Review: Kiiroo Keon – Auto-Stroker

Kiiroo Keon review

I was quite excited to review the Kiiroo Keon and expected big things because it promises a lot and looks good. An automatic stroking machine that is compatible with Fleshlight sleeves, syncs to porn and has a battery. Sounds great. There were a few problems I had with the toy but overall it has some good potential to make you feel good. Read on for my full review of the Kiiroo Keon!

The Kiiroo Keon was sent to me for free by Kiiroo in return for an honest review. This page may contain affiliate links and if you use them, you are supporting my website, so thanks for that 🙂

First Impressions of the Kiiroo Keon

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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The Kiiroo Keon is smaller than I imagined it to be (a good thing). The machine is very compact compared to the similar (now discontinued) Fleshlight Launch. The Keon is actually compatible with Fleshlight sleeves which is great. I’ll talk more about sleeves later.

The machine is totally black which a lot of users will appreciate because the matte finish does kind of look sleek. What isn’t so sexy though, is the black silicone base. That’s an unfortunate choice because dust, skin and lube stick to that silicone like crazy. Personally I think it would have looked better to put some matte plastic there instead, yet this is a minor comment. Not many people will care about this as much as me.

Kiiroo Keon dust
The Keon a bit dusty (click to enlarge)
Kiiroo Keon controls
Some of Keon’s controls.

The buttons on the Keon aren’t super intuitive. I couldn’t actually figure out how to turn it on when I first picked it up, so I had to consult the user manual. I know, I know… you think I should always consult the user manual. Incorrect dear reader, I like things to be intuitive. To be fair, the Keon is more intuitive than the Handy and has a MUCH easier setup process. Yet the Keon still requires some setup time and reading. Not a big deal though, you only really need to set it up with the app once.

Kiiroo Keon and masturbation case
Keon machine (left) and masturbation case (right)

The Keon is in two parts, the masturbator and the machine. The masturbator is shaped a little like a Fleshlight case but is more simple and compact. It takes Fleshlight sleeves, however the Fleshlight ones do poke out of the end a little bit (the Kiiroo masturbator case is slightly shorter than Fleshlight’s cases). I actually preferred using the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust sleeve in the Kiiroo Keon to the Feel Stroker sleeve that comes with it, so there is absolutely nothing stopping you using your Fleshlight sleeves with the Keon.

Kiiroo Keon inserting masturbator

The masturbator is completely smooth, which looks very good but that same smoothness makes it difficult to grip (particularly when you have lube on your fingers). You have to twist the masturbator into place inside the machine and because the case is so smooth, it sometimes slips out of my fingers and doesn’t grip easily. The likelihood of you having lube on your fingers while inserting the masturbator into the machine is fairly high. You can set it up before but personally I need to use the masturbator on its own a little before using it in the machine (just to warm myself up).

The battery life of the Kiiroo Keon is around 1.5 hours depending on intensity of usage. It takes FOUR hours to charge up though, which is a bummer because you can’t use it while it charges either. 1.5 hours of battery life isn’t a deal breaker because I think the majority of people masturbate for less time than that. The real pain in the ass is if you try to use the Keon more than twice in a row without charging it, because if the battery dies on you then it will be a really long time before you can use it again.

The battery of the Keon (when it’s charged) is actually nice to have because unlike the Handy, it doesn’t require me to go get a power adapter and sit next to a power outlet. So long as the battery is charged, the Keon is easier to grab and use. Kiiroo should allow it to be used while the battery is charging though because this will inevitably cause frustration.

Kiiroo Keon packaging

A minor note about the packaging, it looks good!

Now let’s move on to the experience and talk more about what it is like to use the Kiiroo Keon.

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Experience with the Kiiroo Keon

My first experience with the Kiiroo Keon went very well. I even posted on Twitter about that session just afterwards because I was so happy with it. The second, third and fourth times I used the Keon were problematic though… and for a few weeks I was a little afraid of the score I’d have to give to the toy. I carried on testing the Keon for a lot longer than other toys because I wanted my assessment to be fair and the Keon is a complex toy that requires a bit more preparation time. I’ll be mentioning the bad moments I had with the Keon but I’m happy to report that my experience with it did end well.

My orgasms with the Keon tend to be very powerful because the build up is a bit slower than if I use my hand to masturbate (I go faster if it’s my own hand moving). So long as everything works right with the Keon until the end, I get a huge build up and it leaves me groaning like hell at climax. So all this to say.. the Keon isn’t perfect and I did have some problems with it which I will get into, yet the orgasm rating I have with this toy is GREAT.

The Kiiroo Keon is very easy to set up

During my first test of the Kiiroo Keon, I downloaded the FeelConnect app (available for iOS and Android), set up the machine via bluetooth to my phone and then I used it with a video on the FeelMe porn website. The setup process was rather smooth and because I was so excited to use the device, I didn’t mind that the porn was kinda vanilla. My orgasm was great and overall that was a nice first experience.

During my second session, I was more in reviewer mode while testing the Kiiroo Keon. This time the novelty of having the new device had worn off, so I was more in the mood for seeing how the Keon performs during masturbation. This time there was no setup process, the Keon connected straight to the app and I synced it to the same website again. Again, I can’t stress that enough that the actual sync process and setup time of the Keon is very easy compared to other toys I’ve tried (such as the Handy). The connection does fail on rare occasions though, which I’ll get to later.

The Kiiroo Keon cannot yet override porn scripts

The first thing to make me uncomfortable with the Kiiroo Keon is that it doesn’t have any feature to override what a porn script is making the machine do. During my second session with the Keon, a video started (on the FeelMe porn website) and the first thing it did was program the masturbator to shoot straight up to the top of the machine (about 4 inches up). This was actually the porn website’s fault because it was the scripts on the website that were causing this. The problem is, the Keon currently has no way to override porn scripts. So if someone programs a porn script to do something stupid, the Keon can’t do anything about it. It can’t override the stroke length and you can’t even use the physical buttons on the device to change anything.

Every video on the FeelMe website makes the masturbator go all the way up at the start of their videos. That’s because the people who make those video scripts have not thought things through properly. What it means is I’m waiting 5 – 10 minutes for the real action to get started in a porn video, the lube on my penis is already dry by the time the Keon starts moving and because my penis is dry, having the masturbator suddenly start moving again is uncomfortable. So what happens? My erection dies, I have to take it out of the machine, warm myself up again, lube up again and then put it back in. For me this is intolerable, so I just quit using the machine for that session.

What’s worse is that I cannot use the masturbator manually without going back into the app. Not even the physical buttons on the Keon will override what the porn video is doing. That needs correction in my opinion because having to do everything through the app after it’s connected is problematic.

Having a short penis may be a problem for porn sync with this toy

You can use this toy with a short penis in manual mode totally fine. The potentially problematic way to use it with a short penis might be with the porn sync.

The main problem with the lack of porn script override function is that there is no way to control the stroke length. If you have a short penis, syncing the Keon to porn could mean that it is moving too high. If you are shorter than 5 inches when erect then you may even find that the Kiiroo Keon will leave your penis behind when it reaches the top of the device. It has a stroke length of only about 4 inches, however as erection size varies during masturbation this could still be an issue.

More porn is available for the Keon (though choice is still limited)

The major advantage that the Keon has over other devices (like the Handy) is that it is compatible with more websites. For example, you can use the Keon with PornHub. PornHub has a free section on their website called ‘interactive’ and you’ll find a few pages of videos there that the Keon can sync with.

The main problem with all devices that sync to porn (not just the Kiiroo Keon) is that the choice is limited in the first place. Even when I was looking into the paid interactive porn websites, I couldn’t find much beyond typically vanilla content. Vanilla content doesn’t really do it for me but if you like the look of the videos in the Porn Hub interactive section and the videos on websites like FeelMe, then you’ll enjoy it.

Understand that porn sync toys don’t just sync to any porn. The videos need to have ‘funscript’ with them that tells toys like the Keon what to do. That’s why the choice is so limited with interactive porn. Some users on Reddit talk about making their own scripts and then send them to one another for use with specific videos… honestly I just don’t have time for that.

If you are into gay, bi or trans porn, just don’t bother with porn sync for now. There is barely anything available for you. I’m not into queer porn myself, I’m more into bondage and other specific fetishes. The thing is, there isn’t even any of the porn I like available for these smart strokers… and I’m straight.

If you like vanilla, run of the mill porn then you’ll be fine… but only if you’re straight.

Third session with the Keon: the battery died

The third time I used the Kiiroo Keon, I tried using it with PornHub (despite me not being a fan of this website). I thought it was fair to test the Keon with a different website because my experience with the FeelMe one was really a bit negative. I’m happy to report that with PornHub, the Keon does much better.

With PornHub, the porn script videos I was watching didn’t do the same annoying thing of putting the masturbator all the way to the top of the device at the start. With the PornHub vids I watched, they all kept the masturbator down at the start. What isn’t as ideal with the PornHub vids is that you need to sync each individual video to the FeelConnect app, whereas with a paid website like FeelMe, you only need to sync to the website once. That didn’t bother me personally too much though.

I was enjoying using the Keon during this third session, I was finally thinking ah yes, that is what I wanted to experience from this device. Then the battery died. I have to be honest… I was VERY frustrated.

What disappointed me a great deal is that when I plugged the Keon into the wall to charge, I was expecting to be able to still use it. However, it isn’t possible to use the Keon while it is charging. I really hope that Kiiroo can change this in a future firmware update.

Fourth session with the Keon: video sync failures

Now in all fairness to the Keon, this might have been the website’s fault and not the Keon’s or even the FeelConnect app’s fault… I just don’t know. It doesn’t really matter to me becayse I was left disappointed for the third time in a row on my fourth attempt to use the Keon. Videos I had previously watched with it would not sync to the FeelConnect app. They were saying that they were connected but the Keon didn’t move. I tried switching everything off and back on again but it didn’t matter… the videos still weren’t syncing and my boner died a disappointing death. I took a few weeks off using the device after that.

Fifth and Sixth sessions: Happiness again!

Kiiroo Keon auto masturbator review
Kiiroo Keon viewed from the side.

After a couple of weeks not using the Keon, I tried using it again with porn websites. I made sure the device was fully charged etc this time and thankfully, the video sync worked both these times. So 5 out of 6 success rate with syncing is not perfect.. but not bad either.

The thing that I really enjoy about the porn sync is the random movement of the toy. It moves in a pattern and rhythm that I probably wouldn’t choose myself. For that, I really love using the toy. The sixth time I used it, I actually synced the Keon to a porn video without even bothering to watch it. It’s just nice to have something controlling the pattern of my masturbation.

If we exclude set up time and cleaning, using the Keon requires SO little effort. I literally just have to keep my hand on it to keep it in place. No moving my arm up and down, no squeezing… the Kiiroo Keon does it all for me. So while I have been criticising this toy a little, it is genuinely an interesting choice for those of you that are interested in syncing something to porn or if you’re a person who has some kind of injury or disability that a masturbation machine like this could help with.

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Minor inconvenience: The screw cap rattles around

This is a minor annoyance but the screw cap at the back of the Kiiroo Keon rattles during use if it isn’t tightened all the way up. Like with Fleshlight toys, altering the tightness of the screw cap at the back of the toy increases and decreases the air resistance inside the toy. Personally I prefer just taking the cap off of the Keon because I dislike the sound of it rattling. I could screw the cap all the way down but I prefer the feeling of it loose anyway.

Big dick problems: The Feel Stroker of the Kiiroo Keon is tight

I’m slightly above average in girth (over 6 inches in circumference). The problem with the Keon’s masturbator for me is that it is so tight at the thickest part of the masturbator that even with a lot of lube, it feels like the masturbator is pushing my penis down rather than sliding over it. I can use the masturbator, it’s just that the tightness of it makes me feel too much resistance and intensity, even with a condom on.

Feel Stroker texture Kiiroo Keon
The texture of the Feel Stroker sleeve.

The Keon’s default sleeve texture (called Feel Stroker) feels a little like the Angela White Fleshlight sleeve, with the little bumps all along the inside. I’m not the biggest fan of this repetitive texture so if you buy the Kiiroo Keon I’d suggest instead getting it with one of the Feel Star Strokers like the FeelApolonia sleeve because the textures in those look more interesting.

A big positive, you can use any full sized Fleshlight sleeve with the Kiiroo Keon

Kiiroo Keon with Fleshlight sleeve
My Fleshlight Turbo Thrust in the Kiiroo Keon case.

What is AWESOME with the Keon, is that you can use it with any big Fleshlight sleeves. I personally really enjoyed using the Turbo Thrust’s sleeve inside the Kiiroo Keon. For me, that sleeve inside the Keon feels awesome. So thankfully, it is only the Keon’s masturbation sleeve that is too tight for me and not the case of the masturbator itself.

As I mentioned already, the Fleshlight sleeves are a little bit longer than the Kiiroo Keon’s masturbator case. Yet the difference isn’t a lot so you can still easily put the screw cap back on the Keon’s masturbator.

If you want what is in my opinion the best Fleshlight sleeve, go get yourself a Mini Lotus sleeve. Putting one of those inside the Keon would feel AWESOME (Mini Lotus feels like going through multiple vaginas at once).

Controlling the Kiiroo Keon over long distance

Kiiroo Keon partner long distance
The screen for adding partners to control your Keon.

Eve and I are currently living together all the time due to the ongoing lockdown measures in France, however we tested the remote control functions of the Keon. For any long distance couples out there, the Kiiroo Keon is a great toy to have. If you plan to use it as a long distance sex toy then you will be a happy customer.

Like with the porn sync setup, the Keon is very easy to set up for long distance remote control. You simply both download the FeelConnect app (avail on iOS and Android), then the person with the Kiiroo Keon adds the remote control user under ‘Partners’. When the partner is added, they will be able to use the app controls on their device to control the up/down movement of the toy. It works really well and is very easy.

The one slight downside to the Keon for partner use is that the partner can’t see inside the masturbator. Eve always loves seeing my penis inside the transparent masturbators I use (such as the Turbo Thrust). Because the Keon is completely black, there is no visibility inside the case. Though if your partner is content just to see the excitement on your face while they remote control the Keon for you, then they’ll be happy!

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Video demo of the Kiiroo Keon

Here is a little unboxing and demo video of the Keon in action. Don’t worry… no nudity!

Cleaning the Kiiroo Keon

The machine part of the Kiiroo Keon is splash proof but not waterproof. You can’t just drop it in a sink full of water or run water on it without thinking. So be careful and wipe both the inside and out with a damp cloth after use. You can use some sex toy cleaner if you like.

The masturbator part of the Keon is non-electronic so you can wash that however you like. The easiest way I find is to take the masturbator apart, take the sleeve out and run water throughout it. The sleeve is actually very flexible and can be turned inside out. Always take care to clean and dry these kinds of sleeves properly.

Like Fleshlight sleeves, the Kiiroo Keon sleeve takes a very long time to dry. You can speed it up by blasting it with a hair dryer first but you’ll still need to leave it out for a long time. You should also put cornstarch on it after it has dried to prevent it getting sticky and to absorb any minor moisture that might still be there.

Overall, the Kiiroo Keon is a little more involved for cleaning but it is by no means difficult. It’s just the drying time of the sleeve that is a bit too long (like all full sized Fleshlights).

Wishlist for the Kiiroo Keon

Alright, I’m beginning to wrap this article up. Kiiroo themselves sent me the Keon and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to test it. I have to score the toy on what it can do today but I believe the Keon will get better with time after Kiiroo fixes a few things with firmware updates.

Here are the things that could improve the Keon if they change. If Kiiroo changes any of these things then I will be coming back to this review to check them off the list and adjust my scoring accordingly.

  1. The Keon needs a function to override the stroke length that porn videos use.
  2. Similar to the last comment, the Keon needs a way to override porn scripts via its physical buttons. The Keon already has these buttons on it but during porn sync, the buttons don’t do anything.
  3. Ability to use the Keon while it charges.
  4. The default Feel Stroker could do with being a little wider in diameter for folks like me who are over 6″ in circumference.
  5. The masturbation case of the Keon needs more grip to it. It might help if it was textured a little bit near the back of the case (for when we twist it into place).

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Kiiroo Keon auto stroker review

I’ve finally reached the end of my Kiiroo Keon review! While this has been a slightly challenging toy for me to review, I can’t deny that the Keon has the potential to make a lot of people happy. It’s an easy toy to set up and use, it’s compatible with more porn websites than its competitors and for people who need help masturbating (due to injury/disability) the Keon could really make a difference. It certainly isn’t perfect and I think that Kiiroo can do a little bit of tweaking with their firmware to make it better, yet I do see a lot of potential in the Kiiroo Keon.

The fact that the Keon has a battery is really helpful because it’s always better to not have cables hanging from toys. However the Keon needs to be usable while it recharges in my opinion, because without the ability to use it during a recharge, users will be left frustrated if it runs out of power during masturbation. The Keon doesn’t have a battery indicator on the device itself, so it isn’t very easy to tell how much battery is left.

My biggest criticism of the Kiiroo is that it does not have a facility to override porn scripts. I have confidence that Kiiroo will be addressing this problem, because it is the sort of thing that can be fixed with firmware updates. They are already aware of the problem from me and their technical team is informed, so as soon as I have heard of a fix, I will be updating this review.

So, the golden question… do I recommend the Kiiroo Keon?

I recommend the Keon if you match one or more of these conditions:

  • You have at least a 5 inch penis.
  • You want a toy that syncs to porn.
  • You have a disability or injury that means a mechanical stroker could help you masturbate.
  • You want a partner to control the toy from a long distance.

I do not recommend the toy if you match these conditions:

  • You have less than a 5 inch penis.
  • You don’t like Fleshlight sleeves.

Thanks again to Kiiroo for sending me the Keon to review!

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Kiiroo Keon

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring

Porn sync

6 / 10

Long distance remote use

9 / 10


7 / 10

Desire to use again

5 / 10

Where to buy the Kiiroo Keon

Kiiroo is a company from Amsterdam but they ship their products worldwide. You should order Kiiroo products direct from their website. The prices are in dollars ($249 at the time of writing) but you can change your delivery country at the checkout.

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