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arcwave voy review

Arcwave released several new products recently and I decided to test one of them, a mini double ended stroker. Like the other toys, this one is made of a very soft and gentle silicone. Will this toy impress me? Let’s find out in my Arcwave Voy review!

The Arcwave Voy was sent to me for free by Wow Tech in return for an honest review. If you enjoy reading on this website then please consider using the links in the article, we appreciate your support!

Score: 6 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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Gosh I’ve been a long time reviewing the Arcwave Voy. Wow Tech have been very patient with me while I get my tests up and running again! I’ve actually put the Arcwave Voy through two different rounds of testing several months apart. That’s beneficial for you readers because this means that I’m writing from the point of view of someone who has used the toy longer than usual for reviewers.

What kind of toy is the Arcwave Voy?

arcwave voy review

Anyway, let’s get on with presenting the Voy. Let’s start with what the Voy isn’t, because Arcwave surprised me by making this non-electronic toy. None of Arcwave’s new toys (including the Voy) are electronic like the Ion was. From a toy manufacturer’s point of view I get it, although from a marketing standpoint I find it a little strange that the very first toy, the Arcwave Ion (which I reviewed here) features a revolutionary electronic air suction technology and these others don’t. It would kind of be like if Womanizer released just one air suction clit toy and then made a line of dildos. That isn’t an outright problem although I feel it just puts Arcwave in an awkward spot identity wise.

arcwave voy tightening review
The widest and narrowest setting (shown without the sleeve).

The Arcwave Voy is actually just a mini double ended masturbator. It’s a similar size to the Fleshlight Quickshot and so has the same advantage of being great for both solo masturbation and for use while receiving a blowjob. The two added advantages of the Arcwave Voy over a toy like the Fleshlight Quickshot is that the Voy is made of Silicone, which lasts longer and it also has a tightening mechanism built into the case (you twist the device to change the sleeve’s diameter.

The Voy also gives you two different sized openings (one side of the toy is wider than the other). So a lot of effort has gone into giving the user control of the diameter, however as we’ll see later on, that didn’t necessarily help me personally.

Prices for the Arcwave Voy

The Acwave Voy is a simple sex toy but that’s a good thing

arcwave voy packaging

I prefer simple sex toys and believe that many manufacturers overcomplicate their toys with strange features that act more as gimmicks. The Arcwave Voy is all about simplicity and high quality, which I love. As you’ll see if you browse this website, I’ve tested A LOT of sex toys. My all time favourite toys are the simplest kind that do one thing very well. I much prefer a toy that does one thing well than many things badly (which is unfortunately too common).

The one thing that the Arcwave Voy does is stroking. Everything about this toy has been dedicated to that goal. Its outer case is sturdy enough to be gripped, it’s just about the right length for a hand to wrap around it, the silicone is great (more on that below) and it has a tightening mechanism. As long as you’re the right size for the Voy, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be amazing at stroking you.

The good: the silicone feels amazing

arcwave voy silicone
The silicone is super soft and gentle.

Let’s start off by pointing out a good thing about this toy – the silicone. The silicone used in the Arcwave Voy is the same as that used in the Arcwave Ion, which I loved. This silicone is still the softest and gentlest I’ve used, which is a big advantage for this toy because stroking is the only stimulation it gives.

If you aren’t at all familiar with silicone density and softness, know that it’s very rare to find silicone that feels this soft. Many toy manufacturer’s like Fleshlight and Tenga use TPE and CyberSkin to make their strokers because it’s cheaper and easier to get a soft texture. Up until a few years ago, there wasn’t really anyone making good silicone masturbators because silicone is usually very dense (that’s why dildos etc are made out of it). Arcwave was one of the first to succeed in making silicone soft enough to make it a viable material for masturbators. The Firefly Yoni got its silicone pretty soft too, but I really didn’t like that toy when I reviewed it here.

So even if it at first sounds like a trivial thing to say, the fact that Arcwave toys have such nice feeling silicone is a big deal. Some might argue that the quality of the silicone Arcwave toy’s have is the main thing they have going for them. Indeed it seems like Arcwave might be making a move towards building their identity around their silicone rather than the air pleasure tech that the Ion featured (as I mentioned earlier).

The bad: It’s too narrow for larger penis girths

arcwave voy size
The narrowest setting of the Arcwave Voy.

There is one major flaw in the Voy’s design from my point of view; it’s maximum diameter. Even when the toy’s twisting mechanism has opened the sleeve all the way up, the toy is too narrow for my penis when I’m fully erect. It’s a bit disappointing because the toy feels great when I just have the head of my penis in or when I’m semi-erect.

The vast majority of people won’t have my issue but I really do wish toy manufacturer’s would start taking into account folks with a larger penis girth. The toy’s specification details on the Arcwave website says that the unstretched inner diameter is 33mm (1.3 inches), which is a circumference of 103mm (4.08 inches). I am just over 152mm (6 inches) in circumference, which is why this toy isn’t suitable for me. I think that if you are 5 inches in circumference you’d be safe to use the toy, but definitely don’t get it if you’re above that.

I could use the toy, otherwise I wouldn’t have much to say about it; if you’re around my size though, you have to enter the toy semi-erect… otherwise it won’t fit. If I get hard inside the toy, it stretches just about enough for me to use it with a lot of lube. The problem is, if I slip out of the toy then I can’t get back into it again without waiting for my penis to become semi-erect again.

Overall, I’m a bit frustrated that so much effort went into a diameter control device yet even the largest diameter isn’t suitable for my size. It’s an issue that is common with many toy manufacturers when it comes to penises of larger girth. In my opinion, Arcwave could have made the Voy wider overall to make its girth range in the middle rather than favouring very small penises. I find the narrowest setting (pictured above) excessively small.

Some more good: Easy to clean and compatible with blowjobs

Let’s go into some more minor good points. The Arcwave Voy is very easy to clean and dries fast, which was a big advantage if you live with other people! You can take the silicone sleeve out of the toy, wash it off and then dry it with a towel. Silicone doesn’t have pores, so you only have to dry the surface (which is what makes it fast to dry).

Another advantage that I mentioned briefly earlier is that the Arcwave Voy for your partner to use while they give you a blowjob. So long as you’re long enough, your partner can still lick and suck your penis head while its inside the Voy. That’s how I used the Fleshlight Quickshot many moons ago and trust me, it’s fun. If your partner wants to tease you a bit, they can also play with the tightening mechanism of the Voy while using it on you.

My experiences with the Arcwave Voy

Now that you’ve heard a little about my overall problem with the toy’s diameter, let’s focus on how I use the toy and what orgasms with it feel like etc.

Like all masturbators, the Arcwave Voy requires water-based lube. As my penis is a little too wide for the toy, I had to use more lube than usual and if I used the toy for over 10 minutes, I usually had to reapply more lube again. Keep in mind that because it’s an open ended design, the lube will dry faster with this toy because your penis is more exposed to the air.

arcwave voy sleeve texture
The ribbed texture of the sleeve inside the Arcwave Voy.

The Arcwave Voy has a ribbed texture inside the sleeve and I prefer using the toy slowly. With most strokers I use them fast (as use my hand while masturbating without a toy). With the Voy, I almost always use it slowly and edge myself more gradually towards orgasm. I basically let the ridges inside the toy do all the stimulation work for me. When I use the toy like this, it’s just the head of my penis inside the toy, which is good because the middle part of my penis is too wide for the Voy. It’s a very relaxing way to use a toy because it requires very little effort from my arm or fingers. The resulting orgasm is very powerful because of the slow build up. I did genuinely enjoy these slower sessions with the toy, though using it this way is still a compromise on my part.

I only ever used the Voy rapidly twice when I first received it. Unfortunately due to it not being my size, using the toy fast is too frustrating. I can get into the toy fine if I go in semi-erect. So long as there is enough lube, I can stroke the toy up and down (it just feels very tight). The problem is, if I use the Voy fast, I eventually slip out of it… and then I can’t re-enter the toy unless I wait for my penis to become less erect again. That’s the main reason I used the toy slowly as I described above.

You can’t squeeze the Voy with your hand because it’s totally rigid, so if you want to tighten it, you have to use the twisting mechanism. This obviously wasn’t an option for me because the widest setting of the toy is too narrow for me.

One last thing to mention is that you can of course use the Arcwave Voy’s silicone sleeve without the holding case. Using the silicone sleeve alone would mean you could potentially stretch it much further than it can be stretched with the case on. I used it once that way and fit inside it fine. Without the case though it doesn’t feel like the same toy, so I don’t recommend taking that as a compromise unless you’ve already bought the toy and realised it’s too small for you.

Prices for the Arcwave Voy

In conclusion of my Arcwave Voy review

arcwave voy silicone
The Arcwave Voy with the lube and instructions included in the box.

All in all, the Arcwave Voy is a nice little toy for people with small to average sized penises (in diameter). Unfortunately for me, the toy isn’t for folks with my penis girth, so using it is more of a struggle than it should be. For a reminder, I don’t recommend this toy to people with a penis girth of over 5 inches in circumference (12.7cm). If you don’t already know your circumference, just get your penis as hard as it’ll go, wrap a cord or piece of paper around, mark where the paper/cord joins and then lie the paper/cord out flat against a ruler.

The Arcwave Voy brings with it the same soft and gentle silicone as its predecessor, the Arcwave Ion. While I think it would have been nice to keep Arcwave all about pleasure air tech like Womanizer does with its toys, I’m happy to see the same silicone being used to make more penis toys. I think the twist tightening device that Arcwave came up with for the Voy works well and it’s a good way to control a toy like this. One thing I wish for in the future is a larger version of the Voy that supports penises of up to 6.5 inches in circumference.

I enjoyed using the toy slowly because fortunately for me, the head of my penis isn’t as wide as the mid portion of my shaft. If I was widest at my penis head, I wouldn’t have been able to use the toy at all, so again – check your diameter before buying this or any other closed style masturbator.

I’m giving the Arcwave Voy 6 stars out of 10 because I recognise that for most people, the size of the toy won’t be an issue. If I was only rating it for myself, it would do poorly because it doesn’t fit me but I always try to be objective with these reviews and focus on what my audience will get out of toys as well as what I myself get out of them. With that being said, if Arcwave ever releases a bigger version of the Voy then I will update this score to account for that too.

Thank you to Wow Tech for sending me the Arcwave Voy to review! If my readers want to buy one, the link is below.

Prices for the Arcwave Voy

Arcwave Voy

Score: 6 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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6 / 10


6 / 10

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