Pulse Duo Lux remotes

Review: Pulse Duo Lux Penis Vibrator – Hot Octopuss

If penis vibrators were beasts, the Pulse Duo Lux would be at the top of the food chain. Seriously, the vibrations coming from this thing are earth-shattering! This article also does a quick comparison of the different Pulse models Hot Octopuss currently has available.

The Handy Smart Masturbator

Review of The Handy (Smart Masturbator / Stroker)

The Handy is an automatic and smart masturbator / stroker. It can be used during solo penis masturbation, it can be controlled by a long-distance partner and it can sync to adult films. The Handy was designed by the good people of Norway, who decided to send it to me for a thorough test!

Penomet Penis Pump

Review of Penomet Penis Pump (All Gaiters)

What could be better than a water penis pump? Maybe a pump with six interchangeable gaiters, each at different strengths? We spent two months putting the Penomet Penis Pump to the test. Does it work? How good is it? Is it better than Bathmate? Let’s find out…