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Review of the Womanizer Pro40 Clit Stimulator

womanizer pro40

The full power of clitoral stimulation.

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First impressions

Score: 9 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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This year for Valentine’s Day, I was spoiled. Adam and I always make it a point to make this holiday a sensual pleasure session, with new discoveries and simple moments of sharing. One of my gifts was this clitoral stimulator named the Womanizer Pro 40. We had already spotted in the shop, I was intrigued, Adam was enthusiastic, the price stopped me a bit so I postponed, so I was happy to receive it!

First look, first emotion. It is a faultless in terms of design: it is in pink, but the mix with the metallic gray is very elegant, the shape is refined and manageable, the texture is soft and pleasant, the buttons are easy to access, the device is very light and waterproof. In short, nothing wrong. The product comes with 2 silicone heads, a small and a medium, to adapt it according to your clitoris.

The packaging is simple, it corresponds to the spirit of the product. I just regret the lack of a small storage pouch. Although it’s not completely covered with silicone like most of my other sex toys, it catches much less dust, so this comment on the lack of a storage pouch is mostly to quibble.

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The orgasm (solo play)

As soon as received it, I immediately tried it out. I was very impatient and was really not disappointed. As I said above, the Womanizer is very easy to handle, and it’s nice to have a toy as light (no tension in the wrist, no feeling of having to pay for my orgasm with tendinitis). So let’s move on to practical work: the Womanizer is used in different positions: lying, sitting, standing, squatting, etc. The most obvious is the lying position, just lie down quietly on a soft surface, spread slightly your legs and conquer your clitoris. A good opportunity to refresh in the mind the location of the clitoris. The first time I used the Womanizer, I groped a little bit, I did not know whether to place it directly on the clitoris, if it was to be entirely taken by the head of the Womanizer, or partially if you had to do any wrist movement or just let the device do it. But hesitation passes quickly, once I had found the perfect spot, I did not move. Some may be disconcerted by the noise, but since the head is properly positioned on the clitoris, it is little more than a whisper. I advise you not to risk moving the Womanizer a lot, because the noise may spoil the pleasure a little. And there is pleasure! Also be aware that the silicone head lights up with an LED system, so even in total darkness, you’ll be able to spot yourself (although this option is more aesthetic-fun than practical)

The device has 6 modes. No variations, only different intensities. But that’s enough, believe me. Some will talk to you about the effect of sucking, personally I feel it more like pure vibration, but the all-encompassing shape of the Womanizer’s head creates a sensation of targeted massage on the clitoris. A true delight. In general I begin, with a light intensity, to gently raise the pleasure, then I rise in power, sometimes when I feel the orgasm happen, I lower the intensity to make the feelings last. And when finally I can not fight and orgasm takes me, I can tell you that it is a tsunami of pleasure. Be careful not to abuse the vibrations so as not to over-stimulate your clitoris, as it is a very unpleasant feeling. You can use it with or without lubricant but personally I do very well without.

I must admit that the Womanizer has been a revelation, and that lately it has definitely become my “go-to” sex toy, my favorite toy if you prefer; simply because it’s fast, efficient, sensual and does not require lubricant or penetration so it’s really a toy to use regardless of my physical state.

Partner Play

Eve’s point of view

Adam was very quickly seduced by the Womanizer, he loves to watch me use it either in foreplay, or just when I need a some quick pleasure and he wants to watch. He was quite surprised to see how much I got attached to it so quickly. It’s really a sex toy that he is happy to have given me, because he knows that in our periods of exhaustion or illness, when the body has the desire but not the strength to engage in intense sex, it makes me happy to know that I have the option of the Womanizer to do me good without exhausting or frustrating anyone. Well, between us, even when he declares that he is too tired and that he is just going to look at me, he often ends up (always) looking with his hands … One more point for the Womanizer;)

Adam’s point of view

I love how much pleasure this toy gives Eve. Out of all of the toys I have ever seen her with, this is the toy that has given her the most orgasms in a row. And I can tell you… that’s hot to watch. The second thing I like about the toy is that it’s so easy for her to use. It requires almost no effort at all until she begins moaning.

The toy however isn’t as visually stimulating to me as a dildo might be however. It’s hot to see Eve in the throws of passion with this toy, however the toy itself doesn’t add anything visually for me. It is also not possible to use this toy during sex due to the fact that it needs to be kept quite still. I have occasionally held the toy over her clit and watched her cum multiple times. However the action of holding it doesn’t add anything to the experience for me. So in other words, I love watching and holding her… but the toy itself does not excite me directly.

Overall it seems more of a masturbation toy, whether we are solo or together. However that isn’t to take away from the greatness of this toy. I love that it is often part of our sex life. Plus, the batteries seem to last forever and I don’t have any sucking toy, so I’m a little jealous! 😉

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Extremely simple to maintain: simply remove the silicone head, rinse and spray on a cleaner. It dries quickly, and does not attract too much dust. I still recommend storing the Womanizer in a small pouch, it’s always more hygienic than exposing it to the millions of particles that saturate the ambient air.


Update 05/06/2020 – This is still my favourite sex toy. I have tried many great toys buy I use none as much as I do the Womanizer Pro40. I keep coming back to it. Recommended 110%!

Womanizer Pro40

Score: 9.5 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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