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Review of Fun Factory’s Lady Bi Vibrator

Lady Bi Vibrator

The power of  vibration in action.

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First impressions of the Fun Factory Lady Bi

Score: 9 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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I received the Lady Bi as a birthday present. I was with Adam when I discovered this in a Fun Factory shop and we were both surprised by the power of the Lady Bi’s vibrations. It tempted me a lot but at the time, my Rampant Rabbit was in perfect working order. In my state back then, I thought it wasn’t possible to have better. The price of 119 euros also made me recoil a little, it’s quite expensive. But these thoughts were before the premature death of my beloved Rampant Rabbit and the boundless generosity of my Adam. It’s therefore with GREAT pleasure I discovered this vibrator and got to take it to my boudoir…

My first impression was, it is imposing. Compared to the Rampant Rabbit that was moderate and flexible (but seemed enough to me), this Lady Bi seemed large and hard. The texture of the silicone is very nice to touch, though the lack of double density silicone disappointed me a little. The handle is white plastic and less luxurious than the Rampant Rabbit but it is still very easy to handle and the control buttons are easy to find because they are embossed. It exists in a pretty range of colours; raspberry pink, electric blue and dark violet. The main difference to this and a classic vibrator is its shape and form of the dildo. The base is larger so it allows more prominant stimulation of the G spot and the length allows for an A spot stimulation at the entry of the cervix. Not bad eh?

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Experience: What is the Lady Bi vibrator like?

To be honest, my first experience with the Lady Bi wasn’t that extraordinary. I was totally habituated for the double density of the Rampant Rabbit and it’s supple nature that the first penetration of the Lady Bi was almost uncomfortable as the material is harder. Furthermore, the weakest vibration setting is still very powerful, which left an impression of over-stimulation. In short, everything about it seemed more aggressive and lacked sensuality for me, so I was unsure if I’d be enthusiastic about its continued use. Let’s be clear though… I did reach orgasm but it was unexceptional and almost seemed sloppy. I was reluctant to go back to it after that but I didn’t want to give up so easily. It took some time to get used to it and habituate myself for the stronger textures and wider curves. In the end I ended up taking a real deep pleasure in it.

Little by little, I started to use the vibrator only on my clit. Testing the different vibration modes, which revealed quickly that I had more enthusiasm for the variable and unpredictable modes. Then afterwards when getting ready for penetration, use an abundance of lube (don’t skimp on it girls!). For me, one of the biggest advantages of the Lady Bi is that it is totally possible to go ‘hands free’. When it is placed all the way inside the vagina, you can grip hold of the sheets and let the vibrations fly you to paradise without having to further touch the vibrator (with other vibrators this hasn’t been possible). In my case I indeed find more pleasure by not touching the Lady Bi at all, or at most, I will touch it at the point of no return to further intensify my orgasm. However if I start large movements back and forth with this vibrator, I feel some pain because of the hardness of the dildo. Similarly I have to be careful with the clitoral vibrator, because sometimes its vibrations are so powerful that they can be painful. Therefore with this vibrator, you really must take time to explore all the modes and see what works best for your body to know what “dosage” to use. However with the Lady Bi I have slowly started to find myself more seduced by the more powerful vibrations, that initially seemed too aggressive to me. So this vibrator takes some getting used to but I highly recommend it because it pushes the limits of pleasure. I can tell you now that the orgasms I get from the Lady Bi are so good it’s frightening.

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Partner play with the Lady Bi

Eve’s point of view

It wouldn’t be unfair for me to say that this sex toy makes Adam completely crazy when I use it on myself. He was already a fan of the Rampant Rabbit but this Lady Bi is on another level. It’s bigger and so Adam loves watching me with it. When I really want to excite him, I lie on the opposite side of the bed, legs apart to give him a breathtaking view, while he touches himself. The vision of Lady Bi penetrating me drives him crazy, and I can see his excitement rise in minutes. And when he grabs it to use it on me and slowly penetrates me with it, I lose all my means. Eroticism guaranteed.

Adam’s point of view

Eve said it all… I adore watching her use this on herself. She gets completely lost in pleasure when she uses the Lady Bi. It’s very erotic to hold it inside her too. I have to be careful when I use it on her though because sometimes the material or vibrations can become too powerful for her and overstimulate.

Cleaning the Lady Bi

The Lady Bi is very simple to clean. The design is simple and without difficult textures, making it easy to use a cleaning wipe. The only downside is that the silicone attracts a lot of dust, which requires to put it in a pocket after each use. Otherwise, you will have to clean it before AND after each use because it will be covered with dust. Not super sexy.

Fun Factory Lady Bi

Score: 9 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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