My name is Adam Rouge and I have an obsession. An obsession with sex toys. I can’t stop collecting them, reviewing them and loving them. From the sex toy shops outside the Moulin Rouge in Paris, where I live, to similar shops in the seaside towns of the UK, where I was born and raised, I have been compelled to seek things that elevate my pleasure. This is the reason I ended up on the road to becoming a sex toy reviewer.

I started Obsession Rouge in 2017. My girlfriend and I share a wonderful sex life and my goal was to share our secrets. The website quickly transformed into a sex toy review blog. At first it was because I had so many sex toys already that I wanted to write about. As time went on, companies became more and more interested in getting their toys reviewed here.

As well as this website, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram with the username ‘obsessionrouge’.

This is a big about section and it also contains advice on being a sex toy reviewer, so here is a table of contents:

This page may contain some affiliate links. This it the only way I keep my little blog running and to all of you who use my links, thanks so much for the support!

Who am I?

Adam Rouge Sex Toy Reviewer

I am a cis male sex toy reviewer and I also write articles on sexual health. Online, I call myself Adam Rouge. I’m in my thirties, was born in the UK and I travelled around Europe, working in different fields before settling in France and doing what I do now. English is my main language however I am semi-fluent in French. You are welcome to communicate with me in either language.

The easiest way to define what I do online is ‘sex blogging’. My skills are numerous and I have combined them all to make this website possible. The expertise I have gained is through hundreds (if not thousands) of hours studying, reading and testing. I am not a doctor, nor a qualified sexologist. I don’t pretend that I can give you any kind of medical advice. If you need such advice, you should go to a doctor or sexologist. What I can give you however, is the accumulation of my own experience and significant knowledge in sexual health. Primarily, I am a cis male sex toy reviewer so if you need advice on sex toys, I have a lot to say!

I also love writing about fantasy, particularly fantasies I have personal knowledge of like preggophilia and breeding kink. Collecting useful resources and expanding on ideas with my own experience and knowledge is something that I love doing. My motto is that if I can help just one person, I will die a happy man. So if you have any question, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. However as already mentioned, for medical advice, you need a doctor or medical professional.

I am an ‘anonymous sex blogger’. This is due to some of the content that I write. A select few know my identity and support me, however, I ask for privacy and non-disclosure from everyone. You will know a lot about me, through my writing and the expertise that I share. In many cases, you’ll know things about me that even my closest friends don’t know. However, I don’t share personally identifiable details in public. I hope you understand and respect my reasons. Anonymity isn’t necessary of course but like many sex bloggers, I prefer it. So if you discover who I am, please respect my privacy and don’t share it.

What you’ll find on Obsession Rouge: Sex Toy Reviews!

No matter your gender, you will find sex toy reviews on this website relevant to you. I’m the main sex toy reviewer here so a lot of the toys are for my anatomy, that is, penis and prostate toys. However, my girlfriend Eve reviews many vagina / clit toys too. We also review lube, adult board games and a few other things as well. Reviewing isn’t the only thing I do though, I also write sexual health articles.

My aim is to review the best sex toys out there, so you’ll rarely find bargain-basement style toys here. I didn’t want this website to turn into an endless directory of every rubbish sex toy that gets put on the internet. At the same time, I review affordable sex toys as well as luxury sex toys.

Everything I review here is also body-safe, meaning you don’t have to worry about the toxicity of toys I review. Certain toys are porous, such as TPE sleeves and toys from companies like Tenga and Fleshlight. However this is largely unavoidable and I give advice and caution with such toys.

My favourite sex toys

As you’ll see if you browse this website, I own A LOT of sex toys. Like a ridiculous amount. However much I try to be balanced in my reviews, I do have favourite sex toys. If you just want to see which ones I love the most, be sure to check out my best penis sex toy page and my best prostate toy pages. The prostate page actually contains a very detailed guide on prostate massage as well (both a solo and couple guide).

We are two sex toy reviewers… and we’ve reviewed a lot

Both my girlfriend and I review toys here. There’s a little info on Eve further below, she’s French.

Most of the toys on this website are prostate and penis toys because I am the main writer. The following are the main categories of toys, if you click on them you’ll see all the toys we’ve listed under those catagories.

Penis Sex Toys

Cobra Libra Fun Factory Male Vibrator

Before Obsession Rouge, I mainly played with penis sex toys. There weren’t as many quality penis toys on the market back when I started. Now the industry is booming so as a sex toy reviewer, it has really given me a lot to write about. Penis toys encompass many things. Cock rings are the most obvious of all. I also review penis vibrators, masturbation sleeves and vibrating wands.

Penis Toy Reviews

P Spot Massagers

we vibe vector prostate vibrator

The first time I tried a P Spot Toy was on this website, when reviewing the Nexus Revo Slim. Since then I have reviewed many other prostate massagers and really enjoy using them. It has given me a new way to orgasm and I love promoting that new sensation to my readers. If you haven’t already tried prostate massage, I encourage you to try. You don’t need to buy an expensive toy, however I recommend you start with a small prostate toy rather than using your fingers.

As a sex toy reviewer, it is obvious that I’d recommend you buy a toy. Yet I really mean it. These toys are designed for p spot massage. I found it far less intimidating to start with a toy than with my fingers.

P Spot Massager Reviews

Vagina and Clit Vibrators

stronic g sex toy fun factory

My girlfriend Eve is also a sex toy reviewer and tests the vagina and clit toys for this website. You’ll find many amazing sex toys here designed for the clitoris and vagina. Eve tends to prefer vibrators and air suction devices, so much of her content focuses on that. However she also tests dildos and anal toys.

Most of Eve’s reviews are written by her, however sometimes I write my own account of her experience rather than translate her articles directly (she writes mostly in french for this website).

Vagina and Clit Toy Reviews

Penis Pumps, Extension Devices and Performance Enhancement Pills

Bathmate HydroXtreme Penis Pump

It wasn’t until 2018 that I tried a water penis pump for the first time. Before that, I had only tried very bad air pumps that I could never recommend to you. Since my first review of the Bathmate Hydromax 7, I have reviewed several other penis pumps and extension devices.

I have also reviewed natural performance enhancement supplements and pills. These aren’t the same as Viagra. Anything I review has to be made with natural ingredients such as Horny Goats Weed and be safe from harmful side effects.

There are obvious ethical concerns whenever we see the promotion of penis extension devices and performance-enhancing pills. I’m aware of these concerns. While I don’t believe such emphasis should be placed on the size of one’s penis or ‘performance’ during sex, these are still issues that many people care about. I am personally very intrigued by this area and I really enjoy writing about it.

Where I differ when talking of penis enlargement and performance enhancement, is in my tone. Most websites and reviewers promote dangerous and harmful usage of such products. Many of these websites are also filled with vulgar imagery, language and ideas. I remain educational, cautious and respectful in my reviews and articles concerning this subject. It is important that there is someone doing what I do and giving people a more trusted place to read into this topic.

Sex Accessories

Big Oh Naughty Board Game Lovehoney

This website is mostly focused on reviewing sex toys. However I also like to occasionally review lube, condoms, applications and adult board games. You won’t see a huge amount of that content here and I rarely accept offers from companies to review such products. However I like being able to recommend alternative ways for you to try new things in bed, so you’ll still find that kind of stuff here!

Sex Accessory Reviews

Privacy Tools

There is a small section of this website that I dedicate to online privacy and safety. I think it is very important for people browsing adult themed websites to protect their privacy. Therefore you’ll find a decent amount of information here regarding VPNs, encryption and general online privacy methods.

Privacy Tool Reviews

Eve Rouge – my partner in crime

Eve Rouge Profile Image

I (Adam) am the main sex toy reviewer and writer here. However you will see the name ‘Eve Rouge’ pop up now and again throughout the website. She is my girlfriend and is also a sex toy reviewer here. She reviews sex toys designed for vaginas and the clitoris. Eve is french and it is through her that you can enjoy my content in french, if you wish.

Eve has put a huge amount of work into this website, particularly in our earlier days. She wrote just as much as me when we first began and is still the point of contact for many of the French companies that we are in contact with.

As our blog became more orientated towards penis and prostate toys, Eve decided to allow me to be the main writer and sex toy reviewer of the blog. However don’t be fooled, Eve is still a very important part of this website. She considers everything and has an active role in determining the tone and content I write. If I write anything she disagrees with or I am interested in reviewing something she thinks doesn’t fit, she tells me.

Likewise, if I am being too direct in my language, Eve encourages me to be more classy. It is through her influence that the tone of this website remains as elegant as it does. The French language is beautiful and even in every-day articles, French has a tendancy to be written in a more poetic way than English is. I don’t copy everything Eve does in French because it isn’t direct enough for English audiences, however the French style of writing does to some extent influence my English articles.

Translation of sex toy reviews and articles

You may notice that there is a button on some pages of this website to switch between the French and English languages. The main language of Obsession Rouge is English. Not everything that is written or reviewed on here is translated into French, though we do translate a lot of it.

I am British and English is my main language. Eve is French and it is her who translates most of my content into French. Eve sometimes writes in English, however it is me who usually translates her stuff.

Sometimes content will differ slightly between the two languages. Eve and I don’t always literally copy each others’ articles. Sometimes we don’t translate the articles at all but instead, write totally unique pieces in our respective languages. We both consider ourselves writers rather than translators, so that is why we do things this way sometimes.

If you understand both languages, you’ll probably notice these differences between languages. Good for you if you try to read both versions, you’ll get a different flavour in each version!

What is it like being a Sex Toy Reviewer?

I never in a million years thought that I would become a sex toy reviewer. It is only through my own horniness and willingness to share that I stumbled into this field. Occasionally, I receive questions about becoming a sex toy reviewer, so here is the gist of it.

Reviewing sex toys is a small joy I have in life and honestly, it is really cool to receive such amazing sex toys for free. Yet it isn’t all fun and games, being a sex toy reviewer is also hard work!

Getting Sex Toys

Yeah, it’s true. As a male sex toy reviewer, I am sent many sex toys for free. That is really damn amazing. I never thought that I’d be sent anything for free! But there you go, it happens.

It has given me and my partner the ability to try out many luxury sex toys that we would have never tried had it not been for this blog.

However we still had to spend a significant amount of money on sex toys before our website generated enough views to attract the freebies we now get. As I’ve written elsewhere on this page, I don’t consider them freebies anymore. I am providing a service to sex toy companies and using my time to promote them. I can’t even review toys for free anymore because this blog is too busy.

Being an anonymous sex toy reviewer

Many sex toy reviewers choose to write anonymously or under pseudonyms, as Eve and I do. The reason for this is obvious. We are writing about our sex lives and the ideas we share are sometimes very intimate.

The problem with being an anonymous sex toy reviewer however, is that I can’t tell anyone. I have expert knowledge on sex toys, keep a website that I’m extremely proud of, yet I can’t tell anyone. This is the main disadvantage of being anonymous.

It may sound like a small problem but sometimes it really bothers me that not many people know about what I do. Friends and family will ask “hey what have you been up to recently?!” and I have to deliberately omit a huge part of my life (writing this blog). Keeping secrets is never good but it is sometimes necessary. I could reveal my activity to family and friends and I doubt it would disturb them. Yet I’m still drawn to anonymity.

Long story short, it’s psychologically complicated to be anonymous!

Time doesn’t always equal money

Keeping a sex toy review blog takes a huge amount of time. Particularly a bilingual blog like this. There are many technical issues to take into account and if you want the blog to be aesthetically pleasing, that takes extra time. I put in all the time it takes for me to bring my blog up to my own standards. These standards are not reflected in the compensation I get back from the blog financially!

It’s the same for the writing I do. Sometimes I put a lot of effort into writing articles and they do very well but sometimes they don’t. By ‘do well’, I mean in terms of viewing and interaction, not just money.

This is all important to consider. It is rare that a sex toy reviewer can pay all of their bills just from reviewing sex toys. The industry is somewhat saturated now and if you’re only in it for the money you will be disappointed. If you are looking for a new career to make a living from and it is important for you that you pay your bills, sex toy reviewing probably won’t do that.

To be more positive though, I am compensated a small amount for what I do. I have a lot of awesome readers who support my work through the use of the affiliate links that I place in my reviews. This gives me a small amount of income for the blog. Some companies also pay for reviews and sponsored posts. However, to be honest, I use most of the income I get in funding the blog itself.

Hosting, domain names, plugins, themes, tools – they all cost money. It isn’t always guaranteed that I will even cover my costs. Be aware of that if you ever consider becoming a sex toy reviewer! Do it for the love, not for the money.

Time doesn’t always equal visitors

You know, I’ve written some articles thinking “oh this is going to reach so many people” and then that article reached barely anybody. Other articles that I thought nobody would read have also attracted thousands of views. Nowadays I’m becoming better at judging what will and won’t attract visitors, however I’m still learning.

I love writing, so it doesn’t really bother me if I write an article that not many people read. If I took it personally, I probably would have quit a long time ago.

Remember that the learning curve is pretty steep when it comes to ‘getting visitors’. Many factors take effect on a website. If you begin a blog, be aware that it will probably take time to build an audience.

Reaching out doesn’t always make friends

I’ve enjoyed conversing with many other sex toy reviewers and sex bloggers. I’ve chatted with representatives of many companies. Even you, dear readers, have given me someone to talk to now and again. It’s always great to communicate.

To be honest though, it’s sometimes hard to make real friends doing this. I don’t know if this is the same for every sex blogger but I suspect many are affected by it. I’m also thinking that anonymity is playing its role out here too.

The point is, I have talked to many people but have to date made no actual friends doing this. It’s a shame but that’s the way it is. Luckily I’m not affected by loneliness in my real everyday life. However if I was, then sex blogging might not have helped me at all. If you are thinking of becoming a sex toy reviewer / blogger, be aware that this could also affect you. You will be spending many hours in front of your computer, so if you don’t already have a good social life, you could become disillusioned.

Writing style evolves

The biggest challenge for me early on was typical of all writers. My challenge was ‘finding my voice’. Who knows if I’m actually done with that yet, only time will tell. I began writing for myself and from only my own point of view. It was fun and easy. Writing for yourself always is.

As time went on and my website starting attracting many thousands of visitors per month, I had to start thinking of my writing in a new way. I was no longer writing only for myself, I was writing for an audience. When that became the case, Obsession Rouge began feeling a little more like work. I no longer write only from my own point of view. I try to consider what my audience might think of toys. Something I like, you might not and vice versa.

My use of language also started to change as my visitor count increased. Early on I never considered my tone and used a lot of expressions in my text. I also used jokes and played on wording. This was for my own amusement because I never really thought people would read my stuff.

Finally, I had to start considering how inclusive my text was. I’m a straight man and so when I first began writing, I was writing directly to other straight men. That is no longer the case. I’m fully aware that gay, trans and non-binary people read my website occasionally.

I’m comfortable identifying with myself as simply a man or male sex blogger, so I still usually refer to myself in that way. The difference is that now I don’t label sex toys or large groups of people with genders. I don’t pretend to be the best in the world at writing gender-inclusive text, however since 2019 the articles I’ve been writing can be enjoyed by many more people than before!

Why ‘Obsession Rouge’?

Our blog began its life being bilingual. The website is still written in both English and French, yet we no longer translate absolutely everything. The main language here now is English. Anyway. We wanted both words in our web address to make sense to English speakers and French speakers. Obsession is a word in both French and English, meaning the same thing. Rouge, is of course the french word for red. Rouge is also easily recognised by most English speakers.

Beyond that, ‘Obsession Rouge’, signifies two things.

Obsession – the level of interest

After blogging about sex toys and sexual health for several years, I’m glad I picked ‘obsession’ as one of the words to define my blog. It is impossible to keep a blog like this without being obsessed about the subject matter. I picked ‘obsession’ because it describes the level of my interest in sex toys and sexual topics.

The reason that it is impossible to keep a blog like this without being obsessed is because it is really hard work. As any sex blogger knows, sex toys are nice but they don’t put much food on the table. I began this blog out of fun and the need to share. However as the website grew and its popularity increased, the demand to work with me has also increased. Therefore, far more of my time is taken up by blog related activities.

The amount of money actually generated by a blog like this is tiny in real-world terms. I still have to work in another job. The main bonus to my activities on Obsession Rouge is being able to try more sex toys than I could ever afford! Yet it still takes a huge amount of work to produce an article. Photographs, words, translations, technical issues. The time adds up. Obsession is the only thing that keeps me going. Yet mistake me not, dear friends in the sex toy industry, I don’t work for free.

Rouge – the sexiest cabaret in Paris

‘Rouge’ was adopted with reflection to the most famous erotic dance hall in Paris, the Moulin Rouge. I live in France and before I began Obsession Rouge, I used to buy most of my sex toys from the shops outside the Moulin Rouge (it’s in the North of the city). Just so you know, these shops are sleazy, I don’t recommend them! Shops like Passage du Desir are more central and are classier. It’s easier to just buy from online companies like Lovehoney now anyway.

The Moulin Rouge holds worldwide fame and even though it is a french name, most English speakers know what it signifies. The literal translation is ‘Red Windmill’ but that isn’t what anyone really thinks of when hearing ‘Moulin Rouge’. What we think about is the seductive, erotic and sensual pleasures of Paris’ most famed cabaret. This is the energy I’m borrowing with the word ‘rouge’.

The sexual energy of my blog is intended to be elegant and classy. I don’t post pornographic content and want you to be able to enjoy my website without worrying about what you’ll stumble on. So that’s why the pictures that I take are with colourful backgrounds and the occasional hand. There are no dick pics, asses or boobs in my articles. If you want that kind of thing, there are plenty of other great bloggers out there for you!

You don’t have to be ‘kinky’ to read this blog and you don’t have to subscribe to one sexual orientation or another. The main rule I have when writing content on my blog is that it should add some spice to your life or help you add a little ‘Moulin Rouge’ to your life.

So there you go, that’s why I use the word Rouge 😉