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Review: Pulse Duo Lux Penis Vibrator – Hot Octopuss

Pulse Duo Lux remotes

If penis vibrators were beasts, the Pulse Duo Lux would be at the top of the food chain. Seriously, the vibrations coming from this thing are earth-shattering! This article also does a quick comparison of the different Pulse models Hot Octopuss currently has available.

First of all, we’d like to say thank you to Hot Octopuss who sent us this penis vibrator in return for an honest and unbiased review. This page contains affiliate links and if you click on them we might get a small commission for purchases you make with Hot Octopuss. Affiliation is the only way we make money on this little blog and it helps support our writing, so please consider using them! 🙂

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First Impressions of the Pulse Duo Lux

Score: 9 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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Super excited to receive the Pulse Duo Lux I immediately opened the box when it arrived. This is rare for me. Usually, I am more patient and wait until I take photos.

The reason for my lack of restraint is that I loved the Pulse III Solo, which I reviewed three years ago. I still use the Pulse III which is a testament to how good it is. I have far too many sex toys here to use them all regularly after testing. It’s rare that I reuse a toy regularly, even if I score it well. So basically, I had very high hopes for the Pulse Duo Lux.

I really love design, and you may find this comment about packaging picky. Yet I was slightly disappointed that the Pulse Duo Lux’s packaging wasn’t as luxurious as the Pulse III Solo’s was. I really loved the silver, reflective paint used on the Pulse III Solo’s box. That packaging is memorable to me even now because of how classy it looked, it’s a rare touch of elegance to get a design like that on sex toy boxes. The Pulse Duo Lux’s packaging is still good. Yet it lacks the silver paint etc that made me say “WOW” with the former toy. Anyway that’s just packaging, moving on.

Pulling out all the bits and pieces from the box I got more excited because this version of the Pulse vibrator is designed for couple’s play. So as well as general updates to the vibrator itself, there are extras with this Duo Lux model. Particularly the wrist straps. The toy is grey in colour and like it’s predecessor, it is a dust magnet so you’ll want to keep it in the storage pouch that comes with it.

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Remote Controlled Sex with the Pulse

Pulse Duo Lux remotes

The Pulse Duo Lux is a remote-controlled sex toy. It connects to two different wrist strap remotes. One wrist strap, bronze in colour, controls the underside of the toy. This is the part of the toy used for clitoral vibrations. The second wrist strap, silver, controls the penis vibrator of the toy. Each remote control has four buttons and they are very easy to figure out. The remotes can pop out of the silicone casing so that the wrist straps can be washed separately.

The toy has six vibration modes, 8 speeds, plus a Turbo mode like the Pulse III had. The Turbo mode has its own button on both the toy and wrist strap. Basically it turns the strongest vibration mode on and off. The toy and wrist controls are made from a mix of body-safe silicone and ABS plastic.

Batteries and noise

The Pulse Duo Lux is waterproof and is powered by a rechargeable, lithium battery. The remote controls are powered by disk batteries (the kind you find in watches). The battery life on the Pulse Duo Lux is meant to be up to one hour, like the Pulse III Solo. Yet for me, the battery life is slightly better than that. I get more juice out of the Pulse Duo Lux battery. Charging time is 3 hours, which is still a little long in my opinion. The charger of the Pulse Duo Lux has the same kind as the Pulse III had. It’s fine but it disconnects a little too easily for my liking.

One potential downside I can see of this toy is that it is very noisy. When turbo mode is activated (the strongest vibration mode), the toy sounds like a small motorbike. Eve and I don’t care very much but it may be an issue for others.

Maximum vibration speed

The Pulse Duo Lux vibrates at a maximum speed of 4,450 rpm. If you don’t understand rpm values let me just translate that into ‘it’s really, really fucking powerful’. Its vibration motors make it the power tool of sex toys.

Video of the Pulse Duo Lux (safe for work)

Below is a video of my unboxing of the Pulse Duo Lux, plus a short demonstration of the vibrations (no nudity).

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Using the Pulse Duo Lux for Solo Masturbation

The first time I used the Pulse Duo Lux, it made me climax in about five minutes. It felt like being forced to orgasm. The penis vibrations are delivered via Hot Octopuss’ Pulse Plate technology. The Pulse Plate in this toy is significantly stronger than the one that is inside my Pulse III Solo. Seriously, these 4,450 rpm vibrations are earth-shattering. It’s easily the strongest penis vibrator I’ve ever tried.

The Pulse Duo Lux, like most other Pulse toys by Hot Octopuss is a ‘hands free vibrator’. It means that you can place your penis inside and then leave it running until you orgasm. You’ll still usually need to hold the sex toy in place, however you can be as lazy as you want apart from that. It really is easy to use and requires very little effort on your part.

Pulse Duo Lux Hot Octopuss

Admittedly, the maximum (turbo) vibration speed is too strong for me. I have reviewed a lot of sex toys and love strong vibrators, yet none have been as crazy as those delivered by the Pulse Duo Lux. The toy can make me climax in minutes, yet immediately after I orgasm the turbo mode causes me sharp discomfort. This surprised me the first time I used the turbo mode to climax. I had to very quickly snatch the toy away from my penis because it was that uncomfortable. Yet I think the strong vibrations will have its audience. For people with very stubborn erectile dysfunction, these extremely strong vibrations may actually be what they need. I also expect that as I become more adapted to the toy, I will get used to the stronger turbo vibration mode.

In any case, the turbo mode can be switched on and off very easily, thanks to the dedicated button. I love the lowest vibration speed personally. When using only that, I can orgasm very quickly. All of the vibration patterns are great but I remain a fan of the constant speed. I still really appreciate the fact that I can use the toy as both a masturbator and vibrator.

Penis in Pulse toy

You don’t need an erection to enjoy the Hot Octopuss Pulse

Like its predecessor, the Pulse Duo Lux can be used by people with erectile dysfunction or other similar disabilities. You don’t need an erection to be able to enjoy it (either with or without a partner). In fact, it’s difficult not to orgasm with the Pulse Duo Lux. So if you have a disability that causes you to have difficulty reaching orgasm, I fully recommend the Pulse Duo Lux. It could be a new way for you to enjoy sex and masturbation.

A sex toy for all genders

Pulse Duo Lux Hot Octopuss
Underside of the Pulse Duo Lux (the clit vibrator)

The beauty of the Pulse Duo Lux is that it is for all genders. I treat it primarily as a penis toy and therefore when I say solo masturbation, I’m talking about having used it on my penis. It could easily be used as a clitoral vibrator for solo masturbation too. The clit vibrator is the underside of the toy and is powerful enough to be enjoyed when alone (according to my girlfriend).

Using the Pulse Lux Duo During Sex

I was worried that my girlfriend Eve wouldn’t enjoy the Pulse Duo Lux. I had a feeling that the clitoral vibration motor wouldn’t be strong enough (indeed it isn’t as strong as the penis motor). Yet Eve LOVED the Pulse Duo Lux. She says that the vibrations are more than adequate for clitoral orgasm. She climaxes very quickly when we use this toy.

I was also worried that using the toy would be strange because I can’t penetrate Eve while we use this toy. I place my penis inside the toy and Eve either sits on top of the toy or I place it over her clitoris while I’m on top. Like anything, the Pulse Lux Duo just takes some getting used to. Though we didn’t actually need much adaption time at all. The Pulse Duo inspires a different kind of sex.

As I mentioned in the previous section, the turbo mode can be a bit too much for me. I have to keep the vibration strength a little down on this toy otherwise my penis starts to feel numb. That’s not necessarily a bad point about the toy. It’s just that the vibration motor of the Pulse Plate is so much stronger than anything else I’ve used before (including the Pulse III). I’m simply not used to it.

Sex positions using the Pulse Duo Lux
Left: Using Pulse Duo Lux in missionary position – Right: Using Pulse Duo Lux in cowgirl position

The Pulse Lux Duo in missionary position sex

Using the Pulse Lux Duo in missionary position is my favourite way to use the toy. In missionary position it is very easy for me to keep my penis inside the toy and for Eve to push the toy where she wants. While we use the toy in this way we can kiss each other and fondle each other’s body very easily.

The Pulse Lux Duo in cowgirl position sex

This sex toy is also great to use while Eve is in cowgirl position (on top). She straddles the toy while I hold my penis inside it. I prefer this position less because even with an erection, I have to keep the toy on my penis using my hand. This takes away from the experience a little and I wish the Pulse Lux Duo would hold my penis in place better while in this position.

The Pulse Duo Lux while receiving a blowjob

Mind-blowingly good blowjobs will ensue when you use this toy during oral sex. Like the Pulse III Solo, this version of the Pulse is damn amazing during oral sex. I love it, Eve loves it. Everyone loves it. You see, unlike other penis vibrators, the Pulse’s design enables your partner to still reach all around your penis. Eve appreciates the fact that when she uses this toy on me, it still feels like she is giving me a blowjob. The orgasms I have when Eve uses this toy on me during a blowjob are amazing.

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How to clean the Pulse Duo Lux

It’s very easy to clean the toy and the wrist straps. Everything but the remote controls of the wrist straps are waterproof. Therefore just pop the remote controls out of the wrist straps and give everything a thorough wash. You should use soap and water plus a good sex toy cleaner.

Like its predecessor, the Pulse Duo Lux attracts dust like crazy. Even if I leave it out for a few minutes it will already have dust stuck to the dark colour silicone. So make sure that you store it in its storage pouch.

Comparing the Pulse Duo Lux to other Pulse toys in the line

At the time of writing Hot Octopuss currently has four other Pulse sex toys available to buy. The Pulse Duo Lux that is being reviewed here is the top of that line. In this section I’ll run through some differences between this toy and the others.

From least expensive to most expensive, these are the Pulse toys available. Prices are in Euros but this is only to give you an idea of cost. You can visit the Hot Octopuss website to see prices in your own currency.

Product NameTechnologyVibration StrengthDual vibrators for couple playTurbo ModePrice (euros)
Pocket PulseVibrationnaNoNo€89
Pulse Solo EssentialPulsePlate Technology3,950 rpmNoNo€99
Pulse DuoPulsePlate Technology3,950 rpmYesNo€139
Pulse Solo LuxPulsePlate Technology4,450 rpmNoYes€149
Pulse Duo LuxPulsePlate Technology4,450 rpmYesYes€189

The Lux models both come with the extremely strong 4,450 rpm vibration modes. The difference between them is that the solo version is only suitable as a penis vibrator. The solo version doesn’t have the secondary clitoral vibrator on the back of the toy. Therefore the Pulse Solo Lux also only comes with one wrist strap.

The Pulse Solo Essential and Pulse Duo are more basic versions of the equivalent Lux models. The Pulse Solo Essential is a little closer to what I had with the Pulse III Solo. The biggest disadvantage to me with these models is that they don’t come with the ‘turbo mode’. That means they neither have the same power as the Lux models nor do they have the ability to activate a maximum turbo mode vibration. The Solo Essential and Pulse Duo also don’t come with the wrist straps that the Lux models have included. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed using the wrist straps so we think it would be a shame not to have them. Yet I still think that even the Pulse Solo Essential would be a great sex toy. I was certainly happy with the Pulse III Solo several years ago.

The Pocket Pulse is the most different model in the pulse line. It’s a far smaller toy than the others and is in a different format. It vibrates traditionally rather than works with the PulsePlate Tehchnology. I can’t comment too much on this version because I haven’t personally tried it yet.

Whichever Pulse sex toy you go for, I’m sure you will be happy with it. Hot Octopuss is a top-of-the-line company when it comes to ‘guybrators’, a term they coined and trademarked! Their penis vibrators really set a new bar for these kinds of sex toys.

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These hands free vibrators last a long time!

Pulse Duo Lux Pulse III comparison

Eve bought me the Pulse III Solo three years ago. It’s been in regular use ever since because I like it so much. A big compliment coming from someone who owns as many sex toys as I do!

On the left of the picture above, you’ll see the three-year-old Pulse III Solo, on the right is the Pulse Duo Lux (the new one). As you can see, the three-year-old toy is still in great shape. These things are really made to last. The vibration motor and battery life of the Pulse III Solo is still great even after these three years.

So yeah, in terms of value I’d say that’s a pretty good sign!

Conclusion on the Pulse Duo Lux

The Pulse Duo Lux is to date the best couples sex toy that we’ve tried. The vibration modes are everything and more than what we’d ever need. The remote control wrist straps are a great idea. Much better than controlling the toy from the buttons on the side, a remote stick or phone app. The toy can be used for any gender during solo masturbation. It can be used in several different sex positions, plus for blowjobs. I know the word amazing is often overused but this toy really deserves it. So there we go, the Pulse Duo Lux is amazing.

It isn’t a perfect toy however. While the best couples toy we have used, it has room for improvement. The vibration motors are too noisy and I think some effort should be made in future models to calm that down. The battery life and charging time could also be improved a little. Plus I’d like the silicone wings to hold my penis in place more securely while in sex positions such as cowgirl. Even though this next one is a minor point, I’d also like to see a return of the silver, reflective packaging that came with the Pulse III!

In any case, you can’t go wrong with buying this toy. No matter your gender you can enjoy the Pulse Duo Lux. If you have erectile dysfunction, this is definitely a toy that you should be considering. Even without an erection, this toy can make you climax. It can also be used for couple’s sex whether or not you have an erection.

Over and out! Thank you Hot Octopuss and we look forward to what you have coming up next!

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Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo Lux

Score: 9 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring


10 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10

Partner Play

10 / 10

Vibration Strength

10 / 10


6 / 10


10 / 10

Desire to use again in the future

10 / 10

Where to buy the Pulse Duo Lux

You should buy the Pulse Duo Lux and all other Hot Octopuss toys from their official website! I have listed the prices below for the different currencies that they accept. I don’t usually update these prices so visit their website to get the most up to date offers.

Hot Octopuss is a British company but their international delivery charges are actually very low. For example, at the time of writing it costs $9.95 to send a Pulse Duo Lux to the USA. They deliver to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the rest of the World. All delivery prices are low.

Prices last updated on: 21/06/2024

British Flag United Kingdom £169 Buy
USA Flag United States $189 Buy
European Union Flag Europe €189 Buy
Australian Flag Australia $269 Buy

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  • Gary Kitchen says:

    I have a Pulse III Solo Lux. The vibrations and patterns are wonderful. Except you can’t get it to stay put on your penis. I am average size, circumcised, and the wings are simply too large and it doesn’t fit snugly enough. They are also too flexible, if you stand up with an erection it will simply not stay in place. You must hold it the entire time, not much fun. I tried a hack using one or two elastic bands that come on broccoli to snug it tighter which works but isn’t ideal. I also find doing this tends to overload the pulsations of the motor, and it sometimes will stall if I apply too much pressure to the contact point inside the sleeve. After all this, it does reliably and very pleasurably brings me to a satisfying climax, taking longer than I normally would to cum. But prolonging the act is always a good thing, Battery runtime is average, maybe 1 hour if fully charged. I have killed it during a session if I edged continuously for a long time. Then no joy and I have to grab another toy to finish myself off with. The magnetic charging connector is finicky and can come loose if the toy rolls over while connected. At least the LED shows the status of charging for you. Sadly, this is one of my less-loved toys, mainly due to the fact it isn’t truly hands-free, and requires a lot of fussy adjustment with elastic bands to make it snug enough that actually stays on and is effectively vibrating my cock to do the job. And it wasn’t cheap. I would buy something else if I had to choose again.

    • Adam says:

      Thanks for your input Gary, I’m sure other readers will find your review here helpful in their decision on the Pulse Duo Lux! I agree that it doesn’t stay in place easy if you’re up and moving about. I think the motor is so powerful that it makes most people climax well before the battery life runs out, but you’re totally right in saying that for people who enjoy edging like you that the battery may not last long enough for that. I hope you find a different toy that you enjoy more. Personally my favourite and most used atm is the Doxy Die Cast. Plugs into the wall and is even more of a powerful vibrator… makes using it super easy.

  • Alan Somers says:

    My partner suffers from chronic UTIs and is reluctant to have intercourse or have me perform oral sex on her. I’ve also been suffering from ED. I’ve been trying to find a solution where we could get as close to the feeling of real sex as possible with minimal skin-to-skin contact in her vulval area. I think this may just be the ticket, with proper sanitary precautions. I will propose it to her to see what she thinks.

    • Adam says:

      Certainly a very good toy for ED and couples who are having trouble with penetration. It’s a good choice. Good luck!

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