Review: Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

fleshlight turbo thrust review

I’ve always wanted a full size, transparent Fleshlight and now I finally have one. The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is a great looking masturbator and I’ve had a lot of fun testing it. Read on for my Fleshlight Turbo Thrust review!

The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust was sent to me for free by Rue de Plaisirs in return for an honest and unbiased review. This page contains affiliate links. Please consider using the links because it helps fund this website!

First Impressions

Score: 8.4 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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Damn this toy looks great. One of the things that usually bothers me about Fleshlight toys is that I find the vagina in a flashlight aesthetic a little odd. I really love the abstract orifice design of the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust. I also love the blue transparent colour of the sleeve (named Blue Ice). It looks sexy as hell and it’s one of the rare toys I look at and think “I can’t wait to see what my cock looks like inside of that”.

fleshlight turbo thrust blue ice

The packaging of the toy looks good and it comes in a plain delivery box so nobody will know there’s a sex toy inside it until you open it.

Like all other Fleshlight masturbator’s I’ve tried, the Turbo Thrust is made of the SuperSkin material. It feels very soft, malleable and stretches super easily. It is a great feeling material.

The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is a bulky toy, like all Fleshlight Classic sized materbators. It has an insertable length of 8.5 inches, though you don’t have to be anywhere near that size to fully enjoy the toy. The best part of the Turbo Thrust’s sleeve texture is the first half.

The sensation provided by the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is meant to be inspired by blowjobs. So we’ll see next how close the feeling is to a blowjob.

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Experience using the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is meant to feel like a blowjob. Does it feel totally like a blowjob? No not quite but I can tell it has been inspired by it at least.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust test
Throughout my Fleshlight Turbo Thrust review, I enjoyed the sensation of the two part orifice. Pictured here (the lower part dragging behind feels like lips).

One of the most interesting additions to this Fleshlight sleeve is the opening, which to me feels a little like someone’s lips. Most Fleshlight toys have a one part orifice, meaning there’s just a hole (whether that be a vagina design, ass design etc). The Turbo Thrust has a two part orifice. The usual insertion hold has a separate ring above it that your cock goes through first. It is this first loose ring that feels like a pair of lips.

The toy then has several different openings and chambers inside. One of the first lips inside the toy feels a little like the back of the tongue. There are then several notches along the texture of the toy that makes it feel like your cock is going through several openings at once.

Illustration of the Turbo Thrust sleeve’s inside texture (click to enlarge).

The chambers inside the toy aren’t quite as prominent as with the Mini Lotus (review here) sleeve but I still really enjoy the sensation.

The suction of the toy is also good (this is the same for all full size Fleshlights). You control the suction of the toy by screwing the back top of the masturbator case. Tighter means more suction. Looser means less suction. I tend to prefer the increased suction screwing the cap on tight gives.

Last thing to mention is that your cock will look GREAT inside this thing. The advantage of a transparent masturbator is obvious. Your partner can get a show and the transparent material itself magnifies the penis. So you’ll look bigger in it. All in all that’s a pretty good deal.

So what’s different about a blowjob and using the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust?

As I already mentioned, this doesn’t feel the same as having a blowjob. The texture is certainly inspired by that but there are SO many things that a good blowjob includes. It would be impossible for a toy to include them all.

One immediate difference for me is that with a real blowjob, you get a moving tongue. Although the texture does a great job of giving lots of different tongue like notches, it doesn’t compare to the real pushing and moving of a tongue.

The second thing is that with a Fleshlight, you insert your penis one way. Directly in. When receiving a real blowjob, our partners can wrap their mouths around the tip of the penis, the side and move around in several angles. This is something that a sex toy would find it very difficult to do.

Third thing is, suction. Your partner can vary the suction that they use while sucking your cock. This masturbator has the screw cap control but it isn’t the same. Your partner will likely be able to create stronger suction with their mouth.

I could go on. The psychology of having another person sucking on your cock. The feeling of two hands stimulating you at the same time a mouth is. The tongue flicking, the teeth nibbling. The way your partner can squeeze your cock. Blowjobs are fucking amazing and they won’t be replaced by this toy. That isn’t to take away what is good about this toy though (because it really is good).

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Does it matter that the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust doesn’t give the EXACT feeling of a blowjob?

It doesn’t matter! This masturbator feels damn awesome. I’ve tried several Fleshlights before and this one is among the best.

The thing this masturbator can do for you that a real blowjob won’t is give you all of the different notches and chambers inside the sleeve. These chambers and notches make it feel like your cock is sliding through many things at once. We all know how good it feels to push our cock through the opening of something. The advantage of this toy is that it feels like you push your cock through several things at once.

Cleaning the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

Ok I’ll admit it, I hate cleaning full sized Fleshlights. They aren’t so difficult to wash, it’s the drying time that is the problem. To wash the Turbo Thrust, you run water through it, rub the inside clean of any goo and then spray sex toy cleaner everywhere inside and out.

I wrote this review in Autumn/Fall. The weather here in France is quite cold and this masturbation sleeve currently takes a long time to dry. I left it drying in my apartment and it wasn’t completely dry after 48 hours. In the summer time, the sleeves do dry more quickly, though it still takes a long time.

You can speed the drying process up significantly by using a hair dryer to dry the outside and inside of the toy. It just depends how much you would want to use this toy. It’s not really ideal to spend time using a hair dryer on it every single time you use it.

Fleshlights are also notorious for needing to be repowdered after drying. You can buy a renewing powder from them or just use cornstarch, like I do (it’s the same thing). The reason you need to use powder on the sleeve material is because otherwise it sticks together and feels a bit gross. With powder on it, the sleeve will feel as good as new.

It’s a shame to have to use powder on a transparent sleeve like this because it makes it a little less transparent. Yet after you’ve put lube into it and moved your cock around a bit, it becomes pretty transparent again.

Conclusion on the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

fleshlight turbo thrust review

I’m impressed with the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust! It feels fantastic, it’s fun to use with my partner and the masturbating experience using it is unique. The transparency of the material makes it extra fun to use with a partner and the double orifice opening is an improvement over other Fleshlights I’ve used.

I prefer the inner texture of the Fleshlight Mini Lotus sleeve to be honest, yet it’s a close call. The Turbo Thrust sleeve texture is admittedly really great and I can’t get enough of it. If I were to pick between the two toys I would still go for the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust purely because it has that transparency that it so fun to have while with a partner (or if you just like looking at your cock).

I’d really like it if Fleshlight could find a way to make the SuperSkin material a little less tacky so that we don’t have to use renewing powder on it. I also wish they would make the full sized sleeves easier to dry or create some kind of drying accessory (the sleeve warmer won’t really do it). The final thing I’d prefer is if I could apply some slight pressure to the sides of the toy. With Fleshlight toys, you can’t squeeze the case.

That said, I think the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is a great penis toy. You will be happy with it if you decide to go for it. If you want to squeeze the sides of your toy and have a faster drying experience, check out the Tenga Flip Hole review I did a while back.

Thank you again to Rue des Plaisirs for sending this to me! You can check out their store here.

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Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

Score: 8.4 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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