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Review: Doxy Die Cast 3R – the portable version of a famous wand

doxy die cast 3R review

I’ll be honest, I’ve been wanting to review a Doxy for several years. Like most things I want in my life, things don’t come straight away but when they do… they all come at once. Doxy is a brand famous for its vibrating wands… are they really all they’re cracked up to be? Let’s see in this review of the Doxy Die Cast 3R.

The Doxy Die Cast 3R was sent to me for free by Lovehoney in return for an honest review. This page may contain affiliate links and if you use them it doesn’t cost you anything but it could mean I get a commission to help me support the running costs of this blog. Thanks to those of you who choose to support me!

First Impressions of the Doxy Die Cast 3R

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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Doxy is a brand made in Britain, just like my good self. As a British brand, I hold a certain amount of patriotic pride in reviewing them finally. The way the product arrives certainly doesn’t disappoint. The packaging is great and the metal storage cylinder of the toy is just perfect.

The Doxy Die Cast 3R is actually a bit smaller than I was expecting it to be, though still… it’s 28cm long so certainly not tiny. I received the Lovehoney Deluxe Wand at the same time as this one and that’s far bigger. As you’ll learn from a future review of the corded Doxy Die Cast, that’s a much bigger toy.

The Doxy Die Cast 3R is based on the Doxy 3 Wand rather than the original Doxy Die Cast. The “Die Cast” part of the product name refers mainly to the fact that the toy is dyed with metallic, sparkly colours. This version that I have is the Lovehoney edition so it’s in their trademark purple. The same toy comes in blue, silver, and black in too. Doxy themselves customise and offer more colours but I believe it’s only at Lovehoney that you can get the same shade of purple I have with mine.

doxy die cast 3r Lovehoney
This version of the 3R is with the Lovehoney purple colour.

The Doxy Die Cast 3R is really powerful and what I love from Doxy is that I can actually tell you how powerful it is in numbers. The Doxy 3R vibrates from 3,000 – 9,000 rpms (revolutions per minute). If you don’t know what to make of those numbers then maybe I can make a comparison that will help. You remember those old style optical hard drives? The ones that spin actual disks? According to wikipedia, those old optical disks inside your computer spun from 200 – 4000 rpms (perhaps a bit more). Long story short… 9000 rpms is beast mode. If we’re talking in Marvel characters, 9000 rpms is the Incredible Hulk. Hope that helps you understand the power a bit.

The controls and vibration modes of the Doxy Die Cast 3R

doxy die cast 3r controls
The controls of the Doxy Die Cast 3R.

The controls of the Doxy toys are very simple and the Die Cast 3R is no exception. You have a power on button and two controls for intensity (plus / minus).

The quirky thing about the Doxy toys is that the power on button controls the vibration mode too. If you press the power on button quickly, the wand starts up in constant vibration mode and the plus / minus buttons control the intensity. If you long press the power on button, the wand starts in pattern mode. In pattern mode, the 3R has a linear rhythm to its vibrations. In pattern mode, the plus / minus buttons control not the intensity – but the speed of the pattern.

I think it’s an interesting twist on toy control design. It obviously means that there are less options though. For example in pattern mode, I can’t control the intensity of the vibrations, only the speed. Whether or not that’s a good thing I’m unsure of, because the simplicity of the controls as they are is quite nice.

What I regret a little bit is that there aren’t more patterns in the Doxy. A regular, linear rhythm is nice of course but I often appreciate the more varied patterns in vibrators I try. Perhaps that’s something Doxy can think about in the future.

This Doxy 3R is the rechargeable version

doxy die cast 3r charging port
The charging port of the Doxy 3R (at the bottom of the wand).

The “R” means rechargeable. The Doxy Die Cast 3R has a lithium battery inside it and comes with a charging cable. Being rechargeable, the toy is more practical than the others Doxy makes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind toys with power cords but having one that I can grab and use so easily just makes sure I can be exactly as lazy as I want to be. It also means that I can take this wand on trips more easily… it’s a bit more portable than the other toys Doxy makes.

Accessories for the Doxy 3R

doxy die cast 3r metal tube
The metal tube case.
doxy die cast 3r metal tube
The metal tube case.
doxy die cast 3r metal tube
The metal tube case.

The Doxy Die Cast 3R comes with a really beautiful metal tube for storage. Unscrewing the top reveals the wand and unscrewing the bottom gives access to the charging cable. I don’t think I’ve seen better designed storage before! It’s discrete, it fits exactly and it feels high quality – everything I like.

Head attachments

Like the corded version of the toy (the Doxy Die Cast 3), there are several accessories available for the Doxy Die Cast 3R. The one that immediately catches my eye is the Nexus Prostate attachment. I don’t actually have that but seeing as I’ve tested quite a lot of Nexus toys that are the same shape, I can tell you that the shape will feel nice at least. As I’ll mention a bit further down, I wouldn’t personally use the Doxy 3R for prostate massage.

The 3R also has a penis attachment, though I’ve been using the Domi 2 penis attachment rather than Doxy’s, mainly because I don’t think Doxy’s will fit me.

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Experience with the Doxy Die-Cast 3R

doxy die cast 3r

Solo play (penis)

doxy die cast 3r head
Like most wands, the 3R’s head bends as pressure is put on it (a good thing).

I must confess, I was so excited about this wand that I used it well before I did the photos. Unprofessional perhaps but I make no apology… it was worth it.

There are only a few toys that are so powerful that they make me climax in minutes… the Doxy Die Cast 3R has joined their ranks. Seriously… this thing is POWERFUL.

The way I’ve been using this wand on myself is simply holding it against my penis head. The initial build up worried me a little bit because to be honest, I sort of expected the vibrations to be more rumbly. However the vibrations didn’t numb me (a very good thing). The vibrations sit somewhere between rumbly and buzzy. The Die-Cast 3R isn’t strongly favouring one or the other. Whether that’s a good thing or not will depend on your preferences but for me (who enjoys more rumbly vibrations), I really like the vibrations from this toy.

Getting my first orgasm with this toy took only minutes but the build up was actually fairly gradual. What I mean is, the vibrations didn’t just shake me violently or cause a massive shock. That’s actually a good thing and when the orgasm came, it took me a little by surprise because like I mention… the build up was gradual, even if fast.

Penis attachment vs no penis attachment

I do believe that with the penis attachment, this vibrating wand could be even more enjoyable. The reason I haven’t personally sought to acquire the Doxy penis attachment is because I’m not totally sure that I’ll fit inside it. I often have problems with enclosed penis toys due to my size but for most people, the penis attachment available for the Doxy would probably be a welcome accessory.

In an upcoming review I will be testing a different wand and luckily for me, the penis attachment of that one fits on the Doxy Die Cast 3R. I actually put the penis attachment of the Domi 2 on the 3R and with that, using the 3R is far easier to use during solo masturbation for me! I much prefer using the 3R with a penis attachment. I think Doxy should come up with a similar open ring design to Lovense because the open ring design means more penises can fit inside it.

Prostate attachment

Doxy sells a Nexus attachment for this wand but I don’t personally have that. I’m instead again using the Domi 2’s attachment, because it fits on the Doxy Die Cast 3R and it happens to also have a prostate arm. To be honest, for prostate stimulation, this isn’t an interesting option. While it’ll be good for those with little experience of prostate play, the vibrations are too high pitched in frequency, so aren’t rumbly enough for good prostate stimulation. To be fair though, this is a wand vibrator, not a prostate specific toy. This is just to say that for me personally, this isn’t a toy I’d use for prostate play.

The Doxy 3R vs Domi 2 for penis masturbation

I’m sorry to dampen the praise I’ve been giving the Doxy Die Cast 3R here but I need to mention that although it’s an excellent wand for me to use during penis masturbation and it also looks better, the Domi 2 feels better to me. The vibration frequency of the Doxy Die Cast 3R is high, so it isn’t very rumbly. It’s also a bit too intense for me to use on my flaccid penis. I think that’s a bit of a blind spot with the Doxy 3R, because other wands (like the Domi 2) have lower vibration intensities that are more well suited to the initial stages of penis masturbation.

Does that mean you shouldn’t favour the Doxy Die Cast 3R? No, not necessarily! It does look far better and the handle is more sturdy and doesn’t transfer vibrations as much as the Domi. Still though, I’d like to see Doxy introduce a more subtle initial vibration mode.

Using the Doxy Die Cast 3R during sex

Eve loves the look of the Doxy Die Cast 3R. Especially with this purple colour that this Lovehoney version came in. She was very curious about the wand and the first time she felt its vibrations were when I grabbed it during sex one day.

doxy die cast 3r head
The head of the 3R is small enough for me to use it during oral sex.

As I expected, the initial vibration mode of the Doxy Die-Cast 3R was too powerful for her to use on her clit right away. I eventually brought the wand back to her clit while I was giving her oral. After she had been having oral for some time, she was ready for the power of the Die-Cast 3R and really enjoyed it. This wand is easy to use during oral sex, whether I’m using it or Eve is. My nose does press against it slightly so I get some vibration there. It doesn’t bother me much though to be honest and it more than pays off in how wet Eve gets while we use it like that.

The Doxy Die Cast 3R has a metal construction but it’s far lighter than the original model. It’s also lighter than the Lovehoney Wand I reviewed previously. As a result of it being lighter, Eve doesn’t have any trouble with its weight and another bonus of the Doxy Die Cast 3R is that it doesn’t shake as much as other similar sized wands either, which she really appreciates.

During sex, it’s very easy to use the Die Cast 3R in missionary, doggy style and cowgirl positions. In other words, it works well for the classics! Using this wand while she is penetrated, Eve has quick and multiple orgasms… we lost count. Eve can’t use it for the duration of sex however because eventually the vibrations get too much for her. This is again coming back to what is for me Doxy’s biggest weakness – the lack of subtle vibration modes.

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How does the Die Cast 3R compare to the corded Doxy Die Cast?

doxy die cast vs doxy die cast 3r
Doxy Die Cast 3R (front) in comparison to the size of the corded Die Cast (behind).

I happen to have both the Die Cast 3R and corded Die Cast at the moment. I’ll be writing the corded version’s review sometime soon. Know for now that the corded version of the Doxy Die Cast feels quite a lot more powerful than the Die Cast 3R. But before you go rushing to the shops to buy the Doxy Die Cast, you should consider how much power you’re comfortable having.

I actually prefer the Doxy Die Cast 3R because while it’s vibrations are very strong, they’re more subtle than the ones that come from the corded Die Cast. The thing is, I don’t like being overstimulated immediately after I climax. That can happen with the corded Die Cast and other toys like the Pulse Lux Duo, which are so powerful that they can overstimulate occasionally. I prefer having subtle modes of vibration sometimes because I don’t always want an all out sprint for the finish line.

Another thing to consider is whether you’re comfortable having the power cord of the original Die Cast. Both Eve and I agree that having the cordless Doxy Die Cast 3R is far more practical.

Video of the noise the Doxy Die Cast 3R makes

The Doxy Die Cast 3R is pretty damn noisy. Not so loud that my downstairs neighbours have complained but still… I’d think twice about using this if there were people in my house. You can hear the sound it makes in my little video below.

Cleaning the Doxy Die Cast 3R

Cleaning the Doxy Die Cast 3R does require a little attention because it isn’t waterproof. You can however rinse the silicone head of the toy and wash it with soap. You could also use sex toy wipes / spray if you prefer. The toy dries very quickly and the metal storage tube it has keeps it away from dust and prying eyes.

In conclusion of my review of the Doxy Die Cast 3R

I’m both delighted and slightly disappointed by the Doxy Die Cast 3R. I’m delighted because it really is sexy and the design of it is awesome. The intensity of the vibrations also live up to the hype – this Doxy really is powerful. I’m slightly disappointed because it seems to be very short-sighted to not include more subtle vibration modes. I confess that I don’t really understand this decision. To me, this wand would have been almost perfect if it had one or two additional vibration levels below the most subtle they already have. I also think it’s a shame that it only really has the most basic vibration patterns. For me these things put the Doxy 3R behind a little bit when I compare it to other modern toys.

If we were scoring the toy on pure design and aesthetics, it’s clear that the Doxy Die Cast would get 11/10. It really is that beautiful and the metal storage tube is a stroke of genius. I can’t just score the toy on beauty though and I really regret that the stimulation of this wand isn’t a 10/10 too. I think Doxy need to spend some time thinking about their vibration modes. The design of the toys is already mastered and the vibration modes need that same touch.

Don’t get me wrong, the stimulation that this wand gives is great. The intensity of the vibrations are enough to make me climax in minutes (Eve too). The problem for me with the Doxy Die Cast 3R always comes back to the fact that the toy has no subtlety at all. It is incorrect to assume that more power equals more pleasure, because sometimes the reverse is true. Sometimes I need a more subtle toy because I’m not quite as worked up or perhaps my penis is still recovering from yesterday’s sex etc. In the case of the Doxy Die Cast 3R, I can only use it when I’m already very horny. Eve agrees with me on that. If we’re only slightly horny, the Doxy 3R is way too intense. If the wand didn’t cost so much, I’d criticise it less but at this price, I was personally expecting a little more refinement when it comes to the range of intensity available.

I recommend this wand to you if you wand a very powerful wand vibrator with a beautiful design. I’m a toy critic and so I’m comparing the toys I review to a lot of others that I’ve already tested. For the average sex toy user, the Doxy Die Cast 3R will be a luxury toy that I’m sure they will be impressed with. For me as a tester… I would like to see more refinement in the vibration modes.

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Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me the Doxy Die Cast 3R! This Lovehoney purple version of the toy looks sexy as hell and my girlfriend is in love with its design 🙂

Doxy Die Cast 3R

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring


5 / 10

Vibration strength

10 / 10

Vibration subtlety

1 / 10


7 / 10

Style, design and beauty

10 / 10

Desire to use again

10 / 10


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