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Review: Lovehoney Deluxe Extra Powerful Magic Wand Vibrator

Lovehoney deluxe extra powerful mains powered magic wand review

This toy’s name is way too long… but are we going to hold that against it? No. This is the “Lovehoney deluxe extra powerful mains powered wand vibrator” – I couldn’t even fit all that into the title. When Lovehoney sent me another more luxury wand vibrator, they decided to send their own wand too because not everybody has the money for a high-priced brand. I was also quite curious on how this more affordable Lovehoney branded vibrating wand held up against its competition. Let’s find out in my review of the Lovehoney Deluxe Wand!

Lovehoney sent me this magic wand vibrator for free in return for an honest review. This page contains affiliate links and if you use them it costs you nothing but helps support this website, so thanks for your support!

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First Impressions of the Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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The Lovehoney Deluxe Extra Powerful Wand is a corded sex toy, meaning it comes with a power plug that you connect to the wall. The advantage of that is you don’t need to worry about batteries and it also enables the toy to be more powerful than if they had powered it with batteries. The downside of course is that it’s less portable. I’m fine with this toy being corded, however it is true that the toy isn’t as “grab and go” as vibrating wands like the 3R that come with batteries. In my opinion though, that’s not as much of a big deal as some marketing makes it out to be

Anyway, the first time I switched on the Lovehoney Deluxe Wand I was pleasantly surprised by how powerful it is. While it doesn’t reach the dizzying extremes of the Doxy wands I have, it will certainly be a great alternative for those on a budget. The Lovehoney Deluxe Wand doesn’t have rpm values available in the technical info but they describe it as “Extra Powerful” and to be fair to them… it is pretty damn powerful. More than enough for most people anyway.

This Lovehoney Magic Wand also has twenty different vibrating patterns programmed into it. I know some people don’t care about vibrating patterns but I do and use them a lot. One thing that for me lets the Doxy toys down a little bit is their lack of patterns. I’ll talk a about how the Lovehoney Magic Wand’s patterns feel a little later but at this stage – just know that it’s nice to have the option of extra patterns.

Lovehoney deluxe wand head
The neck bends slightly as you press the wand into something.

The Lovehoney Deluxe Wand isn’t going to win in a beauty contest against other vibrating wands, yet it’s still a very simple and clean design. It doesn’t feel especially cheap either, though the plastic handle doesn’t completely absorb all the vibrations from the toy. The product itself feels good quality because the plastic seams are well fused and the toy has a pleasing amount of weight to it. Like most magic wands, it also has some slight flexibility in its neck and bends as you press it into the body. Like many of the other magic wands I own, this toy is not waterproof, so you’ll need to be careful when washing it.

Lovehoney deluxe magic wand packaging

The one area that I feel the toy could do better in is with the packaging, which may at first seem like a trivial complaint. There is too much plastic in the packaging and I think if some slight changes to it were made (such as replacing the plastic with foam) – it’s possible that the box could continue to be used as storage. As it is, the box isn’t very useful for storing the toy in afterwards, which means I store the wand in a drawer without any cover.

Enough of this physical description – let’s get under the sheets!

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Experience with the Lovehoney Deluxe Extra Powerful Magic Wand

How does the Lovehoney Extra Powerful Wand feel in our hands?

Adam’s point of view (the one writing this review)

For me personally, this Lovehoney Wand feels good in my hand. I didn’t actually notice that the vibrations travel up the handle until my girlfriend below commented on it. She’s right though, the vibes do shake the handle a bit on the first modes and cause a slight buzz for the rest of the settings (you can see a video further down to see that a little). For me though, the the weight of the Lovehoney Extra Powerful Magic Wand is very comfortable and my arm doesn’t get tired while using it.

Eve’s point of view (Adam’s girlfriend and the other reviewer of this website)

This Lovehoney wand is more comfortable for me to hold than the Doxy Die Cast, which is so heavy that I don’t feel comfortable holding it for very long. The Lovehoney wand is fine for me to hold for a short time, though it’s still a lot heavier than my other toys and I prefer the lighter weight of smaller wands like the 3R and Domi 2.

The vibrations from this extra powerful Lovehoney wand travel up the handle for me a bit too much… particularly when I first switch the wand on. On the first two settings of the wand, it shakes my wrist around quite a lot, which I find unpleasant. By the time I get to modes 3 and 4 though, the vibrations in the handle are minimal. On every pattern of the Lovehoney Wand I get a slight buzz in my hand, however it’s only the first few modes that shake my wrist.

Lovehoney deluxe wand controls
The controls of the wand. Two intensity buttons and a vibration mode button in the middle. The Plus/Minus doubles as the power on/off.

Solo masturbation (penis)

Back to Adam writing again!

My first time with the Lovehoney Deluxe wand was a solo session. I’d just woken up and felt very horny. Luckily for me, my past self had the forethought and consideration to place the Lovehoney Deluxe wand right next to my bed, with a power extension lead ready next to it. So I plugged in the Deluxe Wand and fired it up.

Using the wand without an attachment on the penis

I started with the constant vibration mode, holding the wand against the head of my penis. I’ll be honest, it was a little underwhelming at that stage. Despite the fact that the wand’s vibration motor is very powerful, I couldn’t really feel it a whole lot while simply resting it against my penis. In order to feel the vibration more intensely, I had to press my penis head into the wand with my hand. By pressing my penis head into the wand like this, I was able to enjoy the vibrations.

The problem with me pressing my penis into the wand with my hand, is that my hand also sustains a lot of vibration like that. It didn’t cause me pain or numbness, however the vibrations penetrating my hand like that did distract me quite a lot.

It’s possible that with a proper penis ‘attachment’ for the wand, I’d have been able to enjoy the constant mode of the toy more than I did. Lovehoney does have a penis attachment for the wand, it’s in TPE rather than silicone. TPE is still an ok material to use for a penis sleeve, just not as long-lasting and easy to maintain as silicone.

For me, the vibration patterns = better than constant mode

Anyway, getting back to masturbation – the wand got MUCH better when I started playing with the vibration modes. The problem with a constant vibration mode is that my penis nor my hand ever get any break. With the vibration modes, the vibrations my hand receives cause me far less distraction, so I enjoyed them way more.

The vibrations themselves are somewhere on the mid-scale between buzzy and rumbly. I wouldn’t describe them as ‘buzzy’ exactly, however they don’t penetrate my body tissue as much as I’d like. I think if the toy was more rumbly, I wouldn’t have had to use my hand to press my penis into the toy as much. For example with the 3R wand and certainly the Domi 2, I don’t have to press my penis into the wand’s head. With the Lovehoney Deluxe Wand I do.

Getting down and dirty with Eve and the Lovehoney Wand

The Lovehoney Deluxe Wand’s cable is around 2 metres long (200cm). That’s a long enough length if the power plug you’re using is next to the bed or even on the wall just next to your bed. Just keep in mind that you need enough slack on the cable for it to bend around your bodies properly without pulling. By contrast, the Doxy Die Cast’s cable is about 3 metres long, which makes it a bit more versatile in terms of where your power socket is located in the room.

For Eve and I, the Lovehoney Deluxe Wand’s cable was totally fine because our bedroom is rather small anyway. If you have a larger room, you might want to use an extension cable, that’s all.

Anyway! The Lovehoney Deluxe Wand is a really easy toy to use with Eve during sex. She doesn’t like vibrators to be super intense, so the lowest few settings of the Deluxe Wand were her favourites. Unlike some of the other wands we have though, she feels more comfortable using the Lovehoney Deluxe Wand at higher intensities. She only likes the highest intensity of this wand when she is nearing climax however, whenever the power is switched up before that, it’s too much for her.

Like me, Eve also found the wide range of vibration patterns quite exciting, particularly during oral sex. From my point of view though, this wand isn’t very well suited to oral sex (at least when I’m giving it to her). When the head of a wand is quite small, I can give Eve oral at the same time without too much discomfort. With the Lovehoney Wand, the head of the wand is big and presses into my nose quite a lot, so I can’t really stay down for as long as I’d like to!! For me, the smaller style wands are better for oral sex.

During sex, Eve enjoyed using the wand to stimulate her clit during missionary position and we were also able to use the wand in doggy and cowgirl position well too. The only issue with doggy-style for Eve was that her wrist became a bit tired from the weight of the wand, so she put it down eventually. Overall it’s a good wand for sex though and in most common positions, it works well. The one thing I will say though is that because it has that cable, sometimes we need to unwrap it from our legs/arms while changing position. It’s a very minor inconvenience though, so I’m really nitpicking there. I will say though, I personally prefer rechargeable wands.

One last thing, this is a good wand for general massage too. The range of intensities that it has are going to be suitable for what most people need out of it. Eve tried the wand briefly on me for muscle relaxation and I found it pleasant. We’re not really in the habit of using wands during massage like that but from our quick test, I think it would be suitable for those who like the idea of doing so!

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Video demo of the Lovehoney Extra Powerful Magic Wand

Here is a little video demo of the Lovehoney Magic Wand. As you’ll hear, it definitely isn’t silent – yet not a lot of wand vibrators are because they are usually quite powerful.

Keeping the Lovehoney Extra Powerful Magic Wand clean

This Lovehoney wand is NOT waterproof, so do be careful when you clean it. Usually you will only be washing the top bit of the toy – the silicone head. It’s really easy to clean despite the toy not being waterproof though. You just give the silicone head a rinse with some water and soap. It dries pretty quickly too.

The one thing that bothers me a bit about this Lovehoney Magic Wand is that the white silicone attracts quite a lot of dust and fibres. It’s quite a large toy and doesn’t come with a storage box or bag, so I’ve been storing it in my clothes drawer. Despite it being in a closed drawer like that, it picks up a lot of fibres from my T-Shirt, so personally I like to give the head a quick rinse before use.

An easy solution to keep the Lovehoney Magic Wand clean is just placing a satin bag over the silicone head, because that’s the main bit that gets dusty. I don’t have a satin bag at the moment that’s all – so I’ve been seeing more dust!

Concluding my review on the Lovehoney Vibrating Wand

Lovehoney deluxe extra powerful magic wand review

The vibration from the Lovehoney Deluxe Wand feels very powerful even during hard sex, where Eve and I move around with lots of energy. This “extra powerful” vibrating wand by Lovehoney isn’t as powerful as the famous Doxy Die Cast… but it still packs a serious punch. The thing you have to keep in mind with power when it comes to any vibrator is that many people still have a limit that feels comfortable. My girlfriend Eve for example says that the intensity of this Lovehoney Deluxe Wand feels more manageable to her than the corded Doxy Die Cast does (which she currently describes as “too powerful”).

While I’m not with Eve on that last comment (I really enjoy powerful vibrations), I still think it’s worth considering this Extra Powerful Magic Wand by Lovehoney. Considering its very competitive price, I don’t think you can go too wrong really. If I had to choose between this and a Doxy… I would of course pick the Doxy (specifically the Die Cast 3R). The thing is, the Doxys are WAY more expensive than this, so we’re dealing with totally different budgets and priorities. If you wanted luxury, style and beauty, plus a bit more power – you’d go with Doxy. If you want a perfectly good wand at a reasonable price with a lot of power – you’d go with this Lovehoney Extra Powerful Wand.

The downsides to this Lovehoney wand is that the cable is only 200cm long, which is shorter than some others, it is also a bit simple in design and the white silicone shows up a lot of dust. The power cable I have also needs an adapter/converter, because the original plug is British. As Eve mentioned too, the handle of this wand does shake around on some settings and buzzes throughout the vibration modes. Again though, for the price that this powerful wand costs… none of this is a big deal to me. I could deal with all of those things if I was on a budget and just wanted a powerful wand vibrator.

Where you’d perhaps have to reconsider this wand is if you have weak wrists or some kind of muscle/tendon problem that means a shaky handle would feel painful… or indeed if the weight might be too much for you. This wand shakes no-where near as much as certain others (such as the Domi 2), yet it’s still something to take into account. I wouldn’t overthink it too much though, we’re mainly nitpicking here. Most of the 20 vibration modes that the Lovehoney Magic Wand has aren’t going to shake the handle… it’s just those initial few modes that Eve described earlier. The main thing to consider is whether you would get a smaller wand if your wrists have a problem with weight sometimes.

The advantages of this extra powerful magic wand by Lovehoney (other than the price) is that it really is quite powerful and also, it has TWENTY vibration modes… which is more than what some more expensive brands have (including Doxy).

Thank you again to Lovehoney for sending this product in for review!

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Lovehoney Deluxe Extra Powerful Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring

Intensity (compared to strongest wand I’ve tried)

7 / 10


7 / 10

Construction and design

7 / 10

Desire to use again

6 / 10


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