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Review: Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager

Nexus Revo Slim and remote

This was the first prostate massager by Nexus I tried. A great choice for beginners because of its slim size but does it actually feel good? Read on for more.

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First impressions of the Nexus Revo Slim

Score: 6.5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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My first impressions were that a prostate massage would feel weird. I’m glad I had the slim one, a bigger Nexus toy could have been uncomfortable. At this size, the prostate toy seems manageable, even for a guy like me who hasn’t tried one before. The silicone feels nice and it all looks great. I switched on the toy to see the rotating head and feel the vibrations. Again I thought how it might feel quite weird. Yet the rotation still looked manageable. The vibrations in my hand were very powerful and rumbly. The remote and controls are easy and intuitive to operate. I’m very glad I took the option with the remote because it’s easier to use and fun when I’m with Eve.

The packaging the Revo Slim came in looked very nice and it comes with a satin bag to put everything inside. The toy is rechargeable and fully waterproof, which is great. While not as strong a magnet as the ones inside the Fun Factory charging cables, the magnets on this toy are at least strong enough to hold the cable in place while it charges.

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Experience: What is it like to use the Nexus Revo Slim?

My first time with the Revo Slim at my prostate was less weird than I thought it would be. I put plenty of lube on and it slipped in without any pain. Although I still had to be careful because the head of it still felt a bit big. The rotation of the Revo Slim is a very subtle feeling. When I tense my muscles it intensifies though. It feels like a massage from the inside, though that doesn’t quite describe what having a prostate massage is like. It doesn’t feel like masturbation to me either. It’s somewhere in the middle… between an erotic massage and masturbation. It keeps me hard, so I can assume it would potentially bring me to orgasm.

When I switched the vibration on, I was shocked. The strength of it was way too much and I had to turn the vibration to the lowest setting. Even the lowest constant vibration mode was too much so I used the gradual increase pattern. After it had been on for a little while I could increase the power of the vibrations. The vibrations feel good and they intensify the erotic feeling. After switching them off briefly, I couldn’t feel the rotating head so much. So I feel like the power of rotation and vibration aren’t quite balanced as well as they could be. It still feels amazing though.

The orgasm (solo play)

These first few times I used it on my own, I couldn’t achieve a full hands free prostate massage. I would eventually masturbate as normal to achieve orgasm. The prostate massager really makes the orgasm unique and it intensifies it. I have to turn the vibrations off after I orgasm because they are too intense but I can leave the rotating switched on. I even felt horny once again after keeping the rotating switched on… and went on for a little longer.

It isn’t such a unique feeling that I would go to this toy very regularly though. It’s more a novelty for me than something I would use all the time.

Partner play

Eve and I had a toy session and decided that I should use the Revo Slim. I slipped it in and handed Eve the remote. Then she slowly gave me oral and made me wait for the vibration. We tried the toy together not long after I bought it, so I still wasn’t used to the intense vibrations. This added a small amount of discomfort when the vibrations first came on, it quickly subsided however. Eve on the other hand found it difficult to know what she was doing when she pressed the buttons on the remote.

I kept the prostate toy in during sex and while it is a nice feeling, it’s difficult to keep the Nexus inside. It doesn’t have enough grip or hold to stay inside while my hips are moving (this was while doing the cowgirl position). We’re going to try it again from time to time, as it’s a nice novelty.

Cleaning the Nexus Revo Slim

It’s a very easy and quick toy to wash and clean. However the silicone is a dust magnet. The only different thing to usual is that you have to take a shower afterwards because of the anal lube.


The Nexus Revo slim is a great first vibrating prostate toy for a beginner. It’s really a luxury to use alone and I enjoyed it a lot. Users who have been using prostate toys for longer may want to go for the Nexus Revo Stealth or Intense, because this slim version may not be enough.

For partner play, the Revo Slim has the right idea with the remote control. However it’s difficult for the partner to know what they are doing with the remote. The Revo Slim also has a tendency to fall out during sex.

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Updated 05/07/2020 – For people who need a slightly bigger prostate toy, you can find my review of the Nexus Revo Stealth here.

Nexus Revo Slim

Score: 6.5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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