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Tenga Flip Orb Blue Rush Review

A tight fit…

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First impressions of the Tenga Flip Orb

We were recently sent the Tenga Flip Orb Blue Rush by our friends at Passage du Desir. I’ve always been interested in Tenga toys so I was happy to accept!

Like the other toys in Tenga’s flip series, the Flip Orb opens out to help with drying and applying lubrication. My main complaint with the Fleshlight Classic was that it takes a lifetime to dry after it has been cleaned. The Flip Orb requires very little time to dry and unlike the Fleshlight, its material doesn’t need to be powdered.

The packaging of the Tenga Flip Orb is all plastic so looks tacky which is disappointing. I would prefer a simpler, biodegradable box. Tenga includes two free samples of their lube in the box which is helpful. However they provide no way to store the toy itself. This for me is a problem, because the Flip Orb has exposed soft TPE (rubbery) material. This soft rubbery material can collect a lot of dust very easily.

So long as the toy is clean and dust free though, the Tenga Flip Orb looks awesome. Its design is very modern and looks kind of nice on our bedroom shelf.

The texture on the inside of the Flip Orb is made of of a body safe TPE material. It is soft to the touch though more rigid than the material that Fleshlight uses. Its material is also less sticky than Fleshlight’s, which is a good thing. There are plastic knobs underlying the soft material which makes for an interesting mix of textures. We’ll see how this performs in practice.

Experience using the Tenga Flip Orb Blue Rush

To use the Flip Orb I clicked open the toy and applied a sachet of their ‘Hole Lotion‘ / lube to the inside, then applied some to my penis. The Hole Lotion was extremely thick and sticky. It stuck to my hand so when I pulled it away I had a string of lube stretching from the toy to my fingers. It’s a body safe, water based lube. While not a big fan of its thickness, the lube is very long lasting.

Closing the Flip Orb I slid it onto my penis and began masturbating. My first impression was that the toy was too tight. It has pressure points (the orbs) that I could squeeze. However due to the tight fit of this toy, I found squeezing it uncomfortable. This is my main problem with the Flip Orb, it hasn’t been made to accommodate more girthy penises. I’m almost 6 inches in circumference, so if you are the same or bigger you may want to skip this toy.

The textures inside the toy look quite impressive. Yet in use, I don’t find the texture of the Flip Orb Blue Rush remarkable. I don’t know if it’s due to the very tight fit but for me the experience was underwhelming.

The Orgasm (solo play – Adam)

Using the Flip Orb in masturbation, I am able to reach orgasm quickly. The experience of masturbating with the Flip Orb is definitely a different one than if I simply used my hand. Yet I can’t say that using the Flip Orb feels significantly better than my hand.

I am far more impressed with the Fleshlight Mini Lotus than the Flip Orb. The Mini Lotus sleeve in the Fleshlight caresses and massages my penis. The Flip Orb simply rubs my penis. Therein lies the difference. The material in the Flip Orb is soft but the Fleshlight’s material is softer. The Fleshlight Classic also accommodates my girth far better than the Tenga Flip Orb.

This isn’t to say the Flip Orb is a bad toy. It’s a good toy. However in my comparison based on orgasm, it doesn’t hold up to the competition.

Partner Play with the Tenga Flip Orb

Adam’s point of view

The first time I used the Flip Orb with Eve, I was excited but I wasn’t expecting anything better out of the Flip Orb than I had experienced on my own. I was ready for an orgasm but not a great orgasm. Yet it turns out that for me the Flip Orb is better in partner play than solo play.

I started using the toy on myself while Eve played with another toy on herself. My experience with the Flip Orb was still underwhelming at this point. I was enjoying it but the feeling wasn’t anything special.

Then Eve began using the toy on me and everything changed. Having her use the toy on me is a way better experience. She slowly pumped it up and down on me, teasing and massaging me with it. The slight element of surprise helps me find the Flip Orb less monotonous and more enjoyable it seems. After pumping the toy on my penis slowly for some time, Eve started pumping it faster until I came. The orgasm was great and had me groaning a lot.

The fact that Eve also enjoys using the toy on me helps a lot too. The Flip Orb fits better into her hand than the Fleshlight Classic does. For that reason, the Flip Orb wins the comparison in partner play.

Eve’s point of view

As Adam said, I really preferred the handling of the Flip Orb over the Classic Fleshlight: smaller, lighter, much more manageable. It’s very easy to use, one hand is enough, and it definitely pleased this gentleman 😉 At first, I was not sure how wide my movement should be. How far up? How far down ? But Adam guided my hand for a few seconds and I quickly got the pace. I tried the pressure wings, but I could see that it bothered him more than anything else (which suited me better, because I did not have to apply as much pressure on the toy, and so I could relax the muscles of my hand). This might not be my favorite toy to use on Adam during our games, but I will definitely go back to it!

Cleaning the Tenga Flip Orb

This toy requires a little more cleaning because it has a lot of textures on the sleeve inside. Especially if you’re using the Tenga Hole Lotion you will need to make sure you rub your fingers inside all of the nooks and crannies of the texture inside. I used some mild sex toy cleaner to finish the job, then left the Flip Orb to dry on a table for a few hours. It dried very quickly. Overall it’s much easier to clean a Tenga Flip Orb than a Fleshlight Classic.

However the Tenga Flip Orb has its soft material partially on the outside of the sex toy’s case. Therefore it collects dust there easily which is a shame. In my opinion they need to cover the soft material entirely or provide a way to store the toy.


While I like the Tenga Flip Orb, it’s not on my top 10 list. I find the toy too tight for my penis and the soft material on the inside isn’t quite soft enough. It’s a great toy for Eve to use on me in couple play, which is most likely the only way I’ll use it in future.

I would recommend this toy only if your penis girth is a circumference of 5.5 inches or below. I am close to 6 inches in circumference and while I can use the toy, it isn’t comfortable.

I prefer the feeling and orgasms I get from my Fleshlight Mini Lotus. Yet the Fleshlight is a nightmare to clean when compared with the Tenga Flip Orb.

Score: 5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

How to buy

Unfortunately, most shops don’t stock this toy anymore. If you click the link below, you can find other Tenga toys at your most local store.

See other Tenga masturbators

This toy was sent for free by Passage du Désir for an honest review and this page contains affiliate links. Thank you Passage du Désir!

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