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Review: Big Oh Fantastic Foreplay Board Game by Lovehoney

Big Oh Naughty Board Game Lovehoney

In our first game with it, this adult’s board game gave us two hours of hot sensual fun.

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First of all we’d like to say thank you to Lovehoney who sent us this sexy board game free of charge in return for an honest, unbiased review. This page contains affiliation links and if you click on them we might get a small commission for any purchase you might make with Lovehoney. Affiliation is the only way we make money on this little blog and it helps support our writing, so please consider using them! 🙂

First impressions of Big Oh Foreplay Board Game

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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I was sent the Big Oh! Fantastic Foreplay Board Game to review with Eve and the first thing I thought is how nice the packaging looks. Personally, I really like the style of Lovehoney’s usual graphic design for their products. It’s very simple, bold, colourful and elegant. This game would make a good gift or surprise for valentines day for example.

Opening up the box there is more than usual to discover in a board game like this. First of all there are six different stacks of action cards. There are two different kinds of dice, a blindfold, tickler, the playing pieces and obviously the board of the game itself. There is even more stuff in this board game than the well-known adult board game Monogamy. Whether that’s a good thing will depend on you and your taste. I personally think it’s a bit complicated to have so many elements to a board game, which is why my usual favourite game is Nookii (another simpler adult game). If you are the kind of person that likes to never run out of things to do and enjoy the variety, then the amount of stuff in Lovehoney’s Big Oh Foreplay game will probably please you.

Everything inside the box is well made and the colours are all vivid. It doesn’t have the same elegance in style as Nookii does, yet I do prefer the look of this game to Monogamy. The satin blindfold is soft to the touch and feels nice on my skin. The tickler also feels pleasant however I don’t think Eve and I will be using it (we’re more biting and scratching people).

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Overview of rules

The game is for two people and is advertised to last 45 minutes. However for Eve and I, the Big Oh board game lasts far longer (close to 2 hours).

  • Each person should choose a ‘Winning Card’ before starting the game. This will be their prize if they win.
  • The goal is to make it all the way around the board to the end before your partner.
  • Along the board you will land on action squares. These will involve you kissing, massaging, tickling and performing more naughty acts.
  • The sex dice are used throughout the game and can lead you to giving or receiving many naughty acts such as oral sex, fingering, hand jobs, caressing and more.
  • Exposed cards are used throughout the game to reveal fantasies to each other.
  • Bonus cards are used outside of the game, later on to prolong the fun.

Experience playing Big Oh Fantastic Foreplay Game

The Big Oh! Board game is a long game to play. Which means your foreplay and sex will last up to two hours by using it. Eve had five orgasms just from the actions we had to perform as part of the game. Now I don’t know about you and how many orgasms you like to have but five orgasms is a damn good amount of orgasms as far as I’m concerned. What about myself? I had to stop Eve from taking me over the edge many times too, because I didn’t want the fun to end.

Even though it’s a great novelty to play a sex board game for so long, I find it a little too long. If I were to use a sexy board game on a regular basis it probably wouldn’t be this one purely because Eve and I rarely have that much time to dedicate to a board game like this. For those like us who are shorter on time, Nookii is probably a better choice. However like I said, for special occasions it’s a great experience to be performing hot passionate acts for so long. This game lasts about as long as Monogamy does (though again perhaps a tiny bit longer).

One of my biggest criticisms of the game is that it’s levels of play sometimes don’t make sense. For example even on level one, I found myself giving or receiving oral sex. Obviously I love giving and receiving oral sex! Yet it’s still a little strange when I reach level three and I’m occasionally performing far more tame acts than some of those in level one. So I think the levels of play in the Big Oh board game could have been thought out better to avoid this. For the vast majority of people, this won’t matter at all. I just feel like the levels of play in both Monogamy and Nookii make a little more sense and increase from low to high intensity in a more predictable way. With the Big Oh! Board Game, the intensity level jumps up and down a lot from start to finish.

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What we loved about it

  • It’s easy to adapt this game to fit both straight or homosexual relationships.
  • Lots of different action cards
  • The blindfold feels good on the skin.
  • The sex dice makes it possible to have fun without actually playing the board game

What we disliked about it

  • The level of play doesn’t increase from low to high intensity in the way you might expect.
  • The game is only available in english, so it’s a no for french-speakers!
  • Some cards are too tame.
  • It takes too long to play to use it regularly (it lasts between one and two hours).

What is sex like after playing Big Oh Foreplay Game?

Like Monogamy and Nookii, sex is AMAZING after playing the Big Oh Foreplay Game. If you are well behaved and follow the rules properly, you will be shaking with tension by the end of it because you’ll be wanting to have sex so much. On the other hand if you are like Eve and I, you’ll be having sex multiple times throughout the game. Nookii takes half the time to play sometimes and I find sex after that game just as hot and passionate as after this game, so for me there is again a slight disadvantage  

Examples of Big Oh’s Action, Bonus, Exposed and Winner Cards

Let’s be honest, some of you will be visiting this article purely for the example cards here. So like with my other sex board game reviews, here are plenty of examples from the action cards of this game!

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The Big Oh! Fantastic Foreplay Board Game definitely does what it says it will do on the box (give you fantastic foreplay). If you are shopping for a new erotic board game, I recommend you consider this one for your collection! It will spice up any date night and give you new sexual acts to try out. Although I think this is a great board game, I can’t recommend it as highly as either Nookii or Monogamy however. Both of those games are better designed in terms of levels of playing and they offer a bit more refinement in my opinion. Yet some of you may prefer Lovehoney’s game precisely for the reasons that I am criticising it. After all, six different stacks of action cards, two hours of playing time and an unpredictable intensity level can be very good things for you depending on who you are! For those of you who already own Nookii and Monogamy, this game by Lovehoney is still totally worth adding to your collection!

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Lovehoney Big Oh! Fantastic Foreplay Board Game

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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7 / 10


9 / 10

Ease of use

7 / 10


7 / 10

Desire to use again

6 / 10


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