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Review of the Womanizer Liberty

Womanizer Liberty Sex Toy

The latest from Womanizer is entering the market. Is it ready to step into the shoes of its older sister the Pro40 though?

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First impressions of the Womanizer Liberty

Score: 4 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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October 9 2018, Passage du Désir in partnership with Womanizer, organised an evening conference on the theme of clit/vagina pleasure. I was delighted to be able to participate and meet people from the various companies. We were lucky enough to be able to talk to sexologists, women of literature, the saleswomen of Passage du Désir about this strong and yet little discussed subject. At the end of the evening, everyone was given a Womanizer Liberty (thank you Womanizer and Passage Desire !!). Being the proud owner and fan of the Womanizer Pro40, I was naturally excited about expanding the family.

The design of the Womanizer Liberty is superb: small, discreet, cute. It exists in 4 shades: pink, purple, blue or bordeaux (it is this last color which you see in picture). As it is a pocket version, it has a magnetic shell that can protect it from dust and carry it anywhere. Once closed, it looks like a pretty, shiny shell. It looks so pretty that you will not even be ashamed to have forgotten it on the table while your friends have just landed.

It has 6 modes of vibration, is charged by USB cable (supplied), is waterproof, comes with two silicone heads, and has a long battery life (2h!). The grip is ultra easy. The form is sleek and the two buttons are easy to access. It therefore has all the ingredients of happiness. However, I can not say that it really made me take off …

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Experience using the Womanizer Liberty

The Orgasm (solo play – Eve)

I had already talked about the benefits of the contactless technology of creating clitoral stimulation through suction. That’s what pleased me about the Womanizer Pro40, which was the first contactless toy I tested. So I had a lot of expectations… which have not really been satisfied. It took me three tries to reach orgasm. The first 2 times I gave up and was frustrated. I can’t say if it’s a real design flaw or if it’s just my perception. I find that positioning the silicone head on my clitoris is difficult. Maybe the head is too small, not all-encompassing, but the stimulation is either too weak or too strong. I spend my time repositioning and changing the intensity because I do not feel much, or because the stimulation is too brutal. At times the noise and sensation are more like pounding than sucking. And when I finally reach orgasm, it feels forced, small and not really satisfying. So the purpose of this little toy is to be easy to take anywhere, yet I would be very reluctant to rely on it for my pleasure. In short, for me, it’s a flop.

Partner Play with the Womanizer Liberty

Honestly, the experience of using the Womanizer Liberty in couple play isn’t anymore enjoyable than when I use it solo. Adam felt sorry to see me so frustrated and when he tried to use it on me I finally took his hands to position myself because he couldn’t find a good place to put it. But it was not really wrong, because as I said, I have trouble myself to place it. I have no problem of this kind with the older model, the Pro40. So, I finally let go of the Liberty and finished with the Pro40. I only opted to switch toys because this feeling of frustration is extremely unpleasant and can turn into anger when it lasts and ends up breaking the charm of the moment.

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Cleaning the Womanizer Liberty

Cleaning the Womanizer Liberty is super simple and practical: just remove the silicone head after use, rinse it and use a good sex toy cleaning spray. Once dry, close the Womanizer Liberty’s magnetic shell and place it back inside its storage pouch. Zero dust and that’s a big plus!

Womanizer Liberty

Score: 4 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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Partner play

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This toy was sent for free by Passage du Désir for an honest review and this page contains affiliate links. Thank you Passage du Désir!


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