Review: Kurve Vibrator by Hot Octopuss

Kurve Review Hot Octopuss

Here it is, the new one from Hot Octopuss: the Kurve. The Kurve is an aesthetic and effective sex toy, which bends to the diversity of pleasure. Read on for my Hot Octopuss Kurve review!

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The Kurve was sent to me for free by Hot Octopuss in return for an honest Kurve vibrator review. This article may contain affiliate links. If you use these links I may receive a small commission which helps me fund this website. I really appreciate your support!

First impressions of the Kurve by Hot Octopuss

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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I was more than delighted to receive this new vibrator from Hot Octopuss. I started my review of the Kurve with enthusiasm.

The packaging is, as usual, mordene and elegant. The toy itself is so PRETTY. It looks like a magic wand out of a fairy tale. The curved line is clean and elegant, and the iridescent purple color is lovely. I almost want to leave it exposed, as if it were a decorative object. The 6 buttons that activate it are found on the plastic handle, in the form of plus (+) and minus (-) and are joined by the engraved crown, (brand logo of Hot Octopuss). Like a Sailor Moon scepter in a classier version.

Kurve and packaging by Hot Octopuss
The packaging of the Kurve.
Kurve Vibrator by Hot Octopuss
The Kurve with its pouch and charging cable.

The Kurve is delivered with a small storage pouch and a USB charging cable. The full charge time is 2 hours , which may seem long but 2 hours is also the running time (impressive!) . The insertable part of the Kurve is silicone and the toy is 100% waterproof .

A very positive first impression for my review of the Kurve. I have a real crush for this design . The only small complaint I would have to make is at the junction point between the silicone and the plastic base, where the glue is slightly visible. But maybe that’s only the case for my Kurve and it’s really for nitpicking.

Now let’s move on to the test of the Kurve itself.

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Video of the Kurve by Hot Octopuss

Experience of the Kurve by Hot Octopuss

Solo experience

Review of the Kurve by Hot Octopuss.

The Kurve is a G spot Vibrator. From its slightly curved shape to its low and high vibrations (Treble & Bass), everything is therefore entirely designed with a view to the stimulate the G Spot. The silicone at the head of the Kurve is dense and soft at the same time. This texture mimics that of a penis quite well and the feel is delicious because it recreates that feeling of flesh rather than plastic.

But what really differentiates the Kurve from another G Point Vibrator is its treble and bass vibration system.

Diagram of vibration motors

Instead of simply varying the intensity of the vibrations, the Kurve makes it possible to change the very nature of the vibrations thanks to its two motors: one is located at the level of the head (treble vibration), the other at the level of the base. (bass virbation). The treble vibrations are the brightest, the most basic in feeling. The bass vibrations are more subtle and penetrate more deeply. The plus (+) and minus (-) buttons are used to trigger one and / or the other vibration motors, to change its intensity, to achieve perfect harmony. The two small round buttons below allow you to change the rhythm and pattern of vibration. It is a good thing that the Kurve has a battery life of 2 hours, because it allows you to test many combinations of vibrations to find the one that will lead you to Orgasm with a capital O. Although to tell you the truth, I didn’t have to struggle to find one 😉

Small downside: although it is discreet, I was a little disturbed by the noise produced from the Kurve by activating the bass/most rumbly vibrations. It is extremely quiet for 1 to 2 seconds, then its rattling noises increase suddenly (without changing the intensity). The treble/buzzy vibration motor, however, is very discreet.

The controls of the Kurve by Hot Octopuss
Treble and Bass vibration controls

With this technology, the Kurve allows each person to find their own rhythm, their own pleasure. To mention again, this is a toy designed for the G spot. It adapts to the diversity of bodies and desires. The Kurve really puts itself at the service of pleasure, instead of dictating it. In internal or external use, each person can find their own personal happiness.

If you are very sensitive, the bass/rumbly vibrations will be ideal. If, on the other hand, you need a stronger, more aggressive stimulation, the treble/buzzy vibrations will make you take off. If you like the unexpected, you can play with the vibrational rhythms: go from continuous vibration, to patterned vibration, to random vibration. Everything is possible ! And above all, we can indeed say goodbye to this feeling of “stolen orgasm”. Maybe you know what I’m talking about. This orgasm triggered by a vibration that is too strong and too fast and which seems torn to you, without you being able to savor it. I hate these orgasms.

Fortunately with the different vibrations of the Kuve, it is YOU who decides how your orgasm will be provoked, not the sex toy.

Little advice! It’s no longer a secret: I’m a big fan of baths and orgasms in the bath. So I naturally wanted to check during my review of the Kurve that it is indeed waterproof. I took it with me in the bathtub and I can tell you that the mixture of hot water / vibrations aroused all my senses and gave rise to explosive orgasms.

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Partner Play with the Kurve by Hot Octopuss

Review of Kurve Hot Octopuss

Another advantage of the Kurve is that it is so manoeuvrable that your partner can easily use it to drive you crazy during your couple games. I know that Adam sometimes has trouble knowing how to handle some of my sex toys because their grip is not necessarily adapted to an outside hand. But the Kurve is so easy to handle , that he immediately felt at ease. Here again, the Kurve adapts to different types of play.

If your partner just wants to use it during foreplay, he / she can simply activate the 2 vibrations in basic function and titillate you slowly before getting down to business.

If your partner has decided to masturbate you to orgasm, he / she can have fun testing the different vibrations on you, using it in penetration and on the surface … while letting you lose yourself in your cries of ecstasy. Pleasure GUA-RAN-TIED.

Cleaning of the Kurve by Hot Octopuss

Thanks to its streamlined shape, the Kurve is easy to clean. All you have to do is apply a cleaning spray for sex toys after each use and rinse it. You can also use sex toy cleaning wipes. Pay extra attention however, around the inscription “Hot Octopuss” which is on the silicone. This is embossed on the side, so it is more complicated to disinfect well. I advise you to dry the Kurve immediately and store it in its pouch because like all silicone sex toys, it is a dust magnet! One point that I really like about Hot Octopuss is that they often provide a small storage pouch with their toys, which is not the case with all brands!

Conclusion to my review of the Kurve

I think the message got across: I love the Kurve by Hot Octopuss. I fell in love with its pretty modern design and its sublime color. It is very versatile and can be used in a bath as well as in a bed, alone or with a partner. The vibrator’s treble and bass vibration motors allow a multitude of stimulation combinations and really gives us control over our pleasure and our orgasms.

Many thanks to Hot Octopuss for sending the Kurve to me to test! It was a real pleasure to review the Kurve.

You can find a link to the official Hot Octopuss store below and also the prices of the Kurve in other countries (written down at the time of writing this review, updated prices are available by clicking through to the store).

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Hot Octopuss Kurve

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

Performance Scoring

Design and construction

8 / 10


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8 / 10

Desire to use in the future

8 / 10


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