Review: CalExotics Boundless Grip Stroker

calexotics boundless grip stroker review

This budget penis vibrator and stroker is under fifty dollars. While not super-duper cheap, the Calexotics Boundless Grip Stroker isn’t going to break the bank either. I enjoy occasionally testing out budget toys because some of them are surprisingly good. Is this one any good? Let’s find out in my review of the CalExotics Boundless Grip Stroker!

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Score: 3 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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The Boundless Grip Stroker is small and light-weight. It can be squished and folded on itself, so isn’t difficult to hide or place inside a pocket. It has an open design, meaning that it’s suitable for pretty much any penis size, which is great. However, even with its ribs, its small size means that using it without the vibrator on isn’t ideal. Without the vibrator, the stimulation isn’t enough to make using it worthwhile.

In my experience, light-weight vibrators are usually subtle vibrators, and that’s certainly the case here. I prefer powerful, rumbly vibrators. The CalExotics Boundless Grip stroker is buzzy and its power is too weak for me. So this is a rather awkward point in the review, because evidently, I’m not much of a fan. However, I am going to see this review through, dear readers, and I’m going to give you some good stuff about this penis vibrator too.

calexotics boundless grip stroker and cable
The toy and its charging cable.
calexotics boundless grip stroker review
The packaging.

Let’s get onto some more basics. The Boundless Grip Stroker is waterproof, rechargeable, lasts 50-70 minutes depending on intensity and has 10 different vibration modes. It’s made of black silicone, so while dust will stick to it like there’s no tomorrow, the material itself is very safe.

The toy has one single button that acts as a power button and also a cycle button to change vibration modes. There is no intensity dial of any sort, though within the 10 vibration modes, there are different intensities included. A nice bonus feature is that it continues on whatever vibration mode you last left it on when you switch it on. It also has a travel lock feature, so that it doesn’t start vibrating in your suitcase if you travel with it.

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So what is the Calexotics Boundless Grip Stroker good for?

Let’s get one thing straight, the Bouncless Grip Stroker isn’t going to make me orgasm on its own. It’s not strong enough a vibrator for that and stroking with a toy so small is a bit weird, so I prefer to use my hand rather than this toy. However, the toy is good to use in two different situations, which I’m getting to next.

The first situation is while using a prostate toy. As I’ve written before, it’s better to minimise or totally remove stimulation of the penis while stimulating the prostate. As this vibrator is so subtle, it gives enough of a buzz to the penis to keep it happy while not overpowering the stimulation given to the prostate (ideally you’d be using a more powerful toy for the prostate). This is actually a really good way to use the Boundless Grip Stroker, because some people still like some penis stimulation while playing with their prostates.

The second situation in which the Boundless Grip Stroker is good is with blowjobs. It’s still possible to get a blowjob while using this toy because it has an open design and it’s pretty small. So why not hand this toy to your partner the next time they give you a bj… could be nice.

As I mentioned already, the toy is waterproof so you can also use it in the bath or shower. However, I’m unsure if you’ll find using the toy alone fun, so in my opinion you’d only want to do this in a situation where you want to be teased. For example, a partner teasing you while you’re in the shower.

What could make the Boundless Grip Stroker better?

calexotics boundless grip stroker ribbed texture

The Boundless Grip Stroker needs both more power and bulk. The ribs in the toy are so small that for me, I don’t see the point in them. The toy isn’t necessarily cheap either, so I don’t think its price justifies such a low vibration power. A comparably priced toy is the Hot Octopuss Jett, and while that toy has some drawbacks with the controls, it’s really damn powerful as a vibrator.

Cleaning the Boundless Grip Stroker

It’s easy to clean because it’s made of silicone and it’s waterproof. Just wash it with some soap and water after use, spray it with a sex toy cleaner if you want. Just make sure it dries properly before putting it away because those ribs inside the toy can cling onto water.

Concluding my review on the CalExotics Boundless Grip Stroker

calexotics boundless grip stroker exterior

The Boundless Grip Stroker didn’t rub me up quite the right way. It has a subtle and buzzy vibrator that’s too weak for me, and it is neither big enough nor heavy enough to use on its own as a stroker. In my opinion, it has missed the mark a little bit. If the toy was 50% cheaper, I’d say it’d be good as a stocking filler kind of toy, the kind you buy just for cheap thrills. At its current price, however, it has stronger competitors that make buying it difficult to recommend.

If you want a reliable, yet weak toy to use while experimenting with prostate play, the Boundless Grip Stroker might actually be a good option for you, so in that case, I’d recommend it. For everything else, I’m not sure if it’s worth it, unfortunately. It’s a very versatile toy but it just isn’t strong enough.

One seed for thought, why buy a vibrator if you know it’s going to be a weak one? Better to buy a dedicated silicone stroker that doesn’t vibrate. If a stroker has enough weight and size, it can be pretty enjoyable to use. For example, they were too small for me, but I reviewed the M-Elite strokers recently. I’ve also reviewed Bad Dragon strokers and the Ussy, which was excellent. Another similarly priced option that Peepshow stocks is the Firefly Yoni.

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Thanks to Peepshow for sending me the Boundless Grip Stroker to review. If our readers want to order sex toys, we recommend Peepshow because everything that they stock is body safe. Check them out!

CalExotics Boundless Grip Stroker

Score: 3 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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