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Review of the Womanizer Premium

Womanizer Premium Review

It’s no secret at this point that I am a big fan of Womanizer. It is for me the absolute reference in the universe of clitoral pleasure. So what about the Womanizer Premium? Will it live up to its name? Find out in my review of the Womanizer Premium!

Sinful sent us the Womanizer Premium for free in exchange for an honest review. This page contains affiliate links. If you click on the links it costs you nothing, but it helps us support this website and the time we put into it!

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First Impressions of the Womanizer Premium

Score: 8.5 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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Air Pleasure technology was a big revelation to me when Adam gave me my very first Womanizer in 2017, the Womanizer Pro40 (which you can read about here). This sensation was like no other and even the strongest vibrations of other clitoral stimulators could not give me an equivalent pleasure.

So it’s always a great excitement for me to receive a product from the Womnizer line, and when it’s called “Premium”, I’m already preparing for nirvana! However, another Womanizer sextoy that I previously tested, the Liberty, had not convinced me, so I always approach these tests with some healthy scepticism. After the Pro40, my favorite sextoy, I naturally expected to be carried away by the Liberty. But as I mentioned, that toy didn’t work for me: too much plastic, a head that didn’t fit my clitoris well, a stimulation too strong or too weak, without a balance… it was a big failure. But I never lost faith in Womanizer and their unique technology, thanks to my old fave, the Pro40. So I was quite willing to forget about the Liberty’s underperformance, and let myself be seduced by the Premium.

womaniser premium pleasure air tech
Womanizer Premium Packaging

The Womanizer Premium came in a discreet and elegant package. The toy I received is black, but there is also a selection of other nice colours (I must admit I have a little crush on the white one, because that’s a very rare color for a sextoy).
The Womanizer Premium is entirely covered with a hypoallergenic, phthalate-free silicone. So without any risk to the body, which is always a must for Adam and I when reviewing anything on this website. The sex toy is 100% waterproof.

womaniser premium in the box
Womanizer Premium: what’s included
womanizer premium charging cable
The magnetic charger.

The Womanizer Premium comes with 2 interchangeable heads to fit your clitoral size, a satin storage pouch, and a magnetic USB charging cable. The full charge time is 120 minutes, a great performance!

The Womanizer Premium is easy to handle and comfortable. The silicone is very soft, so it’s a pleasure to handle. I note the improvement in the materials used for the design of the Premium: unlike the Pro40 or Liberty, there is no hard plastic. The silicone covers the entire body of the toy, and the control buttons are very discreetly embossed on the sides. There is an undeniable feeling of quality, which gives the Womanizer Premium a certain superiority to its predecessors.

But having a beautiful design is not enough to pass this test! Now it’s time to get to the heart of the matter: my experiences with the Womanizer Premium.

Latest price of the Womanizer Premium

Experience with the Womanizer Premium

womaniser premium clit stimulator
Womanizer Premium in black.

More intensity levels

Operation of the Womanizer Premium is quite simple. There are four control buttons: an on/off button at the base of the toy, an autopilot button, a plus button and a minus button. The latter two control the 12 levels of intensity of the toy. So in terms of intensity levels it is already double what was offered on the Womniazer Pro40, which had only 6 degrees of intensity. I like this broader palette of intensities, not because I think the Pro40 was too weak (far from it), but because I like the progression between intensity levels to be nuanced, without a big violent gap, so that I’m not rushed when going from level 1 to level 2 for example.

Autopilot Mode

The “autopilot” button was less obvious to me at first. The autopilot mode allows you to create random stimulation patterns. This means that by pressing the “autopilot” button, the Womanizer Premium will change the intensity of the pulses itself, but in an unpredictable way, in order to create waves of pleasure without any effort on your part. 3 patterns are then possible: soft, medium and strong. Depending on the level chosen, the “autopilot” mode will juggle between 4 of the 12 intensity levels. Now that I understand how to use it, the autopilot mode is a function I worship! But I must admit that it is difficult to guess how this autopilot works without reading the manual first. So a little advice before use: read the instructions to ensure maximum pleasure. Because, let me tell you straight, the autopilot mode is a wonder.

I was already having the best orgasms of my life with the constant mode, but I landed on another planet with the random stimulation patterns.

Pleasure Air technology stimulation: What is it?

womanizer premium

I love Womanizer products because the effort on my part is minimal. No need to play with my wrist, no need to turn the toy around to make sure I have the best angle. No, with Womanizer, all I have to do is spread my lips slightly, position the (adapted) head of the sextoy on my clitoris, and let it happen. This famous Air Pleasure technology that does not vibrate, but vibrates the air around your clitoris, produces a sensation of suction and massage at the same time. As if a tongue were licking and sucking my clitoris. It is a sensation that, for me, is inimitable and cannot be matched by a classic vibrator, whose vibrations I sometimes find too aggressive or numbing.

With Womanizer, I never feel that my clit is anesthetized after using the sex toy, whereas that often happened to me with vibrators. I also don’t have that pain that sometimes happens when the clitoris is engorged and hypersensitive and is brought into contact with virbations. No, everything is done gently because it is not the skin that is stimulated, but the air all around. A genius invention, I can’t say it enough. And when I think that this technology works just as well in water…I highly recommend that you test the Womanizer Premium in a hot bath. The movement of the water on the clitoris…absolute ecstasy.

Smart Silence Mode

Womanizer has not only managed to reduce the sound of the engine (from 42db to 40db), but the Premium has also been equipped with Smart Silence mode. That is to say that the sextoy is only activated by contact with the skin. As soon as you remove the head from your clitoris, the motor pauses (as you’ll see with the video below using a finger for demo purposes). Thus, no noise can betray you. You could almost use it while your partner is sleeping next to you, without risking to wake him/her up.

My only reservation about the Smart Silent is that it is currently disabled on my Womanizer Premium. I consulted the manual, which explains that to deactivate this option, just press the plus and minus buttons at the same time for 2 seconds. Which I may have done by accident. But since then, it has been impossible to reactivate Smart Silence. I read that you have to turn on the Premium and not touch the head for 5 seconds to activate the Smart Silent, but I tried… nothing works. So if anyone has a tip, I’m interested!

Partner Play

For me, the Womanizer Premium, like the other products in the range, is not a toy for couples. This does not mean that it is impossible to use it with your partner. It is quite possible, but in this case, I prefer when I use it on myself as foreplay, to excite Adam. But I find it more awkward if he uses it on me. Because it’s not a sextoy that you slide on the skin, that you can insert in the vagina, or anything else. It is a sex toy that is positioned on the clitoris and that you don’t move anymore until the orgasm explodes. So, when your partner wants to spoil you, he/she can of course use it on you and watch you squirm with pleasure. But let’s just say that its scope of action will be quite limited. It is a sex toy that does not create interaction between partners, in my opinion. The beauty of the Womanizer Premium is that it was designed for clitoral pleasure and for one to take full control of both orgasm and pleasure. The Womanizer Premium is therefore for me a sex toy that is used solo above all.

Video of the Womanizer Premium

In this video, you can see our unboxing and hear the sound that the Womanizer Premium makes.

Cleaning the Womanizer Premium

Thanks to its removable head, the Womnizer Premium is very easy to clean. Simply remove the head and clean it thoroughly inside and out. Use a sex toy cleaning spray, rinse and dry! Don’t forget to clean the handle of the toy as well to avoid any risk of bacterial proliferation. Once dry, store the Womanizer Premium in its pouch immediately to avoid the accumulation of dust, which loves silicone.

In conclusion of my review of the Womanizer Premium

I love the Womanizer Premium! It really makes up with the Liberty, and even manages to dethrone the Pro40 a little (a feat when you know how much I love this little gem). Elegant, powerful, discreet, it has all the qualities I expect from a high-end sex toy. However, it is less intuitive than its predecessors, so I recommend reading the manual carefully before using it, at the risk of being a little disconcerted by the use of the “Autoppilot” mode. But once I understood how the button works, I’ll admit that autopilot mode gives me a great experience. The effort required is close to zero, and the quality of the orgasm explodes all the senses.

Small frustration concerning the Smart Silent, this function which allows one to pause the motor as soon as the head of the Premium is not in contact with the skin: for my part, it does not work anymore… I can’t reactivate it!

The price is certainly high (£169 at the time of this test), but we talking of superior quality here, a great example among sex toys. The Pro40 remains my favorite of the range, although it is less powerful and less advanced than the Premium. Though if I had to do it all over again, if I were only allowed to buy one sex toy in my entire life, I think I would invest in the Womanizer Premium and we could live a long and happy life together.

Thank you to Sinful for sending this to me! Our readers can find the Womanizer Premium for sale on their website.

Latest price of the Womanizer Premium

Womanizer Premium

Score: 8.5 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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8 / 10

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