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Review: Lovense Max 2 (Smart Sex Toy)

Lovense Max 2 Smart Sex Toy Vagina Sleeve

I’ve been dying to try out the Lovense Max 2 for some time. This smart sex toy did not disappoint! Read on for my full review of the Lovense Max 2.

The good people of Lovense offered to send me the Lovense Max 2 in exchange for a fair and honest review. This page contains affiliate links and if you click them I may make a small commission from sales you make. Affiliation is the main way I earn money writing these articles for you, so I really appreciate the support!

First Impressions of Lovense Max 2

Score: 9.6 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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The Lovense Max 2 arrived in modern looking packaging, it immediately gave me the impression that something high end was inside. One thing I love about the Lovense Max 2 is that it is not black. It is a huge relief to have a white sex toy because black silicone and plastic is difficult to keep clean.

Lovense Max 2 packaging

The Max 2 was fully charged when it arrived, so I was able to use it straight away. This smart sex toy is rechargeable and lasts a long time (3 – 3.5 hours), so I’m able to use it a ton before the battery goes flat. It takes 2 hours to fully charge. Its battery life is among the best I’ve seen, Lovense have done an awesome job there.

The Max 2 comes with a semi-transparent masturbation sleeve that is specially designed for the device. Its orifice is abstract, which I prefer. You can also buy a separate Max 2 sleeve which looks a little more like a Fleshlight (vagina style orifice). Both sleeves feel similar so I recommend you buy the one that you like the look of most. I prefer the semi-transparent sleeve.

The sleeves of the Max 2 feel great though they aren’t as soft as Fleshlight’s. The advantage there is that the Max 2 sleeves also don’t need repowdering, so they are easier to look after. They are slightly smaller in size than classic Fleshlight sleeves but wider inside. You cannot use Fleshlight sleeves with the Max 2 but here is a size comparison below (click to view).

Lovense Max 2 Sleeve vs Fleshlight
Max 2 sleeve vs Fleshlight sleeve

The Max 2 is not waterproof, so you cannot use it in the bath or shower. It is splash proof however, so it is still relatively easy to clean.

Like all sex toys on this website, the Max 2 is made of body-safe materials. Its masturbation sleeve is porous though so will need to be replaced one or two years (depending on use). Replacement sleeves only cost $14 and that’s a very fair price (Fleshlight sleeves can cost four times as much).

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Lovense Max 2 inside
Inside the Lovense Max 2

Contraction sex toy

The most unique thing about the Lovense Max 2 is that it contracts around your penis. The inside cylinder of the device is covered in an inflatable material that contracts around your penis, squeezing it like the walls of the vagina or anus.

This contraction system can be turned on or off, independently of the vibrations. Though to be honest, I have no idea why anyone would want to turn it off. It feels great. The Max 2 is a smart sex toy and seems to have a sensor that can tell how thick your penis is. This is very important because otherwise the contractions could be too tight or loose.

The device is able to support both very thin and thick penis girths. So no matter your girth, the contractions should work well for you.

Personally, I would like the contractions to be stronger. Right now they feel great, yet I believe that the intensity should be increased in the next generation of the Lovense Max.

Vibrations of the Max 2

The vibrations of the Max 2 feel fantastic and I always have amazing orgasms from the toy. The vibrations are more subtle so my climax builds up more slowly than with other toys like the Pulse Duo Lux. For me this isn’t a problem because like I said, the orgasms are damn awesome.

The vibrations of some toys can occasionally be too strong for me (like with the Duo Lux). The maximum intensity of vibration in the Max 2 is too light in my opinion. While I believe anyone can climax with the current vibration level, some will want more intensity. The vibration intensity of this toy is its main weakness, so I hope that in the next generation of the Max, Lovense ups the power a bit.

But is that a reason not to buy the Max 2? Hell no! This toy is amazing. I’m a sex toy reviewer, so I have to find something to complain about. Let’s move on.

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Lovense Max 2 Controls

Lovense Max 2 controls

The Lovense 2 has two buttons. One of the buttons acts as a power on / vibration mode button. The other button turns the contraction system of the toy on and off. You can long press the contraction button for it to recalibrate to your girth or press it multiple times to cycle through contraction modes.

The Max 2 has 7 vibration modes and 3 contraction modes. Giving you a grand total of 21 different setting combinations. As well as this, you can control the tightness of the toy by reducing the size of the air vent on the back of the toy. The air vent is controlled with a small sliding cover. Everything can be controlled with the nudge or press of a finger, making it an extremely easy toy to use.

Lovense Max 2 back controls

Even if you use the toy as a masturbator without switching it on, the Max 2 feels great. You have a lot of freedom with this sex toy to use it exactly how you want. I really appreciate that and don’t think I’ve seen a toy with so many options before.

Smart phone apps and remote control

Lovense Remote App Remote
Modern remote control
Lovense Remote App Remote Classic
Classic remote control
Lovense Remote App Create Pattern
Controlling it via patterns

You can, of course, use the mobile app of the Max 2 (Android / iPhone / Windows / OSx), which will enable you to control it without touching the toy. If you lie down, the Max 2 will easily stay in place, so it really is a hands-free sex toy. The mobile app looks and functions great. It has SO MANY options, I have never seen so many app options for a sex toy. Really nicely done.

To control the Lovense Max 2 from your Windows computer you can buy an adapter. It will connect to Mac computers without an adapter.

We don’t currently have the Lovense Nora but the Max 2 will sync with that toy too. Meaning that if you are a hetero couple, your toys can sync with each other. Pretty cool, that.

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This sex toy syncs with music

Yes, you read correctly. The Lovense Max 2 syncs with music! It has the ability to sync with music in 3 different ways:

  1. Syncing with MP3 files on your device
  2. Syncing with Spotify
  3. Syncing with external music via your device’s microphone
Lovense Remote App MP3 sync
MP3 Sync
Lovense Remote App Spotify sync
Spotify Sync
Lovense Remote App Microphone Sync
Microphone Sync

The first time I used it, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the Max 2 syncs to music. It stays in time with the music fairly well and detects intensity when the music raises in volume. I’m straight and I kind of liked the idea of listening to a woman singing while I used the device, so I chose C’mon Please by the band Beau. A very aptly named song for the job, I recommend it!

Combined with it being a hands free vibrator, it’s very easy to see the potential of this music sync ability. There is in my view no better way to relax with a sex toy while alone than syncing it with your favourite music. I don’t give a crap about syncing a toy with porn. The Max 2 doesn’t and I wouldn’t use it even if it did. Lovense have got this totally right. We need more sex toys that sync with music.

Syncing the Lovense to MP3s or Spotify

To use the music sync feature, turn bluetooth on your phone and switch on the toy. When the green light of the Max 2 is flashing that means it’s ready to sync. Use the Lovense Remote app to connect to the toy, then click music and you’ll see several options there. If you don’t see your MP3s yet, just move them to your music folder and relaunch the app.

You can also connect the music part of the app to your Spotify account. I don’t have Spotify so just tested it with MP3s, yet I can imagine how much more potential there is when using the Lovense Max 2 with a Spotify playlist.

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Syncing to your own music

What I love about the MP3 setting is that if you are a musician yourself, you can get yourself off to your own music. Imagine that! Creating a song with a rhythm specifically designed to give you orgasms when synced with a sex toy. If you use the external microphone of your phone, you can even have your partner play something on an instrument to control the toy. Fucking awesome.

Performance of Lovense’s music sync

To be nitpicky, the Lovense Max 2 doesn’t always stay EXACTLY in sync. It is close enough though. Unless I really concentrate on the sync I don’t notice that at all.

I think that Lovense could continue to improve the music syncing ability, so that it responds with a little more variation to pitch. Yet I’m REALLY nitpicking here. I mean this sex toy actually syncs with music and does it well. Unless you didn’t know, it is very rare for sex toys to sync with music. So if being masturbated to your favourite tune (or your own music) sounds like a great idea to you, then you’ll love the Max 2.

Lovense Max 2 vs The Handy

Lovense Max 2 Smart Sex Toy
Lovense Max 2
The Handy Smart Masturbator
The Handy

The other smart sex toy that I reviewed recently is The Handy. While I am going to compare them here, the Lovense Max 2 is a completely different kind of toy to The Handy, so they aren’t directly comparable.

The Handy is an automatic masturbator. It moves a sleeve up and down on your penis and that is all. The Lovense Max 2 is more a penis vibrator in my opinion. The Max 2 is also a masturbator, however most of the time I don’t actually use it in that way.

The Handy syncs with a limited selection of porn videos and the Lovense Max 2 syncs with all music. It is probable that The Handy will eventually get a firmware update to allow it to sync with music, yet for now it doesn’t. Lovense Max 2 doesn’t sync with porn. Even if it did, I wouldn’t use it. Be aware too that sex toys that sync with porn only work with a limited selection of videos that you need to pay extra for.

The Max 2 can be used as a true hands free vibrator. This is because the device is wireless and stays in one place easily. Lying down you can insert your penis into the device, leave it rest on your stomach and lay back to enjoy the ride. There is no need to touch the Max 2 for you to reach climax.

The Handy by contrast, requires a cable to be plugged in and you have to hold your hand around the device while it is moving (otherwise it will fall over). For me this isn’t really a problem. I don’t care that I have to hold The Handy. I’m just pointing out differences here.

Winner: Max 2

I love both devices. If you were to hold a gun to my head and tell me to pick a favourite though, it would be the Lovense Max 2. It’s just because the Max 2 is so much easier to use and maintain than The Handy is. It really makes a big difference to have a wireless, rechargeable toy.

Both penis toys give similarly amazing orgasms.

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Long distance sex with Lovense Max 2

The Max 2 can be remote controlled via an app. It is very easy to use the app (available on Android and iPhone). Your partner can control the device from the other side of the World, providing that your Max 2 is paired with your own phone.

This is all great and everything, however the Max 2 is not very visually stimulating for your partner. They will enjoy watching you reach dithering heights in orgasm, yet they won’t see much of what is happening to your penis.

The Max 2 is an opaque sex toy, so you can’t see through it. You also can’t see the moving parts of the toy. So unless you are moving it up and down on your penis, your partner can’t enjoy watching your penis. My girlfriend Eve thinks that is a shame.

If long distance sex is important to you and you’d prefer for your partner to get more of a show, The Handy is a better choice. The reason is because The Handy allows your partner to see everything, because its sleeve is transparent.

How to turn your sex toy into an alarm clock

Lovense Remote App Alarm Creation
Alarm creation
Lovense Remote App Alarm
Alarm list
Lovense Remote App Alarm
Alarm running

This is a completely bonkers feature but I love the fact that it’s available. I don’t know which genious at Lovense came up with the idea that people should use their sex toy like an alarm clock… but that person deserves a medal. The silliness of the Lovense Max 2’s alarm clock feature is brilliant. What is even crazier is that it works well!

So if you buy the Max 2, you can wake up to a sex toy vibrating on your cock. I move around a lot in my sleep, so it wouldn’t work for me. I’m pretty sure nobody NEEDS a sex toy alarm clock but you know… why not eh?

On a more creative note, you could use this if you’re into domination / submission or orgasm denial etc. I can imagine some kinksters would use this feature as a way of teasing their partner. The dominator/dominatrix could set multiple alarms of different vibration modes, durations etc. Then sit back and watch their partner cycle through the teasingly devious sequence of alarms.

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How to clean the Lovense Max 2

The Lovense Max 2 is splash proof, so you can swill it out with water and wash away all of the goo. I have to say though, it isn’t the easiest toy to clean.

You have to remember to close the air holes at the bottom of the toy before putting water in it. Mostly though, it isn’t possible to reach inside of the toy with your hand and the Max 2 doesn’t open up. So unless you use a sponge on a stick, you won’t be able to scrub the inside of the toy. This for me is a minor annoyance because I like cleaning my toys thoroughly to avoid bacterial growth.

The Handy is an easier smart sex toy to clean, despite the fact that it isn’t even splash proof. So I think Lovense could work on the design of next generation of the Max 2 to make it easier to clean. Alternatively, it would be a good idea for them to include a sponge on a stick with the toy.

When you finish using your Max 2, remove the masturbation sleeve and wash it thoroughly with warm water. You can then use some sex toy cleaner to spray on the sleeve. No need to powder the sleeve because it doesn’t get as sticky as Fleshlight sleeves do.

After washing the sleeve, close the air holes on the Max 2 and put a little bit of water inside it. Swill the water around the toy and pour it out. Repeat that until the inside of the toy looks clean. Then you should get a small sponge (ideally on a stick) to rub the inside of the toy. You should use sex toy cleaner in this stage to make sure it is totally clean.

Updating the Lovense Max 2

Lovense makes firmware updates to the Max 2 occasionally to improve its performance. You can update it via the mobile app. I tried it and it works well. Very easy to figure out.


Lovense Max 2 Smart Sex Toy Vagina Sleeve

While the Lovense Max 2 has some minor faults, I don’t mind saying that at the time of writing, it is my favourite smart sex toy. It is very easy to use the Max 2, it relaxes me completely and the orgasms are often very powerful. Combined with these big orgasms and the toy’s ability to sync with music makes buying it a no brainer. This toy is awesome and everyone needs one. My girlfriend Eve is SUPER jealous, particularly about the music sync function.

If you want a penis toy with a lot of intensity and power then I can’t fully recommend this toy, because the Max 2 is more on the subtle side. Don’t believe that more intensity equals more pleasure though. That is an easy and wrong assumption to make. I often find the buildup of subtle stimulation leads to bigger orgasms. Also, some toys can get too intense and cause pain (the Duo Lux is an example of one that did this to me).

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Who would I recommend the Lovense Max to?

Music lovers. I can’t stress this enough… it is damn amazing to sync this sex toy to music.

Also anyone who wants to change up their masturbation routine. Particularly if you’re concerned about the vice like grip you use on your penis while masturbating. If your penis has become desensitised because of death grip, the Lovense Max 2 could be a great way for you to change that.

If you’re looking for a sex toy to masturbate on your own with, the Max 2 is perfect. You can still use it with a partner and it has some functionality to allow you to use it in long distance sex. Yet it isn’t visually interesting for a partner to watch the Max 2 unless you move it. The remote control functionality of the toy is an amazing bonus but it isn’t the main selling point for me.

Can beginners use this penis toy?

Sure! The sensations from the toy will be subtle enough for you and it really isn’t difficult to figure out how to use the Max 2. It’s a luxury sex toy so if you start with this one you’re lucky!

Lovense Max 2

Score: 9.6 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring


10 / 10


9 / 10

Long distance sex

7 / 10

Contraction Strength

7 / 10

Vibration Strength

7 / 10

Materials and design

8 / 10


These prices may be very slightly different by the time you visit the shop. This is just to give you an idea of the cost 😉

The button above and below the price table will send you to the correct shop for your country! If you live in Europe or the USA you can buy directly from Lovense’s shop. For everywhere else in the World, you’ll be sent to Lovehoney who also stock the Max 2.

Prices last updated on: 09/08/2020

USA Flag United States $199
British Flag United Kingdom £129.99
European Union Flag Europe €179
Canadian Flag Canada $224.95
Australian Flag Australia $224.95
New Zealand Flag New Zealand $249.95

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