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Review: The Doxy Die Cast (corded version)

review of doxy die cast wand vibrator

Meet the corded Doxy Die Cast vibrating wand. It’s one of the most powerful toys I currently own and during the past few months I’ve been testing it… ahem, extensively. So does the power of the Doxy Die Cast feel good? Let’s find out in my review of the Doxy Die Cast magic wand!

The Doxy Die Cast was sent to me for free by Sinful in return for an honest evaluation. This page contains affiliate links and if you use them, it costs you nothing but the small commission I get when you buy something helps me run this website and keep providing content for you!

First impressions of the Doxy Die Cast

Score: 8.5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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This corded version of the Doxy Die Cast is huge in comparison to the smaller 3R version that I previously reviewed. This corded version of the Die Cast also packs quite a lot more power. I was shocked by how powerful the vibrations were when I first switched it on. Like the 3R, the vibration motor of the Doxy Die Cast goes up to a maximum of 9000 rpms. I believe the motor in this Doxy is bigger though because it really does feel more powerful than the 3R.

While the maximum power of the vibration motor is 9000 rpms, it goes down to 3000 rpms, which feels like a nice subtle rumble.

doxy die cast packaging
The wand’s box.

This big corded Die Cast is a similar purple colour to the 3R I have too. It’s beautiful, I love the “die cast” versions of the Doxy wands. The metallic paint shines and looks classy as hell. This model of the wand is also available in several other colours, depending on where you buy it.

Unlike the 3R, this corded Doxy Die Cast doesn’t have a metal storage tube. It’s too big in all honesty. You could use the box that comes with the wand to store it, though I’ve just been keeping it in one of my clothes drawers personally.

In case you didn’t already get it, please know that this big version Doxy Die Cast is corded and contains no batteries. The power cord of the Doxy Die Cast is 3 metres long though, which is really practical. Personally I can’t think of a situation where I’d need a longer power cable than that.

I initially thought the Doxy Die Cast’s vibration level was too high but later discovered that when I first switched it on, it wasn’t on the lowest setting but the mid level (the toy remembers the last setting you have). So be sure to press the minus button as well as the plus button when you first test it!

Unless it was already clear from this being a corded toy, the Doxy Die Cast is NOT waterproof.

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The Doxy Die Cast makes me climax in 3 minutes

review of doxy die cast

One day, I spontaneously decided that I could do with a quick orgasm while I was working on something. I didn’t have very long so grabbed the most powerful thing near to me, which was the Doxy Die Cast. I fired up the wand and held it next to my penis while my trousers were still on. Damn it felt good. Within about 2 minutes, I almost climaxed right there in my trousers. I’m no animal, so I paused quickly to pull my trousers and pants down a bit before continuing. I came in under a minute after putting the wand back on my penis. Overall I’d say it took about 3 or 4 minutes for this wand to make me climax.

The Doxy Die Cast makes me come in record time. My penis literally didn’t have time to get fully hard before I was on the edge of climax The fact that it can make me climax that quickly when I’m stood up and have trousers on is crazy, particularly when I only used setting one! I spent longer cleaning cum off the floor than I did using the wand… apologies for this not-so-pretty image.

Like most rapid orgasms, the overall intensity was lower than in cases where I take longer to build up to climax. It doesn’t matter to me to be honest, because sometimes I just need quick orgasms. When I have under 10 minutes to spare, I either need to climax quickly or I don’t have an orgasm at all. My life is quite busy and my need for quick happy endings is frequent, so I actually really like the fact that the Doxy Die Cast can make me climax so rapidly.

The Doxy Die Cast is crazy powerful but can be subtle

The Doxy Die Cast can be that crazy friend who on a night out, gets high in the club bathroom, drinks six strong cocktails, dances on the bar, smashes a stool over someone’s head and then sets fire to something. Yet at the same time, this Doxy can also be the friend that meets you on a quiet Sunday at a lakeside cafe in a park for some hot chocolate and a chat in the autumn. What I’m saying is, the Doxy Die Cast has a split personality. It can be soft and wild.

On setting one, the Doxy Die Cast is a gentle giant. At that most subtle level, it feels like the wand is massaging me, no matter where I put it. At setting two and above, the Die Cast is bat-shit crazy. On those higher levels, it doesn’t tickle or caress and it doesn’t hum; it roars. If power is what you need, the corded Doxy Die Cast has plenty to give.

The power range of the corded Doxy Die Cast is better than the Die Cast 3R

doxy die cast vs 3r
Doxy Die Cast vs 3R

Regular readers may remember that I reviewed the Doxy Die Cast 3R a short while ago. That one is a cordless toy, so very useful, yet it doesn’t have as much of a good range as this corded version of the Die Cast. The corded Doxy Die Cast can be more rumbly and subtle, something that I found lacking in the 3R. This corded wand also feels more powerful on its maximum setting, so overall I appreciate the levels of intensity in this wand more.

The Doxy Die Cast is HEAVY

The Doxy Die Cast is one of the heaviest sex toys I own at the moment. It weighs 690g (1.52 lb). While under a kilogram of weight doesn’t sound like a lot, having that all on a long wand object that you have to hold up with your wrist makes it feel heavier.

The wand a metal construction and Doxy didn’t cheap out on the materials. The good thing about its weight is that the wand doesn’t wobble around very much as the powerful vibration motor spins (a problem with lighter wands). The bad thing about the Doxy Die Cast being so heavy is that it can tire people’s arms.

My girlfriend likes to use wands during sex sometimes because they’re easy to use and she doesn’t need a lot of precision while holding them. In missionary position (where she’s lying down), the Doxy Die Cast isn’t very difficult to hold. When she’s in doggy style position and on top, she finds the Doxy Die Cast too heavy. Her arm quickly becomes tired in doggy style in particular and after a couple of minutes she usually turns off the wand and sets it down.

If you have weak wrists or some kind of problem with your tendons / arm joints, the Doxy Die Cast may be a little too heavy for you. I don’t have an issue with it personally but I also don’t ever use it for very long because it makes me climax so quickly.

The Doxy Die Cast is a big wand

This isn’t really a wand that you’ll want to be travelling with. As well as being quite heavy, it’s also very big and long. The Doxy Die Cast measures 35cm and with its 3 metre long cable it takes up quite a bit of room. It does actually come with a multi-pin power plug, so if you ever were going to travel with it, you wouldn’t need to take an adapter with you. It takes up so much room though that I can’t imagine why anyone would want to travel with it.

I have quite a small apartment and a lot of sex toys, so bigger toys are usually a problem for me. The Doxy Die Cast is surprisingly easy for me to store however. I’ve actually been keeping it in one of my clothes drawers and in there, it gets lost among my shirts etc. The good thing about the Doxy Die Cast is that the head of the toy is the only thing that dust and fibres stick to. If you just put a little bag over the head, you can store it wherever you like without worrying.

The box that the Doxy Die Cast comes in can also be used for storage. When I first got the wand, I get it in the padded box, under my bed. For me, the box takes up too much room which is why I haven’t kept it. For those with a bit more room, it’s a handy case!

It helps having a 3 metre long power cord

doxy die cast vs Lovehoney wand
Doxy Die Cast vs Lovehoney Wand

The Doxy Die Cast has a 3 metre long power cord.

The previous wand I reviewed at this size was the Lovehoney Extra Powerful wand and that came with a 2 metre long cord. While certainly not short, I appreciate the fact that the Doxy Die Cast has one metre more cord for me to play with.

When playing with wands in bed, the cord can get caught by limbs and wrap around things. With a short power cord, that quickly becomes a problem and can in some cases cause the toy’s power plug to come out. I don’t imagine that will be a frequent problem with the Doxy Die Cast because the cord is so long. I have a small bedroom but the power sockets aren’t right next to the bed. With other toys I sometimes need to use extension cables from the power socket but with the Doxy Die Cast I can run it straight from the wall without an issue.

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Video and noise of the Doxy Die Cast

Here’s a short video demonstration of the wand. This will give you an idea of the noise that the Doxy Die Cast makes while vibrating at different levels. It’s a fairly noisy wand but not the noisiest sex toy I own. I wouldn’t use it while someone was in the next room but I can’t hear it across the far end of my apartment though (3 walls away).

Controlling the Die Cast

doxy die cast controls
The controls.

Controlling the Doxy Die Cast is fairly easy. It only has three buttons, so to use it in constant vibration mode, you simply click the power button then lower or increase the intensity using the plus and minus buttons. The buttons light up, which makes seeing them in the dark very easy. Light up buttons are an important but often overlooked feature in toy design, so I appreciate this!

Where the toy is less intuitive is with its pattern modes. To access the vibration patterns, you need to long press the power button (for about 3 seconds). In pattern mode, you use the plus and minus button to change patterns.

The toy remembers the last constant vibration mode you used, which some people may find handy.

Cleaning the Doxy Die Cast

This isn’t a waterproof toy, so you need to be a little careful when cleaning it. The silicone head of the toy can be rinsed under water and cleaned with soap. You shouldn’t put the metal body / buttons of the toy under water though. To clean the body of the toy, I recommend that you dampen a cloth a little bit and wipe it down. You’ll only occasionally need to clean the metal handle anyway.

In conclusion of my review of the Doxy Die Cast

This has been a fun review to do; more than I imagined actually! Unlike the 3R, I really am a big fan of the Doxy Die Cast. I have used this wand more than any other that I own and will probably continue to do so, because it is so enjoyable and the orgasms feel so good.

The strength of the Doxy Die Cast is that it can go from rumbly subtlety all the way to crazy, bone shaking intensity. It’s also an incredibly beautiful toy to look at and screams high quality.

The drawbacks of the Die Cast are that it is rather heavy, it lacks certain advanced features that other wands have and it isn’t waterproof. The fact that it’s a corded toy and it’s quite big also means that it isn’t as portable as smaller cordless wands.

Whether you go for the Doxy Die Cast or not will depend on what you give preference to when you shop for sex toys. I tend to like simple toys that have a very high quality personally. The Doxy Die Cast fits right in with other simple yet high quality toys I have like the Njoy Pure Wand and the Ussy. I prefer owning the Doxy Die Cast to some other wand that might have twenty more features and an app to go with it. The reason I love the Doxy Die Cast is that it’s classy, it’s high quality and it’s very good at what it’s designed for (stimulation). For me, this is certainly a wand worth owning.

My girlfriend Eve prefers the smaller Doxy 3R, despite it not having as much of a nice vibration range. Her reasons for preferring the 3R is that its weight doesn’t tire her hand as much and she prefers not having a power cord. I on the other hand prefer the corded Doxy Die Cast.

If I love it so much, why only 8.5 / 10? Well, that’s mainly for the drawbacks I listed above. Even though those things aren’t important to me personally, they are important to others. So that’s the reason that the Doxy Die Cast didn’t get full marks!

Thanks to Sinful for sending me the Doxy Die Cast to test!

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Doxy Die Cast

Score: 8.5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring

Power range

10 / 10

Beauty and quality

10 / 10


6 / 10


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10 / 10

Desire to use again in future

10 / 10

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