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Review: Vector Prostate Vibrator by We-Vibe

wevibe vector prostate vibrator

I have almost nothing negative to say about the We-Vibe Vector. It’s an awesome prostate vibrator. I originally wrote this review in 2019 but am now updating it in 2021 to show how it still stands up.

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The We-Vibe Vector was sent to me for free by Lovehoney for a fair and honest evaluation. This article may contain affiliate links and if you use them, you are supporting my writing. It’s the only way this blog stays afloat, so I really appreciate it 🙂

First impressions of Vector by We-Vibe

Score: 9.7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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Wow… just wow. A prostate vibrator by a company I already love. A prostate vibrator that isn’t coloured black. Wow. They already won me over with the colour alone. Sex toy manufacturers really need to take a leaf out of We-Vibe’s book. Men don’t need everything they put into their butts coloured in black.

Whereas other toys like the Lovense Edge 2 look a bit ugly because of the colour, the We-Vibe Vector looks beautiful. Blue is good, I like blue. Blue is the sky, the ocean, it’s relaxation. I really like the colour of the Vector. Even the little satin pouch it comes in is white. It looks SO much better than other prostate toys I’ve tried.

The We-Vibe Vector is sleak, modern and the colour is perfect. As always, We-Vibe packaged this toy with equally stunning aesthetics. The box itself is a masterclass in packaging design and graphic design. What amazes me the most is that We-Vibe aren’t following the crowd with their branding for these kinds of toys. What I often see with other prostate and penis toys is macho, race-car or technology style designs. Not from We-Vibe. Like Fun Factory, We-Vibe knows that men like beautiful objects too.

The Vector prostate vibrator has a gender neutral appearance. This toy is specifically for stimulating the prostate gland, yet Eve would be equally happy if a toy of her’s looked like this.

The Vector is a fairly manageable size. It’s insertable length is 4 inches and it’s diameter is 1.11 inches. That makes it slightly bigger than the Nexus Revo Slim and smaller than the Lovense Edge 2. In my opinion, the Vector is suitable for beginners to prostate massage. The Vector is quite flexible so can mould to your body’s shape, which I really appreciate. The neck of the insertable part of the toy is very slightly bendy so that it can adapt to your body.

The silicone is smooth and doesn’t drag or stick too much when I run my fingers across it. Dust isn’t as much of a problem with the Vector. The colour helps hide some dust but the silicone they’ve used doesn’t attract it as much anyway. These are yet more reasons why aesthetically, the We-Vibe Vector looks better than the Lovense Edge 2.

There are two vibration motors in the toy, one for the prostate gland and another for the perineum. Both of the vibration motors feel rumbly and powerful, yet the toy itself is fairly quiet. There are 10 vibration modes built into the toy, with the option of adding more via the smartphone app.

Inside the box you get the Vector, a remote control with four buttons, a white storage pouch, a charging cable and an instruction booklet. You can see the unboxing in this video.

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Experience using the We-Vibe Vector

I can recommend this prostate vibrator to anybody with a prostate gland, regardless of your experience. The size of this toy isn’t small, yet its design is so well thought out and sleak that it will easily follow the contours of your body.

I wasn’t at all hesitant about using this toy because I could feel how flexible it was and see that it wouldn’t hurt. After applying a generous proportion of water based lube, I slipped it inside and as I expected it slid right in without any problem. From there it’s easy to find the embossed button on the bottom of the toy to switch it on (or I could have just used the remote).

The vibration modes are mind-blowingly good. The play between the two different vibration motors in the Vector work extremely well. The pattern vibration modes are my favourite, though the toy also has constant vibration modes. I love the way the patterns switch between prostate and perineum stimulation. I could never get bored with the vibration modes of this toy. The Vector also remembers what vibration mode you were on last time you used the toy, so you can pick up right where you left off without having to cycle through all of the vibration modes. That memory mode is something others I’ve tried haven’t got (including the Edge 2).

The Vector’s physical remote and phone app functionality

The physical remote works well with the toy (you have to hold the left arrow down for 5 seconds to activate it, after you turn on the toy). That’s the way I prefer the toy during sex (not with the app). If you want though, you can choose to use control the Vector via its app. In the app you can set up long distance remote control and create your own patterns. It allows couples who live far away from each other to enjoy intimate moments together. Or at least, that’s the idea. You see, this is where the Vector really falls down, with it’s app.

2019 comment on the app: My only negative comment is with the We-Vibe smartphone app. I can pair the Vector to the smartphone app, yet it still doesn’t control the toy. I assume this is a bug that will be fixed by We-Vibe in the near future.

2021 comment on the app: I tried the app today and was able to set up the remote control, so it does work. We Vibe is still being accused of having a bad app by a lot of people online though. It sounds like the app is still a bit hit and miss.

I originally gave We-Vibe the benefit of the doubt and thought that they would quickly resolve the issues with their application. They clearly haven’t solved the issues sufficiently enough, so I’m now reducing the score of the Vector from 10 to 9.7. We-Vibe should really sort out their app. The Vector is a near perfect toy and it’s a shame for it to be let down by something stupid like the app not working half the time.

As for me, I don’t care much about the app because I have the physical remote control. Personally, I have little need to pair the device to my phone. Yet for other people who need long distance control etc, We-Vibe need to sort that app issue out. Particularly now that the Edge 2 is giving the Vector some stiff competition.

The Orgasm (solo play – Adam)

The build up to orgasm with the Vector is slow, like with all prostate massagers I have tried. Personally, I can’t do the ‘hands free’ orgasm that some people talk about. I have to touch my penis to help myself along. With the Vector, I don’t have to touch my penis as much. Partly because the vibration modes on their own feel amazing and partly because the perineum stimulation is so good. Although several toys I’ve tried before have good perineum stimulation, none of them have got it as right as We-Vibe has.

After using the Vector on its own for awhile, I masturbated normally but stopped before orgasm. Then I let the Vector take me over the edge on its own. The orgasm is truly amazing and has me shaking from the intensity. I almost feel like I can go for a second round most times when I use this toy. The vibrations feel so good and the toy is so flexible that I can leave it inside after I orgasm without it feeling awkward or painful. For this, the Vector gets a massive thumbs up from me.

Update 2021: When I originally wrote this, I couldn’t have a hands free prostate orgasm. I am now able to and have used the Vector for hands free Os a few times now. Truly, the sensation is delicious. It makes me orgasm up to four times in a row now. Makes me a dribbling mess by the end of it because I had such a damn good time.

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Partner Play with the We-Vibe Vector

Another thing that We-Vibe got right about the Vector is its compatibility with having sex. Its shape works perfectly for me. That bulbous head and narrow end on the prostate end of the toy help keep the toy in place. My main complaint with other prostate toys is that they haven’t been very compatible with sex for various reasons. The Vector is perfect in that regard.

I can walk around with the Vector in and it doesn’t drop on the floor, which I’m pretty damn happy about. Likewise, when Eve and I have sex, I can use the Vector without fearing it will fall out. This is a big deal, because it means I can enjoy the sensations on my prostate gland while having sex. If you dear reader are more adventurous than me, perhaps you’ll even manage a short walk around the block with the Vector buzzing at your prostate. Just don’t get stopped and keep your remote control close to hand if you do.

The shape and flexibility of the Vector also means that no matter what position I’m in, it never feels painful. Toy pressing against the mattress? No problem because this toy bends to accommodate that. There is enough give in the silicone to allow this without losing its rigidity.

All of this and I haven’t even mentioned the remote control or smartphone app. The ability for remote control access allows your partner to turn on the vibrator and play with you without them having to touch the toy. This is great for oral sex or discrete public play. It’s also a very nice way for your partner to play with your prostate for the first time if you’re a little anxious of them touching you ‘down there’.

As I mentioned in my review of the Edge 2, I quite dislike the idea of using smart phone apps during sex. It’s too complicated and I can’t be arsed with unlocking my phone etc to get that stuff working. The fact that the We-Vibe Vector has a physical remote is really stand out in that regard and they should really keep the remote when they inevitably do a second generation of the Vector in the years to come.

So in short… this toy is great for sex with your partner.

Cleaning the Vector Prostate Vibrator

Remember I told you that the design is sleak, the silicone is not draggy and that the toy has a blue colour? Blue is a beautiful colour. I love blue. And remember I told you that the Vector has a storage pouch? All of this means that the Vector is the easiest silicone prostate toy to keep clean that I own. Even two years later, this toy is still really damn easy to keep clean compared to all the others I’ve tried since.

Simply wash it with some soap and a spray of sex toy cleaner. After it dries you can put it back inside its white satin pouch and it will keep dust free.


What’s more to say? The We-Vibe Vector is an almost perfect prostate toy. I love this thing. For me a new benchmark was set with this toy. I don’t think I can go back to a single motor prostate vibrator and still be happy. I recommend this toy 110%. It’s not as expensive as some of its competitors and it’s better than many them. Beginner and experienced user alike should be happy with the We-Vibe Vector.

The only thing is, now it’s 2021. I originally wrote this review and the above conclusion in 2019. So how does the Vector stack up now? Well I’d still say it’s a near perfect toy. The app really needs to be improved for this toy if it is to stand the test of time against competitors like the Lovense Edge 2. I’ve also tried bigger toys than this since my 2019 review, so the Vector now doesn’t fill me like it used to. However it is still MORE than enough for prostate massage. Seriously, bigger is not always better. I will say that I have a slight preference for the Edge 2, purely because that toy is a little thicker and has a tiny bit more power. However the We-Vibe Vector is still a stand-out toy.

When we do a We Vibe Vector vs Lovense Edge 2 comparison, the reason you might want to buy the Vector here is simply because it looks better and because it has the physical remote. The Lovense Edge 2 is better for people that want to use the toy long distance and those who want advanced app features like music sync. Yet for a lot of people, the We-Vibe Vector is still going to be the better choice.

For We-Vibe vs Lovense Edge 2, the conclusion boils down to something that resembles the old Mac vs PC debate. And for transparency, I’m writing this on a Mac.

The Edge 2 is really powerful and has all the features, just like a PC. Yet just like an old PC, the Edge 2 looks damn ugly. The We-Vibe Vector is really powerful and has that useful remote, yet it lacks some of the more advanced features and reliability in the app as the Edge 2. The We-Vibe Vector looks way better though. So if you want a beautiful object that does the job and does it well, you’ll be going for the good old, trusty and handsome We Vibe Vector.

That’s all from me folks, I hope you enjoyed my review of the We Vibe Vector. If you have any questions then feel free to reach out to me or leave a comment below. Go get yourself this toy, you deserve it. When you’re done, come back here and we’ll talk more toys.

Thanks again to Lovehoney for sending me the We Vibe Vector to review!

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We Vibe Vector

Score: 9.7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring

Material and design

10 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10

Partner Play

10 / 10


8 / 10

Desire to use again in the future

10 / 10

Where To Buy The We Vibe Vector

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This toy was sent for free by Lovehoney for an honest review and this page contains affiliate links. Thank you Lovehoney!

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