Review of Fleshlight Classic (Mini Lotus sleeve)

Fleshlight lady classic mini lotus

Overall I love my Fleshlight Classic. Although it’s definitely not the easiest toy to clean!

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Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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First impressions of Fleshlight Classic

While I can take the Fleshlight Classic in my hand fairly easily, it’s still quite large to be holding for a long time. The black case seems very big and overall I get the impression that the GO or Flight models would have been more comfortable. Especially for someone with smaller hands. (for example my partner Eve).


Length:9.75 inches (25cm)
Insertable length:8.5 inches (21.6cm)
Handle diameter:2.5 inches (6.35 cm)

It feels really solid and durable. The plastic case won’t break easily that’s for sure. You also can’t squeeze the sides, so you can’t apply more pressure that way when you use it. Personally I like that though because it’s less to think and care about.

Frankly the superskin material of the mini-lotus sleeve feels amazing. It’s very smooth, soft and flexible. I was surprised. Eve also found the material fascinatingly pleasant.

The appearance of the toy is not the most elegant in the world (mine is a giant flashlight with a vagina orifice at the end). It’s not that bad but you can also find sleeves and models with more abstract orifices on their website.

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Experience of the Mini Lotus Sleeve

The experience of having a Fleshlight with the mini-lotus sleeve around your penis feels far closer to reality than with a hand around your penis. It gives the impression of being inside a vagina but there is still a difference. The chambers provided by the mini-lotus as I push through it provide me with extra suction and stimulation. It’s subtle but it’s a little like entering several vaginas one after the other as I push forward. Or like being sucked by several mouths at the same time. Even though this sensation is subtle the affect feels amazing.

I was sat upright when I used the Fleshlight for the first time. It felt awkward but nice. Nice because of the new sensations but awkward because of the size of the Fleshlight in my hand. It’s cumbersome. The lube they sent also took me out of the moment. I thought Fleshlube Water would be a standard non-stimulating lube but actually it heats the skin. This shocked me and I don’t personally enjoy the heat sensation. The heat eventually calms down though. Having an orgasm in the Fleshlight was shockingly good. However I was in two minds because of the two problems I mentioned.

After several uses, I got used to the Fleshlube and the act of using the Fleshlight itself. This led to more enjoyment and now I prefer the feeling of masturbating with a Fleshlight than using my hand. I eventually found lying on a bed is more comfortable than what I was originally doing (sitting upright).

The orgasm using the Mini Lotus Sleeve

If you haven’t ever used a masturbator before, you may not have experienced an orgasm like this. As I explode, I feel like the superskin material of the sleeve hugs my penis. The notches and grooves inside the mini-lotus move over the shaft and head of my penis. Finding the perfect place to rest as I reach the point of no return. It feels great just after coming because it feels like it was designed specifically for my penis. The material is soft and gentle so it ensures I don’t become over-stimulated just after I orgasm. As long as you use enough lube, you won’t have any problems.

How does it compare? Just like using a hand feels different to being inside a vagina or mouth, a Fleshlight feels different again. From my point of view the mini-lotus sleeve gives incredibly powerful orgasms. More powerful than if I just use my own hand. Possibly one of the most powerful I can achieve to date on my own during solo masturbation. The Cobra Libra II gives me a slightly stronger orgasm, however it is also far more expensive. The Fleshlight orgasm is one of the strongest I can have without Eve though. Overall though, the orgasm I have inside my Fleshlight is something I won’t be getting bored of!

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Partner Play with a Fleshlight Classic

Adam’s point of view

The Fleshlight was the first sex toy I have owned for myself. Coupled with the fact that it is also cumbersome, I was hesitant to use it in partner play with Eve for some time. So hesitant, that I used two other male sex toys with her before this one (even though I acquired them later than the Fleshlight).

I was surprised to learn that in fact, Eve loves using the Fleshlight on me. She loves watching it suck and slide around my penis. The visual stimulation of the pink vagina at the end of the Fleshlight turns out to be more of a turn-on for her than for me. She says that this isn’t usually a view of my penis she gets to see, so she finds it a real turn on. However, it’s still more cumbersome than any other sex toy we use and I find this a little inconvenient.

Eve’s point of view

Adam was a bit reluctant to have me use the Fleshlight in partner play, he was wanted to get a version with a smaller handle for me to use because he was pretty sure the current handle would too big for my hand and thus uncomfortable for me to use on him. I was still pretty curious about it for a long time, and I ended taking things into my own hands and one day that we were making out I decided to use it on him. Turns out it was way more pleasant for me than both expected it. The handle, while being indeed a bit too big to be completely comfortable, is still easier to use than I thought. The texture of the sleeves is so incredibly smooth that I was almost jealous. So after putting enough lube on both Adam’s penis and inside the Fleshlight ( and girls don’t be skimpy with lube, cause it could be quite painful for your man if the inside is not lubricated enough ), I slowly pushed it on him. It was a surprising turn-on for me, there’s a real sensuality about the sight of Adam’s penis being swallowed by that smooth pink flesh. I guess it has a lot to do with the voyeur aspect of it, combined with the slow-motion of my wrist and the ecstasy I could read on Adam’s face. It made for quite an erotic experience.

I still prefer to use the Hot Octopuss Pulse on Adam, because I can have more interaction with him, with my tongue essentially. Also, the in-and-out motion comes with some sort of squishy noise that can be slightly bothersome, and after a while it becomes a bit painful on my hand because of the width of the handle. I’m curious to try the Go Torque Ice Fleshlight which is smaller and see-through. I’m sure that would be a LOT of fun 😉

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The Fleshlight Classic is easy to clean but it takes a long time to dry and re-powder. Unfortunately this is the area where the Fleshlight Classic loses points for me.

To clean the sleeve you run warm water through it and spray it with Fleshwash (Fleshlight’s cleaning solution). However you must leave the sleeve out to dry before putting it back inside the case. This has sometimes taken over two days for me in winter. Using a hairdryer speeds it up but to be honest, it’s a shame that so much effort is needed each time I want to enjoy the Fleshlight.

The case isn’t easy to clean either. The corners and crevasses of the logo catch lube and dust easily on my black case. So it quickly looks bad if not cleaned properly. I’d prefer a model without the embossed logo next time I think.

The superskin material of the Fleshlight sleeves is body-safe yet porous. So if you don’t clean and dry them properly, they’ll start smelling and turning bad. This is an unfortunate side to the superskin material. Hopefully someday they’ll figure out a way to make a non-porous material to replace it.

– Update May 2020 –
Sadly I had to throw away my Mini-Lotus sleeve recently (it lasted about 3 years). I cleaned it every time I used the Fleshlight however I probably could have dried it more thoroughly sometimes. I’m sure if you find a way to dry the sleeves you can make them last longer than I did but often I found it difficult to tell if a sleeve was totally dry. Still… 3 years of use considering the cost is quite decent in my opinion.

Classic model = Choice of sleeves

The Fleshlight Classic is their longest standing product. While it could definitely be improved, it is still supported by a huge catalogue of other sleeves. To date, I have only tried the mini-lotus but I’m curious and excited to try out more. I can sense that each sleeve will provide me with a very different experience. I really like this idea of choice and it is one of the things that made me want to try a Fleshlight Classic in the first place. Furthermore, there are many styles of orifices available so whether you’re gay, straight, bisexual or other Fleshlight probably has something that fits for you.

I haven’t tried the Fleshlight GO yet although I think I’d prefer it. It’s a pity that the same choice of sleeves is not available for them.

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Fleshlight Fleshlight Classic with Mini Lotus Sleeve

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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