Warrior Auto Thrusting Masturbator Review

warrior thrusting masturbator review

This masturbator twists and thrusts at the same time automatically. Some of my readers have asked me to review a product like this in the past, so here it is! What did I think of it? Read my review of the Warrior Auto Thrusting Masturbator review here.

Honey Play Box sent me the Warrior Auto Thrusting Masturbator for free in return for an honest review of the product. This page may contain affiliate links and if you use them, it helps this website’s ever growing running costs, so thanks if you choose to use them!

Score: 6 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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Twisting masturbator you say?

For at least two years, a few of you guys reach out to me and ask me about masturbators that do many things at once, including twisting. While I still prefer simple sex toys, I decided to give this Warrior masturbator a try. Honey Play Box reached out to me and asked if I’d like to review it, so I decided to finally test a sex toy that twists.

To be honest, I’ve not reviewed a twisting toy until now because I’ve always been sceptical of them. My dick enjoys thrusting and vibration… but twisting? I never imagined twisting but for the sake of science, let’s test that further down in the review.

The closest sensation of twisting I get in real life is if my girlfriend swirls her tongue around my while giving me a blowjob. That’s quite different to this though, because this really spins around.

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Made of silicone and TPE

warrior masturbator materials
Only the outer masturbator entrance is silicone, the inside sleeve is TPE.

There is a small ring at the start of the masturbator that is made of silicone and the inside part of the sleeve is made of TPE.

The actual sleeve inside the Warrior masturbator is made of TPE. What’s the difference between silicone and TPE? Silicone is non-porous and can last a lifetime, which is why it’s so widely used in sex toys and why it’s more expensive. TPE is porous and will only last a year or two. Being porous, TPE can never be cleaned thoroughly, because it can trap moisture in the material and eventually lead to a build up of bacteria in the toy (which is why it doesn’t last more than a year or two). If silicone ever gets stinky, you can boil it, unlike TPE which can’t withstand high temperatures. The silicone ring at the start of the toy is therefore going to be longer lasting than the TPE sleeve inside.

TPE masturbators are still ok though

I don’t mind the sleeve of this toy being TPE because I use other masturbators like the ones from Tenga, The Handy, Lovense and Fleshlight which are also made of that material. TPE isn’t toxic… it just won’t last a long time for the reason I listed above. The small advantage TPE has over silicone is that it is usually much softer than silicone. With the exception of the silicone Arcwave uses, silicone masturbators tend to be firmer.

Functionality of the Warrior

warrior masturbator controls

The Warrior is quite a hefty beast. It seems a bit bigger than a Fleshlight and my Max 2 for example. The outer toy measures 10.6 inches long (25.4 cm) and 3.7 inches wide (7.62 cm). The battery lasts 180 minutes according to the user manual and takes 100 minutes to charge. The Warrior has 7 patterns which you can cycle through with the power button. It can twist the inner sleeve in both directions and thrust it, which means there is a fair amount of possibility for stimulation.

The Warrior isn’t waterproof and so never use it around water and be careful when you clean the electronic exterior. To clean the inside you need to take off the silicone ring and inner TPE sleeve and wash them thoroughly. The TPE sleeve needs to be kept out to air dry after you clean it, drying time will vary depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment etc. The TPE sleeve can easily be turned inside out if you want to give it an initial drying with a towel.

warrior charger
Magnetic charger

The Warrior is recharged via a magnetic charger which is included with the toy. You just hook that USB end up to a phone charger or computer and it’ll charge.

warrior packaging
The packaging

Another smaller thing, the packaging of the toy is actually really nice. The lid of the box slides off slowly like Apple’s boxes do. The package looks kinda nice, so if you’re buying this as a present then that’s something the giftee will probably appreciate. The delivery was very discreet and the main toy box was covered in an outer white one inside the parcel, which is a nice touch.

My experience with the Warrior Auto Thrusting Masturbator

Spoiler alert, my dick doesn’t 100% fit this toy. The Warrior actually feels pretty good though and I’ll give you a run down of all of the different points I need to go through to describe the stimulation to you. First though let’s deal with the fit.

What penis size is this toy good for?

The Warrior can accommodate a fair range of penis sizes and most people will be totally fine. However beware that if you have a large penis girth, the toy might not work properly. When too much internal pressure is introduced within the toy (for example if I splay my fingers outwards while they’re inside the sleeve like in the video further down this page), the toy stops spinning because it isn’t strong enough to force the twisting motion. So if you have a wide penis, your girth may prevent the toy’s mechanics from spinning the sleeve.

As I discussed in an article on penis size and what toy companies are getting wrong, the average circumference for penises is between 4.5 and 5 inches (10.16 – 12.7cm). If you’re that size then the Warrior toy will fit you (which is why the company says the toy will fit most penises). I am 6.3 inches in diameter and can’t use the toy properly, so if you’re my size then this toy isn’t for you.

What it’s like to use this toy with a thicker penis

I can actually insert my penis into the Warrior just fine (with some lube). The problem is that when my penis is all the way in, the toy’s mechanics have a lot of difficulty keeping the twisting motion going. So when my penis is all the way in, the toy spins far slower than it is designed to.

The thickest part of my penis is in the middle, so if I only put the head of my penis in the toy, I can experience the intended speed and range of motion from the internal motor.

So when you’re considering my review here, please take into account that this toy wasn’t designed with me in mind. I’m trying to be fair to the toy based on the fact I know most people won’t have my problem… however the company should include guidelines in their product specifications about maximum circumference. As it is, this toy won’t work for you if you are 2 inches in diameter or over.

The thrusting

The thrusting that the toy does is quite rapid and feels good. Don’t forget you can thrust the toy with your hand too, so there is a wide range of stimulation from thrusting possible with this toy. The range of motion of the internal thrusting motion isn’t very large however, so that isn’t the primary stimulation mode (the primary stimulation mode is the twisting, discussed further down).

The inner sleeve texture

warrior tpe sleeve

The sleeve texture has quite deep nodules that rub my penis from all sides. The stimulate in a complex style because the movement is constantly shifting and squeezing the TPE points over different parts of the penis. It works quite well because whether the toy is moving up or down or moving in a twisting motion, those TPE nodules are massaging the penis. I’d be happy to use this masturbator even on its own without mechanical part of the toy, because it feels pretty nice.

The twisting

The twisting motion of the toy is quite unique for me because I haven’t owned a toy that twists before. I was pleasantly surprised by how intense the twisting sensation feels. It isn’t quite as intense as literal thrusting of a hand or toy but it’s enough to bring me to orgasm for example.

The one problem I have of course is that I can only experience the twisting motion of the toy on the head of my penis, because the middle of my penis is too thick and blocks the motor from spinning properly.

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Video Demo of the Warrior Thrusting Masturbator

Here’s a quick video demo of the Warrior in action (no nudity). You can hear the noise it makes in this and while it’s not completely silent, it isn’t too noisy either. You’ll see me place my hand inside it and put pressure on the sides to simulate what happens when I put my penis all the way in.

In conclusion of my review of the Warrior Auto Thrusting Masturbator

warrior thrusting masturbator

To summarise, the Warrior is a a nice auto thrusting/spinning masturbator if you’re the right size for it. Most people will be totally fine using this masturbator but for me, the maximum circumference is preventing me from using it properly. This is why I now say companies need to provide product specifications for maximum/minimum penis length and circumference. When I put aside the size issue I had though, the toy is pretty decent.

If you know you’re the right size for this toy, the battery life is good, the stimulation is good and I think you’ll have a good time with it. If you’re looking for a thrusting and twisting automatic masturbator, the Warrior is worth considering.

Thanks to Honey Play Box for sending this toy to us for review. If our readers want to buy one of these toys themselves, they can find it using the link below. Honey Play Box also sell other sex toys, which you can browse on their website.

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Honey Play Box Warrior Thrusting Masturbator

Score: 6 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring


6 / 10


6 / 10

Stimulation options

7 / 10

Desire to use again

3 / 10

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  • Marty says:

    Just received mine AFTER I read this. And I have the same issue. Just past the tip and it jams. Bummer.

    • Adam says:

      Hey sorry to hear that you didn’t get on with this toy either. Your experience sounds similar to mine. Do you consider your own size to be above the toy’s maximum diameter too?

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