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Review: Lelo Loki Wave Prostate Massager

Lelo Loki Wave review

Voila my first experience with one of Lelo’s prostate massagers. I’ll be honest, I’ve had my eyes on this one for a few years so when they offered to send it to me I couldn’t resist. Read on for my review of the Lelo Loki Wave!

Lelo sent me the Loki Wave in return for an honest review. This page may contain affiliate links and if you use them, it helps my blog out a lot! Reviewing this product, does not dismiss the ethical concerns I’ve had with Lelo in the past.

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First Impressions of the Loki Wave

Score: 9.8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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It’s blue!! My Loki Wave is blue! You have no idea how happy it makes me to be reviewing a prostate vibrator that is such a bright colour for a change. I was surprised that even the white handle of the Loki Wave is made of silicone but I later found out that this is an important detail for usage (you need it for grip).

The Lelo Loki Wave is a beast of a prostate massager. It has two strong vibration motors in it, one on the insertable arm and another on the external perineum arm. The Loki Wave’s most special feature is the moving internal arm on the toy (named Wavemotion by Lelo). The internal arm moves back and forth with a large range of motion, Lelo describes it as a “come hither” motion.

There are 10 vibration patterns programmed into the Loki Wave and a good range of intensity. The most subtle vibration feels very light and the most intense level is quite intense. That’s exactly what you want from an intensity setting on a vibrator (the ability to have very subtle and very intense vibrations). In terms of vibration, the motors are very rumbly and profound. They don’t buzz, the vibration waves penetrate deeply which is considered the gold standard by many (including me).

One more thing about the vibration / moving arm features of the toy. The Loki Wave remembers the last settings that you used, so when you switch it back on it will be using the same settings. Not a lot of toys do that, so I really appreciate that this one does.

lelo packaging
The inside packaging of Lelo delivered boxes.
Lelo Loki Wave packaging
Loki Wave packaging. Click to enlarge.

The packaging from Lelo is actually very discreet. When it arrives, it’s in a plain brown box with an obscure company name. Most impressively though, Lelo wraps the toys inside with a semi-opaque black mesh which obscures the toy inside should anyone open it. The packaging itself is quite nice, so would make a nice gift for valentines day etc.

The size of this prostate massager is suitable for intermediate and advanced users. The thickness of the largest insertable part of the Loki Wave is 1.6 inches in diameter. That is very manageable for me and feels very satisfying. Beginners will want to start out with a smaller toy before going to this one.

Lelo Loki Wave charge
Charging. Click to enlarge.

The Loki Wave has a battery life of 2 hours which is very good because with prostate massage, the climax sometimes takes a long time to build. The charging time is also 2 hours, so not too bad. The best thing about the Lelo Loki Wave’s battery is that you can still use the toy while it is charging. A slight downside is that the charging cable is very short. Not a huge deal but for example, I needed to put my extension lead on the bed to use the Loki Wave while it charged.

The Loki Wave is completely waterproof, so easy to wash and you can use it in the bath if you want.

Next let’s move on to the fun part… my experiences with the toy!

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Experience with the Lelo Loki Wave

My first masturbation session with the Loki Wave was a two hour affair. Usually that wouldn’t be good but in this case, it is very very very good. I have to tell you too much information here but damn… I just couldn’t stop climaxing with the Loki Wave. Cum literally just poured out of me for two hours. I could have carried on and gotten even more orgasms if it wasn’t for the fact that I have life to attend to. It was exhausting and amazing all wrapped up into one. I slept a little bit afterwards… that’s how intense my orgasms were.

The Lelo Loki Wave can give me full prostate orgasms more quickly than any other toy I own at the moment. During that first session, I had three intense prostate orgasms. For the first two orgasms I didn’t touch my penis at all and even for the last orgasm I barely touched it.

Holding and gripping the Loki Wave

Lelo Loki Wave review

One important thing for you to know is that if you have very weak wrists, the Loki Wave might put a lot of stress on them while the main arm of the toy is moving inside you. You need to grip the handle of the Loki Wave quite firmly in order to make the toy move inside you and not outside you. The handle of the toy itself will bend and move if you don’t hold it or trap it with something. The toy can still be used hands-free, just know that it may be less intense that way in certain positions.

If you don’t want to hold the toy… you can get an almost as intense feeling by placing the base of the toy on your mattress and then letting the toy move inside you hands-free that way. The mattress of a bed has the effect of trapping the handle of the Loki Wave, which prevents it moving around as much while you’re not holding it. It gives almost the same intensity as if I hold the toy firmly with my hand.

I’m happy to report though that the Loki Wave feels very ergonomic to me. As I said, the only people who won’t like holding it are those with weak wrists but any toy of this design would be the same. The thing that Lelo has done well with the Loki Wave is to cover the handle in silicone. Usually I’m used to the handle of a toy being in ABS plastic, which is glossy and slippery. The silicone handle of the Loki Wave gives me extra grip, which is MUCH appreciated with this toy. The Loki Wave has a big range of motion, so that silicone grip power helps me keep it in place.

Intense orgasms

I’ve used the Lelo Loki Wave quite a lot since receiving it and it just works every single time. I love it when I receive a toy and it’s so easy to use. The Loki Wave is effective 100% of the time for me, I’ve never had any failed orgasms or disappointing experiences with it.

There were two times when due to circumstances, the Loki Wave was put under difficult testing conditions. The first was when I forgot to charge the toy. The battery died inside me after about 5 minutes of usage. I didn’t realise at the time that the Loki Wave is functional when plugged in, so you can imagine how happy I was that I could finish masturbating and reach climax!

The second time I put the Loki Wave under a difficult situation was when I received a delivery and had to stop temporarily. During one session after about 15 minutes of play, I received a call from a delivery guy, who told me he was downstairs waiting for me to sign for a package. The Loki Wave’s handle is too big to keep wearing under trousers, so I had to take it out, put some trousers on and run downstairs. Despite it not being ideal to run down the stairs full of lube, I think I got away with it. The best thing was though, that I was able to pick up right where I left off with the Loki Wave (about 5 mins after stopping) and I reached climax again.

Every orgasm I have with the Loki Wave is mind blowingly strong. Whether I’m masturbating my penis or only using the toy, the orgasms cause me to lose grip on reality a little bit for a few minutes. Truly awesome toy.

Why is the Loki Wave so effective at giving p-spot orgasms?

Why does the Loki Wave get me to prostate heaven faster than any other I’ve tried? There are actually three reasons. The moving arm, the vibration strength and the vibration patterns. Let’s dig a little deeper into the sensations of each of those things.

Reason 1: The moving arm and the “come hither” motion

The main reason for this toy being so good is the “come hither” motion. The range of motion on the arm of the Loki Wave feels SO intense inside me. Usually with moving toys, the sensation is subtle but that’s not the case with the Lelo Loki Wave. That arm moves slowly up and down but Lelo weren’t shy about the amount it moves. I can feel it strongly pressing my prostate over and over again.

Eve sometimes gives me manual prostate massage (with her fingers) and the Lelo Loki Wave is the closest I’ve gotten to that manual sensation of the fingers. This is impressive because it’s rare to find a prostate toy that moves as much as this. The only thing that the Loki Wave is missing is variable speeds for the moving arm. An actual person usually varies the speed of their fingers during a prostate massage, the Loki Wave doesn’t do that.

Reason 2: The vibration motors are strong

The second reason the Loki Wave gives me multiple orgasms is because of the strong vibration motors. I was mainly interested in the “come hither” motion of the Loki Wave so I didn’t actually expect much at all from the vibration motor in it. The vibration in the Loki Wave is INTENSE.

The main vibrator is seriously powerful and so fucking rumbly. None of that buzzy vibration crap that is in some toys… the Loki Wave’s vibrations penetrate deeply and without numbing me. The vibration motor in the insertable arm feels like it is sending slow waves through my body (a pulse), it’s pretty incredible when combined with the patterns (which I’ll get to in a moment).

The vibration motor in the second arm is more subtle because it rests on the perineum. Even though I describe that perineum vibrator as more subtle, doesn’t mean that it isn’t still strong. It is very present in the sensation and plays well with the main motor. The only thing I wish with the perineum vibration arm is that it was longer. I would love it if it could reach my balls because having stimulation there too would be so good.

Reason 3: The vibration patterns

Lelo paid a lot of attention to the vibration patterns in the toy. There are 10 different patterns in all, some of which isolate the different vibrators. You can also isolate the moving arm and have it without any vibration if you choose. The main vibrator feels like a strong, rumbling drilling sensation but because of the pattern speeds, it feels like being milked… which is exactly the effect these patterns have.

There are two particular patterns in the toy that alternate between the two vibration motors slowly and damn they feel good. I can honestly say that those two vibration patterns are my favourites out of all the other prostate toys I’ve tried. I DID NOT expect to be saying that with the Loki Wave because as I already mentioned, I thought this toy was mainly about the moving arm of the toy and not the vibration. The two patterns that I’m talking about (the ones that alternate between the two vibrators) make the toy feel like it is sending pulses through my body.

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Partner Play with the Loki Wave

It’s been a long time since I did a proper ‘partner play’ section to one of my prostate toy posts. The thing is, I usually use my prostate toys alone because it’s just a great way of relaxing alone. With the Loki Wave though, I just HAD to try it in bed with Eve.

I asked Eve to hold the toy inside me after I inserted it and then she gave me a blowjob while pressing the different buttons. Fucking hell it felt good. As usual with proper prostate massage, my penis went soft a few times. It’s ok because Eve’s a pro and knows that means good things for prostate massage. She carried on licking my penis and rubbing her breasts over me as I was building to climax.

When I climaxed, I yelled really, really loudly. I’m not gonna lie… Eve was a bit scared. The orgasm was so intense though. She was covered afterwards. When she asked me if I was ok, I couldn’t reply. I was a mess. A mumbling mess of a human being, who just had a supernova level orgasm. When I was finally sentient again, I informed her that I was indeed very very ok.

No long distance control

Those of you who have been reading my blog a long time will know that the two other prostate vibrators that I’ve often described as my favourites are the We-Vibe Vector and the Lovense Edge 2. Those two toys have app controls that allow the toys to be controlled over long distance by a remote partner.

The Loki Wave doesn’t have a remote control or an app that allows the toy to be controlled by remote partners. This is the Loki Wave’s biggest disadvantage when I compare it with the other two toys. To be perfectly honest, I still prefer the Loki Wave despite this, because the sensation is that much better. Yet if Lelo make a Loki Wave 2, I recommend they give long distance control to it. I don’t think the Loki Wave would benefit from a physical remote but having a remote partner control the vibration patterns and especially the moving arm of the toy through an app would be really amazing.

Video Demo of Loki Wave

Here’s a little demo of the Loki Wave for you to see how it moves and what it sounds like. It’s actually quite quiet compared to other vibrators I have. Not silent… but I never worry about my neighbours hearing.

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How to clean the Loki Wave

Lelo Loki Wave bag

The Loki Wave is covered entirely in silicone and is waterproof, so it’s easy to clean. You just need to rinse it with water after usage and rub it with some mild soap. I also use a sex toy cleaning spray but you don’t have to.

The Loki Wave being made entirely out of silicone means that a lot of dust has the potential to stick to it, so always store it in the satin pouch that Lelo provides with the toy. Luckily my version of the Loki Wave is white and blue, so it doesn’t show dust up as much as a black toy would (I’m so happy it isn’t a black toy).

Concluding my review of the Loki Wave

It turns out that Lelo didn’t leave many stones unturned with the Loki Wave. This is a near perfect toy… there’s no other way to look at it. They didn’t get this toy as good as it is by just slamming some electronics together and covering it with silicone. The team who designed the Loki Wave clearly did a hell of a lot of research and development on it. To get a toy this well made requires a master’s touch… and the Loki Wave certainly has that.

The Loki Wave is more on the large size for a prostate vibrator and the fact that it moves up and down gives the impression of a larger size. For an advanced user like me, the Loki Wave’s size is perfect but if you’re a beginner, you might want to start with something smaller first. Do come back to the Loki Wave and buy it when you’re ready though because honestly, it’s worth remembering.

The intensity of my orgasms with the Loki Wave are immense and I can honestly say that right now, it’s my favourite prostate vibrator. The Edge 2 by Lovense was my previous favourite and that thing is awesome, so this should tell you how good the Loki Wave is.

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My Wishlist for Loki Wave 2

There are just a few very minor details that prevents the Loki Wave getting a full 10/10. Here is what Lelo can do to make the next version of the Loki Wave perfect:

  • Give it an app for remote partners to control it over long distance.
  • Give more speeds and patterns to the “come hither” motion.
  • Lengthen the perineum arm so that it can stimulate base of the penis (located under the balls).
  • Give it a longer charging cable.

I would personally like to see more speeds for that moving arm and some different patterns / rhythms for it. The “come hither” motion moves at what feels like the same speed on every setting right now. If Lelo ever makes a version 2 of the Loki Wave, I’d really like to see that moving arm getting more patterns and speeds. If we get remote control features on a future model, it would also be good if the “come hither” motion could respond to the gestures of a remote partner. That would really give a lot of interactivity to the Loki Wave and make it feel like a real fingertip prostate massage.

Wrapping up

Thanks very much to Lelo for sending me the Loki Wave! This is the first Lelo toy I’ve tried and I was seriously impressed.

Despite the lack of remote control features and the fact that I think the moving arm of the Loki Wave needs more variation, I’m giving this toy 9.8/10. It’s impossible for me to give it a lower score than that because the Loki Wave just feels too good. I highly, highly recommend this toy.

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Lelo Loki Wave

Score: 9.8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring

Material and design

10 / 10


10 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Desire to use again

10 / 10


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