Review: Tenga Flip Hole Black Masturbator

Tenga Flip Hole Black Masturbator

A well known, well-loved AND affordable masturbator? I put the Tenga Flip Hole Black to the test, to find out if it really is all that it’s cracked up to be. I also compare the Flip Hole Black to the other models in the series (the Red, White and Silver versions).

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First Impressions of Tenga Flip Hole

It has been a while since I reviewed the Tenga Flip Orb Blue. I decided it was time to give Tenga another try, so was happy to oblige when Lovehoney offered to send me the Tenga Flip Hole for review!

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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Tenga Flip Hole Black Packaging

The packaging the Tenga Flip Hole Black is more impressive than the Flip Orb’s was. I didn’t like all of the plastic with the Flip Orb and preferred the designed box that came with the Flip Hole Black.

Opening up the Flip Hole masturbator, I was also more impressed with the texture inside the toy. Unlike the Flip Orb, there were no hard plastic balls embedded within the soft TPE material of this toy. In the Flip Hole Black, the material is all soft, yet still has plenty of texture and feels very interesting.


There are four versions of the Flip Hole. The Black, White, Silver and Red versions.

  • The Flip Hole White ‘A Blanket of Bliss’.
  • The Flip Hole Black ‘Firmer & Tighter’.
  • The Flip Hole Silver ‘A Bounding Squeeze’.
  • The Flip Hole Red ‘Entangling Ecstasy’.

I’m only reviewing the Flip Hole Black in this review however I’ll take some time to explain the differences between the versions at least. There are four criteria to consider when comparing the different Flip Hole versions. Material Strength, meaning the softness of the TPE material inside the masturbator. Tightness, which is self explanatory. Entanglement, meaning the complexity of the texture within the toy and how much resistance against the penis it gives. Finally, ‘Ridges‘, meaning the prominence of the deep ridges embedded and embossed within the masturbator’s material.

Each Flip Hole has a slightly different combination of these four specifications (Material Strength, Tightness, Entanglement and Ridges). It’s really just a matter of preference on your part, because all have the same quality. I don’t think you’d hate one but love another for example. The only thing that may matter more is tightness. If your penis is slightly more girthy, you’d want the less tight toy more for example.

The Flip Hole White ‘A Blanket of Bliss’

The Flip Hole White has the softest material of all the Flip Hole toys. Its ridges are also softer, hence the name ‘blanket of bliss’.

Material Strength1/5

The Flip Hole Black ‘Firmer & Tighter’ (the one I’m reviewing here)

The Flip Hole Black has the tightest grip, meaning that it has the most intense pressure level. The material strength and the prominence of ridges is also still fairly high in the Black model so that adds to the intensity. I was a little worried about the toy being the tightest initially because my penis girth is bigger than average. Yet as you will learn later, this didn’t matter in the end.

Tenga Flip Hole Black Masturbator Texture
Material Strength3/5

The Flip Hole Silver ‘A Bounding Squeeze’

The Silver Flip Hole has the most prominent ridges and has an average material strength and tightness. This means that if you really can’t decide between the models, the Flip Hole Silver is a good choice to go for. It has the best of all the toys and apart from entanglement, represents a good average between them all.

Material Strength3/5

The Flip Hole Red ‘Entangling Ecstasy’

The Flip Hole Red is my favourite colour, which almost makes me wish I went for that one! Anyway, the material strength and entanglement of this toy is quite high. Yet the tightness is the lowest of the series. Therefore you’ll get a unique mix of more resistant material and a lower grip pressure. If you have a more girthy penis, this toy will probably be the best for you of this series.

Material Strength4/5

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Video of the Tenga Flip Hole Black

Here is a ‘safe for work’ video of the unboxing of the Tenga Flip Hole Black and also a small demo of how soft the material is on the inside.

Experience using the Flip Hole Black

The first time I used the Flip Hole Black I was alone and decided to use it on my bed with a sachet of the Hole Fluid Lube that Tenga includes with its toys. I opened up the toy, poured some of the lube into both sides of the masturbation sleeve, then put the rest of the lube on my erect penis.

As I slid the toy onto my penis I was worried that it would be too tight, however the sides of the Flip Hole bulged outwards to accommodate my girth. The TPE material inside the Flip Hole feels so damn good. Far better than the sensation of the Tenga Flip Orb. Every time I use it, I can feel the ridges, folds and crevasses enveloping and massaging my penis. It’s one of the best textures I’ve had in a masturbator (indeed close to the Mini Lotus of the Fleshlight).

The Flip Hole didn’t take long to make me climax, somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes. My orgasm made me shake it was that good. I love this toy.

Tenga Flip Hole Black Masturbator

The Grip

The ‘holder’ that clips the Flip Hole shut when not in use, is turned around the opposite way during masturbation, to hold the sides in place while you use it. I have also used the Flip Hole without the holder clipped into place while masturbating. It works fine like that but is messier because the lube tends to spill out of the sides. If you have a more girthy penis though then it could be a good idea to take the holder off so that you can create a looser grip on your penis. The fact that you have this flexibility with the Flip Hole is a testament to its good design.

The best thing about the Tenga Flip Black is that because the texture inside it is so stimulating, I don’t need to go fast or use a strong grip. Whenever I use the Flip Hole Black I slide it up and down on my penis slowly until I can feel my climax building. Towards the end, I’m almost cumming before going any faster. I get impatient though so invariably start masturbating faster and more intensely towards the end.

Other ways to masturbate using the Tenga Flip Hole

The classic way to use a masturbator such as this, is to physically move it up and down on the penis. Another great way to use the Flip Hole Black (or the others in the series), is to move it by squeezing the sides. That way you squeeze the material into your penis and because of the lube, your penis forces the material to slide up and down. There aren’t better toys than Tenga to masturbate with this method.

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Partner Play with the Tenga Flip Hole

Tenga Flip Hole Black Masturbator

During a steamy session of the game Monogamy, I handed my girlfriend the Flip Hole Black to use on me when she picked up a card that instructed her to give me a handjob. It was the first time she had used the Flip Hole on me and I was already quite sure she would enjoy it. She has previously enjoyed using the Fleshlight Classic on me, which offers far less visual stimulation for her.

The material on the outside of the Flip hole is semi-transparent (but mostly opaque). Yet Eve enjoyed looking at my penis through the sides while she used it on me. She also appreciated the way that the Flip Hole ‘bulges’ when my cock pushes the sides out. That was a massive turn on for her while she used it on me. She also commented that the Flip Hole is easier for her to hold than the Fleshlight Classic was. The Tenga Flip Hole is smaller in size and more pleasant for her to grip with her small hands.

Before I had even asked, Eve said “Ohhhhhh I REALLY like using this toy on you”. So there you have it, this toy works for couple play.

Comparing the Tenga Flip Hole to other similar toys

Tenga Flip Hole vs Fleshlight Classic

The Tenga Flip Hole and Fleshlight Classic are two obvious competitors. I’m afraid I don’t have a clear cut winner to tell you. I can only offer you the differences so that you can decide for yourself because I actually like both toys for different reasons.

The Tenga Flip Hole is far easier to clean and dry than the Fleshlight Classic. The Flip Hole can dry out in a couple of hours whereas the Fleshlight Classic can take over 24 hours to dry, because it can’t be opened up. I also like the Tenga Flip Hole more for its abstract orifice design and the fact that it is a smaller toy overall. It’s easier to grip and my girlfriend Eve really appreciates that.

The Fleshlight Classic, on the other hand, has the edge when it comes to internal textures. The Mini Lotus sleeve of the Fleshlight Classic is really hard to beat, it really feels amazing. The SuperSkin material is also a little nicer than the TPE material of the Tenga Flip Hole. There are also loads of choices of sleeve for the Fleshlight Classic, meaning you have more possibilities.

As I mentioned, the real downside of the Fleshlight Classic is the cleaning and drying time. The sleeves tend to not last as long because moisture and mould will damage them more quickly than they do the Tengas, which dry faster.

Tenga Flip Hole vs Fleshlight Quickshot

The Flip Hole may be good for couple play but it isn’t as good as the Fleshlight Quickshot (which I’m also reviewing at the moment). Using the Tenga Flip Hole, Eve can’t give me a blowjob or use her mouth on my penis at the same time. Whereas with the Quickshot she can. However the Quickshot isn’t as good for masturbation as the Tenga Flip Hole is, so it really depends on your priorities. Your partner will probably prefer using the Quickshot on you but you will probably prefer Tenga Flip Hole for solo masturbation. I would personally choose the Flip Hole.

Tenga Flip Hole vs Tenga Flip Orb

Yep, I’m comparing Tengas to each other too! For me the clear winner here is Tenga Flip Hole. I really disliked the Flip Orb Blue because it was far too tight around my penis and I also didn’t like the hard plastic balls inside it. The Flip Hole is a far better-designed toy, so I advise you to go for that one if you’re trying to decide between the two.

Another note about The Handy

I managed to connect the Tenga Flip Hole to The Handy, a toy a reviewed previously. The Handy is an automatic masturbator (like the Fleshlight Launch, for example). The Handy is quite flexible and can accept many masturbators as the sleeve of the toy. Flip Hole is one of them, so that’s good for you to know.

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How do you Clean Tenga Flip Hole?

Tenga Flip Hole Black Masturbator Texture

Cleaning the Flip Hole is quite easy. You just take the holder off of the toy, open the masturbation sleeve up (it splits in half). Then you rub the TPE material with your fingers and some soap / sex toy cleaner and water. Making sure to rub all of the semen and lube out of the toy. It’s really important that you make a thorough job of it and clean it very soon after use. If you don’t, mildew can grow in the toy and ruin it. If you don’t clean masturbators like this properly, you can also get penis infections, which are really not fun. So yeah make sure you clean the Flip Hole thoroughly right after use.

To dry the toy, I personally just leave it open and lying on a towel. I usually leave it there for half a day and then feel inside it to see if there is any moisture left. If there is any moisture, I leave it for longer. As soon as it is dry, I fold it back together and put the holder back on.

There is no need to use renewing powder with the Tenga Flip Hole, another advantage it has over many Fleshlight toys.


Tenga Flip Hole Black Masturbator

I’m so happy that I tried the Tenga Flip Hole Black. It has given me a far more positive view of Tenga as a company and proved to me that they can make great pocket pussies / penis toys. I love masturbating with the Flip Hole and it is one of my favourite masturbators at the moment. It isn’t as stimulating as the Mini Lotus sleeve of the Fleshlight Classic, however the ease at which my girlfriend can use the Flip Hole makes it more worthwhile for me. Also, it wins purely because of drying time too. The Tenga Flip Hole is far easier to maintain than any of the Fleshlight Classics.

I’d really like to try more of the Flip Hole series, particularly the Flip Hole Red which I think would work well for my penis, which is slightly bigger in girth. I’m also very curious about the Flip Hole White, which seems like another unique sensation (with the material strength being so soft).

The Flip Hole Black is good for everything as far as I am concerned though. It is amazing for masturbation, it turns my girlfriend on to use it on me and it connects to The Handy smart masturbator so that I can use it as a fucking machine. Overall, I really recommend you give the Tenga Flip Hole a try. Or if you’re buying it as a gift for your partner, I don’t think you can go wrong with it!

You can a list of Lovehoney shops and prices below this review and the full criteria scoring.

Take it easy folks, over and out! – Adam Rouge

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Tenga Flip Hole Black

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring

Material and Design

9 / 10


8 / 10


7 / 10

Desire to use again in future

9 / 10


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French Flag France 84,95€

Again, thank you to Lovehoney for sending me the Flip Hole Black to review!

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