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Review: Svakom Vick Neo Prostate Massager – a smart toy

svakom neo review

A few months ago I got the Svakom Vick Neo interactive prostate massager and have been giving it a whirl since. It’s cheaper than a lot of alternative bluetooth controlled prostate massagers, so what gives? Can it really hold up to the competition? Let’s find out in my Svakom Neo review.

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Is the Svakom Vick Neo as good as other interactive prostate massagers?

Score: 6 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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I’m not going to waste your time on this one. You’ve seen the prices of more fancy brands and no doubt noticed that this Svakom prostate massager is quite a bit cheaper. Maybe it’s better for some people than the more expensive alternatives but in my experience, it’s not quite as good. Both the We Vibe Vector and Edge 2 are better prostate massagers for me. The Svakom Neo is ok though! Certainly ok for beginners. As we’ll see in the sections on vibration and shape, its stimulation power isn’t quite as high as the other toys. That said, the Svakom Vick Neo syncs to a wide variety of porn via the Feel Connect 3 app, whereas the other two don’t. The Edge 2 can be used to sync to porn but it isn’t as easy.

A more important follow up question is perhaps “does the Svakom Neo need to be as good as more expensive alternatives”? Depending on who you are and how much money you have, your return on that will vary. This toy gives both prostate stimulation and impressive interactive features at a lower cost. I’m not going to go easy on this toy just because it costs less, however for those on budgets – it’s still a decent toy despite some of the criticisms I have.

Where to buy the Svakom Neo

The shape of the Svakom Vick Neo makes it good for beginners but…

svakom neo width
It’s quite slim, so good for beginners.

The shape and size of the Svakom Vick Neo are good for beginners to prostate massage. It’s small and easy to insert, plus it doesn’t put a huge amount of pressure on the prostate, which some beginners will appreciate. Its diameter is 1.06 inches (2.69 cm), which is again a very good size for beginners (I usually recommend not going over 1.3 inches/3.3 cm in diameter for your first prostate toy).

For intermediate and advanced users like myself, the Svakom Vick Neo isn’t really intense enough. Both the curvature and size of the Svakom Vick Neo are quite modest, so it doesn’t put much pressure on the prostate. It doesn’t feel bad though, it just doesn’t make much of an impression on me. Like I already mentioned, it’s ok but it doesn’t blow me away.

svakom neo vs other toys
The Svakom Neo’s shape compared to others (Nexus Revo Stealth, Edge 2 and Vector).

Just look at the comparison photo I added above where you can see other popular wearable prostate vibrators compared with the Svakom Vick Neo. My point is, the shape of all those other toys is quite complex in comparison to the Vick Neo. The We-Vibe Vector seems quite simple when you first look at it but consider that it’s double jointed, slightly thicker and has a thin neck to prevent the toy falling out – and you can quickly then see why the shape of the Svakom Vick Neo isn’t as useful. The Edge 2 is one of my favourite prostate toys and its shape is a large part of that preference.

For those interested, you can find my reviews of the toys above here:

With some prostate massagers, you can press and wiggle the bases to increase pressure on the prostate. This sometimes increases the intensity of a toy that feels too subtle. The Svacom Vick Neo benefits from a little push at the base too but it still doesn’t give enough intensity for me personally.

The vibrations of the Svakom Vick Neo are decent

svakom neo base
This base lights up for certain functions of the toy.

The Svakom Vick Neo is a prostate vibrator, so it has some motors inside that are decently powerful. The vibrations are in between rumbly and buzzy, a bit like the far more expensive Lelo Hugo (which I reviewed here). The Svakom Vick Neo is considerably less powerful than the Hugo, however that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I prefer prostate toys to be more rumbly than the Svakom Vick Neo personally but the vibes do still give a really good level of stimulation. It has seven vibration modes and five levels of intensity.

Wearable prostate toys like this (ones that don’t have handles to play with) sometimes rely on the vibration motors too much. What I mean is, sometimes the toy makers think that just because they put vibration motors in, it means they don’t have to worry as much about the shape. Svakom Vick Neo in my opinion proves that shape should ALWAYS come before vibration. Despite the Svakom Vick Neo having a good vibration motor, anyone but beginners will still wish the toy was more intense… it all goes back to the shape, which isn’t putting enough pressure on the prostate.

Watching porn while it’s synced to a vibrator in your butt is quite the experience

Often, when I receive one of these toys that syncs to porn I roll my eyes because although I know that the functionality is very clever, I basically never use interactive porn outside of reviews. It’s not that I have an extreme dislike of porn or that I don’t find videos I like… I just prefer things to be simple. I like to grab a vibrator out of my drawer and use it however I like, without needing to sync to anything or using a phone app. To be fair you can still use all these interactive vibrators like that too but let’s be honest, if you’re paying extra for interactive features then you’re probably going to feel obligated to use them.

Despite my preference for simpler sex toys, the Svakom Vick Neo’s interactive porn experience is actually very easy and enjoyable. The toy uses the Feel Connect 3 app, which is the same app that Kiiroo toys like the Keon use and also the Pulse Solo Interactive (my current fav penis vibe – reviewed here).

Connecting the Svakom Vick Neo via the Feel Connect 3 app is super easy. You just press the button to switch on the toy, download the app (available on iOS and Android), then you click connect in the app. It’s really that simple.

The Feel Connect 3 app has several different sections, all of which are intuitive enough to use without a guide. Most interactive porn websites (including p*rnhub) have QR codes for interactive videos, so you just use the Feel Connect 3 app to scan the code and boom, just like that it syncs the toy to the video you’re watching.

Same thing for the long distance functionality of the Feel Connect 3 app. You just have your long distance partner set themselves up with the Feel Connect 3 app, then you make your toy available to them via the app on your phone… it just works.

Remote control right from the Feel Connect 3 app is easy too, though with the Svakom Vick Neo it’s a bit weird because the app only seems to control one of the vibration motors in the toy via this method. Porn sync uses both motors. They’ll probably correct that at some point with a firmware update.

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The porn sync feature isn’t quite perfect

As I mentioned in the previous section, the porn sync capability of the Svakom Vick Neo is quite easy and fun to use. I’ve never had a problem getting it to sync to p*rnhub for example. However sometimes I noticed that the Svakom Neo would randomly stop vibrating with the pattern in the porn. I’m unsure if that is because the person who made the script for the vibrating pattern didn’t do it properly or whether some of the porn scripts are meant for auto strokers like the Kiiroo Keon. It’s only a minor bother anyway, because the Svakom Neo worked with most of the videos I tested it with.

The perineum gets some love with the Svakom Vick Neo too

svakom neo prostate toy review

A lot of prostate toys have a vibrating perineum arm too so that the bridge between your butt and balls is stimulated. The Svakom Vick Neo doesn’t seem to have a vibration motor directly in the spot of the perineum, however the design of the toy is rigid enough that the vibrations travel across the toy to give your balls a bit of a tickle. It’s a nice sensation… thumbs up.

Does the Svakom Vick Neo stay in one’s butt well?

Wearable prostate toys are fun because you can use them for discreet public play and remote control situations. One of the important things for public play is that the prostate massager stays in your butt. The Svakom Vick Neo does stay in, though I have to walk with caution! What I mean is, I have to clench my butt to keep it in.

svakom neo prostate massager

I tried squatting with the Svakom Vick Neo in and it fell out. Squatting with any butt toy is a bit of an intense test though so that’s not too bad. Having sex with the Vick Neo is possible in some positions like when my girlfriend is on top but when we’re in doggy style, I have to keep pushing the toy back in myself to stop it falling out.

So the Svakom Vick Neo is not super-duper good at staying in my butt… but it’s not too bad either. It can do some things, so long as I can keep my butt clenched and I don’t do any big movements. I think Svakom could improve the next generation of the Vick Neo by not having such a graduated change of thickness in the toy. Again, if we go back to the comparison image I posted above earlier on in the article – you can see that the other toys have more sudden changes of thickness in the neck portion of the toy and that helps the toy stay in the butt.

Can the Svakom Vick Neo be used as a G Spot toy?

The Svakom Vick Neo can be used alternatively as a G spot sex toy rather than a P spot toy. I don’t have a G spot myself, so I haven’t tested it! It could be that the reason I’m not enjoying the shape as much for my P spot is because Svakom tried to hit two birds with one stone with the Vick Neo. Perhaps the reason the shape doesn’t feel ideal to me for prostate massage is because they tried to cater to the G spot as well. That’s a shame from my point of view but if you have a G spot, maybe it’ll be a positive! If you’ve tried the Svakom Vick Neo for G spot stimulation and have something to say, please leave a comment below!

With all that being said, I recommend you buy this toy and use it for either P spot or G spot stimulation and not both. The toy is silicone so can be cleaned very well, however you can’t boil the toy because of all the electronics etc inside it. I think it’s just better to be safe and either use it for your butt or your G spot.

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What’s the size, the battery longevity etc?

The Svakom Vick Neo is a rechargeable and waterproof toy. Unlike a lot of the other new age sex toys, the Svakom Neo uses a usb charging cable that plugs into the toy. I really prefer this to magnetic charging cables personally.

The battery will last about an hour and it takes the same to charge.

svakom neo packaging
svakom neo pouch and cable

The packaging the toy comes in is fairly nice and would make a good present in my opinion. There’s also a little storage bag to keep the toy out of dust etc.

Video of the Svakom Vick Neo

Here’s an unboxing and small demo video of the Svakom Vick Neo in action (don’t worry, no nudity).

How do you clean the Svakom Vick Neo?

Cleaning the Svakom Neo is pretty easy seeing as it’s waterproof. You can just run it under some water and use soap to clean it. If you like using a sex toy cleaning spray, you can knock yourself out with that too. Dry the toy off with a towel, leave it out to air a bit, chuck it back in the little storage pouch and just like that, you’re ready for a session later.

In conclusion of my review of the Svakom Vick Neo

svakom neo prostate toy

Yeah, this one didn’t really do it for me despite all the bells and whistles on the toy. The connectivity and the vibration power of the Svakom Vick Neo is really good. I enjoyed the novelty of using a prostate massager with porn sync. However I’m a little disappointed by the lack of intensity that this toy has. A classic example of a company spending too much time on flashy features before getting the essentials right (ie the shape of the toy).

The lack of intensity means that this toy is pretty good for beginners, so if you’re new to prostate play you’ll probably think the Svakom Vick Neo is good. The problem is, a lot of folks are becoming intermediate in prostate play by the time they consider getting a prostate toy that syncs to porn etc. So in my opinion, Svakom has missed an opportunity with the shape of this toy.

I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m ripping on Svakom too much with this review. The Svakom Vick Neo is a decent toy and has a great novelty with all the interactive stuff. It just doesn’t make me say wow. The orgasms I have with the toy aren’t very powerful and I can’t tell you it makes me excited. If Svakom ever do a Vick Neo 2, they should make the shape more curved and slightly bigger so that it puts more pressure on the prostate… that’s really all they need to do.

The good thing about the Svakom Vick Neo is that it’s really a damn fair price for an interactive toy. The competing toys to this one are considerably more expensive, so on that count I do have to give the Svakom Vick Neo some points. It’s actually quite impressive how they managed to make such a decent toy on that kind of budget. It can’t compete with the other luxury prostate vibrators in my opinion but it also doesn’t have a luxury vibrator price-tag, so to be fair, the Svakom Vick Neo does ok.

For a prostate toy that connects to porn, you should at least consider the Svakom Vick Neo. If you want a prostate toy for intensity and for hands free orgasms, get a different one. The We Vibe Vector, Edge 2, Helix Syn V and Loki Wave are all vibrating toys that feel a lot better to me than the Svakom Vick Neo (all links in this sentence lead to reviews I’ve done of those toys).

Thank you to Peepshow Toys for sending us the Svakom Vick Neo to review! Peepshow Toys only sells body safe sex toys, which is actually much rarer than you’d imagine for a sex toy shop. We strongly recommend you shop there. To see the Svakom Vick Neo at their shop, please click the red button below.

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Svakom Vick Neo

Score: 6 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring


6 / 10

Intensity (shape)

5 / 10

Intensity of vibration

6 / 10

Interactive features

9 / 10

Desire to use again

5 / 10

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  • Dani says:

    “Neo” is not the name of the toy. This plug is called the Vick, specifically the Vick Neo. “Neo” is Svakom’s suffix to denote that the toy has app interactivity.

    Svakom has the Vick Neo, the Sam Neo, the Alex Neo, the Ella Neo, the Emma Neo, the Hannes Neo, etc.

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