Review of The Handy (Smart Masturbator / Stroker)

The Handy Smart Masturbator

The Handy is an automatic and smart masturbator / stroker. It can be used during solo penis masturbation, it can be controlled by a long-distance partner and it can sync to adult films. The Handy was designed by the good people of Norway, who decided to send it to me for a thorough test!

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First impressions of The Handy Smart Masturbator

Score: 8.5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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The first thing I thought when the delivery person handed me the parcel was “wow it’s heavier than I imagined”. Indeed The Handy is a bit heavier than most other sex toys I receive. Yet it is by no means a problem. It’s a little like the weight of four vibrators instead of one for example. A reason for the toy being heavier is because of the power adapter that comes with it. The Handy has to be plugged into electricity during use. This didn’t personally bother me too much but I’ll get to that later.

Sweet Tech, the company behind the Handy was created in 2018 and The Handy is the first toy they have created. They spent one and a half years perfecting it, which really shows in the toy’s design. When I spoke to a representative of the company they said it was “a lot of sweat and tears” creating The Handy because they put so much effort into it. They are still continuing to improve The Handy, however before they released it their aim was to make it the best masturbation machine on the market from day one.

The Handy Smart Masturbator Packaging

The packaging of The Handy is very elegant, like the toy itself. It would make a great gift for a partner.

The Handy itself is all black, a mix of matte and shinier plastics. The aesthetic design and style of the toy is very elegant and minimalist, exactly what I’d expect from a Scandinavian company. The great thing about the toy’s design is that it can easily look like a computer modem or smart speaker. So long as you don’t leave the masturbation sleeve on, there is no need to hide this sex toy away. This is definitely an area where the Handy does better than a toy like the Fleshlight Launch for instance (which is more recognisable).

The Handy is made from body-safe materials. The sleeve that your penis goes into is made from TPE.

One thing I feel like mentioning here is that The Handy comes with a 14 days no questions asked money-back guarantee. So if you’re not happy with it you can send it back for a full refund. The company claims that only 1% of people have actually done this, showing how much people like the toy.

Freedom to use many different masturbation sleeves and strokers

At the time of writing, there is only one official ‘True Grip’ sleeve that comes from The Handy. The company plans to bring out more sleeves in the near future. However you can use other unofficial sleeves with The Handy. For instance, you can use Fleshlight’s Quickshot and also other similar sized masturbation sleeves. I also successfully used the Tenga Flip Orb with the Handy.

The Handy Smart Masturbator Strap

The reason you can use so many unofficial sleeves with the Handy is because the sleeve holder is a simple velcro strap. The beauty of this velcro strap is that it allows many masturbation sleeves to fit onto The Handy. Another major bonus to buying The Handy rather than the other available smart masturbation toys.

There’s also more good news because in the future we may have an actual Fleshlight adapter for the Handy that will allow full-size Fleshlight’s to be used on it with ease.

No need for batteries

The Handy comes with a power adapter. Every time you want to masturbate with The Handy you have to plug it into your power outlet. The adapter itself looks a little like a laptop charger and indeed, my laptop’s charger is also able to power The Handy. Therefore my laptop can also be powered by The Handy’s charger 😉 Very useful in case I ever lose a power adapter. Eve’s laptop charger isn’t compatible with The Handy however, so it isn’t guaranteed that yours will power it.

The Handy Smart Masturbator Power Adapter

I thought that plugging in The Handy every time I wanted to use it would be a pain but actually it’s never a problem. One of the downsides to The Handy being powered this way is that it’s not waterproof, so you have to be careful when you clean it. The only other downside is that because of the charger, The Handy takes up a little more storage space. I personally keep The Handy in its original box because that way it’s easy to keep it all together.

The Handy Shop

Video of The Handy in action

What makes The Handy a smart sex toy?

The Handy is extremely clever. This is a list of some things it can do besides being used manually via the control buttons:

  • The Handy is a Wi-fi enabled sex toy.
  • It can also be connected via Bluetooth.
  • It can sync with adult videos, meaning it will masturbate you at the same speed as the action on-screen.
  • It can be remote-controlled from the other side of the world by a sexual partner (or anyone you choose), making it an ideal sex toy for long-distance relationships.
  • It has 10 different sensors that all help you be lazy so your mind to focus on other things 😉
  • Compatibility (in future firmware updates) for it to work with Amazon and Google smart devices.
  • It can work with your Wi-Fi router even if your router has a VPN like ExpressVPN installed.
  • Future updates coming!

The Handy also has its own active Reddit group, where you can ask any question you may have or get involved with the active community there.

The Handy Shop

Experience The Handy Smart Blowjob Machine

Connecting The Handy to Wi-Fi

The first time I used The Handy was with the Handy Feeling website (that’s the company’s adult film website). I found The Handy a little difficult to set up initially. However if you’re capable of connecting a home printer to your WiFi, you’ll be fine with this. It just requires a little patience. I had to try three times to get the Handy synced to my wi-fi and ready to go.

The mistake I made was thinking I needed to connect the device to the computer every time I use it. You only connect it directly to your computer once to enter your WiFi details into the Handy. After that, the Handy connects to your WiFi on its own and can be found by your computer just like a WiFi-enabled printer can be.

I’d prefer something a little less abstract than the flashing LED light. The light flashes in different colours and patterns to signify different things about the Handy’s status. You’ll probably remember the patterns eventually and not have to refer to the manual though. It just adds a small learning curve to the device. I won’t bore you with the different status codes of the light because a full guide to that come with The Handy itself.

Update 2021: The Handy has just released their third firmware update and now it is a little easier to set up the toy. They have made an app called HandyConnect and that makes getting the Handy set up with your Wifi way easier than when I first reviewed the toy. It would be nice if in the future the HandyConnect app also allows the toy to sync to porn websites via a QR code. For now the app only sets up the wifi of the toy.

Syncing The Handy with adult films / porn

The Handy Feeling porn website
Screenshot of The Handy Feeling website (nudity blurred by us)

After you set up the Handy with your Wi-Fi, it is possible to sync it with  There you can find a limited selection of adult films that you can sync to The Handy for free. In the future the company is planning to add more videos. They are also going to make deals with other adult film websites to get The Handy working on other adult film websites. Be aware however that it won’t just work with any adult film. The adult film has to have a compatible sync file (known as a funscript).

I am not a big fan of porn however in the interests of providing you with a good review, I used the Handy with several of the videos on the Handy Feeling’s website. I confirm that the sync works very well, it’s quite impressive actually. If someone on screen is giving a blowjob, your Handy will move at the same speed as the hand and mouth on the penis. If people are having sex, The Handy will move at exactly the same speed with the same intensity. So yes, The Handy syncs with porn really well!

It is possible to make your own funscripts so that you can use The Handy with any porn file you wish. However it is a time-consuming process and there will be a learning curve. Apparently it is possible to use the free 3D software Blender to convert sync files to funscripts. I imagine you can also make the scripts from scratch with the same program.

Update 2021: There are still not many external porn websites that support the Handy. I can’t personally find much porn that works for me using these kinds of toys. The porn available for them is all very vanilla and is only really good if you’re straight. Even though I’m straight, I still need better porn than what is available at the moment!

The Handy Shop

Remote controlling The Handy from the other side of the world

The Handy Remote control website screenshot
Screenshot of The Handy Remote Control website

Above is an image of the remote control website you can give to your partner to control your device. It’s the same website you use for the adult films above. All you need to do is give the partner your connection key so that they can connect to your device and start controlling it. The beauty of this system means that you can ask anyone from anywhere in the world to control your device. That means even if I live in France and Eve moves to Australia, she can still get me off 😉

The aesthetic of the remote control is a bit basic so I think they could improve that a little. I would imagine they have some mobile apps in the works but that’s not promised yet as far as I’m aware. As it stands though, the remote control website already works extremely well.

Eve and I tested it while she was away from home. We both set up web cameras and then she connected to the website to control The Handy. I won’t gross you out with details but needless to say this was the hottest remote sex we’ve had.

The Handy Smart Masturbator

How does the Handy feel?

Being wanked by The Handy feels damn amazing. Even with the basic sleeves that are available at the time of writing, it feels great. The first time I had an orgasm with The Handy it was so strong that I just sat staring into the distance for a while. That’s how damn good it feels. Having Eve control it feels the best for me. The nodules and bumps inside the TrueGrip sleeve are well placed and the toy never fails to bring me to climax.

As you may have seen in my video above, The Handy’s stroke length and speed can be adjusted. I enjoy using long slow strokes when I first start using the device and then using the shorter faster strokes as I’m nearing orgasm. The reason I prefer Eve to control it for me is because she introduces randomness to it. When she uses it I’m not sure how it will change. If I use The Handy alone I don’t tend to change the settings as much which isn’t as exciting. If you use it with adult films, that also introduces a lot of variation to stroke length and speed.

The Handy Masturbation Sleeve

The amazing thing is that you can use so many different unofficial and popular sleeves with The Handy. You can also use any different water-based lube with The Handy, including heating / cooling lubes. The different possible sensations are far and wide.

The official Handy sleeves are soft to the touch, very flexible and they feel really great. I’m looking forward to additional sleeves however because they could be improved on (they don’t feel as premium as others I’ve used such as Fleshlight’s). That said, the sleeves are very robust. I was afraid that the sleeves would break easily but it turns out that they are built to last. I’ve used the sleeves many times now, sometimes quite aggressively and they show no sign of degradation so far. You can turn the sleeves inside out without breaking them too. Useful for cleaning however occasionally I’ve slipped my penis inside while it was the wrong way around. It doesn’t feel as good the wrong way around!

Update 2021: The Handy have now released other True Grip sleeves that come in different firmnesses and they have open ends! Maybe worth considering getting one if you’re ordering a Handy.

The Handy Shop

Adjusting grip strength on The Handy

Depending on your preferences, you can adjust the grip of the handy to be firm or light. All you need to do is adjust the tension of the velcro sleeve. This means even if you are used to a heavy grip while masturbating, The Handy is going to be great for you.

One thing I really didn’t like about The Handy though was adjusting the velcro grip whilst masturbating. Almost every time I used the Handy I had to adjust the grip. I find the velcro straps fiddly and adjusting them during use takes me out of the moment. If The Handy company improves anything, it should be this in my opinion.

The velcro straps (known as TrueGrip Straps) can be detached and reattached very easily. This means it’s easy to clean them and it’s also easy to replace them. The velcro is quite strong and hasn’t ever come loose during use.

Other ideas for The Handy

As I mentioned, I don’t support the use of porn because I think it is harmful to our sexual health. I tested out The Handy with audio-erotica however and that is amazingly hot! Because the device needs only be held in place while it masturbates you, you can even read erotica while using it. I’d love to see The Handy releasing some audio erotica functionality.

I’d also love to see an update in the future that allows The Handy to be synced with music. To be honest it is very easy to sync with music already because you need only set it to the right speed. However some variation during the music would be a nice idea too.

Partner Play with the Desire P-Spot Vibrator

The Handy is a toy you’d usually use in partner play remotely rather than when you’re actually together. Eve and I still tested it during sex though and it works pretty well. It isn’t so interesting to use in this way though because Eve is just holding the device and pressing buttons. She says it’s still really hot to watch my cock being squeezed and stroked with it, especially with the transparent sleeve. However, it’s not really a toy you use when you’re physically together. The Handy has been designed for solo masturbation and for long distance sex. At those two things, it’s great.

Cleaning The Handy

The Handy is not waterproof, so it isn’t the easiest toy to clean. The best way to clean the machine itself is to wet a cloth and wipe the device over. It’s also a good idea to spray a little sex toy cleaner on a cloth to wipe it down with that too.

The masturbation sleeves for The Handy are actually very easy to clean, far easier than Fleshlights. You just rinse the sleeve out with warm water and spray it with a sex toy cleaner. The sleeves dry quite quickly too which is great. You can even turn the sleeves inside out to clean them more thoroughly.


The Handy has no equal as far as I’m concerned. It is an amazing sex toy and has set the bar high for other smart sex toys. The thing I like most about The Handy is how good it would be for a long distance relationship. Using this toy would be a really great way to keep the spice in a relationship going, even if you’re in a different part of the world to one another.

Some people will love the fact that the Handy can be synced with adult videos. It certainly adds a lot of variation to the masturbation experience of the Handy. I prefer to get someone else to control The Handy remotely though, for me it’s far hotter.

The Handy’s main weak point for me is the velcro sleeve that I find fiddly to adjust when my penis is already inside the sleeve. The Handy is not waterproof and must be powered using its long adapter cable. I don’t personally consider that a weak point but I know some people prefer battery-operated toys.

I’m really looking forward to the future updates that the company has planned and I recommend The Handy 110%! It is one of the most revolutionary sex toys I’ve used in a long time.

There is no real harm in trying The Handy out. I think you’ll love it and if you don’t the company offers a 14 day no questions money-back guarantee. That’s pretty rare for sex toy companies!

SweetTech AS The Handy

Score: 8.5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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10 / 10


9 / 10

Partner play

10 / 10


7 / 10

Design to use again in the future

10 / 10


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This toy was sent for free by SweetTech AS for an honest review and this page contains affiliate links. Thank you SweetTech AS!

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