Hey, Adam Rouge here. So you want to work with me? Great! I’m a sex toy reviewer and so if you’re in the industry of sex toys, I’d love to hear from you. This page outlines some of the ways you can work with me, what you need to know about working with me and things I don’t review.

I’ll happily answer any questions not answered here and provide you with more details. My viewing figures are rising all the time so if you want the latest figures, just send me a message. Feel free to message me on Twitter or via my contact form. If you want to learn more about me, I have a detailed about page.

If you are interested in advertising, I have a separate page for information on that. Ads are not covered on this page.

Getting a toy reviewed

If you are a toy manufacturer or a shop that sells sex toys, please get in touch! The whole point of this blog is to review sex toys, so you are more than welcome. Here is some guidance on how reviews at Obsession Rouge work.

Quick list of what to send me when requesting a review

This list is a rough guide of what to send me when requesting information. Feel free to just send a simple mail. If I am interested in pursuing your offer then I will ask for this stuff anyway. This is just to save you waiting time. The more info I have, the faster everything will go.

  1. Who you are, what company you’re from and what kind of products you sell.
  2. Which product or products you’d be interested in getting reviewed.
  3. If you have an affiliate program send me details about it (eg: the commission rate, payment holding time and payment threshold amount).
  4. If you require a particular turnaround time, tell me.
  5. Whether you agree with all terms on this page.

A short list of what I accept for reviews

  • Vibrators of all kinds (penis, vagina, clit).
  • Dildos
  • Prostate massagers
  • Masturbation Sleeves
  • Penis pumps
  • Cock rings
  • Smart Sex Toys
  • Small to medium sized Anal Toys

This list isn’t exhaustive. Basically if you’ve seen me review a product type before, then I’ll probably be willing to review it again!

A short list of what I don’t accept for reviews:

  • Sex toys with unsafe materials.
  • Sex toys without material information.
  • Companies who’s origin or information I cannot find.
  • I’m not interested in reviewing your sex toys or accessories if your distribution chain is tied to Amazon in some way. That applies if you only ship products from Amazon or sell your products primarily through them.
  • If your company is based in a country where manufacturing laws aren’t very strict, I won’t work with you. I realise this may irritate some of you but again, I have an audience who trust me. I risk losing their trust.
  • Lubricants, oils, candles etc that contain unsafe ingredients.
  • Unethical products or companies.
  • I don’t review cheap toys that are clearly designed to be replicas of other famous toys.

Sex toys for any gender welcome

I am the main sex toy reviewer on this website. So things I review myself are usually penis sex toys and p spot massagers. My partner is a woman, so she can test toys designed for vaginas and the clitoris. So whatever toy you have, feel free to get in touch!

Reviews aren’t free

Writing expert product reviews is a service and I don’t work for free. Unless you have a good affiliation program, I will send you a quote for the reviews you request. For that reason, it is always a good idea to send me information about your affiliate program when you ask for a review!

If you have a good affiliate program and I decide that it can generate enough money, I will consider that as payment for the review I write you. I will judge affiliate deals on a case by case basis, however here are some guidelines on what I consider a good affiliate program:

  • Your affiliate commissions should be 15% or above.
  • Your payment holding time should be no more than 30 days.
  • Your payment threshold should not be more than £30, €40, $50.
  • You must not demand money back when a customer asks for a refund.

As I mentioned, I will judge affiliate programs one by one. However if your affiliation program doesn’t match the above criteria then it is unlikely that I will accept your affiliate program alone as payment. I hope you understand this. Unfortunately some companies expect free work for weak affiliate programs that aren’t worth the time they take to administer.

How long do reviews take to go live?

It really depends on how big my current queue is. Usually, I try to review products within one month of receiving them. However, during busy times my queue can get longer.

Normally I publish one review per week (if I have products in my queue). So if I have 10 products already in my queue, it could take a while! If turnaround time is important to you then feel free to ask me about my queue length and how long I estimate it to take.

What happens to links if you don’t have an affiliation program

There are some companies that get in touch with me who are well known and have products in many online shops. Yet they don’t have an affiliation program.

If I can find your products in shops I am affiliated to, I will link the ‘buy buttons’ in your reviews to those shops instead. I will still include a link to your website, however it won’t be the call to action itself. Again, this is only if you don’t run an affiliate program yourself.

Note though that it is still unlikely that I will write a review for free in this case.

Advertising in the sidebar etc is separate to reviews

If you pay me for a review, you are paying for the review. Not for any other advertising space on the website (including the sidebar). You are very welcome to buy ad space in those areas though, you can read more about advertising on my website here.

What happens if your shop is in one language or doesn’t ship to everywhere

If your website is only in one language or you don’t ship to certain parts of the world, then I will link to other appropriate shops in those regions / languages. My affiliate links use geolocation, so they send readers to the appropriate shop automatically. This is to help my audience as much as it is for me to be compensated for producing these reviews!

Note that if your international delivery fees are too expensive, I will still link to an alternative shop to yours for some countries. I have an audience that comes to this website because they trust me. I’m not going to break that trust by suggesting to them that they pay a big price on international delivery when they know that it would be better to buy the product from a company in the same country as them. Again though, this only applies for readers in impractical parts of the world for your business.

All links to your website / shop will be ‘nofollow’

All of the links I ever put to your company’s website will be nofollow. I will never put a dofollow link as this is against most search engine’s rules. It’s not good for you and it isn’t good for me either! This is non-negotiable.

Reviews are published on this website, not yours

I write all reviews on this website. You are of course welcome to share small quotes that you like from the reviews. Just not the entire text!

What if I don’t think your product is good?

If I dislike your product or have considerable problems with it, then I will be honest about that. All of my criticism is constructive and I always try to review toys from several points of view. I hope you understand that I can’t always give high scores.

I will say though that I also try to only accept products that I think will do well. It doesn’t do me any good to review products that I don’t think people should buy!

I don’t translate every review into French

English is the main language of Obsession Rouge. I write all penis / prostate sex toy reviews in English. To translate a review into French is another large amount of work, so I will only do it if I think that the content will do well with my French audience. If a bilingual review is something that you want, make me aware of that before you pay me for a review. Otherwise it will be to my own discretion whether I get the review translated.

Photographs and Videos

My photographs and videos are very nice, true! However I make them purely for this website. If you are interested in using them then you can get in touch with me but please don’t use them without asking.

I will always photograph the physical product you send me. I won’t put up photos from your marketing catalogue. Occasionally I will use company infographics relating to products that I find useful, however I choose when and how to use them myself.

I don’t make videos of every review product. I will only make one if I feel like it or consider it useful to my readers.

I never appear in either videos or photographs.

Confidentiality Agreement

You must agree not to reveal any personally identifiable information about me publicly, including my name. All public correspondence with me must be using the names ‘Obsession Rouge’ and ‘Adam’. If you ever break this confidentiality agreement, I will react extremely badly so make sure not to forget.

Other terms

It is to my discretion as to whether your review stays on my website. I have never taken a review offline yet, however it is possible. Possible reasons for me taking a review off my website would be if your company became involved in a scandal or did something I considered very unethical. I reserve the right to remove what I want from this website without notification or compensation to you.

You cannot pay for high scores or pay me to remove products with low scores. You cannot pay me to be in my top sex toys lists etc. This is an honest website, so it is pointless in asking me to do dishonest things.

Sex Products Requiring Long Tests

You’ll notice that occasionally I do longer product tests. For example there are some premium penis pumps that I have tested for 2 months each. This isn’t typically what I do and it is out of my own curiosity that I produce such reviews.

Be aware that if you send me penis pumps, performance enhancement pills etc that I don’t automatically do long reviews for them. Usually I will test a product a few times and then write a review about the quality, how it feels and other descriptive information.

If you would like a long review then get in touch but understand that the cost will be significantly higher than standard reviews. 2 month tests, for example, take a huge amount of commitment and time. I can’t do them for every product.

Getting other things reviewed

The main focus of this blog is sex toys, however I occasionally review other relevant products. If you have a product that is related to something you see on this website, then get in touch with me. However just to save you time, here is a short list of things that I don’t review.

  • I don’t review porn, even if it is ethical porn.
  • I don’t review Viagra or other medications.
  • I don’t review shampoo, soap etc. It isn’t relevant.
  • I probably won’t review your candles, creams etc. Again, it isn’t really relevant.
  • I don’t review books unless I choose to read them myself. This is just because it takes a lot of time to read a book and make all of the necessary notes. You are still welcome to recommend your book to me. I love reading, I just can’t promise to review it!
  • I don’t review all sex accessories. Readers don’t typically search for those kinds of reviews so unless your accessory reflects a particular niche, it is pointless for me to write about it.

Press Releases

PR will be judged on a case-by-case basis and will require payment. I haven’t done any Press Releases yet and don’t plan on pursuing it. You are welcome to propse ideas to me but for now, I can’t promise anything.

Guest posting

It is extremely rare that I accept guest posting. So rare in fact, that I haven’t actually done it yet! If you are a fellow blogger and want to collaborate then by all means get in touch. It has to be something relevant to our audience and something that Eve or I can’t simply write ourselves.

If you are a company or someone representing a company and you want to ‘guest post’ then I will consider it a press release. You can read about those above.


I’m planning on doing some interviews in the future. If you are interested in such a thing and think that you could be of interest to my audience then please get in touch. I won’t accept everything proposed to me but don’t let that put you off 😉

I’m particularly interested in interviewing people who have been negatively affected by porn in some way. My own opinion is that porn is harmful. Both to porn users and to the performers. If you are someone who has been affected and have a lot to say, then please contact me. Even if you disagree with me, it could be interesting to hear your point of view (though I can’t promise to accept posts or interviews strongly opposed to my bottom line)! Also, keep in mind that my blog is strictly secular. I don’t oppose porn for religious reasons so won’t write about religion in any way.

If you have a particular fetish and think that you could talk about it at length, that could also be interesting. I’m fascinated by the accounts that Nancy Friday collected in her books on fantasies, so I’m thinking something along those lines. Just be aware that I won’t post pornographic content, promote porn sites or write anything extremely vulgar. I’m purely interested in understanding fantasies and fetishes.

Sex blogger with a totally different point of view to me? Very interesting! For example, if you are a different sexual orientation to me and have an idea, let’s talk. The same goes for people who live their love-life contrary to the norm or people who have changed gender in some way. Just get in touch and I’ll consider it. Again I can’t promise to accept every proposition but it would be interesting to hear anyway 🙂

I’m not really part of the ‘kink’ scene. I’m a sex toy reviewer and sometimes review bondage toys. However I’m far from being an expert in the area of domination, submission etc. So if you are someone who is part of this scene and think it could be interesting to share, then get in touch.

If you are a company wanting an interview, I consider it a press release and you can read about those above.