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Review: Manta Penis Vibrator – Fun Factory

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Fun Factory has just released a new sex toy for penises. After loving their Cobra Libra II so much, will this one match its excellence?

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First impressions of the Manta Penis Vibrator

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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After reviewing the Man.Wand recently, it’s very relevant that we should find ourselves reviewing the Manta by Fun Factory. Our friends at Passage du Désir asked us to test this new toy from Fun Factory to see how it matches to their other great toys. This is a male sex toy, or if you rather a specialised vibrator for penises. Unlike the Man.Wand which is versatile and can be used by anyone, the Manta is more specialised.

While still obviously including the name ‘man’ in their toy’s name, I at least appreciate that ‘Manta’ is a little more of an abstract name. The packaging of this toy was really nice. Yours will look different as we had this toy in a ‘blogger’s box’ before it was released properly.

This is the second vibrating sex toy for penises that Fun Factory has made. Their Cobra Libre II is my favourite sex toy to date so I had high hopes for the Manta. The Manta is a completely different kind of toy. It’s shape is more like a traditional vibrator but with a ring / wings at the top to hold the penis.

Our Manta is a grey-green colour. The toy also comes in blue which is perhaps nicer. This vibrator is quite discrete, neither too big or small. The ridges look interesting and the overall design is nice aesthetically. The Manta is waterproof and comes with a magnetic charger. The silicone is a dust magnet so you will need to keep this toy in a pouch (not included). This is something Fun Factory could deal with better. Considering the premium price tag for their toys and the silicone being known to attract dust, it would be great to get a storage pouch.

Switching the toy on, the vibrator feels powerful and the two ‘wings’ of the penis holder make the most mesmerising movements. It has 12 vibration patterns. As usual from Fun Factory, all of their vibration patterns seem interesting. I couldn’t wait to jump into bed and use the Manta.

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Experience using the Manta by Fun Factory

The Orgasm (solo play – Adam)

The Manta is a powerful vibrator and can get me off very quickly. The vibration patterns are as usual great and it’s very intuitive to use. The vibrations are less rumbly than other toys but they don’t numb me. The vibrations do travel up the handle of the toy though, so your hand will get vibrations too.

So the Manta is good but I remain slightly underwhelmed. There is nothing exceptional about it like there was with the Cobra Libre II and I feel for the price it should be better. I really appreciate the fact that Fun Factory is continuing to experiment with different designs for penis sex toys. This is a nice addition to their catalogue. Yet I think they could make the toy better.

Personally I’d prefer for the penis holder / ring to be thicker. I’d prefer a larger surface area of it to contact my penis. Right now the ring or wings around my penis feels a little too thin. The other problem I have with this toy are the numerous ridges inside the ring. The silicone is lube-greedy, meaning I have to reapply lube a lot. When the toy starts getting ‘dry’ the ridges cause my skin to feel irritated. So I’d have preferred the texture inside the Manta to be simpler or plain.

For these reasons I prefer the simpler design of the Man.Wand. The ring is thicker and the texture is plain. The Man.Wand is also more ergonomic, even if there is nothing inherently wrong with the Manta in that regard.

As I said however, the Manta is very effective. It makes me orgasm quickly. However the orgasms aren’t as strong as I’d have with other toys. This could be due to the small surface area the Manta touches.

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Partner Play with the Manta Vibrator

Adam’s point of view

Eve took the Manta off me during one of our toy sessions. Having her use this toy while giving me oral sex at the same time is really amazing. This toy is better than the Cobra Libra in that respect. It also seems easier to handle during oral sex than the Hot Octopuss. So the Manta really is good for your partner to use during oral sex or hand play. The discrete size of the Manta also means Eve can hold it easily.

The Man.Wand has one considerable advantage over the Manta. With the Man.Wand I can also use it on Eve. Whereas with the Manta I can’t. The Man.Wand is simply more versatile while performing much the same functions as the Manta. I’ll mention it again, there’s nothing wrong with the Manta. It’s a great toy. Yet for me, the Man.Wand is preferable.

Eve’s point of view

After testing the Man.Wand on Adam and loving, I was curious to see how the Manta would compare. The grip is quite nice because of its small size and it is easy to handle. I did not hesitate to use a tongue-caresses-vibrations combo to make it an extra stimulating experience for Adam. As he says, the Manta is nice, nothing to complain about, but it brings nothing new compared to Man.Wand, which I find more practical in its form. In addition, the design of the Man.Wand allows me to use it on Adam, while lying next to him and use another toy on meat the same time. The shape of the Manta does not allow it.

So, yes Manta is a good toy, but if I have to choose one to use with blowjob or masturbation: I take the Man.Wand!

Cleaning Manta

The Manta is easy to keep clean but difficult to keep dust free. It’s very easy to wash. Being a silicone waterproof sex toy, you can just hold it under warm water then spray some sex toy cleaner on it. However dust sticks and shows up on this toy more than average. You will have to keep it in a storage pouch, which unfortunately is not included.

I have to mention again that the Man.Wand beats the Manta in this area too. The Man.Wand is easier to keep clean and comes with a storage pouch.

My final word is that the Man.Wand is for me a better sex toy than the Manta. The Man.Wand is less expensive and more versatile. I am also impressed more by the design of the Man.Wand. The Man.Wand has one problem and that is its ridiculous name, which I hope they change in the future.

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Fun Factory Manta

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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7 / 10


7 / 10


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Vibration Strength

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6 / 10

Desire to use again in the future

6 / 10

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Please note, we don’t update the price listed here. This was the price at the time we wrote this article.

Hey english speakers!! Passage du Désir is a french website. Never fear! We have you covered 😉 follow our instructions below to get yourself this toy. Or to find a shop more close to you, click the button bellow 🙂

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Ordering the Manta for english speakers:

  1. Go to the link above and add the toy to your basket ‘Ajouter au panier’.
  2. Go to the basket page ‘Mon panier’.
  3. Under ‘Modes de livraison’ select either ‘À domicile Colissimo 48H’ or ‘À domicile Express 24H’. This means you want it delivered to your home address in either 48 or 24 hours.
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  8. Wait while it says ‘Merci de patienter quelques instants…’.
  9. Check your address and order details on the next page, then click ‘Procéder au paiement.
  10. On the next page you can use one of several methods to pay.
  11. That’s it enjoy!!

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