a small preference for the FPS (frames per second) of the PC. Unfortunately, I don’t have as much time to give to video games as when I was a teenager. Otherwise, I also like reading (manga, comics, novels).

As for the subjects of our blog, we share our opinions on sex toys, accessories, adult games and on lingerie. You can also find erotic stories that are all true and we post galleries of sexy photos. We also write guides and advice for our readers. Our blog deals mainly with sexuality, mainly our own sexuality and experiences.

2. What made you begin a sex blog and who’s idea was it?

After we had several disappointments with certain products, we were inspired to look if there were people who tested sex toys. At the time, there were some blogs (but too few for our taste), like NXPL that we still appreciate. After some months of reflection and desire to create a blog, I (Miss) asked Mister if it would interest him to start this adventure together. That was the birth of our blog and how we came to have a platform to share our experiences.

3. What kind of person were you growing up? Was there ever a hint that you’d end up writing about sex?

We were, to me at least, ordinary kids and teenagers. I don’t think there were any signs in particular that predisposed us to this activity, except perhaps for our curiosity.

We knew each other since we were young and have been together for 10 years. The fact that we’ve been together so long may have been a trigger point for the blog, although it might not mean anything.

4. How does being sex bloggers affect your personal life?

This activity takes us quite a bit of time. Preparing and writing reviews is pretty time consuming but that allows us to discover and test lots of great new things! Our reader’s feedback is also pleasant, especially when we want to help people. Blogging also gives us nice opportunities to meet people!

Being a blogger demands a lot of time but on the other hand, our blog is kind of our intimate couple’s journal too (without all of our private life). Thanks to our blog we have had the advantage to communicate our desires and maybe dared more things. Though again, we can’t really confirm (because it’s hindsight). In any case, this blog is a part of us, especially after more than 5 years of activity. We chose to remain anonymous and very few people know what we do.

5. If you had to describe your sex lives in three words, what would they be?

I would say, discovery, sharing and pleasure.

6. I read on your website that you have been together for more than 10 years. At your ages, it’s an achievement! What advice to you have for keeping the flame alive?

It’s true that often surprises people that we have been together so long! I think the basis of every relation is communication, expressing feelings, desires and not letting frustration take root. It’s also important to share a minimum of the same projects and desires.

7. What ages were you when you first had sex? Are those ages at all typical?

For my part (Miss), I was 14 years old. That maybe seems young but I felt ready and curious.

Then for me (Mister), I was 17 years old. It’s a typical age in my eyes.

8. What is your favourite sex act or sexy thing to do?

Miss: I enjoy the stages of seduction, desire and to elevate the temperature and excitation! I also enjoy role play a lot.

Mister: I enjoy role play and everything that goes on before sex, I find it very exciting. And on the more simple side, I enjoy blowjobs a lot too.

9. What are your favourite 3 – 5 French sex brands?

I’m going to recommend without hesitation the brand Patrice Catanzaro for lingerie. It’s all very pretty, high quality and made in France.

We really appreciate the work of French company Idée du Désir too. They make wooden sex toys and use responsible sources.

We Love lots of the creations and fantastical universe of the sex toy brand Fera Daemon. They are two young french sex toy designers. They make their toys with hand-poured silicone and their shop will open soon.

10. What kind of region or community do you live in?

We live in a big city in the East of France.

11. How open is the average person in your region to talking about sex?

It’s nothing but our point of view but before it’s important to know if it’s sex in general or the intimate sex of the person. For sex in general, it depends really on the person but we’d say that 50% of people are willing to talk about sex. However when we touch on the intimate life of the same person, it’s far rarer that they would be open to talking about it. There is of course group events at home for the purpose of selling sex toys (the effect of a group often helps open up).

12. Are non-monogamous relationships considered socially acceptable?

We think this sort of subject is still taboo and not well understood by the public. Especially as religions and traditions are still well anchored, it doesn’t help. We have no problem with it at all but other people already get outraged enough with simpler ideas.

13. What level of tolerance is there for different sexual orientations?

It’s starting to evolve (very very slowly) but there is still lots of work to do. Between prejudices, religions and other well established things, it’s a long struggle.

14. What (if anything) should change about sexual attitudes in France?

It would be good if there was generally a more open spirit and a bigger tolerance, with less judgements. In France the majority of people still permit themselves to dictate the way that you should live, because they believe that there is a fixed way that things should happen. People like this accept no alternative and it’s a shame.

15. Do all places in France share the same kind of sexual liberation?

Good question. In a big city we think one feels more free because one can blend in with the crowd and not necessarily pay attention to neighbours. Often in a small town or village, everybody knows each other and so everyone pays attention to what neighbours are doing.

16. In your opinions, where are the most romantic places in France for foreigners to visit?

Not Paris :’) I don’t know what people see in this city but whenever I’m there I feel ill at ease (Mister).

There are many cities and villages in France that are really nice. Best to do a road trip, stop in some beautiful hotels and good restaurants that will allow you to appreciate the specialities of every region.

17. Where would you want to live if you weren’t in France?

We’d like to go live in the South of England or Canada. They are the two places that attract us a lot. Then there is also Switzerland with the magnificent landscapes!

18. Are there any misconceptions you think foreigners might have about French people with regards to sex and romance?

That depends on what they are basing it, because films aren’t really a reflection of reality. One always has false ideas of a country that one hasn’t lived in.

19. What do you think British and American people should know about dating the French?

French people complain a lot :’) But honestly, it depends on a lot of things. The region, social background, life experience etc.

20. What do you think of the British and American accents (when they speak French)? And what do you suppose they think of yours when you speak English?

We love listening to French words and expressions when we watch US series (“Et voila” etc), it catches our attention every time. In general they like our accent when we talk in English and especially when we make an effort to speak their language.

21. Can you give our English speaking readers a French expression to learn? Funny, rude, sexy, philosophical… whatever you want!

There are lots of things to discover, between the accents, expressions and dialects of every region.

In our region, when there is a draft of air in a room, we say “ça tire”. This expression will only work in our region though. If you say it elsewhere in France people will look at you funny. It’s actually an Alsatian*  translation. Translated literally it’s “Es zieht” in Alsatian (though this expression doesn’t exist in the language).

Translated literally into English:
Ça tire = It pulls

* Alsation is a German dialect spoken in Alsace (a region of France).

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