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Review: Pulse Solo Interactive (Kiiroo & Hot Octopuss Collab)

pulse solo interactive review

Hot Octopuss has teamed up with Kiiroo to bring you this latest interactive toy, the Pulse Solo Interactive. To say that this toy has been a pleasant surprise for me would be an understatement! I’ve been a fan of the Pulse toys by Hot Octopuss for quite a number of years, so the idea of an interactive one was music to my ears. Is it any good though? Let’s find out in my review of the Pulse Solo Interactive!

The Pulse Solo Interactive was sent to me for free by Kiiroo in return for an honest review. This page contains affiliate links and while it doesn’t cost you anything to click on them, that does help support my website – so thank you!

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First Impressions of the Pulse Solo Interactive

Score: 9 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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I tend to not like overcomplicating things with sex toys, so I was worried that all the interactive features of the Pulse Solo Interactive (including porn sync) might burden it slightly. It isn’t an issue though because the Pulse Solo Interactive can be used just as easily as all of the other Pulse toys I’ve owned. It has the ability to connect to the Feel Connect 3 phone app via bluetooth but you don’t have to use it in that way if you don’t want to.

The Feel Connect 3 app is where all the interactive magic happens for this particular version of the Pulse. With that app (available for free in the App Store and Google Play Store), the Pulse Solo Interactive can be remote controlled from anywhere in the World and synced to compatible porn websites. We’ll get to my experience with all of that later on in the review.

The Pulse Solo Interactive is not burdened at all by the technology inside it. I was actually surprised to see that it doesn’t look much different to the other Pulse toys I’ve had. It has the same shape and even the same amount of buttons. The only noticeable difference is the “Pulse Solo Interactive” written on it and also Kiiroo’s logo.

Who are Hot Octopuss and Kiiroo?

For those of you that don’t know either company, Hot Octopuss is a British company famous for their powerful vibrating toys (like the Pulse) and Kiiroo is a company from Amsterdam known for their interactive toys. I’ve tested products by both companies before and it’s really great to see them mixing their strengths together for the Pulse Solo Interactive. We have the powerful motor and great design of Hot Octopuss combined with the impressive interactive features of Kiiroo.

Vibrating interactivity = better than stroking (in my opinion)

I’ll drop a quick spoiler straight away… I much prefer this toy to the Kiiroo Keon I tested before (which is an auto-stroker). For me, vibration lends itself to interactive play better than masturbators/strokers do. I’ll explain a little more in my experience section but the most obvious benefit is that vibrators are much smaller than auto-strokers. It’s very easy for me to keep the Pulse Solo Lux next to my bed or in a drawer and be using it with an interactive porn website in minutes. This vibrator is also MUCH faster to clean and dry than masturbators are.

It’s for this reason that the Pulse Solo Interactive is such a breath of fresh air for me. An interactive toy that I can actually hope to use on a regular basis without having big units and cables everywhere.

This version of the Pulse comes with 8 different oscillation speeds and has a turbo mode button, which switches the maximum intensity of the toy on and off. The turbo button is more useful than you’d imagine, because sometimes right after climax, the maximum intensity can be too much and the ability to turn it back down with that button really helps.

How powerful is this vibrator?

pulse solo interactive packaging
Comparison to other models.

The Pulse Solo Lux oscillates/vibrates at 4450 rpm. I have another similar model to this (the Duo Lux) and regularly refer to it as the most powerful penis vibrator I own. The Pulse Solo Lux is the same strength as that model. Neither is as powerful as the Doxy Die Cast (a very powerful wand), however they are still the most powerful dedicated penis vibrators I have.

Unlike the Lux models, the Pulse Solo Interactive doesn’t have a physical remote control. This doesn’t matter in my opinion, because you can remote control it from the FeelConnect 3 app.

Battery life isn’t huge though

pulse solo interactive charging port

The Pulse Solo Interactive has a battery life of up to 1 hour and it takes 3 hours to recharge. You can’t use it while it charges which is a shame, so be organised if you want to get this toy and keep it well charged! The one hour battery life is actually decent for the power this toy has and I doubt it’ll be an issue for most people because the vibration/oscillation motor is so strong that it would be challenging to last a whole hour with it on!!

The recharge time is disappointing though. I think that Hot Octopuss/Kiiroo needs to work on that if they bring out other interactive models in the future.

What’s in the box?

pulse solo interactive contents

I have an unboxing video / demo further down the page. When you get the Pulse Solo Interactive, you get a charging cable and storage bag with it. When I received mine, I also received a coupon for an interactive porn website so that I could trial it.

Latest Price – Pulse Solo Interactive

Experience with the Pulse Solo Interactive

Believe it or not, I was a little hesitant before my first try of the Pulse Solo Interactive. I was a bit worried that the app stuff would spoil the toy. Not at all though… it was a really easy set up. I downloaded the Feel Connect 3 app, pressed the on button on the Pulse and had it paired with my phone within a couple of minutes. A few minutes later, I had it connected to Porn Hub. It really is a very easy set up.

I’ve now used the Pulse Solo Interactive MANY more times than I needed to for this review. That’s a very good sign because usually with toys, I have to leave them alone after a few tries and move onto the next one I need to test and review. The Pulse Solo Interactive is too fun for me to leave alone though… this one will be staying by my bedside for quite some time.

Requires very little warm up time (as opposed to strokers)

I was immediately struck by how much better vibrators are for interactive sex toy content than strokers are. The thing is, I don’t need to be warmed up when placing my penis inside the Pulse… I can even be flaccid if I want. Because there isn’t a big masturbator moving up and down on me, there is no risk of me being uncomfortable when it starts moving before I’m ready. The vibrator just switches on and gradually makes me hard as the video starts up.

How vibration sync feels

pulse solo interactive feel connect
FeelConnect App after connecting Pulse Solo Interactive.
pulse solo interactive feel connect
FeelConnect App after connecting to interactive website.

I tried using the Pulse Solo Interactive with the FeelXVideos website because there was a coupon in the box with the toy for it. Porn Hub also has a free interactive section that I tested the toy with. In both cases the toy works pretty well.

Instead of something moving up and down, it’s the intensity of the vibration motor that goes up and down. It does a fairly good job though it isn’t exact-exact. I’m not personally bothered if it’s not exactly in sync anyway, it’s just nice for the experience to be totally hands free. It’s like having someone control the toy for me!

It was a little strange at first to feel the vibrations sync up to movement on screen. With the Handy and Kiiroo Keon I was used to the movement on screen being reflected in the thrusts of the machines. The vibrations attempt to mimic the movements on screen, though obviously the vibrator doesn’t move. I found the vibration syncing to be very interesting. It isn’t a literal translation like the movement of auto-strokers are but it’s very fun and is way less harsh on the penis than auto-strokers are.

From start to finish… I prefer having automatic vibration sync from the Pulse Solo Interactive than automatic stroking from other toys. It’s easier, it’s more comfortable and it’s hot as f*ck. I actually wanted to last longer on my first go with the Pulse Solo Interactive but it was doing so well that I climaxed before being able to take the toy away. Trust me… this is a rarity for interactive toys with me. Usually I have some kind of issue with them.

It’s the most fun toy I’ve used with interactive porn.

How well does the Pulse stay in sync with porn?

The quality of a sync relies quite heavily on how well the funscript for any particular video is made. That said, there are some differences with the Pulse vs some of the stroking toys I have.

Sometimes I found that the interactive vibration stops and starts at strange points in the videos I watched. It’s almost as though the compatibility isn’t 100% or there may be some porn script videos that aren’t well made. Either way, it’s more noticeable when a vibrator stops vibrating than when a stroker stops or slows down. It could actually be that while a stroker might continue moving very slowly, the vibrator has a minimum velocity that it needs to move at. To be honest though, these occasional pauses didn’t bother me during use. It actually helps for the toy to pause sometimes because otherwise I would climax too quickly (the Pulse Solo Interactive is a VERY powerful vibrator).

Slide controler in the FeelConnect 3 App

feelconnect slider control
The slider control in the FeelConnect 3 App.

Even when I’m not using the porn sync or the long distance remote control for the Pulse Solo Interactive, I REALLY like using the slider control in the FeelConnect 3 app. The great thing about that slider is I can easily create varied patterns that rise and fall in intensity. I much prefer controlling the toy this way than with the physical buttons.

The physical buttons are still great to have obviously, it’s just this slider control in the app offers far more flexibility.

Long Distance Remote Control with the Pulse Solo Interactive

Seeing as it’s able to connect to the FeelConnect 3 app (available for both Android and iPhone), the Pulse Solo Interactive can also be used for long distance sex. You just connect with a partner inside the app and then send them a control request.

Long distance remote control works in pretty much the same way as it did with the Kiiroo Keon that I tested several months ago. It’s just as easy to set up and works great. The added advantage with the Pulse Solo Interactive is that if you’re playing with the toy together on camera, your partner will be able to see your penis inside the toy. My girlfriend always prefers it when she can see what’s happening to my penis while she plays with it and prefers not to miss the golden moment of climax. With the Pulse Solo Interactive, whoever is watching you on cam will be able to see your cumshot, so in this respect… the Pulse Solo Interactive gets full marks for long distance sex!

Latest Price – Pulse Solo Interactive

Video demo of the Pulse Solo Interactive

In this short video demo, you’ll see me use the toy without app features and then with app features (connecting it to interactive content). In both cases, you’ll see that it’s very easy. Also pay attention to the noise, because it’s a fairly noisy vibrator.

I wouldn’t personally be comfortable using the Pulse Solo Interactive if there was someone in an adjacent room. That said, I don’t think someone would hear it several walls away, at the opposite side of my apartment.


The Pulse Solo Interactive is completely waterproof so it’s very easy to wash. It also dries very quickly. The drying time makes it SUCH a better toy than auto-strokers are, because with auto-strokers, it takes masturbator sleeves hours to dry. With the Pulse Solo Interactive, it can literally be back in your drawer in minutes if you thoroughly dry it with a towel.

In conclusion of my review of the Pulse Solo Interactive

pulse solo interactive kiiroo hot Octopuss

There’s no doubt about it, the Pulse Solo Interactive is so far the best toy I’ve tested for the penis in 2021. I don’t give out compliments like that so lightly; this toy honestly does merit it!

The Pulse Solo Interactive is a REALLY fun toy to use. I didn’t think the Pulse toys could get much better but I was wrong. Having this toy with the ability to sync to porn websites is really worth having and I fully recommend even old Pulse users consider getting this one. As I said, I much prefer having an interactive vibrator to having an interactive stroker.

There is some slight room for improvement with this toy. I think it would be better for there to be a redesign in the way the toy is charged so that the toy can be used while it charges. The magnetic charger is good and everything but it’s too easy for the cable to fall off if the toy is moving around. It’d be better really for this version of the toy to have a charger that actually plugs into it.

One hour battery life vs 3 hours charging time is going to be a frustration to some people when it isn’t possible to use the toy while it charges. As I said, one hour of usage time is going to be enough for a couple of sessions. I do think the battery life vs charge time is this toy’s biggest weakness however.

Overall, I really like this toy and fully recommend it!

Use the code ObsessionRouge to get a 10% discount on the Pulse Solo Interactive at Kiiroo’s official website!

Latest Price – Pulse Solo Interactive

Hot Octopuss / Kiiroo Pulse Solo Interactive

Score: 9 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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9 / 10


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Desire to use again

10 / 10

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  • Jeremy says:

    I’ve never had an electronic toy or an interactive one for that matter but I just ordered this one. My SO has the Doxy Die Cast and A Satisfyer toy but I’ve never used those on myself. I think I’m most excited to try something interactive. Now I need to look up interactive toys she can use.

    Thank you for the informative review.

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