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Review: Nookii – Passionate Lovers’ Game

Nookii Sexy Game

Testing Nookii, an adult board game has helped keep those long winter nights warm…

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First impressions of Nookii

Score: 10 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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Let’s just start off with the fact that Nookii is a really nicely designed game. The colours, graphic design, timer design and even the blindfold all combine to make a very distinctive and elegant ensemble. It certainly looks more elegant than Monogamy (which is already a nicely designed game). If you care about aesthetics, you won’t be disappointed with those of Nookii.

The rules and guidelines are very easy to understand. As I mentioned already the graphic design is great, so I find everything easy to read even without glasses and in lamp light. Having the timer is a nice touch and the blindfold feels quite soft. In the box are also dice, the six sets of cards and a ‘do not disturb’ sign.

Differences to Monogamy

Monogamy takes longer to play and is designed to be an actual board game (with pieces that you move around the board). Nookii on the other hand has no board or game pieces. Nookii is played by rolling dice, setting a timer and performing actions from the six sets of cards. Nookii is therefore a game that has you performing actions on a more immediate and regular basis.

Monogamy is a boardgame you can use for a full on date-night. Monogamy deals with finger food and drinks, so is more comprehensive in this way. I’d use it for a more full date-night because it takes longer to play. Nookii is better than Monogamy at being a spontaneous game. With Nookii you can take out the game at any moment and get very quickly into foreplay and more. Monogamy requires a little more forethought and preparation to play properly.

We’ll get to which game we prefer a little later in this review!

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Overview of rules

Nookii is very simple. There are six packs of cards and you split those between you, meaning you both get three packs of cards. The silk textured cards are better suited to women and the plain purple cards are better for men.

At the start of each game, you select three cards each (one ‘mmm’, one ‘ooh’ and one ‘aah’). Then you role the dice to see who goes first (person with highest number on the dice goes first).

To play you select your first card, read it and roll the dice. Then you set the timer to the number you had on the dice and perform the act that was written on the card. When you finish, it is your partners turn to do the same. There are three rounds mmm, ooh and aah (in that order).

Experience playing Nookii

Honestly, Nookii is one of the hottest games either of us has played. It’s very difficult not to go ‘too far’ with the instructions written on each action cards. Even by the end of the first round (the mmm cards) we’re both ready to quit the game and have sex. Sometimes we go to far because if the timer is set to 10 minutes or more and the action is just a simple massage. Other times it’s because the area we are massaging is in far too much a ‘tempting’ spot.

The flexibility of the game is really what we liked about it. We’ve even had sex right in the middle of the game and gone back to playing it. If we want to have sex but don’t quite know where to start because we had a busy day… Nookii is perfect. It’s really very easy to set up the game and get started. It’s a more everyday kind of game than Monogramy, which we like.

There have been a few instances where we didn’t like suggestions on the cards or thought that we wanted to modify the actions… however that’s rare. Most of the cards are great. We found that it’s very easy to interpret the cards. Especially if we want to spice up some actions or tone them down.

What we loved about Nookii

  • It’s a flexible game that is easy to adapt.
  • Designed for straight couples but very easily adapts to a gay relationship.
  • Easy to use the game spontaneously.
  • The blindfold feels great on our skin.
  • The included timer is a nice touch.
  • There are plenty of action cards

What we disliked about the Nookii Board Game

  • The game is only available in english, so it’s a no for french-speakers!
  • Some cards are a bit too tame for us.

What is sex like after playing Nookii?

I should remind you that this game is so hot that we sometimes have sex while still playing it. Sex is amazing after playing this game. It teases us so much and depending on how long each of your actions lasted… you could have been bursting to have sex for quite some time. It’s a fast enough game however that you don’t have to worry about ‘holding on’ for an overly long time. 10/10

Examples of Nookii action cards

Whenever I am shopping for board games, I want to know what some of the action cards are like. We have you covered! On Nookii cards there are usually actions for both couples to perform.

Level 1 – Mmm

Level 2 – Ooh

Level 3 – Aah


Nookii is a great board game and I recommend you buy it immediately! How’s that for a conclusion??

The obvious thing you’ll want to know is if Nookii is better than Monogamy. We think so. We play Nookii far more regularly than we do Monogamy because Nookii is so easy to set up and play. The action cards for Nookii are also more to-the-point than Monogamy’s. That’s not to say that we wouldn’t still recommend buying Monogamy. Both are great games, however you will probably use Nookii on a more regular basis. Monogamy is a more comprehensive game and takes longer to play (therefore it is better for a longer or more special date night).

Nookii is an excellent way to do foreplay and we can’t recommend it enough.

Looking for something a little different? Read our full Monogamy review here.

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Nookii The Hot Game for Passionate Lovers

Score: 10 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring


10 / 10


10 / 10

Ease of use

10 / 10


8 / 10

Desire to use again in the future

10 / 10


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  • David says:

    Hi! As Nookii is out of production and not found on second-hand market, would you be able to share the cards’ photos in order to play? Thank you.

    • Adam says:

      Hello, Thanks for stopping by. I just replied to your email but thought I’d write it here just in case anyone else is looking for the game. Check on eBay because some people have been able to buy Nookii on there. It’s been a few years since I wrote this review and I’ve cleared out the game already to make space for others unfortunately, so I’m unable to send photos of it. – Adam

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