Review: Lovense Calor – 3 Month Test & Usage Guide

lovense calor review

Three months ago, I got my hands on the Lovense Calor, an smart sex toy for penises that doubles up as a stroker and vibrator. Having previously enjoyed the Max 2 by the same company (another penis stimulator), I had high hopes for the Calor! So after months of testing, what did I think? Find out in my Lovense Calor review!

The Lovense Calor was sent to me for free by Lovense in return for an honest review. This page contains affiliate links and if you use them it costs you nothing but it really helps me continue to provide these detailed reviews and fund the ever increasing running costs of this website. I’m an independent tester, so thank you to those of you supporting me!

Score: 9.4 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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Brief initial summary: How did the Calor do overall?

While my motto is simple is better, the Lovense Calor has thankfully really impressed me. The stimulation feels great, the toy gives me good orgasms and I find it easy to both use and clean. So the Calor has all of the basics covered for me. On top of that, the smart features were easy to use and worked well.

The main reason I review these smart toys is because I know that many of you find the smart features useful. I’m more old school myself and so while I find the smart features interesting, I always put stimulation and usability first. If the toy has a heap of features but either stimulation or usability are a problem, I usually don’t like the toy. Anyway, I’m happy to say, I really like the Lovense Calor. Its basic (non-smart) stimulation modes are great, it will fit a lot of people and all the smart features work well. If that’s all you wanted to know from my review of the Calor then great. For those of you that want more detail, images and a video, let’s dive in further and find out why I came to this conclusion.

Official Lovense Calor Website

Basic details of the Lovense Calor

lovense calor review
Lovense Calor – what’s included

The Lovense Calor is a rechargeable penis toy that will last you up to 2 hours depending on usage (it has a lot of features). I definitely got between 1.5 – 2hrs out of it while using it over several months. The charger is magnetic so sticks onto the side of the toy as shown below. The toy provides stimulation in the form of vibration and heating. You can also provide manual stimulation by using the toy as a stroker and squeezing it. It’s made of silicone and ABS plastic, which are body-safe and non-porous (a good thing).

lovense calor charging
Lovense Calor charging with it’s magnetic charger.

The Calor is 100% waterproof and can be taken with you into the shower or bath. For me, it just means that the toy is really easy to clean, because I don’t have to worry about where the water goes.

lovense calor squeeze
Easy to hold in my hand.

It’s a fairly compact toy, so can be transported easily and is ergonomic when I hold it in my hand. Its smaller size also means that it’s easy to hide in a clothes drawer, bag etc. Quite obvious but the Calor isn’t small enough to be wearable. It’s outer dimensions are 6.26 inches long and 2.76 inches in width. I’ll talk more about the insertable dimensions just below.

Double ended toy

lovense calor review
The Lovense Calor with its caps on.
lovense calor review
Lovense Calor with caps off.

The Lovense Calor has two differently sized ends. I assume this is to accommodate a wider range of penis girths, which I absolutely love. The ends of the toy are a continuation of the soft silicone of the interior and they are protected with two hard ABS plastic caps that pop on and off. It’s a neat design and I like the way this cover system works.

If you’re in a same sex relationship, just note that while the Lovense Calor is double ended, it isn’t really designed for two penises to be at either end. You could certainly try it but there is only 6 inches of insertable length, so you’d have to share that with your partner.

What lube to use with the Calor

Just a very brief note on lube – you need water-based lube. So no silicone, hybrid or oil lube. Make sure it’s water-based for this toy! I recommend always using the Calor with lube, because its silicone would be a bit too grippy for me without it.

Lovense Calor penis size advice

lovense calor size
Lovense Calor measured in cm.

Most penises will fit inside the Lovense Calor with no problem. The main people who should measure to check first are those that know their penis is girthy. A cheap pair of calipers can help measuring diameter, or you could just eye the measurement carefully with a ruler. Measure when you’re fully hard and at the widest point.

The insertable size of the Calor is 6.02 in x 1.79 in x 1.18 in. The only measurements there that matter are the two diameters of 1.79 inches and 1.18 inches. The length of 6.02 doesn’t matter because the toy is open ended anyway, so even if you’re larger than 6.02 (as I am) then you’ll be fine.

To figure out if you’ll be able to fit in the Lovense Calor, measure your penis across its width and height. Most people’s widths are larger than their penis height. Circumference measurement doesn’t work as well with this toy because there are two different diameters and it’s just simpler for you to check by comparing the two diameters to your erect size. My circumference is 2.1 inches at the moment though and I fit in the toy fine.

The Calor has two different sized holes on either side of the toy, so I appreciate Lovense’s effort there to cater to different penis widths. I can enter the smaller end if I’m flaccid or semi-hard, though I much prefer using the larger end of the Calor, because after I get hard the small end is too tight.

What’s the difference? Lovense Calor vs Max 2

lovense calor review
Lovense Calor
Lovense Max 2 Smart Sex Toy
Max 2 with transparent sleeve.

Just after this I’ll get started on talking about my experience with the Lovense Calor. Before we explore that though, let’s compare the Lovense Calor with the Lovense Max 2, which is an older penis sex toy by the same company. I reviewed the Max 2 on this page several years ago. The reason I’m making this comparison section between the two toys quite big is because many of you are probably going to wonder about them both when you see them at the Lovense shop.

The short answer is that the Lovense Calor comes out on top when compared to the Max 2. If you want more detail, carry on reading this section. If you just wanted the short answer, scroll past 😉

But what about the Gush?

lovense gush
The Lovense Gush (a totally different style toy)

While the Lovense Gush (pictured above) is also a penis toy by the same company, I won’t be including it in this comparison purely because it is a totally different kind of toy. In my opinion, both the Calor and Max 2 provide better stimulation than the Gush, however if you want to read a Gush review, I wrote one here.

Technical Differences between the Lovense Calor and Max 2

Both toys run from the same app (Lovense Remote) and have more or less identical smart features as a result. Here is a quick list of differences between the Max 2 and Calor.

Lovense Calor

Materials: ABS Plastic and silicone.

Stimulation modes: Stroking, vibration, heating and manual pressure.

Open ended design.

Completely waterproof.

Battery: Up to 2 hrs.

Storage bag included.

Product size: 6.26 in x 2.76 in x 2.76 in

Lovense Calor Store Page

Lovense Max 2

Materials: Mainly ABS plastic and TPE.

Stimulation modes: Stroking, vibration, automatic pressure and manual air suction control.

Enclosed design.

Splash proof (not 100% waterproof).

Battery: Up to 3.5 hrs.

Storage bag not included.

Product size: 9.5 in x 3.33 in x 3.33 in

Lovense Max 2 Store Page

Further explaining some of the above technical differences

The Lovense Calor is 100% body safe and uses silicone only on the interior, meaning it should last forever. The Max 2 on the other hand has TPE which is porous and while it isn’t toxic at all, the fact that its porous means that you need to replace the sleeve of the Max 2 regularly to avoid the bacteria that can get trapped in the TPE pours. With the Calor, the materials are safer than the Max 2 and they won’t need to be replaced, so I’d choose it based on just that alone.

Both toys have a way to control pressure stimulation but they aren’t the same. The Max 2 has an automatic pressure system that uses air bags to create pressure, whereas you’d simply squeeze the Calor (I prefer that).

The Calor has an open ended design, meaning that you can see your penis through the open end of the toy and if you’re long enough, you can still get a blowjob or stimulation from a partner’s fingers. The Max 2 has an enclosed design meaning that you won’t see your penis after putting it inside the toy.

Subjective differences between the Lovense Calor and Max 2

lovense calor controls
Lovense Calor control
Lovense Max 2 controls
Max 2 controls

Technical differences are a bit dry and what I’m going to tell you about now is my subjective experience between the Calor and the Max 2. These are based on my own experience of course but I review a lot of these kinds of toys and hope my input gives you a good idea of which toy you should choose if you’re still on the fence.

Vibration power between the two toys

Neither the Calor or Max 2 have super strong vibrators such as those you’ll find in the Pulse Solo Interactive (which I reviewed here), however the Calor seems more powerful than the Max 2 for me. I prefer the vibrations of the Calor and while they’re not extremely strong, the toy has made me climax with vibrations alone when I’ve been particularly turned on. The vibrations in the Calor feel like they surround my penis more than they do in the Max 2.

Another bonus for me with the Calor is that the vibration noise seems lower to me than the noise of Max 2. I think part of the reason for this is that the Calor’s materials are made from less plastic and so it rattles less. The vibrations are loud when there is no penis inside the toy but with a penis inside the Calor, it’s actually a very reasonable level of noise.

Overall the vibration power of the Calor is better than that of the Max 2, so if vibration matters to you I’d say go for the Calor.

Pressure control between the two toys

The Max 2 has an automatic pressure/contraction system, which uses small air bags to stimulate the penis with pressure. The upside of that system is obvious but the downside is that the air bag system of the Max 2 creates a lot of noise. The Calor on the other hand has a manual squeeze system for applying extra pressure to the penis, which is both more intuitive and doesn’t create extra noise.

Again, the Calor comes out on top for me in the pressure control area. Squeezing a toy with my hand is way simpler and more effective than clicking buttons.

Stroking sensation between the two toys

The Calor’s stroker interior is made from smooth and soft silicone, which feels really nice but I personally need the pressure and vibration to make the experience of the stroker worthwhile. The Max 2 has a textured stroker made of TPE, which feels quite good even without the vibration etc switched on. The only downside to the Max 2’s stroker is that it is made of TPE, which is a porous material that you will need to replace often.

While the Max 2’s stroker feels better without all the electrics switched on, the fact that its sleeve is made of a porous material means it doesn’t do as well for me. Let’s be honest, most people aren’t going to bother using the toys if the batteries in them aren’t charged. I’d say the Calor is better even for stroking, purely because the material is non-porous and won’t need to be replaced.

So on materials for the stroker, the Calor wins against the Max 2 because you’ll never have to replace its interior. The Max 2 feels good but you have to replace the sleeves every so often.

What are orgasms with the Lovense Calor like?

lovense calor diameter
The big end of the Calor.

While everyone experiences orgasms differently, I’ve been describing the orgasms I have with different toys for years, so at least you have some consistency with these admittedly subjective explications. For me the orgasm is not only the end sensation but the journey to get there too. Some toys get me to orgasm quicker but that doesn’t necessarily make the orgasms better for example.

As I was doing all the testing necessary to review the Lovense Calor, I used it many times. I tested it more than usual actually because I like it so much and it’s such an easy toy to pull out and use. Anyway, let’s get on to the juicy bits.

The build up to orgasm

The Lovense Calor’s buildup stimulation isn’t totally subtle but it’s not an intense toy either. It’s kind of middle of the road in terms of stimulation intensity and therefore should appeal to most people. I actually like intense vibrators but the Calor is strong enough for me to enjoy.

The sensation of the vibrations, pressure from hand squeezes and stroking is very present but the vibrations aren’t overpowering in the experience and won’t rush an orgasm from you like some toys will. I actually prefer for vibrations to take a while to get me to the finish line because then when I do climax, I don’t become overstimulated all of a sudden.

The Calor’s vibration motor is pretty rumbly and never numbs me. I usually always use the vibration motor on its maximum level unless I’m letting it follow a vibration pattern.

Holding off orgasm

Another interesting thing to do with sex toys is to hold off on orgasms. One good sign of the Lovense Calor is that its vibrations sometimes bring me right to the edge of orgasm unexpectedly. In those cases, I often pull the toy off my penis briefly so that I can masturbate for longer. This to and fro of the orgasm build up really makes the end orgasm more powerful.

The orgasm itself

Every time I orgasm with the Lovense Calor, it’s an intense orgasm. I mean, I don’t see stars or anything… but these are REALLY nice orgasms. Far better than when I’ve been using my hand on its own. The other nice thing about the Calor during and just after orgasm is that because the vibration motor isn’t overpowering, I can leave the toy on my penis even after I climaxed without any discomfort. For some folks, the fact that they can leave the toy on after climax might even mean that they can go for a second climax.

The medium speed build up and stimulation level of the Calor just seems to be a perfect mix for me and really hits the right buttons for me at climax. The orgasm quality for me is better and more consistent than those I have with my Max 2.

If I wear a prostate massager with the Calor, the orgasm is even more explosive. I used the Edge 2 with it a few times as it’s made by the same company (Lovense) and can be paired to the same application simultaneously (feels awesome). If you’re more curious about the Edge 2, I wrote a review of it here.

Remember when you first use the Calor that it’s an open ended design and it’s only 6 inches long. What that means is that when you climax, your fun juice will likely end up on the floor, chair or bed after it runs out of the end (which won’t take long). If you want to minimise clean-up time, put down a towel or something.

Check the Calor’s latest price

Pressure activated vibrations

lovense calor squeeze control
Squeeze controller of the Calor.

One of the cool features of the Lovense Calor is that the vibrations can be set to activate on pressure to the inbuilt sensors. Basically what that means is that the vibrations will change as your penis passes through the toy. Lovense describes this as ‘depth control’ and the toy detects how far inside your penis is. I found it works more like a thickness detector but maybe that’s just my perception. The intensity of the toy changes depending on how hard I am or how much my penis is pressing against the toy.

You can force the vibrations on by squeezing the toy if you’re not already hard enough. You can also just turn the vibration on without the pressure activated vibrations. The bonus with keeping the sensor technology on though is that it adds a random effect to masturbation sessions and keeps things exciting.

The squeeze handle of the Lovense Calor also changes the vibration modes, as you’ll see in my video further below.

Heat stimulation

To be completely honest, I don’t care about heat stimulation at all. I’ve used the heat stimulation of the Calor and I can definitely feel it. It isn’t very very hot though, so is subtle enough in use. I never used the heat stimulation after initially testing it though… for me it doesn’t add much to sex toys and I don’t see the appeal. For people who like the idea of a heated masturbator though, this one heats up! It’s pretty subtle but the rise in temperature is there.

Can you use the Lovense Calor without an erection?

Sometimes it’s been a long day or one is just a bit tired and is having trouble getting an erection. If that’s the case for you, the Lovense Calor should be fine because you can make it vibrate just by squeezing it on your penis. It just requires that your penis is long enough to get some of those vibes and squeezing action before you get hard.

If you have some kind of problem that stops you from getting hard, the Lovense Calor isn’t really for you. The Lovense Gush can be used on a flaccid penis but in my opinion you’d be better off with the Domi 2, which is a wand and has such strong vibrations that you can place it at the head of your penis until you climax. I reviewed the Domi 2 here. Another option is the Pulse Solo Interactive (I reviewed it here), which is super strong in terms of vibration.

Using the Lovense Calor’s smart features

One small thing about the images in this next section. I live in France and so my phone’s language (and therefore the language in these images) is French. If you’re an English speaker, the app will all be in English.

lovense calor connect
Connecting the toy for the first time takes seconds.

Alright, so we’ve talked about the stimulation of the Calor in general so let’s get on to all these fancy app features. If you’ve used Lovense’s remote control toys before (a list of which you can find here), you’ll already know all of the features, which are shared across the toy range. The Lovense Calor can be used for long-distance remote control sex and can be synced to specific adult video services. As well as that, you can also set alarms on the toy and sync it to music.

All of the app controls for the Calor are provided to the toy via a bluetooth connection from iOS or Android devices. You can also connect the toy to a Mac or Windows PC. To connect the toy to a Windows PC you’ll likely need to buy their bluetooth adapter (Mac OS users shouldn’t need it). There is also a Lovense Media player that you can use to play adult media and vibration patterns that match them. The Lovense Media player also has VR headset features.

Long Distance Remote Control Sex with the Lovense Calor

lovense remote app
You’d click on ‘lien de control / control link’.

Whether you want to use it for camming or for long distance relationships, the Lovense Calor has easy features to make long distance remote control possible. For most people, the long distance control is going to be the option where both parties download the Lovense app and create profiles. Then it’s just a case of you giving control of the toy to your partner, which can all be done through the application Lovense Remote. The other person can also control the toy via their computer.

For cam performers, there is also another option where the toy can be stimulated when someone pays you. I haven’t tested that option because it isn’t relevant to either mine or my partner’s life but for those of you out there that do cam shows… there’s a feature for that!

Close remote control

lovense calor remote control
Classic remote mode.

If you and your partner are in the same house or room together, it’s even easier to use the remote control features on the Calor. All you do is connect the toy to the app and then give the device with the app to your partner so that they can play with you. I also like using the remote control app when I’m on my own, because it’s an easy way to control the toy. There are actually three different remote control settings in the app. The one in the image above is the classic remote, with a slider that you move up and down with your thumb. It’s my favourite because the vibration stays at the level that I leave it when my thumb moves off the screen. The other two modes are moveable circles that you can swirl around, one of them creates cycles.

Vibration pattern creation

You can create and store your own vibration patterns for the Calor. I’ve played with this feature on other Lovense toys and it works well. Personally though I prefer just using the built in vibration modes and the community ones (more on that below).

Community vibes

lovense calor community vibration modes

One of my favourite smart features for the Calor (as well as several other Lovense toys) is the community vibes. What I like to do is connect the toy to the app on my phone and then let it run through random popular vibration patterns, one after the other. The sensation seems extra random to me when I use it like this, which is why I like it so much. Some community patterns are better than others but usually when I sort by popularity the experience is great.

Syncing the Calor to adult content

Lovense has a new feature that has been made available via their collaboration with Adulttime. You’ll now be able to sync Lovense toys (including the Calor) to Adulttime videos. I haven’t actually tested this myself yet as I don’t have an Adulttime account. Anyway, for those of you that like the idea of syncing your toy to adult content, it’s possible! You can also experiment with the PC application called Lovense Media Player.

Syncing the Calor to music and creating alarms

I’ve always liked the fact that I can sync my toys to music. The Calor performs much like the other Lovense toys I have for music sync. That is, the syncing is approximative but fun! I personally don’t have any use for the alarm features in the app, where you can set the toy off at a specific time but for more creative folks out there or BDSM situations maybe the feature can be useful somehow.

Video demo and noise test of the Lovense Calor!

I did a video demo of how to use different features of the Lovense Calor and also a guide to the Calor’s smart features. As well as the demo, there is an unboxing and a noise test. There is no nudity in the video, I used my hands throughout it!

I thought that the Lovense Calor actually makes a really reasonable level of noise. It’s quieter than the Max 2. The toy is MUCH quieter while it’s vibrating with your penis inside it than when its vibrating on its own without anything inside. I actually repeated a clip in this video (starting from 6 seconds in) where you can hear what it sounds like when it’s full (squeezed) and what it sounds like when it’s empty. So don’t be alarmed about the sound when it’s empty in my videos here! The noise while your penis is inside will be reasonable.

Check the Calor’s latest price

Video demo of the Lovense Calor

How to clean the Lovense Calor?

lovense calor review
The small end of the Calor.

Being totally waterproof, the Lovense Calor is super easy to clean. You just rinse it with water and some mild soap (I use Dove). You could also use a sex toy cleaning spray if you want to be extra prudent. The toy can be towelled dry and then left aside in a place with plenty of air to finish drying. For me it dries really quickly. Make sure you don’t put the caps back on the toy until it has finished drying.

Before you put the toy out to dry, make sure you at least towel dry the hand holder, because water will collect there. If not before then make sure you do it afterwards.

The toy has a lot of silicone which attracts dust but luckily Lovense provide a storage bag with the toy, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. The black silicone of the exterior does pick up skin particles from my hands very easily though and that’s the main reason I wish it was a slightly lighter colour. If you’re not taking photos of the toy though then you probably won’t care too much about the skin particles etc that will transfer from your hand to the toy.

In conclusion of my Lovense Calor review

lovense calor review
The Calor with its caps on.

The Lovense Calor gives me amazing orgasms, is really easy to clean and does everything that it’s meant to do well. I don’t really have any complaints, other than that I wish it came in a colour other than black. The heating system is very subtle but to be honest, I wouldn’t want it to be more intense anyway. In terms of stimulation, it has become my favourite Lovense penis toy… it’s also up there with my other favourite penis toys by other brands. For me the Calor and Edge 2 are a perfect combo, so if you are looking for prostate pleasure too then be sure to consider it for the simultaneous stimulation feature.

The Calor is suitable for most people. As I mentioned before you’ll want to check your erect measurement if you know you’re very girthy. The vibration power of the Calor is good for both beginners and experienced folks like me. It’s an easy toy to maintain too (as covered in my cleaning section), so I feel like beginners wouldn’t be too overwhelmed with cleaning or drying.

Who ISN’T this toy for? Well, if you like extremely strong vibrations only then this might not be for you. I’m a bit of a power king though and I really love the Calor’s vibrations. Like I mentioned before, the slow build up is what makes the orgasm so good with this toy. Other than that, if you can’t have erections then it’s not for you (consider the Domi 2 wand instead). Also if you’re mega thick… and I mean mega thick in diameter, you need to measure to check if the Calor will be suitable for you.

The Lovense Calor is worth owning even if you don’t need app features. The reason is because the stimulation from the Calor feels unique and it’s just a really well thought out design. I don’t personally need any of the smart features that the Lovense Calor offers. It has a massive range of smart features that all work well but I probably won’t use them after I’ve finished this review. The cherry on the cake for the Calor is that it isn’t reliant on app controls. I have a good time with this toy even when I use only the manual on-toy controls… and that’s how I plan to use it after today.

A big thanks to Lovense for sending the Calor in for review and if our readers want to get one of the toys themselves, the link to the official store is below!

Official Lovense Store

Lovense Calor

Score: 9.4 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring


10 / 10

Vibration power

7 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10

Desire to use again

9 / 10


These prices may be very slightly different by the time you visit the shop. This is just to give you an idea of the cost 😉

The button above and below the price table will send you to the correct shop for your country!

Prices last updated on: 19/06/2022

USA Flag United States $199
European Union Flag Europe €179
British Flag United Kingdom £159
Australian Flag Australia $199
Canadian Flag Canada $199

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  • Eric says:


    I suffer from Phimosis and can only have sex wearing a condom.

    Excuse my ignorance, but which male masturbator could i use without having to wear a condom, (basically it grips you, but not to the point of agony!!! Thanks

    • Adam says:

      Unfortunately it’s a little difficult to answer this question because your penis girth etc comes into play and most manufacturers don’t list maximum girth. My advice would be to search for open design masturbators or go for a vibrator instead. My favourite toy is the Doxy Die Cast wand and that’s perfect for those who suffer with phimosis because it requires no pulling on the foreskin. When I had phimosis I had to wear a condom with masturbators most of the time. The larger size Fleshlights I’ve reviewed are fairly roomy inside so I could use them without a condom. The Arcwave Ion is also quite roomy inside and soft enough to stretch without too much tension on the foreskin. That’s all really subjective though so like I said, it’s best to try out a strong vibrator… Pulse Solo Interactive or Lux Solo are amazing.

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