I have ad space in my sidebar. These aren’t free spots and I don’t place companies there in return for products. You are welcome to buy space there on a monthly basis. Negotiation is possible if you buy many months in a row.

How to reserve an Ad

Get in touch with me and let me know the following:

  • Who you are and what you want to promote.
  • When you want your ad to go up and how long it should run for.
  • What position you want to be (read more below).
  • Which size ad you want (see below).
  • Are you going to advertise on the English or French version of this website? Or both?
  • Whether you prefer to pay with PayPal or Payoneer.

You can reserve an Ad for whenever you want, so long as it’s within a week’s notice. It’s possible that I can put one up within a shorter amount of time but it depends if I’m at my office or not. The earlier you tell me about your Ad, the better.

To secure your reservation of the Ad space, you need to pay for it in full beforehand. The prices aren’t astronomical, so this shouldn’t be a problem.


You can pay with either Payoneer or PayPal. In both cases you pay me via my email address. I prefer Payoneer because their service charges are slightly lower.

Rates & Statistics

My rates change all the time because my viewing figures are constantly rising. If I haven’t already updated this page, get in touch with me for the latest figures and prices.

The way I currently work out my prices:
270 x 100 = €1 per 1000 monthly visitors.
270 x 300 = €2 per 1000 monthly visitors.

October 2020 Stats and Rates:

Obsession Rouge monthly traffic: Abt. 15,000 unique visitors per month.

270 x 100 Ad Space for 1 month = €15
270 x 300 Ad Space for 1 month = €30


Advertising here is very easy. I just have some basic rules which you can read below.

  • You need to pay before the ads go live rather than after. The ads run for the number of months you pay for and you can’t have a refund after that period is up.
  • I need to per-approve all ads before they go up. So get them to me well in advance of the launch.
  • You need to design the ad yourself.
  • All ad links will be nofollow.
  • No animated gifs or videos. They must be still images.
  • No pornographic images or nudity. Sexiness is fine but this website puts elegance first, so your images need to have a certain level of class.
  • No offensive text or imagery.
  • I don’t advertise porn companies or websites. I also don’t advertise viagra or any other medication.

Which pages your ads are shown on

This website is bilingual. If you want to advertise to my English audience, your ad will show on all English pages. The other version of this website is in French, so if you advertise to my French readers, your ad will show on all French language pages.

You’re welcome to advertise in both languages at the same time. Though if you advertise in French then you should make sure that French-speaking people can understand your Ad and the website it leads to!

As already mentioned, when you send me a message about ad space, tell me which versions of the website you want your ad on. At the moment there is no extra charge for advertising on both at the same time. As I mentioned, it’s just pointless to advertise to french people if you can’t communicate with them.

What Position Your Ad Shows In

There is Ad space at the top and bottom of my sidebar. You should let me know whether you prefer to place your ad at the top or bottom. There is no price difference other than the size you want. My posts can be long and my sidebar floats downwards. So for some advertisers, it can be more beneficial to place an ad near the bottom.

The top of the sidebar can host a maximum of three big ads. The order they appear in reflects who ordered the space first. The same goes for the bottom of the sidebar. I may change this first come, first serve policy in the future. For now I’m just doing it to keep things simple.

Here’s an example of the different positions

Ad Space Positioning

Size Formats

  • 270 x 300 – Large
  • 270 x 100 – Small

270 px is the width of my sidebar and that can’t be changed. If you want to place longer images that’s fine. For example, you might want to buy two big ads and make your banner 270 x 600. Just let me know what you have in mind and I’ll let you know the price.

These are what those sizes look like:

Ad Space 270 x 300
270 x 300 Ad
270 x 100 Ad

Image Formats

I only place still images as ads on the website. Before your ad’s start date I’ll need you to send me either a JPEG or PNG file. I don’t accept animated gifs or videos.

No javascript or iFrames

I don’t accept javascript in ads placed on this website. Your ad must be a simple image link (with or without a tracking code on the url). I don’t accept iframes either. All ad content must be hosted on my domain. This is to ensure the privacy of my readers.

What kind of companies fit in here

This is a sex toy review website. I also write about sexual health. Sex toy shops, manufacturers etc are going to fit in really well. If you sell services or products that in some way relate to the kinds of things I write about, that could work well too.

If you’re unsure if you’ll fit here, just send me a message and I’ll tell you 🙂

There are a few things I won’t promote. Porn websites, viagra, medication and products made of toxic materials/ingredients are some of them.