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Preggophilia: All about the pregnant fetish & breeding kink

preggophilia and impregnation fetish

Good people of the internet, for some reason I have gone on until now without ever writing about why one might have a pregnant fetish. The reason it surprises me is because I write about sex professionally and also happen to have had pregnant fantasies for most of my life. There is A LOT of garbage information online about preggophilia, so I must act now. Whether you are trying to figure out your own fantasy or are pregnant and realising for the first time that some cis men find pregnant women sexy, I can help you understand why.

Even though I am writing this from my own perspective, this article is for everybody. Where possible I am referencing other people’s accounts of their preggophilia and breeding kinks (both cis-gender women and men). The official term for pregnancy fetish is maiesiophilia but preggophilia is the more commonly used slang term.

Please note that every time I refer to “women” and “men” in this article, I am referring to cis-gender women and men. That’s purely because those are the only points of view I currently know and can write about with regards to the subject of preggophilia. It isn’t my intention to exclude anyone and I hope that regardless of your gender, you’ll enjoy my thoughts on this fascinating fantasy.

A woman on reddit replying to a thread discussing why men find pregnant women sexy.

This article contains very mild artistic nudes, the elegant variety. The reason is that I will describe to you visual concepts surrounding beauty, so I need to give examples (especially where I have drawn grids over the top to show a theory from art/visual theory). Nothing remotely pornographic, creepy or shocking, I promise.

We’ll explore what a pregnant fetish means together and I will go through the different forms that preggophilia can take. I’ll also discuss a different form of the fantasy, the impregnation / insemination fetish or as it’s also known, a breeding kink. Both the kind where people fantasise about being impregnated but also of others who fantasise of impregnating women.

“The breeding kink” as the impregnation fetish is known, even exists for homosexual, trans and non-binary people. I believe that’s because the breeding kink can be as much to do with dominance and submission as it can be to do with breeding. I’m not qualified to speak for other genders or those with different sexual orientations to my partner and I, however it’s something am interviewing people for, so get in touch if you can provide insight!

pregnant women are sexy

This is a big and quite complete article, so here is a list of quick links if you want to jump to specific parts. The FAQ section has a bit of everything.

Finding pregnant women sexy or fantasising of being impregnated is not strange

If you find pregnant women sexy or find pregnant bellies attractive, you may wonder if you’re normal. Similarly, you may concern yourself over whether having a breeding kink is strange. Perhaps you know someone with either of these fantasies and want to check if they’re sane. Short answer: Yep, normal, not crazy, not a weirdo, don’t worry.

People with pregnant fetishes or fantasies are completely normal people with totally acceptable kinks. Lots of people find pregnant women sexy. Women too can have very strong sexual desires for being made pregnant.

People can have a pregnancy fetish whether or not they actually intend on having offspring. The offspring has nothing to do with the sexual part of this fantasy. Procreating is simply a primal urge. Preggophilia and breeding kink are just two ways that our wonderful brains attempt keeping the species going. It’s for this reason that having a pregnant fantasy is not strange at all. It actually makes a lot of sense when you think of it in these terms.

Later on I will go into the physical beauty aspect of the whole fantasy and why it also makes sense from an artistic point of view. I’ll also talk about why the well known domination and submission dynamic can have a role to play in preggophilia.

Ok but certain preggophilia can get a bit out there

Usually, people who’s desires fall under the umbrella of the ‘pregnant fetish’ are interested in either the form of the pregnant body, high virility/fertility, the process of impregnantion or the taboo of subverting the motherly image. It can also be a combination of those things. That is all fairly common and can be explained easily. Occasionally, you’ll find preggophiles who are into more fantastical and sci-fi forms of the fantasy. I’ll discuss that in more detail further on in the article.

Pregnant fantasy DOES NOT feature actual offspring

From my own point of view and that of all the other people I have ever read about, pregnancy fetishism features NOTHING of the offspring itself. In fact, the more we hear or process the idea that there is a child, the less we are turned on. I mention this because I know that this is a concern for those that don’t understand our fantasy.

Pregnant fetishists who are men adore making love to their pregnant wives, for example. They find their pregnant wives irresistibly sexy. Yet I have read quite a few accounts of guys getting kicked by the unborn child, which instantly kills the mood for them. It is the sexy pregnant woman, the sexy pregnant wife that these men are turned on by, they don’t want to think of the offspring in any way.

“I found my wife beautiful all the way through. Sex, however, stopped the day I felt my son kick me through her belly. I didn’t think he was being unreasonable.”

“I got kicked in the stomach in about the 8th month of the pregnancy during sex. Instantly killed the mood.”

Men in a forum about finding pregnant women sexy discussing what happened when they got kicked.

Why Pregnant Women Are Attractive Works Of Art

Naked pregnant woman with golden ratio explanation of preggophilia.
Basic art theory (the golden ratio) can explain very quickly why pregnant women are beautiful.

Aesthetically, we are all drawn to visuals that follow the geometry and mathematics of the golden ratio, no matter our gender. The golden ratio is present in many parts of the natural world. It is part of what makes something look organic and beautiful to us. This isn’t a preference, it’s a rule. Natural forms that follow and are laid out according to the golden ratio are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The golden ratio is used by artists, photographers, film makers and many others in the visual arts to make their works look beautiful. Is it any wonder then that we find pregnant women beautiful? Check out that image up top that I made with the golden ratio grids. Pregnant women’s bodies are full of curves that follow and exaggerate the curve of the golden ratio. The closer to the golden ratio curves those bellies, boobs, hips and butts get, the more sexy they are. Aesthetically, it’s logical that we find pregnant women beautiful.

So let that imprint itself in your mind and if you are pregnant, write it on a postcard and hang it above your bed as a reminder. Men ARE NOT finding their pregnant wives sexy because of their mothers. That is a lazy, tired theory and it is pushed around online way too much. Pregnant women are simply sexiness on legs. According to a major visual aesthetics theory, pregnant women are walking, talking works of art.

It isn’t just men that think so either. Women too can think the pregnant body is sexy. Lines of sexy maternity lingerie aren’t being produced to sit on shelves and there aren’t only men buying it. Some pregnant women know and believe they are sexy too. Back to the visual theory…

Click to enlarge

The golden ratio is present in some of our favourite things in the natural world. Sometimes it is obvious as with shells and roses. Other times it is more subtle, the curve that the spine or neck makes, the space between elements of the body. In art, design and related practices like photography, the golden ratio is also used to create beautiful layouts. Even if something doesn’t have the literal curve that is inside the grid you see, designers and image makers still use the grid itself to create beautiful compositions and layouts. Some cameras even have golden-ratio overlays.

To put this theory into the context of sexual desire bluntly, the curve of the pregnant belly mirrors the curves of big, perky boobs. Both follow curves very similar to the one in the golden ratio. I think it’s this golden ratio and visual curve that I and others am profoundly drawn towards in pregnant women.

So if you’re trying to figure out how to feel sexy while pregnant, there you go. Your body is a work of art, it has mathematical beauty. Your pregnant body accentuates the golden ratio, it’s like a beauty and sexiness boost. There is no wonder people find pregnant women sexy and beautiful.

Even men who don’t have a pregnancy fetish can find their pregnant wives extra sexy:

“I don’t have a fetish but the belly creates another accentuated female curve. I definitely find it beautiful to look at and a turn on.”

“Enjoyed it a lot. Not to the point of a fetish but the extra curves made it slightly more difficult to keep my hands off her. As long as she was comfortable and enjoying herself sex was not an issue.”

People on reddit replying to a thread discussing why some men find pregnant women attractive.

Ok so do preggophiles also love beer guts?

Click to enlarge


Perhaps that’s unfair, some people who find pregnant women sexy may have that attraction too of course. I’m not about to write anything that shames those who are overweight, however there IS a difference. Pregnant women look pregnant, overweight people look overweight. An overweight pregnant woman still looks pregnant, still looks sexy. The only reason I mention beer guts at all is because I have heard many pregnant friends and also women on the internet equating their pregnant bellies to beer bellies. The two things are really not the same.

To me, there is something really sexy about seeing a slim woman with a pregnant belly. When we look at such a woman, we can see that she is clearly not overweight. It is very obvious that she is pregnant. I’m not saying pregnant women have to be slim to be beautiful, this is just a good way for me to make you see the difference. Pregnant women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful. It is almost always obvious when a woman’s belly means she is pregnant.

Those of us who are attracted to pregnant bellies do not see them as or equal to beer bellies. Not in any way, even after some of you make the comparison. Furthermore, it’s not only about the shape of the belly. There are semiotics going into all of this too. The meaning of the visual matters! Just because a snail’s shell follows the golden ratio more perfectly than a rose, it doesn’t mean everyone will find a snail’s shell just as beautiful as a rose.

So yeah… no more comparing your belly to a beer gut. No more body shaming yourself or others. Let yourself feel like the work of art you are when pregnant. You deserve to feel sexy.

The pregnant woman, a harmony of golden ratios

Pregnant woman and golden ratio

Time to get more detailed. I’ve overlaid more golden ratios on this beautiful photo of a pregnant woman. It’s immediately clear that the curves of this woman’s body follow the curving line of the golden ratio. Also notice the layout within those golden ratios and how they more or less line up with smaller parts of her body too.

The main horizontal line of the breast overlay lines up where the woman’s nipples would be. The same line on the belly comes very close to where the belly button and the pinch of the spine are located. On the butt, the same line runs close to the point where her leg bone would be. The main vertical lines of all these overlays define the point at which the contour of the woman’s body start sweeping around to her other side. This pregnant lady is geometrically, mathematically, sexy as hell. Not seeing her beauty would be weird.

So men really do think pregnant women look sexy?

Yes. Some guys talk of pregnancy pheromones and that their wives even smell even sexier during pregnancy.

I and a lot of other men all agree, pregnant women are sexy as hell. Even some men who don’t have a fetish end up finding their pregnant wives sexy and irresistible.

A guy describing his feelings towards pregnant women in a reddit chat on the subject. It certainly isn’t just him.

Most of the time, when I look at a pregnant body, I am looking at the curves of the breasts and the curve of the belly. The way the abdomen curves down towards the navel, it’s beautiful. The breasts and the belly make up three curves that mirror each other and are perfect together. Some butts have the same shape of curve, the same golden ratio curve and are attractive for the same reason. When a pregnant woman has all four of these body parts in harmony with the golden ratio (you’ll have to excuse me)… she is smoking hot.

The pregnant belly is usually seen in unity with the breasts which is what makes it so attractive. The breasts and pregnant belly follow the same curves from all angles and are usually all visible together. The butt can only be seen in that way from profile but don’t get me wrong, it’s still a beautiful image, just not as specific to those of us who fantasise about sexy pregnant women.

Another guy finding his pregnant wife irresistible.

At first, it was about the curve of boobs

When I became sexually aware of the opposite sex, I noticed breasts most. Like many men, breasts were the first area of the body that I fetishised. The curvier the breasts, the better. Again that can be explained somewhat with the curve and layout of the golden ratio.

My pregnancy fetish came shortly after I became sexually interested in breasts. I believe that I projected the curves that the breasts represent onto the abdomen of pregnant women. The fact that the breasts swell during pregnancy and therefore look bigger / firmer is likely another reason why I and others began thinking pregnant women are sexy.

From those early observations and pregnancy being a symbol of fertility anyway, I fetishised the pregnant belly as well as that of the breasts. I wasn’t making notes back then but if I deconstruct the process I went through, that’s what I get. That’s what makes most sense to me.

Click to enlarge.

This time using a beautiful nude picture of a pregnant woman, I have overlaid the same golden ratio. Her breasts follow the main curves but here you can also see how her nipples / areoles fall onto the lines and junction points within the layout of the ratio. You can also see that her belly button falls on the main line within the golden ratio I placed over her stomach. To remind you, designers of all kinds use this ratio to create beautiful layouts. Pregnant women look sexy and beautiful because they have all of this naturally, both in their breasts and belly.

Light and Shadow: Another reason pregnant women are beautiful

pregnant woman reclining
Pregnant woman lighting
Click to enlarge

There is a technical reason photographers love taking photos of pregnant women and that reason is the contours of their bodies. Photographers make an art of playing with light and darkness. A pregnant woman’s body has exaggerated contours and image planes. Put more simply, pregnant women have angles and curves that cast unique shadows and light up their bodies in special ways. Therefore when a photographer lights a pregnant woman from above, as in the examples here, that photographer gets some fantastic shadow play.

Sculptors produce amazing works of art of pregnant women for the same reason. Some sculptures of pregnant women date back millennia. Fertility goddesses were important of course but it’s still pretty telling that often the pregnant woman is what is used to represent that idea. Why? Because pregnant women are beautiful. Hope you’re getting that by now, in case you were sitting on the fence.

There is more to it for people who have a pregnant fetish

All this talk of art theory and mathematical beauty is nice… but what about people who have a big fetish for pregnant women? Admittedly, there is more to it than art theories and special lighting. Let’s dig deeper into the world of men who find pregnant women sexy and what parts of the body they are looking at. I’m a man so I’ll explain from my point of view, there are undoubtedly women who find other pregnant women sexy too. Unfortunately I don’t know any so can’t write about them. If you happen to be one, tell us your point of view in the comments!

Why do men find pregnant women so sexy?

Lots of people want to know “why are men attracted to pregnant women?” I’ve explained some of that. What you should be asking is why men are so fixated on pregnant bellies and swollen pregnant breasts. There is visual beauty to explain some things but why do men like pregnant women to the point where it becomes a fetish?

The reason will be slightly different for every guy that likes pregnant women, yet a lot of it is accidental sexual imprinting. It’s the same reason why some people get a fetish for boots, these things happen by chance. One day, they he have been happily browsing a porn website and BAM, sexy pregnant woman in his face. Maybe he clicked out the first time, even the second time. Yet if not immediately, then eventually he thought “actually this is kind of awesome”.

I remember it happening to me. I didn’t wake up one day magically being turned on by pregnant women. Porn exposed me to pregnant women. I remember browsing porn sites when I was a teenager and every now and again, a pregnant woman would show up. To be honest I thought it was a bit weird when I first saw it, I didn’t even know pregnant women had sex. Not knowing made realising hot. Preggophillia was cooked up in my mind over time. Admittedly, not over much time. I decided these randy pregnant temptresses were hot early on.

Ah so long ago… I still remember telling my teenage friends that pregnant women were hot. They gave me such weird looks, a few laughed. One of them later came back and told me in private that he had checked and that yes, I was right… pregnant women are sexy. It’s that easy for a guy to become attracted to pregnant women. A horny friend like me tells them about it, they look out of sheer curiosity… and sometimes they get hooked.

Repetition makes habit makes addiction makes fetish. If you look at enough pregnant women or imagine enough pregnant women, you get preggophilia. Hallelujah, amen, it’s that simple.

Now, let’s get to some other specifics…

How big a pregnant belly is too big?

pregnant sex comment
“We never had more sex than as she approached the due date. The week before, we were doing it twice a day. Best time of my life.” – A guy on reddit discussing how some men find their pregnant wives sexy.

Most guys with a fetish for pregnant women are specifically interested in what the body looks like towards the later stages of pregnancy. In porn that features pregnant women, you would usually find that the women depicted in it are at least 6 – 8 months pregnant. Generally, the bigger the pregnant belly and breasts, the stronger the attraction. We’re in it for the belly and therefore, big pregnant bellies are sexy to us. All angles, all positions, all lighting. As long as we can see the belly and it isn’t covered by anything, we are turned on.

pregnant woman in baby doll
Pregnant woman in a baby doll. Click to enlarge.

The exception to that last bit about the belly not being covered is lingerie that opens up. Some baby dolls and nightgowns are seriously sexy on pregnant women. Needless to say though, if you have a partner who loves pregnant women, don’t worry, they probably aren’t drooling over every pregnant woman that walks down the street. It usually has to be the right context.

Despite being interested in the later stages of pregnancy, people who are attracted to the pregnant belly sometimes have a certain size limit that they find sexy. For example, I find big pregnant bellies sexy, especially towards then end of a normal pregnancy. Yet if you show me a very exceptional image of someone who is pregnant with quadruplets, I don’t personally find that as appealing. Probably because it’s a bit more unusual and it’s not something many of us ever see in real life. However I have seen some people with preggophilia that actually seek out that kind of size for a pregnant woman’s belly.

comment about a pregnant wife rubbing her belly on her husband
“I thought it was kinda cute. She’d sneak up behind me and rub her belly against my back.” – A guy on reddit in a thread about why pregnant women are sexy.

People with a pregnant fetish aren’t always interested in just the later stages of pregnancy though. There are other things that people with preggophilia fixate on.

Nipples, veins and the glow

pregnant women are sexy
Pregnant woman in earlier stage of pregnancy. Click to enlarge.

Even women in the earlier stages of pregnancy are sexy to us. Often swollen breasts are noticeable, even if the belly isn’t yet. For me and I assume others with a pregnant fetish, we can occasionally tell if a model is pregnant just from looking at her breasts. The way that the skin and areoles look sometimes gives it away.

Pregnant women’s skin is described to ‘glow’. I cannot say this is a specific element to my fantasy but it is possible that the reddening or increased vibrancy of the skin is subconsciously attractive to me. The main thing I love with pregnant women’s skin is that their areoles/nipples darken and become larger, that’s really beautiful to me. Pregnant areoles are hot. It’s also sexy how women’s skin can become taught and show veins underneath that weren’t visible before the pregnancy. Around the breasts, that is especially sexy. Again, I’m telling you all this to try to explain in what very specific ways people can be fixated on pregnant women, I’m not trying to gross anyone out!

Subversion of the motherly goddess figure and pregnant wife

Pregnancy fetishism can take a variety of forms. One of those forms can be playing on the taboo of the goddess mother and motherhood. Motherhood is in normal life a sacred, essential assembly of duties and actions. Therefore mothers are to be considered sacred, worthy of worship etc. That is a part of life associated with purity and goodness. What a good part of life to subvert then.

pregnant woman in white lingerie with man
Click to enlarge.

That’s where this part of the pregnant fetish comes in, subverting the image of a mother / one’s pregnant wife. We are all no doubt used to the sexual fantasy, the cultural celebration of the MILF. But that is the fantasy of being with a woman who is old enough to be a mother. It isn’t necessarily the subversion of motherhood itself. With a pregnant woman, one is taking a direct reference to fertility and motherhood. It’s a bit taboo and therefore it draws us in.

Visually, in photo and video, this subversion is often played with a lot. For example, pregnant models often dress in white and photographers use certain light filters etc. Look at the photo in this section as a reference. In images like that, there is a ‘heavenly’ feeling to the visuals. The beauty in those kinds of images is evident but the mind can’t help subverting them. Especially with lingerie, it’s hotness by default.

When pregnant women dress in white lingerie and dresses, there is also a bridal look to them. For the woman, perhaps that is also a reference to another monumental moment in her life. For her husband, that might just remind him of amazing wedding and honeymoon sex. Regardless, women look beautiful in white wedding dresses and the lingerie that goes with it. Hot – as – hell. So excuse us simple creatures if we still find our pregnant wives sexy.

In my own fantasies, I don’t really think about this subverting of motherhood directly. I’m guessing most don’t. It’s a subliminal fantasy, part of the whole but not focussed on.

Pregnant women can be more horny

What makes seeing pregnant women as sexy even easier, is that it is common knowledge that pregnant women can be very horny. It’s not the case for everyone of course but we’ve all heard the stories of crazy hormones and gigantic sex drives.

husband commenting on horny pregnant woman
A husband giving us a little bit too much information.

Lots of pregnant women have themselves reported feeling more horny during pregnancy too. Other women have written more mildly, simply about how they have a heightened sense of desire in their own bodies, how they felt extra attractive (I know for some other women this wouldn’t be the case at all).

horny pregnant woman commenting on sex drive
A woman commenting on how horny she was during pregnancy.

The impregnation fetish – a close cousin to the pregnant fetish

impregnation fetish metaphor peach with cream inside

We need to talk about a close, corresponding fantasy: the insemination fetish (breeding kink). The impregnation fetish can be extremely mild, to the point where it could be argued the majority of people probably have it to some extent. Many people won’t fantasise about actual impregnation, only of being filled by a partner’s ejaculate or or being the one who climaxes inside. It’s easy to imagine why this mild version would be common, it’s beneficial for our species. But mild isn’t interesting for us dear reader, so let’s get crazier.

If some people are attracted specifically to the pregnant body, others can be attracted to the actual process of impregnation. Any gender, woman, man, trans, other can have this fantasy. It is apparently more common to find women who have the breeding kink than women who are attracted to the pregnant body itself (though there are those too). No huge surprise really. These aren’t women who just fantasise of being filled with cum, these are women who tell themselves the story of “I’m going to be impregnated”. Most don’t actually want that of course, this is still just fantasy.

It isn’t guaranteed that a guy with a pregnant fetish will also have the insemination fetish. Yet the two fantasies fit together and correspond so well that I doubt there will be many pregnant fetishists who won’t be turned on by it in role play etc.

In erotica, pornography, imagination and simple role play, the impregnation fetish can take several forms. Let’s go through some of them.

Fantasy of being impregnated

breeding kink metaphor fruit and veg

For some women, the idea of being impregnated can be a huge turn on. The creampie category of certain porn sites is pretty popular with female users . There are also some videos titled with words like bred and pregnant in ‘porn for women’ categories. More tellingly, there are several women on websites and forums posting pictures of their creampies using words like impregnated (NSFW) and others making their own amateur belly expansion videos (more about expansion fetish later).

As for non-internet-based research, Nancy Friday wrote several books on the subject of female sexual fantasies, I read one and remember that there were some women who reported various forms of impregnation fantasies. There are also accounts on the internet of women who have written about being obsessed sexually with becoming and being pregnant. I strongly recommend Nancy Friday’s book, ‘My Secret Garden’, it is really interesting, even outside the topic of the impregnation fetish.

Guys like me can fetishise certain kinds of women (as well as certain kinds of body parts) and therefore we can fantasise about impregnating such women. Some women too can fetishise certain kinds of men, certain body parts. It’s a safe assumption to make that those women with an impregnation fetish can include their fantasy men in their impregnation fantasies too. Again, I think it’s just a natural progression of this fantasy.

There are no doubt trans and non-binary people who fantasise about all of this stuff as well as those that are attracted to them. If I’m not talking more about that, it is simply because I don’t know as much about it.

The creampie fetish

cun hand metaphor

The creampie category of most porn websites is often very popular, ‘the cumshot’ is considered one of the golden moments of a porn shoot. If the cumshot is ruined or missing, then the porn scene is somehow considered lesser. I personally hate cumshots to the face and am a little indifferent to external body cumshots too. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if most pregnant and impregnation fetishists joined me in being most interested in the internal cumshot, the creampie. Another kind of impregnation fantasy.

For those of you not in the know, a creampie is often the part of a porn video where the climax has occurred, the penis is pulled from the vagina and the cum drips out. Not sexy at all when I describe it so literally but damn it’s hot in these films. The larger the volume of cum, the hotter these videos are. This makes a lot of sense, because visually more cum looks more fertile (even if that’s not the case). Anal creampies can be fetishised too but I’m not talking about those today.

Sex toys for creampie and impregnation fanatics

ejaculating dildo
A silicone ejaculation dildo you can buy at Lovehoney. Click to enlarge.

Interestingly, there are synthetic forms of sperm and cum sold at some stores, as well as dildos that ejaculate. This is how far the impregnation / creampie fetish can go. For anyone who fantasises of being impregnated, I imagine such a sex toy could be amazingly fun to play with. Be careful though because I have seen some synthetic cum marked as not being suitable for actual internal contact. Sometimes it has to only be used externally.

You may know that I am a sex toy reviewer. Unfortunately on this website we’ve not to date tested any ejaculating dildos or synthetic cum. I’m putting a link below to a squirting dildo below that is made out of silicone (body safe). There are lots more ejaculating dildos, just know that you should check the substances are body safe. Both the material of the dildo and the ingredients of the synthetic cum is important to get right. Don’t buy Doc Johnson squirting dildos, they’re made out of PVC which is a porous and crappy material to use.

Check out this squirting dildo at Lovehoney (affordable)

The get me pregnant fetish

The impregnation fetish can be a general breeding kink, all in the imagination of being impregnanted. A more literal evolution of that is the “please make me pregnant” fantasy. This fantasy sometimes plays on the dominant / submissive dynamic and it’s also very easy to role-play, which makes it particularly rewarding for some. The woman is usually the submissive player in this fantasy but she could very well be the dominant one commanding her partner to knock her up as well.

Creampies are mainly just visual, popular in the world of porn. The “get me pregnant” fantasy is a little more potent because it involves story and power dynamics. You can make an entire story out of the idea of a woman wanting and asking to be impregnated. This style of fantasy is not limited to simple couple scenarios either. It can be combined with the stranger in a bar story, the glory hole fantasy. Some also fantasise of big breeding parties, gang-bangs and orgies. It can be combined with many other fantasies. Some couples use these ideas for dirty talk, without role-playing themselves.

What you’ll sometimes find on amateur porn sites and NSFW forums is women roleplaying the make me pregnant fantasy on their own, to the camera. I don’t know much about it so I don’t know if it’s to attract guys for camgirl scenarios or whether some women are making the videos because it turns them on. Either way, it’s interesting that is going on. In the past I’ve stumbled upon amateur couples who role-play this game in their videos too.

In porn, the only professionally shot videos I’ve heard of were of a pornstar called Ruth Blackwell. Videos of her were often threesomes. They weren’t the most tasteful videos but then again, a lot of porn back then wasn’t (it was all shot in the 2000s I believe). It would be her, heavily pregnant, a black male performer and then another non-pregnant white woman. The end of the films would usually be the non-pregnant woman ‘getting knocked up’ after begging the guy for it. Ruth was usually the one ordering the non-pregnant woman to beg the guy in the video to make her pregnant. Those Ruth Blackwell videos also had an interracial element as well, an element to the fantasy that I don’t doubt some people have.

I can’t personally relate to this but I’m sure there are even some men, trans people and non-binary people who fantasise about being pregnant themselves. There are so many possibilities with the insemination fetish.

More creative fantasies of impregnation

In erotica, imagination and role-play, the impregnation fetish can play itself out in countless other more fantasy-based ways.

Alien abduction / contact

alien abduction fantasy

The alien impregnation fantasy is surprisingly common, even in popular culture. It is often not explicitly deemed sexual however many stories like that exist. In these fantasies, a woman is whisked away onto a strange space ship and knocked up by some celestial beings. Sometimes the endings to those stories are grim so most conveniently leave that out of the fantasy. Anyone who has watched films like ‘Species‘ and ‘Progeny‘ will remember very visual representations of the alien pregnancy fantasy. In the two films I mentioned, sexual fantasy may not have been the goal but as with other visual representations of strange things happening to people, many viewers will have fetishised some of those moments after seeing the films. It’s human nature to do so.

Mythical creatures and beings

It’s also easy to find stories in popular culture of mythical creatures like gods, ghosts, vampires, Dracula, werewolves and witches breeding with each other and humans. Like with the alien fantasies, these can also revolve around abduction (though they don’t always). Even in the bible, god makes a human woman pregnant. Maybe there are lost, forgotten, x-rated cut scenes from this story in the bible (yes, I did indeed just go there). Jokes aside, people have been fantasising about women getting knocked up by strange beings for millennia.

Actual Monsters: for the truly wild

Finally, it’s impossible to ignore the prevalence of unusual inseminations and pregnant fantasies in hentai / cartoon porn. I personally hate anything that comes from the sea, so this one could never be for me. Yet if you browse hentai for awhile, you will soon stumble upon depictions of women in compromising situations involving monsters with tentacles. Often being impregnated at high speed. For sure, these are fantasists who have gone all in. They have gone fully wild. Unleashed imagination running at maximum creative velocity. Bravely going where most of us are too prudish to go. I admire their creativity.

But WHY such weird pregnant fantasies?

As you can well believe by now, nothing of my own pregnant fetish is hidden in this article. I can see why pregnant fetishists can become interested in the more imaginative and creative forms of the pregnant fantasy. There is a HUGE limitation to fulfilling the pregnant fantasy in real life and therefore it has to be confined to the fantasy realm for the majority of a person’s life. Where there is fantasy there is the fantastical.

These fantastical imaginings aren’t a very frequent part of my own fantasy world, though I have been there before so can understand why for some people they become the main fantasy. If you’re not getting it from real life, watching the same kinds of videos, looking at the same kinds of photos, or imagining the same kind of scenario can get boring. So some people will spice things up a bit with stranger impregnation fantasies like the ones I mentioned.

These people don’t deserve to be kink shamed, quite the contrary. They’re managing to keep their fantasy world exotic and vibrant. So long as it’s all legal and they aren’t forcing it on anyone else, all the more power to them.

Domination, submission and loss of control: Pregnancy Fetish gone dark

bondage woman with collar and chain

As I mentioned earlier in this article, pregnancy and impregnation fetishes can work with the ideas of domination, submission and loss of control. All are staples of sexual psychology. The pregnant fantasy and breeding kink can also work with the idea of bondage itself.

Myself, I love dominating in bed. Not often in the BDSM type of way but being dominant in the sexual relationship is my preferred style. If I ever have moments of ‘pregnant fantasy’ while in bed with my partner, it’s because of this dominant streak. If I carry on holding her down and carry on pounding into her, I can impregnate my partner, for example. I know that I’d never actually do that against her will. Yet imaginary me could. There will be a lot of people with preggophilia who fantasise like that, even some women who have the corresponding fantasy, of being submissive and impregnated (again, some have written about it online).

Loss of control can be another strong sexual draw (there is a reason bondage is so popular). In the context of a pregnant fetish / breeding kink, loss of control is more abstract a subject. The pregnant woman is going through a normal biological process. Though it can be imagined that something else, outside of her control is happening to her body. The pregnant body is expanding and changing in all kinds of ways and the person who’s body that is happening to is not fully controlling what is going on. The pregnant woman is to some extent allowing nature to take its course upon her. It’s that idea that can be very hot to people with preggophilia and the breeding kink.

With so much play with the dominant and submissive power dynamic already, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to think how it would work in actual bondage or BDSM fantasies. The woman or man chained / strapped down and the partner enforcing impregnation, or if it’s the woman who is dominant, forcing her partner to make her pregnant.

The expansion / inflation fetish

I’ve put the expansion fetish under the impregnation fetish, even though it can be a major fetish in its own right. The expansion fetish is not necessarily linked to pregnancy at all, even though the visual result is sometimes similar. People with an expansion fetish are drawn to either other people expanding or expanding themselves. It is something all genders can fetishise.

In some cases, this fetish is role played by people (usually women) simply pushing their bellies out. This fetish is often played out by visual effects of one kind or another; latex suits that pump up, CG, animation and other film trickery. The expansion fetish is also well represented in art form (drawings, comics etc). There used to be a forum called ‘The Expansion Mansion’ where people would post amateur art dedicated to this sexual fetish, I can’t find it anymore but there is another, that is similar.

I have seen many people with the expansion fetish claim that the 1971 depiction of the blueberry girl in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory sparked their fascination with the subject. Perhaps even the modern version (2005) could be doing the same thing for another generation. The scene of focus is the part of the story where the Violet (the character) eats a candy that she was told not to, then she proceeds to blow up like a blueberry. At the end of the scene, she is rolled away by the Oompa Loompas to be juiced / compressed. It’s a very strange, quite shocking scene and it has marked many people with a fetish for expansion and inflation.

The inflation / expansion fetish is sometimes (but by no means always) a fantasy of those with an impregnation / pregnancy fetish. It isn’t a huge leap to make after all, from one fantasy to the other. Both for men and women I have seen writing in forums, the idea of being expanded is sometimes the fantasy. For others, it is simply a voyeuristic thing.

Pregnancy fetishism and BBW / curvy women fetishism

candle in the shape of a larger lady
Click to enlarge.

I think among people who have a fetish for the pregnant body form, it is possible that some of them will also fetishise larger ladies. To some extent I can relate to this, though not as strongly as others I’ve seen seem to be. For me I sometimes simply appreciate extra curves, for others it goes a bit further than that.

The pregnant form is quite specific, it follows the golden ratio and gives the body a certain curve and look. It also doesn’t matter if a woman is slim or not, the curve of the abdomen is usually the same. With a curvy woman / larger lady, the form of the body is different, though related. I cannot say that bigger women all have abdomens that follow the same curve as a pregnant woman’s does, because often they don’t. Yet the size of a larger woman’s abdomen can indeed be the same size as a pregnant woman’s. I think therein lies the link between this and pregnancy fetishism.

I have quite a mild appreciation for larger ladies. I find them beautiful, though I can’t say that this appreciation is a driving force in my imagination. It certainly isn’t something that is reflected in my choice of sexual partners and isn’t something I have specifically looked for when exploring my own pregnant fantasies. However for other guys, the link between what they fetishise in a pregnant body and what they fetishise in a larger body can be strong enough for them to seek out bigger women. It’s pretty great really, because to some extent it helps resolve an inevitable limitation to the pregnancy fetish (not being able to get your partner pregnant all the time).

I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason some preggophiles are attracted to larger ladies is in part because they have a pregnant fetish. To me it makes sense and it is a great way for such people to take their pregnant fantasy into real life without getting into trouble. Let’s be clear though, I’m not suggesting that all people who go for larger women are pregnant fetishists. I’m talking within the bounds of the topic of this article.

Lactation fetish


One of the final related forms of the pregnant fetish that I’m going to explore involves lactation and mothering itself. In fact, I won’t go too far into the mothering aspect because I can’t relate to it and don’t really wish to understand it beyond its appearances. Some people fetishise being dressed in nappies and for women to mother them. It isn’t related to children of course but I also don’t really want to spend much time on that particular fantasy. Let’s swiftly move on to the lactation fetish, which is more common.

Lactation fetishism is a possible corresponding fantasy among those with a pregnancy fetish. I can see the appeal, though I wouldn’t say I have a fetish for it myself. The idea of lactation appeals to me. It is another fantasy element that is intrinsically linked to pregnancy. It also involves the breasts, which many people fantasise about. AIthough I don’t find actual depictions of lactation appealing. Many people appreciate watching someone squeeze milk out of a breast, I’m not one of them.

Some men have reported that even though they don’t have a lactation fetish, they got incredibly turned on when their pregnant wives started lactating. That I can totally understand.

lactation comment
“I could not get enough of my wife’s body while she was pregnant. It was a huge turn on. Even after the child was born I couldn’t keep my hands off her. Breast milk is strange but different, we both had fun with that…” – A guy on reddit discussing lactation and his pregnant wife.
lactation comment 2
“I loved my wife’s belly! Couldn’t keep my hands off. Pregnancy sex is the best. Once, I was getting out of the shower, squeezed her boob, and milk came out. Insta-boner! Spun her around, took her to the sink.” – A guy on reddit in a chat about why men find pregnant women attractive.

So it seems that the idea of lactation can be pretty exciting to those with a pregnancy fetish. But what do you do if you are interested in lactation but you can’t actually lactate? If you don’t ever plan on being pregnant or if you simply want to play, you could consider breast pumps. They won’t make you actually make you lactate but the role-playing scenarios and imaginative fun you could have with breast pumps may be interesting.

Example of breast pumps you can buy

Pregnant Fetish because of seeing our own mother pregnant? Not for me!

I’m sure that for some pregnant fetishists, having pregnant women around them when they were younger could have sparked something. Pregnancy could seem unusual enough to a child that their brains could mark it out as being important in some way, memorable in some way. Good old Freud would have a thing or two to say. Honestly though, I don’t agree that the Freudian explanation applies to all or even most pregnant fetishists. In my opinion the theory is lazy and overused by people who copy and paste it from one another on the internet.

For myself at least, the Freudian theory seems unlikely. I seriously doubt that I fantasise about pregnant women just because I would have seen my own mother pregnant when I was one or two years old. For me and my case, it’s too complicated a reason and it has too many problems. We don’t start forming proper memories until we are around four years old and therefore I don’t actually remember my mother pregnant. Furthermore, I fetishised breasts before I fetishised the pregnant form. On top of that, I actually remember porn being the catalyst of it all for me (as it will have with many others). Preggophilia has become more common in recent decades, as has pornography around this fantasy.

Another reason I have for disagreeing with the Freud way of explaining a pregnancy fetish is that pregnancy is simply a primal urge. Need we explain why some of us might have huge sexual desires towards things that directly lead to procreation? People seem surprised that they have a pregnant fetish, though honestly this fetish seems pretty damn reasonable from an evolutionary standpoint. Impregnantion = fertility. Pregnant woman = new life. New life = not going extinct.

Why overcomplicate that? Mostly because many “writers” on the internet don’t actually think for themselves. They read other people’s stuff, copy it and then stuff the content full of keywords to get it showing in top search results. Most of these same writers cite exactly the same study. Many of them don’t link to the study and it is clear very few of them actually read it. This study apparently proving that preggophilia is more common in older siblings, is literally a study that involves the “researchers” asking people in fetish forums questions. Seriously… how brain dead as a writer do you have to be to not mention that important disclaimer for a study.

Ok but what about the actual fetishisation of the pregnant body? It could seem that being obsessed with these bodily forms is not linked directly to procreation. This theory might not fully explain the strong desire a man might have towards a woman that is already pregnant, that is, a woman who he didn’t get pregnant himself. To cite one man typing in a reddit thread…

“I don’t think it’s weird. Sure they are already pregnant but that only goes to prove their health and fertility even more so than the other tricks of the trade.” To be fair I’m not sure what other tricks of the trade this guy is talking about (maybe it’s best I don’t know).

It isn’t a huge stretch to say that someone would be strongly attracted to the pregnant form BECAUSE that is the end result, the primordial desire. As explained earlier, it is also undeniable that the pregnant form is more beautiful as a result of the golden ratio being visually exaggerated.

Potential problems with having a pregnancy fetish

As I already explained, I don’t consider there to be anything morally wrong with fetishising or fantasising about pregnancy. If you do feel that it is morally wrong, too bad.

However I have to admit, the pregnant fantasy can become a huge problem if a person actually wishes to pursue it regularly in real life. Either for men or women (or whatever gender you assign to yourself).

Unwanted pregnancy

You HAVE to remember to keep using birth control if you don’t want children. Don’t use those stupid timer apps or try to figure it out via a calendar when you or your partner ovulates, it isn’t worth the risk. Things don’t need to be dangerous for you to enjoy this fantasy.

You can’t just go having hundreds of children…

If there are any men out there who happen to be stupid enough to attempt impregnating a woman against her consent, it is a crime. If there are men who will beg their partners to become pregnant just because of their fantasy, that is also a huge problem.

This problem isn’t just isolated to men either. Women too have big problems if they cannot keep their pregnant fantasies in check. One woman wrote about such a problem online at length. In it she explains that she had such a huge fantasy to become pregnant that after her children were born, she felt depressed. She fantasised about being pregnant so much and felt so desirable while she was pregnant that she resented her first child a little for it. On top of that, she resented how her body looked after pregnancy as opposed to during pregnancy. The woman who wrote that article deserves our sympathy in her struggles because I can imagine how much of a huge problem that would be psychologically.

But here lies the problem, we can’t just expect to have our partners be pregnant all the time or to be pregnant ourselves all the time. Let’s be honest, very few people can afford to have so many children and less still people can cope with the physical strain it would put on their bodies to be pregnant that many times in a row. The pregnant fantasy just isn’t sustainable in that respect. It has to be a fantasy for most of our lives.

And actual pregnancy might not be all rainbows and sunshine…

“My husband wanted it constantly while I was pregnant, but I had morning sickness most of the way through and wasn’t up to it often.” – A woman talking about sex during pregnancy on reddit.

I love the fact that during pregnancy, boobs can get bigger. That is the little fantasy I permit myself in my head. I also know, that those big bouncy pregnant boobs can be painful in real life. Therefore I know that in real life, I might not be able to embrace pregnant boobies as enthusiastically as I’d like. Some people might not realise this and for them, there lies disappointment and possibly a fair amount of scorn from their pregnant partners.

I’m sure that for some women too, pregnant sex isn’t very comfortable and for others maybe it is painful. Or like the woman who commented on reddit, morning sickness or other pains might be a problem. Many couples enthusiastically enjoy sex during pregnancy but we pregnant fetishists might not be among those lucky couples, we can never know until the time comes.

Lastly, some people will have a psychological problem with having sex while them or their partner is pregnant. Personally I don’t think there is any moral problem but who am I to tell you what is or isn’t right. This is also a possibility for pregnant fetishists though, that they might end up with someone who can’t morally allow themselves to enjoy sex while pregnant. Communication beforehand I suppose is the key.

Pregnant porn, a conundrum?

woman removing lingerie

I’ve sometimes considered where I stand on pregnant porn. In the past I have often enjoyed it but it is a bit more complicated if I think on it from other perspectives.

Morally I consider it the performer’s choice to perform while she is pregnant. It is her body and she should be allowed to do what she wants with it. However it isn’t as simple as that. I have sometimes asked myself “damn how would I feel if my mother was in a porn shoot while she was pregnant with me”? I don’t mean erotic or artistic photography, I mean actual porn.

For most mother’s I think this would be an important part of the decision to perform or not while expecting (potential psychological baggage on their offspring). It’s a complicated topic that applies to all kinds of sex work during pregnancy. I will focus on porn because it is no doubt the most widely used by pregnant fetishists (there will be far less people who use pregnant prostitutes and pregnant camgirls, for example).

Some people have parents who are porn stars and they have to deal with that. I’m not one of them, so I can’t really begin to imagine what those people go through. I also can’t realistically imagine what it would be like to realise my mother performed in porn while pregnant with me. I’m pretty open minded, yet my best guess is that I would be repulsed, especially if her co-star was not my father. You might say that it would be my problem, not my mother’s, yet no-one can deny the psychological burden of having that knowledge. To deny the complication is stupidity.

Maybe you care about that, maybe you don’t. I do care so whenever I’ve looked at porn, I’ve chosen it accordingly.

Expecting couples doing porn together

As I eluded to above, I have slightly less complicated feelings towards couples doing pregnant porn together. That is, the father and the mother in a shoot together. As a child of such parents realising that they did that, I think it would still be shocking. Yet at least there wouldn’t be the resentment and/or complication of knowing your mother was with a stranger while pregnant with you.

Several times, I have heard some pregnant porn stars will only perform with their partners while they are expecting. Then after they are no longer pregnant they go back to performing with other people. That seems like a reasonable compromise to make, especially if someone is a professional porn star and that is how they make a living. It could be complicated psychologically but perhaps less so.

‘Anonymous’ pregnant porn

Another more interesting compromise when it comes to pregnant porn is the emergence of ‘anonymous pregnant porn’. Many amateurs in recent years have filmed themselves in porn videos anonymously. Porn sites ideally know who these people are for legal records, however we the viewers wouldn’t ever know.

The people’s faces in such videos don’t appear and therefore, the child that they will eventually have would likely never find out that their parents did porn while pregnant. To me, this is more acceptable because that way, I know the performers aren’t burdening their future children with psychological baggage.

Why should there be a compromise at all for pregnant porn?

What makes the pregnant porn conundrum complicated is that in some ways, pregnant porn helps to keep pregnancy in the realm of fantasy. People with sexual fetishes or fantasies can’t just turn those fantasies off with magic, nor should they for such a normal fantasy. We can’t reasonably expect everybody to only ever fantasise about pregnancy in their own heads, with no visual material, literature or videos. Some people (me included) often do stick to fantasising in their own heads. Yet to enforce that would be dictatorial and unreasonable.

If someone with a pregnancy fetish knows that they cannot expect to fulfil this fantasy regularly in real life, porn can help them keep it fantasy. I could go on and explain that those people could stick to erotic literature, hentai, comics, animations or other non photographical forms of porn but I won’t. People are attracted to different kinds of pornography and we can’t change that. Therefore, the pregnant porn conundrum is one that we’ll probably have to learn to live with.

Erotic Imagery of Pregnant Women / Artistic Nudes

As you can no doubt tell from the images throughout this article, I have no complicated feelings towards more elegant erotic imagery of pregnant women. Nor should I. These kinds of images are artistic and celebrate the pregnant form, even if nude. I don’t consider them pornographic at all.

Plenty of celebrities (most famously Demi Moore) have even done such pregnant photo shoots. Even if it’s rare, it’s somewhat culturally accepted in the West. In just a quick skim of instagram you’ll see that maternity photo shoots are very popular, even among non-celebrities. Some shoots are a celebration of the pregnant body. For some women perhaps there are other reasons for them doing it. If you have anything to add in that respect, please drop a comment below this article! I’m always interested in hearing why people do certain things.

FAQ: Pregnant Fetish / Fantasy

If you’re wanting more quick answers, I’ve prepared a few commonly asked questions here.

Is it common to have a pregnant fetish or fantasy?

It’s definitely not rare to have either preggophilia or a impregnation fetish. The fetish is no doubt less common than others, though browse any major porn website and you’ll soon discover that it is still pretty popular. You or whoever you’re looking at this for is not alone by any means.

Why are men attracted to pregnant women?

The idea of the pregnant goddess has been celebrated for centuries and millennia. Also, the curves of a pregnant woman’s body all accentuate a mathematical equation known as the golden ratio. The golden ratio is widely used in art to make visuals appealing and beautiful. The pregnant body exaggerates the golden ratio, so therefore pregnant women look beautiful. Pregnancy is also a primal desire, the drive to procreate. Those two facts combined mean some men find pregnant women sexy as hell. The questions asked online are usually asking specifically about guys but this can apply to women or any other genders that find pregnant women sexy too.

Does pregnancy make you more attractive?

To someone who finds pregnant women sexy, it can. As I already mentioned there is also a mathematical and visual arts explanation for it. Pregnant women look more attractive because their bodies accentuate the golden ratio.

Do women also have pregnant fetishes and breeding kinks?

Some women have written accounts of fantasising of being pregnant or being impregnated, so yes. There are also women you can find who are into related fetishes like inflation and expansion (artificially increasing the size of the stomach).

It’s reasonable to assume that having a fetish for the pregnant body form itself is more common in men. Among lesbians or bisexual women perhaps that can be interesting too.

How to look sexy while pregnant?

To look sexy while pregnant, buy some beautiful maternity lingerie or just regular lingerie that won’t be affected by your baby bulge. Baby dolls and lace robes look amazing on pregnant women. White lingerie (sometimes called bridal lingerie) also looks sexy on pregnant women because it reminds guys of weddings, a time when sex was amazing and you looked especially beautiful.

If your guy is into pregnant women, show off that belly lady. If either you or him is a little unsure what to make of it all, try a sexy robe and consider using some misdirection by wearing some sexy gloves.

See some one size lingerie at Lovehoney

Lingerie aside, it’s all about attitude as usual. Use your usual tricks of the trade, they are very likely to still work. If you feel insecure about your new body, just remember that MANY people find pregnant women amazingly beautiful. Your body accentuates the golden ratio, a lot of guys go crazy for those curves.

What sex positions to use during pregnancy?

Spooning and doggy style will work well. Woman on top could work well too. For missionary, you can try using a sex pillow to prop the woman’s hips up, that might help if her belly is making missionary uncomfortable.

Do people fantasise about pregnant women because they might have seen their mother pregnant?

Maybe some but in general, I disagree with this theory.

As explained earlier in the article, this theory is overused, tired and full of holes. There are far better ways to explain why someone would find pregnant women sexy; exposure to porn, pregnant women’s bodies accentuating the golden ratio (an aesthetic law of beauty) and the simple fact that pregnancy/impregnation is a beneficial interest to have from an evolutionary perspective. There is no huge surprise to this fantasy when you think about it. No need to go immediately to Freud.

The study of older siblings that I’ve seen writers use is internet forum research, meaning it isn’t sufficient enough evidence to apply a global theory to preggophilia, as many writers do blindly. Most children don’t remember far back enough to know what their pregnant mother looked like. Even if they did, that wouldn’t explain every preggophile’s fantasies. It’s like saying people have a boot fetish because their mother wore boots around the house for 9 months. It really is a ridiculous and crappy theory. The other theories used through this article are far better for explaining pregnant fetishism.

Is my boyfriend / husband / partner strange for having a pregnant fetish?

No and you shouldn’t make them feel bad for it either. If you find it strange or difficult to accept then that’s your problem, not your partner’s. You probably have secret fantasies that your partner would find odd or surprising too. Even if you don’t, you can’t penalise someone for this fantasy.

Do people with pregnant fantasies find their non-pregnant partners less attractive?

No. I can’t speak for everyone of course but having a fantasy about something doesn’t mean you don’t find things outside of that fantasy just as desirable.

This also applies to partners who were once pregnant but no longer are. You may have had amazing sex while you were pregnant. It may have been an active time sexually and afterwards maybe you’re worrying because it isn’t the same. It doesn’t literally translate to a non-pregnant partner being less attractive or desirable though. Relate it to other brief periods of hot sex. When you first meet, first get married, first arrive somewhere new on holiday, first arrive at a new home. Those kinds of things can provoke a spike in desire. It’s normal for things to calm back down.

Do men fantasise about every pregnant woman walking down the street?

Hell no. It has to be the right context for most guys. We like sexy pregnant porn stars, couples getting down and dirty online. We aren’t all going to fantasise about every pregnant woman we ever walk past or know. We aren’t beasts! Well… maybe some are but most of us need the context to be right.

That said, there is nothing wrong for fantasising about anything. Just know that most of us have better things to do than fantasise about every pregnant woman we ever walk past!

What can I do to share or play on my partner’s strong pregnancy fantasies? (any gender)

First of all, you don’t have to. The pregnant fantasy or fetish can remain safely bubbling away in your partner’s head. If you’re no into it, that’s fine. It can be a private thing. You probably have private fantasies yourself.

If however you want to play around with the fantasy, just make sure you talk to your partner about it first. Your partner is probably used to having this as a private fantasy, even if they have told you about it. If you just spring some role playing on them then they might get a bit freaked out. Talk to your partner about it first.

Role play and dirty talk is the best way for you to play a pregnant / impregnation fantasy together. If you’re unsure what to say, just think back on the things I mentioned through this article.

Role-playing / dirty talk for a guy

If your partner is a guy who is into the pregnant fetish then they’re guaranteed to find expanding boobs and big bellies a huge turn on. Literally just telling your guy the sugar coated version of what will happen to your body when he makes you pregnant will make him crazy. Talking about the creampie and what it will look like is also likely to work well. Some men might find boobs squirting milk a sexy thought too, though maybe not all. Men are quite visual in their fantasies anyway, so describing visuals is sometimes enough.

Don’t let your partner ejaculate inside you unless your on birth control or he has a condom on obviously. It doesn’t really matter in role play. Even if he has a condom on, it’s still hot. It’s not worth it to risk actual unwanted pregnancy.

If you’re confident enough to role-play / dirty talk the crazier scenarios, then talk to your partner about trying it first. Make sure his fantasy goes far enough to allow the crazy stuff before you try it. In my view it’s not worth killing the mood while in the middle of sex. Things to suggest involve everything from stranger in a bar knocking you up stories, gang-bangs, breeding parties all the way to alien abductions and Dracula taking you off to his castle to impregnate you. Some of that crazy stuff might work, just talk about it first.

Role-playing / dirty talk for a woman

Talk to your lady before springing some crazy role play on her for sure. Find out what she likes about the fantasy. Like with the role-playing with men, she is likely to find the idea of you ejaculating inside her sexy. It’s possible you’ll have to go a bit more into scenario for a woman, though pure visuals could work too. I know when I’ve been with women, they like scenarios more than just description.

Women might be more into the impregnation side of things rather than what happens to them afterwards. Like everything, talk about it first to find out. If she finds the idea of her belly expanding, then throw that into the dirty talk too.

Also with what I said in the men bit, have another talk about it if you think she might be up for crazy scenario stuff (strangers, breeding parties, aliens etc). Try to get a sense of what limit she has with the whole thing.

What do you do if your partner isn’t into the pregnant / impregnation fetish?

Not everyone is going to be turned on by this, so you need to accept that. Instead you fantasise about it in your own head, watch porn and don’t feel guilty about it. If you and your partner every become pregnant, you may well discover they become turned on by the situation (many couples report this). Even then though, if it doesn’t work for your partner you need to accept that and carry on fantasising.

Where can you find other people with the pregnant fetish and breeding kink?

On Reddit there are several communities of people who post about their fantasies, share porn and post pictures of themselves. The most active one I know of that both men and women use is /r/Breeding.

FetLife is a big fetish forum where you can find people into preggophilia and impregnation fetishes.

If you’re into the inflation and expansion fetish, check out the forum


Well it’s been pretty fun writing this piece. Over eleven thousand words, most of which are about why pregnant women are sexy. DAMN, I sure was inspired it seems. Through this article you will have learned why some men are attracted to pregnant women, how women themselves sometimes have impregnation fantasies and the many colourful variations that exist within the world of preggophilia. If you are a pregnant woman, I hope this article made you feel more sexy.

It’s over to you now dear reader. Thousands of people read my articles every month and very few of them ever stick around for a chat. I read every comment and usually respond, so if you’re going to be one of the extra awesome readers, drop a line below. Let’s make a pregnant fetish chat in the comments and feel free to ask any questions you might think I’d know about.

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    This was a very interesting read about the fetish and how many people look down on it without giving it full thought. I do agree how many people just copy and paste the same ideas without expanding on them. I can agree with the whole kid remembering their mom being pregnant as something not true because I really don’t remember my mom being pregnant with my sister before I turned 3 of the same year. The main problem is that people normalize other kinds of porn fetishes while looking down on ours.

    Thanks for explaining it in full on what your thoughts on this are.

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