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Objets de Plaisir: An interview with French Sex Bloggers

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I had the opportunity to interview two more French sex bloggers recently! At Objets de Plaisir you will find sex toy reviews, as well as a lot of other interesting reading on sexuality (most in French). They have a separate English version of their website at You’ll also find some delightfully sexy photographs, such as the ones they kindly made a collage of for this article. Again on the French version of their website, you’ll find forums full of various sexual topics.

In our interview together, Objets de Plaisir gave a lot of very interesting insights into the sexual attitudes they find around them in the South of France. They talked to me about gender equality, trans issues, homosexuality, polygamy, sexual harassment and more still. It’s a very interesting read, so please go and check out their website and follow them on social media.

Before I pass this article over to them, I’ll just mention a few things. These answers have been translated from French by me, so they obviously aren’t the exact words used. For the exact words, you can switch over to the French version of this website 😉 Also, this is an account of the point of view of the bloggers behind Objets de Plaisir. Neither they nor us can speak for everybody that might be in their community. We also admit that if we had asked someone else from the same community the same questions, we might get different answers. It doesn’t matter, because this is Objets de Plaisir’s QnA and their point of view! Please respect their viewpoints and send them a word of encouragement in the comments 🙂

The interview

  1. Could you describe yourself and the subjects of your blog?

We are two thirty-somethings, a couple. On our blog Objets de Plaisir, we test sex toys, lingerie and we share news and naughty discoveries in the world of eroticism. We also talk about sexuality on the blog.

  1. Why did you create a sex blog and which of you came up with the idea?

The idea first came to us as a joke. After we bought our first good sex toys, we reflected on the name of the site. The next day, we reserved the domain name and we wrote our first article. It was about nine years ago and there were very few blogs of this type at the time in France.

  1. What kind of people were you growing up ? Were there certain signs that predisposed you to writing about sex and photographing yourselves?

We were relatively normal, I don’t think there weren’t any specific signs no.

  1. How has becoming sex bloggers affected your lives?

Well, we have one room pretty much filled full of sex toys and that takes a lot of space. Apart from that, the fact that we have a blog allows us to discover lots of things and meet new people. In short, it has opened our spirits.

  1. If you had to describe your sex lives in three words, what would they be?

Curious, libertarian, open.

  1. Eve and I sometimes have to discuss together the differences in subtlety between the French and English languages. Especially when we’re translating the content of our website! I noticed you have an English version of your website too, so I’m wondering if you have observations on the differences between the languages when we talk of sex and sexuality. Apart from the usual difficulties of writing in a foreign language, do you think your way of expressing yourselves is different in English?

We are not totally bilingual, especially for expressing ourselves, so it demands a lot of time and effort. Outside of the difficulties in translating, I don’t think there are real differences with the way we express ourselves. For example, we are also affiliated with English, American and Australian companies.

  1. What age were you when you first began sexual relations? Do you think that age is typical?

We both had our first sexual relations in adolescence, which is quite common I think.

  1. What is your favourite sexual act or sexy thing to do?

That varies with the periods of our lives and our emotions. We like to experiment and discover new things. In short, we like lots and lots of things!

  1. Could you describe 3 to 5 of your favourite French products / brands for us?

Petite Vice: Silicone sex toys inspired by scenes of heroic fantasy, imagined by their creators, a French couple.

Idée du Désir: Magnificent wooden sex toys, hand carved by a carpenter.

Rosebuds: Anal plugs in stainless steel decorated with Swarovski cristals.

Sylvie Monthulé : Penetrative, intimate jewellery.

  1. What kind of region or community do you live in?

We live in a relatively big city in the south of France.

  1. How open is the average person in your region to talking about sex?

Like for the question about expressive oneself in English, we don’t think that there are fundamental differences on this subject with regards to regions of France or likewise, countries (when we talk of neighbouring countries or ones that are culturally close). I think the differences we can observe are more from other matters such as socio-economic status, kind of neighbourhood etc than geographic location.

  1. Are non-monogamous relationships considered socially acceptable?

Little by little but there are still quite a few preconceived ideas on the subject, even if it isn’t considered taboo or evil.

  1. What level of tolerance is there for different sexual orientations in your reion?

In our region, it’s hard to say, it really depends on the neighbourgood/environment, there are always places where showing one’s homosexuality is dangerous. In our entourage, there is little homophobia, however, the notion of gender identity is often misunderstood.

  1. Is sexual harassment at all common in your community?

Street harassment is very common. In town it is almost impossible for a woman to take a walk outside without having to deal with an insistent “hey, miss, let’s get to know each other?”. Even when you come back from jogging with a pack of toilet paper under your arm. Fortunately, in the circles in which we operate personally, there is no problem.

  1. In France, do you think there is a difference in sexual attitude between the genders?

Yes, overall, the old spirit of the game is still very widespread “the men have to flirt and the women have to be attractive/seductive to be flirted with”. But fortunately, mentalities are evolving.

  1. Do you think anything needs to be changed with regards to sexual attitudes in France? If so, what?

Yes of course. The opportunity for improvement isn’t so small! The classic “a man who has slept with 100 is a Don Juan, a conquistador, yet a woman who slept with 100 is a slut” unfortunately still exists. I also have concerns about the difficult situation of transgender people for example and the wider general problems associated with gender identity. I don’t think that the French are the worst but certainly not the best either.

On a more political level, the status of sex workers should also be reviewed. The laws on pimping and the criminalisation of clients prevents prostitutes from working safely. Prostitutes are often laughed at in police stations if they attempt to press charges of assault. The state does not grant sex workers the same rights as other workers, while they pay taxes like everyone else.

  1. Do you see more sex bloggers of one gender than another?

In this area, I have the impression that the equality is not too bad. We know male and female bloggers, cisgender, transgender, and couples.

  1. Do all places in France share the same kind of sexual liberation?

No. I think like in lots of countries, sexual liberty is stronger in the capital city. However, France has a pretty strong libertine culture that concentrates in the South East of the country rather than the capital.

  1. In your opinion, where are the most romantic places in France for foreigners to visit?

Le Cap d’Agde, a big nudist resort 😉

  1. Where would you like to live if you weren’t in France?

Far away? In Japan. Otherwise, in one of our bordering countries, we like them all.

  1. Have you ever dated an English speaking person or other foreigner? Was it different to your other relationships?

No not ever for longer than a night in any case! And in the time of one night, that never changes much..

  1. Do you think foreigners have any false ideas about the French with regards to sex and romance?

I believe it is known that certain foreigners have maybe ideas about romanticism in France. Classiness, fashion, good manners, that kind of thing. These ideas are perhaps a little false!

Conversely, some countries imagine us “dirty”. I believe that is also wrong.

There is a French stereotype that maybe holds true though, it is the refusal of the established order, always questioning, always complaining, but to make things better. Maybe it ends up in sex and romance too? I do not know.

  1. Is there anything specific British or American people should know about dating the French?

No, not really, in any case I don’t believe so.

  1. What do you think of the British and American accent (when you hear those accents in French)? And what do you think they think of yours?

For their accents when they speak French, I’m not sure. However, British English sounds more sexy to our ears than American English! There is a class and sorry.. a snobbery, unmatched.

  1. Could you give our English speaking readers an expression in French to learn? Amusing, rude, sexy, philosophical… whatever you want!

“Se tâter la nouille” = self-masturbating the penis. The same meaning as “to choke the chicken”.

“Se tâter la nouille” translates literally to “to feel the noodle”.

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