Fleshlight Angela White Review

Fleshlight Angela White Review

The Indulge masturbation sleeve is the result of a collaboration between Fleshlight and pornstar Angela White. It has been several years since I tried a full size Fleshlight so I thought I’d test it. The results of my Angela White Fleshlight review are mostly disappointing. Yet I’ll give it a fair review and recommend some of my preferred alternatives for you.

To review the Fleshlight Angela White, I bought it myself. This page nevertheless contains affiliate links. If you click them then I may get a small commission should you purchase anything from those shops. I appreciate the support because that’s the only way I get money for writing these detailed reviews for you!

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First Impressions of the Angela White Fleshlight

Score: 4 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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This Fleshlight Angela White review started off fairly well. I really like the white plastic casing of the toy. The appearance of the Fleshlight Girls cases are much better than the original black Fleshlight cases. This white case doesn’t get as blemished as the black cases do.

The orifice of the Angela White Fleshlight is designed based off of a mould of her vagina. It also has her signature on the side. The packaging of the toy has a few images of her on the sides too.

I bought this myself, so I knew what I was buying. The reason I wanted to test a toy from the Fleshlight Girls range was because I assumed that it would be a higher quality than Fleshlight’s classic toys (like the Mini Lotus I tested previously). However, I would be very disappointed (more on that later, under my experience with the toy).

Fleshlight Angela White Indulge

The main thing you need to ask yourself is, is the idea of using a sex toy moulded to a pornstar’s intimate parts creepy? I’ll be honest, I don’t really care. Angela White is a beautiful woman, yet for me this is just another Fleshlight sleeve. For my girlfriend however, this is a mould of another woman’s vagina. Eve is very open minded and we openly discuss things like threesomes. Yet for Eve, the idea of using the mould of some woman’s vagina is weird and lame.

Did that stop me reviewing the Angela White Fleshlight? No and Eve doesn’t mind me using it. But it’s an important consideration. This toy doesn’t turn Eve on because of her thoughts about it, therefore it isn’t fun to use this toy in partner play (unlike the Mini Lotus sleeve which is the same size).

If your partner gets upset about stuff like this, then buy a non-pornstar one. The one I have tested previously is better anyway.

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Experience with the Angela White Fleshlight

I was pretty excited to review the Angela White Fleshlight. Why? Because I thought Fleshlight Girls toys must be better, seeing as they are a big marketing point for the company. My actual experience however, was meh.

Every time I tested the Angela White Fleshlight for this review, I was disappointed. The texture is so subtle that it does nothing for me. This toy is nothing in comparison with the Mini Lotus.

Don’t get me wrong, this toy can get me off. It can even do it fast. It’s just that the texture may as well not be there. There is nothing special about it at all.

Fleshlight Angela White Indulge Packaging
The packaging with an image of the inside texture.

The one upside to the texture being so subtle and non existent, is that this toy can be good to use while doing prostate massage. With prostate massage you don’t typically want to overstimulate the penis, because the goal is to focus on the prostate. Using the Angela White Fleshlight while using a prostate massager is actually pretty good. Yet this alone won’t save it.

The Fleshlight Angela White works in the same way as other Fleshlight Girls or Fleshlight Classic toys. You pour in a generous quantity of lube to the sleeve, then you slide your penis inside and masturbate with it. You cannot squeeze the sides of Fleshlight cases, so if the texture isn’t interesting enough then you’re out of luck. You can however adjust the tightness/resistance of the masturbator by using the screw-cap at the end of the masturbator.

I always leave the screw cap tightened right up on the Fleshlight Angela White, otherwise it just isn’t enjoyable enough.

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How to clean the Fleshlight Angela White

Like all other full sized Fleshlight’s, the Angela White Indulge sleeve is a pain in the ass to clean. You take the sleeve out, rinse it out thoroughly with water and then spray sex toy cleaner into the sleeve. Then you have to leave the sleeve out in the air to dry for up to 24 hours (depends on your climate). After the sleeve dries, you have to apply renewing powder or corn starch to it, so that it doesn’t stick together too much. What a pain in the ass. During the summer, you can leave it in direct sunlight and it will dry faster.

Fleshlight Angela White sleeve
Leaving the sleeve in direct sunlight can dry it faster.

The plastic case is easy to clean. You just rinse it with water and spray it with cleaning spray.

So what happens if you don’t clean the Fleshlight sleeve properly? If you don’t let it dry properly? Well my friend, you’ll get a dick infection, that’s what will happen. You’ll get a really annoying dick infection that takes a few days to heal. While you have the infection, the tip of your penis will be red, painful and sad. So if you buy a Fleshlight, wash and dry it properly. Trust me, you don’t want a dick infection. I’ve had several and it never gets less annoying.

Conclusion on my Angela White Fleshlight Review

I like many of Fleshlight’s OTHER products. The Quickshot is fun in partner play, the Mini Lotus is an amazing sleeve. The Fleshlight Angela White is disappointing though. I’m throwing it straight in the trash after this review. It’s not so bad that I have to do that but as a sex toy reviewer, I have so many sex toys that I can’t keep them all. This one isn’t making it to my permanent collection.

I’ll repeat this, Angela White is a beautiful woman. She’s sexy as hell. Fleshlight is also a company that make some great masturbators. Yet this masturbator is boring. It’s so boring that I don’t even have much bad to say about it, other than it is boring.

The texture is boring. The experience is boring. The orgasms are boring. Waiting for it to dry is boring and repowdering it is really fucking boring. Boring, boring, boring.

The masturbator is well put together, the cyber skin material feels great as always. It’s just this texture… it’s just too boring. When I know how good some of the other Fleshlight sleeves are, I just can’t let them off the hook with this sleeve. Angela White wanted to work with them and they gave her one of their most boring textures ever. I don’t understand it… but there we go. Fleshlight clearly works in mysterious ways.

Want a Fleshlight that isn’t boring? Choose the Mini Lotus. It’s one of the best masturbators I’ve tried. Or try the Quickshot. It wasn’t my favourite but your partner can still give you a blowjob while using it on you. Or try the Turbo.

There you go, my Angela White Fleshlight review is finished, thank god. What a bore fest.

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Fleshlight Angela White Indulge

Score: 4 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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