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Review: We-Vibe Chorus – a couple’s sex toy

we vibe chorus vibrator

Alright folks, I’ve got a beautiful blue toy here and it’s called the We Vibe Chorus. We’ve had our eye on this style We-Vibe toy for quite a few years… even picked them up in shops a few times to feel the vibes. Needless to say, we were overjoyed when we had the opportunity to actually try it in sex. So does the We-Vibe Chorus live up to it’s cosmic hype? Let’s see in my review of the We-Vibe Chorus (Cosmic Blue edition)!

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Score: 8.5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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As I already mentioned, Eve and I have been eyeing up We-Vibe’s couple’s toys for quite a few years. I remember picking up the We-Vibe Sync (a slightly cheaper couple’s toy) at a few different sex toy shops and being very tempted. I always had my eye on the more expensive versions though and wanted the strongest vibration motors available with this style of toy – because I’m a bit of a power-king. Eve likes fairly strong vibrations too but not quite as much as me.

Brief initial overview of the We-Vibe Chorus

we vibe chorus couple's vibrator

The We-Vibe Chorus is actually new to me, I hadn’t handled it in a shop before (again, it was the Sync I’d handled before). As usual, We-Vibe’s vibration motors are very rumbly and penetrate body tissue deeply rather than tickling the surface. It’s not extremely powerful, yet I still feel the vibrations while having sex, which for me at least is impressive for a toy of this style. Couple’s toys usually have a bit of an issue with stimulation during penetration for me, because sex is already pretty intense and for a vibrator to overpower that initial level of friction etc is quite a task.

The App works well, the physical remote with it works well and overall I’m quite impressed. ANYWAY, let’s get to some more specific points and I’ll try to answer some of the more detailed questions you may have.

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Battery and all that jazz

Let’s start with the battery of the We-Vibe Chorus

we vibe chorus charging
we vibe chorus charging case

The battery on the We-Vibe Chorus lasts up to 1.5 hours, which is pretty good. Eve and I don’t usually use the Chorus for the whole time we have sex, so 1.5 hours of battery time lasts us quite a long time for us. The Chorus holds its charge quite well too. For example we left it for over two months without using it once and it still held its charge.

On top of the kind of nice battery life, the Chorus comes with a storage case, which makes charging it super easy. It means you can store the toy inside the case (away from prying eyes) and just leave it charging on your nightstand or whatever. I have another toy called the Arcwave Ion (a penis toy) that has a similar style case and really enjoy it. The case makes the toy discrete and I don’t personally feel the need to hide it away.


If you haven’t already had sex in a jacuzzi, you really should try. Eve and I had the opportunity to do just that recently and we took the We-Vibe Chorus with us. As the toy is completely waterproof (rating of IPX7), it wasn’t an issue to use it underwater. I will say though, I feel it less underwater while bubbles are blasting at me. It was a great experience in any case and it’s a plus that I can use it in those situations.

The remote that comes with the Chorus is only splash proof though, so don’t put that underwater.

Remote controllable via a physical remote OR the mobile app

we vibe chorus remote
Remote control and the Chorus.

More on the mobile app later but let’s just mention it briefly here that the We-Vibe Chorus can be controlled via an app. The toy comes with a physical remote too, which I always prefer over mobile apps. The thing for me is, I don’t really like having my phone around me while I’m having sex… it just isn’t my thing. Having the physical remote means changing vibration mode or intensity is super easy. Plus, if I get lube on the remote I don’t care… if I get it on my phone it’s a pain.

Double jointed = comfortable fit

We-Vibe Chorus adjustment joints
We-Vibe Chorus’ adjustment joints demonstrated.

The We-Vibe Chorus is very flexible thanks to the two adjustable points inside the toy. You can adjust the two flexible joints either while the toy is outside your body or inside, though Eve says she prefers doing it before putting it inside her. You just use your hands to bend it – not really much to say there other than try different angles and see what works best for you. We didn’t have to mess around with the joint angles much ourselves, it worked for us out of the box.

Colours of the We-Vibe Chorus

At the time of writing, there are four different colours available for the We-Vibe Chorus. The one we have is a new colour called ‘cosmic blue’. Cosmic blue is a really beautiful colour, a deep blue with a sparkly finish. Eve loves it and so do I. At the moment it’s my favourite colour sex toy. If you didn’t want that colour then the Chorus also comes in light blue, purple and pink.


The We-Vibe Chorus is made completely of body safe materials. It’s mostly made of silicone and has some harder ABS plastic on the remote too.

The squeeze remote of the Chorus

we vibe chorus squeeze remote

The physical remote that the We-Vibe Chorus comes with is controllable via the buttons on it (it comes with an instruction booklet for the buttons). The unique feature of the Chorus is that you can squeeze the remote to control its intensity. Pretty cool technology there! I have to be honest though, we used the buttons more than the squeeze function.

Basically, when you squeeze the remote of the We-Vibe Chorus, that increases the vibration intensity of the toy. Eve quite enjoyed using that function while we tested it but afterwards, the buttons won out. Simple is often better in my experience but it’s still cool that We-Vibe tried something new out with the squeeze function.

What does sex feel like with the We-Vibe Chorus

we vibe chorus sex toy
Top (clit vibrator) and bottom (insertable vibrator) of the Chorus.

So it’s time to talk about the good stuff. The We-Vibe Chorus surprised me during sex (by being really nice to use). I was expecting the toy to be a little challenging because I’m already kind of thick in terms of size and that has caused problems before with other couple’s toys. It’s often a worry for me if I’m going into Eve with a toy as well as myself that she will feel pain. With the Chorus, she didn’t feel any pain at all, which is obviously preferable!!

The We-Vibe Chorus has a very flexible neck and so bends to each of our bodies easily. It’s the right size, curve and thickness for us to use it without having to adjust or mess around with it a lot. Overall the first time we used it was a really easy and enjoyable experience. Still though, we always use a lot of water-based lube with the Chorus.

The Chorus at We-Vibe’s Official Site

How much vibes do you feel in the penis with the We-Vibe Chorus?

Many reviewers of this toy have approached it from a vagina/clit point of view. I have a penis, so will explain how it feels for me before moving onto comments from my girlfriend.

As I mentioned before, I’m a power king. Usually, the more powerful the vibration power of the toy, the more I like it. I have always been concerned that this style of toy from We-Vibe would be too subtle for me. I won’t bend the truth, it’s not like the We-Vibe Chorus would make me climax WITHOUT sex. I can feel the vibrations of the Chorus all the way through sex however and it does help bring me to climax sooner than I would have otherwise.

I guess I still wish the vibrations of the We-Vibe Chorus would be stronger for the penis. There’s quite a lot of power in the clit portion of the toy and not as much in the insertable part that touches the penis and G spot. That’s kind of inevitable however because there just isn’t as much space inside the vagina to put a large vibration motor as well as a penis. As it is, I’m nitpicking. Out of all the insertable couple’s toys I’ve used before, the We-Vibe Chorus stimulates me the most. The fact that those vibrations are rumbly ensures that it stimulates me in a way that doesn’t numb me, which I really appreciate.

Another thing that We-Vibe has had to balance is vibration intensity for the penis and that for the vagina/g spot. The thing is, I’d LOVE more intensity in vibrations for my penis with this toy, yet if they were stronger then Eve would almost certainly find it uncomfortable. I’m uncut and so can tolerate quite strong vibrations on my penis. Eve is in general a bit more sensitive than me, so can’t handle the same thing. Overall I think We-Vibe balanced the Chorus well, even if I do think it caters more to the vagina/clit than it does to the penis.

When we used the We-Vibe Chorus in the jacuzzi, I didn’t personally feel it very strongly. Eve felt it though.

How much vibration do you feel in the vagina/clit with the We-Vibe Chorus?

The clit vibration of the We-Vibe Chorus helped give Eve numerous orgasms. She’s more of a clit gal, so she always appreciates having a rumble on her clit. She describes the vibrations as moderately strong and usually asks to remove the toy after about 20 – 30 minutes, because after that time it starts to become uncomfortable for her. Twenty to thirty minutes is a pretty good amount of time for a toy like this to last with Eve, especially as this toy stretches her vagina a bit more than just me on my own.

As I already mentioned before, the clit vibration motor is bigger than the insertable bit, so the vibrations there are stronger and we both agree that Eve gets more out of the We-Vibe Chorus than I do. However if I put penis stimulation aside, I really love watch Eve go crazy with toys and with the Chorus it’s always clear that she’s loving the experience.

Underwater in a jacuzzi, Eve says she still feels the vibration quite strongly (unlike me).

Solo Masturbation with the We-Vibe Chorus (clit/vagina)

we vibe chorus cosmic blue

Eve has used the Chorus a few times on her own and reported to me that it’s quite nice to use solo too. It’s not a thrusting toy, which is something she enjoys doing with other toys. If she just wants to (in her words) be “lazy” and let the vibrator do the work though, the Chorus does the job fairly well.

If Eve wears tight panties, it’s fairly easy for her to walk around with the Chorus inside her, which means this is a toy that she could potentially use in public discretely with me. Eve doesn’t like wearing it for an extremely long time though, so it’s not something we’ve tried for extended periods of time. Just to remind you, even though the Chorus is a manageable size, lubrication is still important and if you wear it for a really long time – it can get uncomfortable if the lube wears off etc. That’s the case with a lot of silicone toys of course.

Using the We-Vibe Chorus with the app and for long distance sex

Eve and I live together and so don’t really need to use the We-Vibe app for long distance sex. In the interests of science however, we tested out the smart features of the We-Vibe Chorus for you. The We-Vibe app has improved a bit since I last used it. You can connect the Chorus to the smart phone app quickly and start making your own patterns or connecting to partners. Eve and I did it from separate rooms (her on the home wifi and me on my phone internet) and it worked well.

As Eve likes to use the Chorus for solo sessions sometimes, it could be fun to use the We-Vibe Chorus as a long distance toy for a partner with a vagina/clit. For the penis though, the Chorus isn’t the best choice. If you want to connect to a long-distance partner for penis/prostate play, I’d say go for something like the We-Vibe Vector (a prostate toy by the same company that I reviewed a few years ago).

How to connect the We-Vibe Chorus to the app and use its smart features

Let’s be honest, you’re probably clever enough to figure out the smart features yourself. I found connecting the We-Vibe Chorus fairly intuitive and didn’t really need instructions. I’ll give some brief guidance for those in doubt nevertheless. The illustrations here have French text because we’re a French couple and use that language. The We-Vibe application also works in English and I’ve kept the French versions here because the application really is simple to figure out anyway.

we vibe chorus app

The We-Vibe Chorus connects to the app through the Squeeze remote

To be honest, the most confusing thing for me is that the Chorus connects through its physical remote to the phone app. I think it would have been better for the connection to be through the insertable bit of the toy directly. If I’ve got the physical remote with me, I would probably just use that rather than the phone app to control the toy anyway. That’s nitpicking a bit though and more specific to discrete public play situations. The app/toy connection works pretty well the way it is.

The Chorus syncs to music!!

We Vibe App Music sync

Eve and I are quite big music fans and have big speakers at our place to play music. Funnily enough we don’t usually play a lot of music while having sex but we did test the music feature while using the Chorus. The microphone function works fairly well for us but unfortunately we couldn’t connect the app to Apple Music, only iTunes (I’ll explain below).

We’re mentioning the iPhone a lot here because it’s what we use but the Chorus also works with Android phones/tablets via the We-Vibe Connect app.

The music sync function of the Chorus has two different ways of working. Either you can play the music directly through the device and app, or you can let the app use your microphone and allow it to pick up sound waves that way. Eve and I are Apple Music / iPhone users so we expected to be able to play music through Apple Music. Unfortunately, we were only able to connect to the iTunes Store from the We-Vibe app, which means we’d have to buy songs individually to be able to listen to them/use them through the app. I think We-Vibe should allow songs to be played via the Apple Music app, because that’s how a lot of iPhone users would want to play music.

As it was, Eve and I tested the music feature of the We-Vibe Chorus through my phone’s microphone. The microphones on iPhones are quite good, yet I had to play music quite loud to be able to get the Chorus to vibrate to it. The feature does work however and that’s the main thing.

As for the stimulation from music sound waves, the experience is approximate and not exact, exact… however it’s a nice touch and the first time I’ve used the feature with We-Vibe’s app (it’s known as Beat mode). I believe the music sync feature would work best by playing sound directly through the device to the app.

You can make your own vibration patterns for the We-Vibe Chorus

create vibration mode we vibe app

In the We-Vibe app you can make your own patterns for the Chorus. To be honest this isn’t a feature I tend to use a lot (Eve neither) because we prefer just using the in built vibration modes. The in built vibration modes of the Chorus are already pretty great, so we don’t feel the need to customise it a lot. I tested out making a simple pattern for the Chorus and found it easy. In any case, if you want to create your own vibration patterns with the Chorus, you can.

we vibe app vibration modes
custom vibration modes we vibe

After you’ve created your vibration modes you can find them with the rest of the vibration modes in the app and also in another section that stores just your custom vibration modes.

As you can see in the image (click to enlarge) – there are several preset vibration modes available within the app too, each with a small visual of what the vibration wave would look like.

Touch Sense Optioins (We-Vibe App control)

touch sense options we vibe

The Chorus has yet another nifty little trick up its sleeve and is the Touch Sense options. It isn’t necessary to use the Touch Sense options in the We-Vibe app to enjoy the toy, however I think it’s an interesting feature-set. You can only use these options by using the app though.

Basically, the We-Vibe Chorus has at least one or two sensors in it that allows the toy to detect when it is against your skin and how it’s moving. I’m not sure of the exact sensor technology but it works well to detect contact and movement. I’ll move on to the different sensor options and what they can do for you.

What each Touch Sense mode does (Option A, B and C)

Option A

Using option A, the toy increases in intensity every time the sensors are pressed until it reaches maximum intensity, then it goes down in intensity to the minimum. To be honest I didn’t really like using this one much, it’s a bit too confusing to tell where the vibration intensity level currently is and where it’s going.

Option B

Option B is a little better than Option A in my opinion. With Option B, the toy vibrates in a slow wave pattern when the sensors aren’t pressed, then when the sensors are activated, the intensity increases. I actually found this one quite fun to use in sex because it added a little bit of random activity to the vibrations without them getting too subtle like with Option A.

Option C

Option C of the Touch Sense controls is a little bit like the smart touch feature of Womanizer toys. Basically the toy stops vibrating as soon as it detects that it isn’t in contact with your skin anymore. It’s quite useful if you want to take it off while having sex and don’t want to mess around with the buttons (because it’ll turn itself off). With Womanizer toys this feature is a little more beneficial because they are louder than the Chorus is. The Chorus isn’t very loud in the first place so I wouldn’t personally be bothered with using Option C for sound concerns.

No Touch Sense

I believe the toy comes without Touch Sense being activated at all. It’s something that I activated within the We-Vibe app. To be honest, I don’t use the Touch Sense options all that much. We tested them during sex one time but it’s more of a novelty feature to us. We prefer using the remote.

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We-Vibe Chorus Video Demo and Noise Evaluation

Noise is important to some couples and I understand because our apartment has thin walls. In my opinion, the We-Vibe Chorus isn’t very loud and it isn’t an issue for either Eve or I during sex. When Eve has used it on her own in the bedroom, I couldn’t hear it at all and I don’t think the neighbours can either. Below is a little video demonstration where you can also hear the noise of the We-Vibe Chorus.

We-Vibe Chorus video review demo

How to clean the We-Vibe Chorus

The main part of the We-Vibe Chorus is completely waterproof, so you can submerge that and clean it quite easily with mild soap. You can use a sex toy cleaning fluid/wipe/spray if you feel like it, though I just use soap. One tricky area of the Chorus is the underside of the clit vibration motor, because it is a little bit textured there. Make sure you clean Inbetween the grooves of the textured surfaces of the Chorus, because it requires some rubbing to get it completely clean.

The remote control of the We-Vibe Chorus is not waterproof, so don’t clean it in the same way as the main part of the toy. I have only needed to clean the remote a few times but I simply wet a small towel/flannel, put some soap on it and then wipe the surface of the remote. If you have sex toy cleaning wipes, they’d also be good to use on the remote.

Because of the storage case the Chorus comes with, it’s easy to keep dust and lint off the surface of the silicone. Overall it’s pretty easy to clean – just remember to clean between the textures properly!

Concluding my review of the We-Vibe Chorus Cosmic Blue Edition

we vibe chorus what's included
Everything included with the We-Vibe Chorus (Cosmic blue edition).

DAMN that was a big review to do. There are so many different functions to test with the We-Vibe Chorus that it took us quite a long time to explore them all. For us as toy testers, that’s a lot of work but for you the regular users, it means that you’re not going to get bored of the We-Vibe Chorus very quickly!

I already gave a brief overview at the top of the review but let’s do a quick recap of everything. The We Vibe Chorus merits its ‘luxury’ status among couples toys. We really enjoyed our experience with the toy and found it to be an excellent addition to sex. It doesn’t have the strongest vibration motors in the world, however they are very rumbly (which basically means good quality). The Chorus adds a nice layer of extra stimulation to penis in vagina sex and increased the intensity of both our orgasms. The smart app features are really fun and the physical remote works well too.

The pleasure that the We-Vibe Chorus gives to the penis and to the vagina/clit is not equal in my opinion. It gives less pleasure to the penis because it has to balance the intensity of vibrations for the vagina/g spot and also keep the size of the insertable motor small. I’m really happy to use the Chorus and still get extra stimulation from it, however to me it’s more “my girlfriend’s toy” than mine!

I think I’ve counted correctly and there are 10 different ways to control the We-Vibe Chorus. The button directly on the toy, the buttons of the remote, squeezing the remote, using the three different touch sensor modes, syncing it to music, using the app to control each vibration motor, using the vibration patterns in the app (including the pattern creator) and connecting to a partner. They’ve tried to include every control option they can think of and surprisingly, all of those options work reliably.

So there’s our review of the We-Vibe Chorus! We recommend the toy if you’re looking for a sex toy to use while having sex (penis in vagina). It’s an excellent choice.

Thanks to We-Vibe for sending the Chorus to us! If any of our readers want to get one, here’s a button to We-Vibe’s official shop.

View at official We-Vibe Shop

We-Vibe Chorus

Score: 8.5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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7 / 10

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7 / 10


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