Review: 50 Shades Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg

50 Shades Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg Vibrator

50 shades of purrrrrrr……….

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First impressions of the Fifty Shades Vibrating Egg

Score: 6.5 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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The name “egg” is really not sexy. The design of this remote control vibrator is too elegant and refined to be called “egg”. But enough terminology! I had not used the Lady Bi or the Womanizer yet and was excited to discover the 50 Shades of Gray range, which is affordable, sexy and elegant. It didn’t disappoint.

I was immediately seduced by the look of The 50 Shades Relentless Vibrations Egg: the packaging is sober and classy, ​​the design of the sex toy itself is sleek and attractive, the black color of silicone immediately giving an “upmarket” impression. The vibrator’s remote control is also very well designed, combining the modernity of metallic gray with the chic black silicone. It’s very manageable and pleasant in hand. The toy is also provided with a satin pouch to protect it from dust (which is unfortunately very attracted by the silicone, and all the more visible on black).

The Fifty Shades Relentless Vibrations Egg is very pleasant to the touch: the silicone is extremely soft, flexible enough to promise not to hurt and stiff enough to guarantee beautiful shades of pleasure (pun intended… sorry). The vibrator’s handle / cord is also easy to access. It is impossible to lose the 50 Shades egg inside your vagina (which is rather good news really isn’t it…).

So it’s a great first impression for the shaking egg. I couldn’t wait so I did not lose any time with getting to practice!


The 50 Shades Vibrating Egg has 4 modes of vibration and three speeds. I recommend you take the time to try EVERY one of them because they are definitely worth the consideration. For such a small sex toy, I expected little cute vibrations, not the big rumbly kind. Certainly, the vibrations are not comparable to those of a powerful vibrator like the Lady Bi but they still hold their own very well. Personally, I am a big fan of random vibrations, which create a kind of delicious agony crescendo until the final explosion. I tested the 50 Shades Egg internally and externally, and in both cases it’s a real nice wave of pleasure. Although I tend to use this sex toy externally. Not that it’s bad inside, it’s just I have other toys that I prefer to use more inside.

Be aware however that this is, in my opinion more of a ‘bonus’ or novelty sex toy. It isn’t that the big fat dildo that makes you twitch with pleasure from the first vibrations. That does not mean that it is not possible to reach orgasm with this toy! As I said above, I had delicious orgasms. Though after testing much bigger and more powerful toys, this would not usually be my first choice if I want an intense moment. It’s a shame because again, the vibrations are very balanced and this little sex toy has everything you need to accompany you in an erotic and sensual session. It certainly takes longer to reach orgasm than with a dildo but honestly the slow rise of pleasure is a treat. Furthermore, it has the additional bonus of being easily insertable AND remaining in place easily. This gives a very different tone to your sessions and adds a whole new level of possibilities 😉 The 50 Shades Relentless Vibrations Egg is also completely waterproof, so do not hesitate to use it in the bath or the shower. A sensory experience guaranteed!

The undisputed advantage of Fifty Shade’s vibrating egg over a bigger classic vibrator is its size. It is a perfect traveling companion that can slip into a purse and get carried away everywhere with you. What a way to spice up your romantic outings and surprise your partner when you’re at the cinema, a restaurant, a nightclub, in the car, etc … Just insert the vibrating egg into your vagina discreetly before going out (or in the bathroom of a restaurant) and pass the remote control to your partner. Adam’s look said a lot about what this simple gesture did to him. To know that I had slipped a vibro in my vagina, in a public place and that he had control over it made him shiver in excitation. So, if this sex toy is not necessarily the first to which I turn at home, it is certainly my best friend when I go out and the one I want to add a naughty twist to our excursions.

Partner play with the remote control egg

Eve’s point of view

Adam loves to stimulate my clit with our games together, and I admit that it makes me completely crazy. The design of the toy also allows Adam to wander everywhere on my body, especially on my erogenous zones: my neck, my breasts, the hollow of my back … the softness of the silicone combined with the vibrations gives rise to a tasty erotic massage that electrifies all my nerve endings.

To completely surrender to his control is extremely exciting. When we are in a public place surrounded by people, I take great pleasure in giving him the remote control, to see him and know he has control over my pleasure. The fact that there are people around makes the experience even more exciting because of the forbidden. You see ladies, this sextoy is a must-have of the handbag 😉

Adam’s point of view

It’s very sexy to use the Fifty Shades Remote Control Egg in a public place. I love toying with Eve while she has it inside her. To see her eyelids flutter as I click her vibrator on and watch her start biting her lip. We’ve had some fun times with this toy.

My only regret is that there isn’t something similar for penises!

How to clean the 50 Shades Vibrator Egg?

This egg is very easy to clean: a cleaning wipe, or a spray and you’re done. Remember to put it in its satin pouch, to avoid finding it covered with dust next time you use it.

50 Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg

Score: 6.5 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

Performance Scoring


10 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10


5 / 10

Partner play

8 / 10

Vibration Strength

6 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10

Desire to use again in the future

9 / 10


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