Review: M-Elite Platinum Hekx and Gript by Blush

blush m-elite hekx and gript

Affordable silicone masturbators with ‘elite’ and ‘platinum’ in the name? What could go wrong? A lot apparently. Here’s my review of the M-Elite Platinum strokers by Blush Novelties.

These toys were sent to me by Peepshow Toys in return for an honest review. If you readers want to support this blog, please use my links to go shop at Peepshow, who stock excellent body safe toys.

Score: 3 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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I hate writing negative reviews but these masturbators deserve all the wrath they’re going to get. As well as exploring the reasons for my own bad experience with these masturbators, I’ll go through their specifications and also the good things about them. The masturbators aren’t all bad and some people will really like them.

I tried the M-Elite Platinum Gript, which is the most horribly tight thing I’ve ever tried to put on my penis, then there is the M-Elite Platinum Hekx, which while also way too tight, fit me a bit better. Blush Novelties is the company behind both and the masturbators themselves are from the M-Elite Platinum line.

So you’ve probably got the message already, these masturbators are too fucking tight. Way too tight. So tight that I actually hurt myself. Yep, my penis felt bruised for two weeks after using these two. If I had to guess, it must have been the Gript that fucked me up, because as I said, it’s ridiculously tight. My temporary injury is why I won’t hold back my disappointment with either of these two masturbators. I’ve written a lot of times before about the fact that toy companies aren’t doing enough to describe compatible penises sizes. Nobody listens and so injuries like this are bound to happen.

I’m not going to bore you with average penis size studies but if you click the article I linked to above, you can find out about that. The fact is that while toy companies find it easy to measure their toys for length, they apparently find it impossible to measure for girth. The problem with masturbators and other closed toys is that there is a limit on how thick a penis can be before it doesn’t fit inside the toy. If you happen to be slightly above average in girth, you’ll have trouble. More specifically for this review, you’ll have trouble with the M-Elite Platinum masturbators.

M-Elite Masturbators – what’s good about them?

blush m-elite hekx masturbator
M-Elite Hekx
m-elite blush novelties gript silicone
M-Elite Gript (from the back).

Let’s say you believe you’re around about average in girth. Maybe, just maybe you’ll really enjoy these masturbators in that case. Let’s see about why and also which one is better. If you’re too busy to read, the conclusion is that the M-Elite Hekx is the best masturbator out of the two of them.


Both the Gript and Hekx are made out of platinum silicone. The fact that they’re made from silicone is actually fan-fucking-tastic. Being made out of silicone means that both these masturbators are very easy to clean. So long as you do keep them clean, mould stands next to no chance at growing on silicone, unlike shitty TPE masturbators that are still so common in the sex toy industry.

What are the disadvantages of silicone? I hear you ask. Well it’s a pretty versatile material, my dear reader. The fact is, there shouldn’t be many disadvantages. Companies like Arcwave and their toy Ion have proved that silicone can be extremely soft. The silicone used in the M-Elite Gript and Hekx is quite soft to the touch, though still not as soft as that used by Arcwave.

m-elite platinum gript tightness
This is as far as I could stretch the gript using two fingers. It’s too tight.

The main problem with the silicone in the Gript and Hekx masturbators is that it’s really dense. The silicone in these masturbators is so dense that they don’t stretch very much. The advantage of having such a density is that the textures embossed into the interior of the toys feels more interesting if your dick does fit inside them. The disadvantage is if your dick doesn’t fit in them. Which leads me on to which I’d recommend, if any.

The M-Elite Hekx is better than the Gript

As you’ve seen in the image further up, the Gript is so tight that I can’t even stretch it much by sticking two fingers inside and trying to push them apart. The Hekx has a similar density but it isn’t as tight, so that’s the one I recommend. The Hekx actually has two different sized openings too, meaning it’s more versatile than the Gript, which only has one orifice.

To further describe the difference in size between the Gript and Hekx, refer to these marketing diagrams, showing the measurements. As I mentioned elsewhere in this article, the width doesn’t correspond to what fits inside them. The company hasn’t included information about the inner diameters of the toy or the maximum penis width that fits in them.

The textures in the toys

On paper, the Gript has a more interesting texture than the Hekx however I still found the Hekx more enjoyable. This is no doubt influenced by the fact that I found the Gript too tight but when I reflect on other reviews I’ve done in the past, regular ribbed textures are usually a safe bet. Ribbed textures are enough on their own. Swirls like the Gript has aren’t usually adding much beyond the ribbing that they provide.

blush m-elite hekx texture
The inner texture of the Hekx.
blush gript masturbator interior
Inner texture of the Gript. Note my inability to turn it completely inside out, another example of its tightness.

Because I was unable to completely reverse the M-Elite Gript to show the texture of the toy itself, please refer to the diagram on the back of the packaging, which I’ve provided a photo of below (left side).

blush m-elite hekx and gript

My experience with the toys

So how did I fit inside if I’m saying they were too tight? Lube. Lots of waterbased lube. Thank goodness for lube. When I finally got inside the Gript, it didn’t hurt immediately. As I began using it though, stroking up and down, I realised that my dick was being compressed like a sausage under a Thor’s hammer. So I took it out and tried out the Hekx. The Hekx has one end that’s slightly larger than the other and it also wasn’t as tight as the Gript. I finished with the Hekx even though it was still a bit too tight. The pain came on that night.

I don’t usually get pain after using toys, even the tight ones. This time though, I was worried because I couldn’t tell what exactly the pain meant. I knew the toys had been too tight but whether I’d bent my dick at an awkward ankle or it had been compressed too much, I wasn’t sure. I felt a sensation to bruising for a few weeks after that and now it’s finally gone.

blush m-elite hekx in box

Honestly, after that injury it’s difficult to find much positive to say about these masturbators. When I first got them, especially the M-Elite Hekx, they looked kind of sleek and professional, elite. The boxes look elite too. Maybe there are a lot of people who like that serious aesthetic. I prefer brighter colours personally.

The masturbators are very easy to clean despite all the textures on the outside and inside. You just need to wash them under warm water with soap and let them dry somewhere where there’s airflow.

Conclusion on my review of the M-Elite Masturbators

blush m-elite hekx and gript

Who knows though, maybe you will like these masturbators. If the dimensions of the toy seem like they’ll fit you, then by all means go for it. I’m sure that if these toys were my size, I would have enjoyed them. The problem is, they’re not my size and nowhere in the company’s marketing warned me that they weren’t my size. I dislike these masturbators because they hurt me.

Silicone masturbators are to be commended. Not all are equal and not all are compatible. The only reason these masturbators are getting any stars at all from me is because I have a feeling that if they were the right size, they’d be good. As I have no way of knowing for sure, I can’t give them a more positive review than this. They get one star for the material they used, another for the texture and another one for the ease of cleaning.

Thank you to Peepshow Toys for sending me these two toys. Although I didn’t react well to these particular toys, I’ve liked a lot of the toys I’ve tested before for Peepshow and it hasn’t changed my opinion on the quality of their shop. To remind my readers, Peepshow only sells body-safe toys, meaning that you won’t find any toys using toxic or porous materials at their store. Please take a look at their website.

Blush Novelties M-Elite Hekx

Score: 3 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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