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Welcome to Obsession Rouge! A hedonistic wonderland of sex toy reviews and sexual health articles. My name is Adam Rouge and I shall be your host for most of what is on this website. I write reviews about masturbators, penis vibrators, p spot massagers and a whole lot more. My girlfriend Eve is also a sex toy reviewer here. She reviews vibrators, air suction toys, dildos and more. So no matter your gender, you’ll definitely find a sex toy suitable for your body!

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Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

This website can help you find the pleasure you truly deserve. My goal is to make your orgasms better. Much, much better. I want you to leave this website with the ability to have supernova level climaxes. Why do I want this? Because I am obsessed. I’m obsessed with sex toys, sex and pleasure. I want everyone to join me in my beautiful, wonderful sickness.

Obsession defines what I do and Rouge signifies where I used to buy many sex toys (outside the Moulin Rouge in Paris).

Which Sex Toys Are Best For Beginners?

You’ll find sex toys suitable for even the most advanced kinksters on this website. I’m fully aware though that some of you want to know which sex toys are better if you are a beginner and considering using sex toys for the first time. I have you covered! Check out the articles below where we have prepared lists of beginner sex toys for you.

Beginner Penis Sex Toys Beginner Prostate Massagers

The Best Sex Toys?

Some of you are busy people. If you click the buttons below you will find what we consider to be some of the best sex toys available. We have tested them all on this website and given them thorough reviews that you can read, if you wish.

Best Penis Sex Toys Best P Spot Massagers

If you have more time, continue on down this page to read some more of our latest sex toy reviews!

Recent sex toy reviews

Our latest four sex toy reviews are at the top of the page. This is the rest! We have reviewed a wide range of toys including prostate massagers, penis vibrators, dildos, clit stimulators, vibrators, rabbits, cock rings and penis pumps. We love sex toys, so you’ll see regular updates here 😉

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Sexual Deviance & Health

Sexual health is very important to us so we frequently research sex, intamcy and health. I am personally interested in eroticism, desire, erectile dysfunction and porn addiction. I also translate some of the articles that Eve writes over at Obsession French, so you’ll see articles from a more female point of view here from time to time as well :).

Sexual Health

Here’s what a P Spot Orgasm really feels like

Trying to get one’s first prostate orgasm can feel a little like searching for the Holy Grail. Prostate massage and

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How hide your sex toys and order them discreetly

You came here because you want to know how to hide your sex toys. Maybe you also want to know

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British Connection

Girl On The Net: British Sex Blogger Interview

British hedonist and sex blogger Girl On The Net joins me in this interview to talk about sex in Britain,

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Fantasy & Fetish

Preggophilia: All about the pregnant fetish & breeding kink

Ladies and gentlemen, for some reason I have gone on until now without ever writing about why one might have

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Latest Accessory Reviews

Sex toys aren’t the only thing important for pleasure! That’s why we also review sex accessories and other things that are needed to look after the body and mind. In the accessories section, you’ll find reviews of lube, condoms, adult board games, penis supplements and a whole lot more.

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