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Review: The Lovense Domi 2 – an app packed music syncing vibrating wand

lovense domi 2 wand vibrator review

Alright, I’ve been testing quite a few vibrating wands recently. Lovense is a company I’ve been consistently impressed by so I just HAD to try their vibrating wand, the Domi 2. Now that I’ve tested some of the most powerful vibrating wands out there… how will this medium sized wand stack up to them? Let’s find out in my Lovense Domi 2 review.

Lovense sent me the Domi 2 and the two attachments for free in return for an honest review. This page contains affiliate links and though using them doesn’t change the cost for you, it does support my blog when people click them. So thanks for the support!

First Impressions of the Lovense Domi 2

Score: 8.5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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This is my fourth Lovense toy and I’ve only just realised what other company their packaging reminds me of… Apple. When you open Apple products, the box lid slowly comes off and they’ve designed that experience to add to the grandeur of the unboxing process. Lovense have actually done the same with the last few toys I’ve received from them. Opening up their toys is like opening up luxury products. A small point of course… but I find it interesting.

Now let’s dive into this review…

lovense domi 2 packaging

I switched on the Lovense Domi 2 the day I received it. Not to use it but just to feel the vibrations in my hand. I’m a curious fella you see. To my pleasant surprise, the Domi 2 is REALLY rumbly in comparison to other wand vibrators I’ve tried. It’s also pretty powerful. Not as powerful as my Doxy wands… but the Domi 2 is still pretty damn powerful, especially for its size. And those rumbles… that’s one thing I really got excited about with the Domi 2 is the rumbling, low frequency of the vibrations. These vibrations are not in the slightest bit buzzy… however this is a double edged sword for those with weak wrists.

lovense domi 2 controls
The controls of the Domi 2.

I personally love the fact that the vibration motor in the Domi 2 is so rumbly when I first turn it on. What I’ve come to realise with wand vibrators though is that when they’re rumbly… they shake. So be warned if you have wrist problems, the Domi 2 will shake your hand a bit in the lowest vibration modes. When the frequency / speed / intensity of the vibrator increases, the wand stops shaking as much. Out of all the wands I have though, it’s worth mentioning that the Domi 2 is the one that shakes my hand the most.

The reasons for the shaking are numerous, for example the Domi 2 is not heavy at all. My girlfriend actually commented that if she had to choose between a shaking wand and a heavy wand… she’d pick the shaking wand. The thing is, the Domi 2 only shakes on its lowest settings. When you increase the intensity of the vibrator, it’s less of an issue. With a heavy wand you can’t change the fact that it’s heavy. That’s why I think my girlfriend prefers this wand being light in weight.

The Domi 2 has a water resistance rating of IPX6, which means that it can withstand some serious splashing. It isn’t completely waterproof however, so you can’t submerge it. Specifically, Lovense states that you need to avoid getting water in the charging port at the bottom of the toy (pictured below). Eve hopes that with future versions of the Domi, she’ll be able to use it in the bath because she was a bit disappointed when I told her that she couldn’t!

One thing I think Lovense could improve in their marketing of this toy is the way they describe water-resistance, because it actually confused me a little initially. The thing is, to me… a toy either is waterproof or it isn’t. I don’t think most consumers understand what IPX6 means. The Domi 2 isn’t waterproof – that’s all consumers need to know before they buy it.

The Domi 2 is rechargeable and has a charging port at the bottom of the toy. Depending on your usage of it, it can last from 5 – 6 hours. Take it from me, that’s a HUGE battery life that this thing has and I’m seriously impressed with that. One annoying thing about rechargeable toys is that they require frequent charging. I wish more toys had battery lives like the Domi 2. It takes around two and a half hours to charge back up.

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lovense domi 2 charging port
The charging port of the Domi 2.

Experience with the Lovense Domi 2

lovense domi 2 vs doxy 3r
The black Domi 2 next to the purple 3R.

Out of all four of the wand vibrators I currently have and am reviewing, the Lovense Domi 2 was the first that I grabbed to use during sex. The reason is quite simply because it’s the easiest for me to grab during sex. It may seem like a trivial point but in my experience, this is important. I don’t personally want to be stepping out of bed and trying to plug something into a wall. The Domi 2 is cordless, its in a simple satin bag, plus it’s small enough to have been resting on my bedside table. It’s just so easy to have this ready to hand in the spur of the moment. I’d argue that in this area, the Domi 2 is easier to grab during sex than the Doxy 3R is. The difference is minimal but with the 3R, I have to unscrew the metal tube and take the wand out. I’m not really going to have that metal tube on my bedside table – so I might have to go and find it in my bedroom. The Domi 2… it’s powerful but it’s also small enough to be resting somewhere useful – and I found that very helpful in practice.

Eve (my girlfriend) really liked the Domi 2 during sex

One of the major things I want from ANY sex toy I use with my girlfriend, is that she enjoys us using it. Eve is a really good sport because trust me… I have to ask her to use a lot of different toys with me and after you’ve had as many as us, you sometimes don’t feel like using yet another cock ring / vibrator etc. In this case, Eve REALLY enjoyed the Domi 2, which made me so happy.

lovense domi 2 head
The head of the Domi 2 isn’t too big so I find it ok to use during oral sex.

I started out by giving Eve oral while holding the Domi 2’s vibrating wand head to her clit. It’s a bit bizarre giving someone oral while having a vibrator in your nose but on it’s lowest setting, the Domi 2 didn’t cause me any discomfort. Eve got so damn wet while I was using it like that and I believe we counted three orgasms.

After Eve’s oral, we had sex and again… during sex, the Domi 2 is really easy to use. With a lot of toys like pin-point vibrators, bullet vibes and air pleasure style toys, it can be difficult for Eve or I to keep them in the correct position over her clit. With the Domi 2 (and other similar wand vibrators) – the large area of vibration means that it isn’t necessary for one’s hand to be fixed into a very specific location. As the Domi 2 slides and moves around during sex, the vibrator almost never slips off Eve’s clit – something she really appreciates. The other reason Eve likes using the Domi 2 during sex is because it doesn’t weigh very much, so it never tires her wrist or arm.

We tried the Domi 2 several times during sex. Missionary position, doggy-style, cowgirl… all the classics. The Domi 2 works well in every case, whether I’m holding it or Eve is.

Eve only likes the first vibration level of the Domi 2 however

The first level of vibrations for the Domi 2 is Eve’s favourite. The first level (least powerful) are very rumbly and still quite strong even for me. I tried moving through the other vibration intensities for Eve but they’re too powerful for her. She says the first intensity mode is perfect but that the following modes get so powerful that they cause her a little discomfort.

In this case, Lovense come to the rescue with their Lovense Remote app, because using that you can reprogram the vibration modes of the Domi 2 to be less powerful. We’ve actually not done that though, because during solo masturbation I like the higher intensity of the Domi 2.

Using the Domi 2 during solo masturbation (with the penis attachment)

lovense domi 2 attachment
The penis / prostate attachment of the Domi 2

Lovense sent me the penis attachment and G spot attachments with the Domi 2, so we also gave those a go too. I really like the design of the penis attachment. For me it’s very well thought out because sometimes with these kinds of penis rings, manufacturers make them closed rings and that can cause a problem for those with larger penis girths. With the Lovense penis attachment for the Domi 2 wand, it opens up and so can accommodate even my size (I’m a bit larger in girth and sometimes have issues with tightness).

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lovense domi 2 penis attachment
The silicone wings of the penis attachment are very flexible.

Using the penis attachment on the Domi 2 opens up a whole other World of sensation. I’m really glad that Lovense sent this penis attachment to me actually, because of all the wands I currently have, this is the only one that I was given a penis attachment for.

Using the Domi 2 without a penis attachment works very much like using any other vibrating wand on the penis. You hold it in place and for more intensity, you’d use your hand to press it into the vibrating head. WITH a penis attachment, it’s so much easier to use this toy on the penis. You see, with a penis attachment I don’t have to press my penis into the the head of the toy with my hand. It’s far easier and the way that the silicone wings of the penis ring vibrate around my penis also add an extra level of stimulation.

The closest toys I’ve had to the Domi 2 with regards to there being a “penis attachment” on a wand have been the Manta and the Man Wand. The Domi 2 is more versatile than both and the vibration motor in it is more powerful. I have to say, I also appreciate the fact that Lovense haven’t included “man” in their name. If I was comparing the Domi 2 head-to-head with the Manta as a penis specific toy, maybe it’d be more on an equal footing, because although with the penis attachment the Domi 2 is great – it’s not a penis specific toy. As a couple’s toy or shared toy, I would definitely favour the Domi 2 though.

Getting back to the penis attachment, it also has a small arm on it that is designed for stimulating the prostate. This doesn’t work anywhere near as well as a dedicated prostate vibrator does but for those that don’t have or don’t want a dedicated prostate vibe, the prostate simulating arm on the penis attachment of the Domi 2 could be a nice addition for experimentation. If a prostate vibe is what you want though, the Edge 2 is a better choice (also by Lovense) – I reviewed that one here and it’s excellent.

Eve’s experience using the Domi 2 for solo masturbation (clit / g spot attachment)

lovense domi 2 attachment
The vagina / clit attachment of the Domi 2.

The g spot / clit attachment for the Domi 2 is… weird looking. It has a lot of different textures and a small arm designed for G spot stimulation. Eve tried this attachment on her own and while she enjoyed all the different textures it offered, she still prefers using the toy without the attachment. Her thoughts on the G Spot arm of the attachment were similar to mine on the P spot arm of the penis attachment. The G spot arm is nice to have and it allows those without a lot of toys to experiment with that kind of stimulation. That G spot arm on this attachment isn’t going to compete with a G spot specific toy however.

As for the textures of the Domi 2, Eve said that the “elephant ears” as she calls them, feel very good. They vibrate on her labia and allow the Domi 2 to stimulate a wider area than it would without the attachment. Eve thought the other textures were interesting to have – worth getting if one is buying the Domi 2, however she wishes that the silicone of these textures was less rigid. She says that it would be better if the silicone used for the textures was a little softer.

It’s worth noting that since our testing phase for this toy has been over, Eve hasn’t used her attachment for the Domi 2 at all. I however, use the penis attachment every time I use the Domi 2 solo.

Bluetooth sex toy features with the Lovense Remote app

lovense domi app bluetooth remote
The Domi 2 connected to my phone in seconds.

To be honest, I’ve never thought of using a wand vibrator in a long distance remote control situation before. I can see some really fun uses for short-distance control (controlling the vibrator via bluetooth). In short-distance remote control scenarios, one might be controlling the vibrator on someone as part of BDSM play. For example if you tape / tie the wand vibrator to someone’s thigh and allow it to vibrate on their clit. That could be an excellent remote control usage. Perhaps there are more creative people out there who will want to use it in a similar way long distance! People who perform on camera for instance. For Eve and I however, we’re just testing this feature to see if it works.

lovense domi app bluetooth remote
Functions from within the new Lovense app.
lovense domi app bluetooth remote
Remote controlling the Domi 2 via bluetooth.
lovense domi app bluetooth remote
Selecting preprogrammed vibration patterns with the Lovense Remote app.

Like all of the other Lovense toys I own, the Domi 2 is very easy to link up to the Lovense Remote app. The Lovense Remote app does everything through bluetooth. Syncing the Domi 2 to music and getting up and running with bluetooth remote control takes a matter of minutes. Since I last reviewed a Lovense toy (the Diamo), they have updated their app and now it’s possible to create control links from the Lovense Remote app – at least that’s the case with the iPhone version of the app anyhow.

Like the other Lovense toys I’ve tried, the Domi 2 can sync to music in a variety of ways too. It can connect to your Spotify playlist or play music directly off of your device. It can also use your mobile phone as a microphone so that you can sync the wand to external music playing on a stereo. The Domi 2 also has the alarm control setting. I still haven’t figured out a way to make that useful for my own sex games but perhaps you’ll feel creative than me!

lovense domi 2 control link
Creating a control link from the Lovense Remote app.

You can set up a control link from the phone app or in my case, the Mac app – then send that to someone who will remote control the toy. It’s a little more involved with long-distance stuff but I’m sure nothing that most people can’t handle. The main thing is, the Lovense stuff has reliable connection. I’ve never had an issue with them dropping connection etc yet – and I’ve been playing with multiple Lovense toys for a few years now.

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Video demo of the Domi 2

As usual, I’ve done a sound test of the Domi 2 for you to listen to. Out of the four vibrating wands I am currently reviewing, the Domi 2 is the quietest. It isn’t whisper quiet though and if someone were outside your bedroom door, they might still hear a vibrating noise. However, the Domi 2 isn’t audible from several rooms away and it definitely wouldn’t be heard by my downstairs neighbours… well… they haven’t complained anyway!

Cleaning the Domi 2

The Domi 2 is easy to clean. It’s NOT completely waterproof however and you need to be careful not to get water in the charging port at the bottom of the wand. You can use a sex toy cleaner on it if you want but I find soap works well enough on its own for me. If you ever need to clean the bottom of the wand’s handle, I advise you to use a damp cloth rather than running water over it.

As I mentioned briefly earlier on, the Domi 2 also comes with a satin bag, so that helps keep dust and fabrics off the silicone.

In conclusion of my review of the Lovense Domi 2

lovense domi 2 review

I have to say, I’m impressed with this wand! It had some pretty difficult competition because at the time of writing, I’m currently reviewing two Doxy toys as well. The Lovense Domi 2 holds up strong in the face of other luxury brands and certainly performs for me at least as well as the other wand vibrators I have. What the Domi 2 does better than the other vibrating wands I have is rumbly vibration. The other wands I have vibrate at a higher pitch and so don’t “thud” quite as hard as the Domi 2 does on its initial setting. Even the Doxy toys don’t have the amount of rumble that the Domi 2 does.

Where the Domi 2 needs to improve in my opinion is the way that the vibrations travel up the toy’s handle. It isn’t a huge problem for either me or Eve that the vibrations travel into the handle, however for people with weak wrists – it could pose a problem. My only other wish for future incarnations of the Lovense Domi is that it gets a different colour and that they make it waterproof.

To summarise, the Domi 2 is great for solo masturbation (penis or clit) and it’s also amazing to use during sex. It’s one of the easiest wand vibrators I’ve got right now and that’s despite all of the fancy app features that Lovense has packed into the toy. Some people will find some creative ways to use the long distance remote control features of this sex toy as well as the music sync ability – to Eve and I however, this is a simple wand vibrator. After this review, we won’t use the app features of the wand again, even though they work really well. In toys like the Max 2, Edge 2 and some of Lovense’ other toys, the app features are a major selling point. In the case of the Domi 2, it’s great that the app features are there for who needs them, however I don’t think it’s something most owners will be using.

If the Domi 2 hadn’t performed so well as a simple wand vibrator, I would probably have criticised the addition of app features that I feel aren’t needed. As it is though, it’s difficult for me to fault Lovense with this, because despite them adding all the fancy features… the Domi 2 is at its foundation a very good wand vibrator. The only thing they could perhaps improve is the way it shakes on those initial vibration modes. If they add any features to the next rendition of the Domi, it’d also be nice to see complete waterproofing – because that will really give them that extra edge.

Thanks to Lovense for sending me the Domi 2! Out of all the Lovense toys I’ve tried, the Domi 2 has been the most fun to use purely because my girlfriend enjoys it so much too. If you’re interested in more reviews of Lovense toys, use the little search box at the top of the page and type in Lovense 😉

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Lovense Domi 2

Score: 8.5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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8 / 10


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9 / 10

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10 / 10


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