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Our latest four sex toy reviews are at the top of the page. This is the rest! We have reviewed a wide range of toys including prostate massagers, penis vibrators, dildos, clit stimulators, vibrators, rabbits, cock rings and penis pumps. We love sex toys, so you'll see regular updates here ;)

Sexual Health

Sexual health is very important to us so we frequently research sex, intamcy and health. I am personally interested in eroticism, desire, erectile dysfunction and porn addiction. I also translate some of the articles that Eve writes over at Obsession French, so you'll see articles from a more female point of view here from time to time as well :).

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Sex toys aren't the only thing important for pleasure! That's why we also review sex accessories and other things that are needed to look after the body and mind. In the accessories section, you'll find reviews of lube, condoms, adult board games, penis supplements and a whole lot more.