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Review: Cobra Libre II Penis Vibrator

Cobra Libra Fun Factory Male Vibrator

Another top end penis vibrator that kept me coming back for more..

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First impressions of the Fun Factory Cobra Libre II

Score: 9 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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Those wonderful German engineers. While in Germany I picked this Cobra Libre 2 up from one of the Fun Factory shops. I was instantly impressed with the vibration modes. They felt powerful and the patterns were very interesting. The vibration modes are quite unlike any other vibrator I have picked up and tried. I found the price of the Cobra Libre expensive so I was reluctant to try it. But you know… when in Berlin and all that.

The silicone of the Cobra Libre is very smooth and soft to the touch. It makes the most fascinating visual effect when the toy is vibrating it. It’s an easy enough toy to fit in any hand and it feels like it is good quality. The packaging is nice but the toy doesn’t come with a storage pouch or bag. That’s slightly disappointing because it is an expensive toy and the silicone attracts dust. Finally, the charger is great. The magnets are very strong and the cable never falls off while charging.

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Experience: What’s it like to use the Cobre Libra II?

My first time using the Cobra Libre was disappointing. I was already used to the Hot Octopuss and the sheer power of its vibrations. The Cobre Libra is a different kind of toy. I was with Eve at the time while she was playing with one of her own toys. I was expecting a quicker climax from the Cobre Libra.

However when I tried it again, my experience was entirely different. This time I let the Cobra Libre take its time on me. I cycled through several modes and found that mode three (random pattern mode) did it for me. This is the first time I actually prefer a pattern mode over a constant vibration. Random pattern mode (I don’t know what else to call it) selects lots of different vibration patterns and cycles them. I’m not sure if the order of the patterns is really by random but it certainly feels like it when in use.

For me, the best way to hold the Cobra Libre on my penis is with the buttons at the back of my penis. So the buttons would be facing downwards if I were standing up, or upwards if I were lying down. Inside the Cobra Libre there are notches and indents to make this position feel natural. However, the toy can also be used the other way around.

Water based lube is required by this toy. I have tried to use it without lube but it isn’t a good idea. The silicone sleeve will chaff your skin if you try. It’s too difficult for me to push my penis inside it when I’m fully erect unless I have lube, because the entry gets smaller inside. With lube it is an easy toy to use though. For guys with an unusually large girth, this toy may unfortunately not fit you. The silicone is somewhat elastic and stretches a little but not by much.

I tried using it in the bath. As usual I didn’t enjoy the underwater experience. This is in part due to the large amount of noise this toy makes while it is vibrating. That’s fairly common with external vibrators in water.

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The orgasm (solo play with the Cobra Libre)

The Cobra Libra typically takes longer to make me climax than the Hot Octopuss would. The orgasm however is far more encapsulating. When I orgasm with the Cobra Libra it feels like the orgasm washes over my entire body. Unlike the Hot Octopuss, I can also leave the Cobra Libre on my penis after I orgasm. This is because the vibrations are less physically harsh. That isn’t to say the Cobra Libra is a less powerful toy, it’s just that the vibrations it produces seem more balanced so that they don’t overstimulate.

The toy isn’t really a masterbator but sometimes as I’m getting closer to coming I move it up and down on my penis head to throw myself over the edge.

This toy has produced the best orgasms I have ever had without a sexual partner. So it scores lots of points for masturbation. It is currently my go to toy when I’m feeling in the mood.

Partner play with Fun Factory Cobra Libre

Adam’s point of view

As mentioned above, the first time I used the Cobra Libre was with Eve and I was disappointed with it. I hadn’t realised at the time that I can’t expect a quick climax with the toy.

After using the toy on my own for awhile and getting used to it though, Eve and I had great fun with it. She uses it on me occasionally when she wants to really treat me. However because the tip of my penis isn’t exposed, she can’t use her lips or tongue to suck me at the same time. She squeezes my penis and massages around that area, however the Cobra Libre doesn’t leave her much room to do much. Eve enjoys using the Hot Octopuss on me more just because it feels more interactive for her.

However the orgasm with the Cobra Libre are very powerful when Eve uses the toy on me. She can easily give me a face tingling mind blowing orgasm with this toy. So it gets some good marks there in any case.

Eve’s point of view

The first time I used it on Adam, I was a bit disappointed with it. Or frustrated with it. I had enjoyed the Hot Octopuss Pulse III experience so much that I was having high expectations for this one. But I felt awkward with it : with the Pulse III, I could use my tongue as well as my hands, I had options in my movements whereas here, with the Cobra Libre, I couldn’t do much more than putting Adam’s penis in and…well wait. It didn’t feel so nice in my hand, I felt restrained and like I wasn’t participating much. So it left a bad impression on me. But the second time I tried it was way better. I guess I was focusing less on my sensations on more on my determinations to make Adam feel good and since he had told me how good his orgasms were with this toy, I was on a mission to give him a better one yet. It worked. I managed to find a good position, and tried a few different things like moving the vibrator up and down, massage Adam’s balls with my free hand, and I even managed to use my tongue on the base of his penis. Those combinations worked like a charm. Seeing Adam writhing with pleasure was a huge turn on for me and the force of his orgasm definitely redeemed the Cobra Libre for me. I still prefer the Pulse III because it allows me way more interaction and sensuality but I will for sure use this one again during our playtime!

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Cleaning the Cobra Libre

It’s a very easy and quick toy to wash and clean.


This is to date the best male vibrator I’ve owned. Although the Hot Octopuss is a close second. If your main priority is masturbation go with Cobra Libra. If partner play is more important, choose Hot Octopuss.

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Fun Factory Cobra Libre II

Score: 9 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring


10 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10

Partner Play

8 / 10

Vibration Strength

10 / 10


6 / 10


10 / 10

Desire to use again in the future

10 / 10


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