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Review: Satisfyer Backdoor Lover

Satisfyer backdoor lover review

For all you bargain hunters out there, I’ve been testing a budget prostate toy called the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover. It can be used by anyone really because it isn’t so curved that it is a prostate only toy. It’s a nice little vibrating butt plug but does it tick all my boxes? Let’s find out in my Satisfyer Backdoor Lover review!

Peepshow Toys sent my the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover for free in return for an honest review. This page contains some affiliate links and if you use them that helps little old me keep running this website. Thanks for the support!

First Impressions of the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover

Score: 6.5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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The Satisfyer Backdoor Lover is a unisex toy because although I’m describing it as a prostate toy, it’s actually a vibrating butt plug with the right kinda curve for prostate stimulation. Whether or not you have a prostate, you’ll be able to use this toy… it’s for asses. If you have an ass, you can use it. Anyway, moving on.

I didn’t find the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover difficult to insert at all, in fact I thought it was very comfortable. I measured its diameter to be 3.4 cm at its widest point (1.34 inches). I usually recommend no bigger than 1.3 inches in diameter to beginners for butt play, so this toy should be fine. If you want to be extra careful, buy a small silicone butt plug of about 1 inch in diameter to warm up with first. I personally found this toy really easy to insert.

As I hold the toy in my hand it has a good, decently powerful vibration motor in it. I’ll talk more about how those vibrations feel inside me later in the review but yeah, they’re good. The vibrations are between rumbly and buzzy, though they don’t numb me at all. The Backdoor Lover has 12 vibration modes, none of them are really surprising but they feel good. Again, more on the vibes later.

satisfyer backdoor lover vibrating butt plug review
The toy and it’s packaging.

Satisfyer has packaged this toy well. A storage pouch isn’t included though so make sure you have somewhere to keep it that’ll keep dust off it. I can’t complain about the lack of storage pouch at this price though (it’s about $40 at the moment and I’ve seen it as low as 30).

satisfyer backdoor lover charging
It’s rechargeable.

The Backdoor Lover is made from silicone and ABS plastic, both of which are totally body-safe. Oh and it’s rechargeable AND waterproof… pretty good for a budget toy. My Backdoor Lover is coloured black but it also comes in red, should you prefer a more cheery colour. It comes with a 15 year warranty, which is very rare for a toy that costs only 30 – 40 bucks.

Latest price of Backdoor Lover

What does the buzz in the butt feel like with the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover?

The buzz in the butt feels good. Like I mentioned before, the vibrations are actually decently strong and with a nice frequency that makes the toy rumbly enough to penetrate as far as my prostate. Do keep your expectations in check though, this is no We-Vibe Vector or Edge 2; although the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover is rumbly, it pales in comparison to those toys. Can I get a good buzz in the butt from this toy though? Hell yeah I can!

The twelve vibration modes of the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover are good, though not very original. I know I’m being snobby about this, but these are the kind of vibration modes I experience in most toys. “Buzz buzz, buzz buzz, buzz buzz” and the three buzz version… give me more surprising buzzes.

My favourite vibration mode from the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover (besides the constant vibration modes) is the roller coaster pattern. The roller coaster pattern is in most vibrating toys but admittedly, Satisfyer have pulled it off well with the Backdoor Lover. The vibrations start at a subtle rumble, then slowly increase towards the toy’s top vibration speed before dropping again. When I use the toy, I usually finish on the roller coaster mode.

Are the vibrations from the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover strong enough for prostate orgasm?

Alright, this toy isn’t strong enough for prostate stimulation without penis play but it isn’t only to do with the vibrations. The vibrations are actually pretty powerful for such an inexpensive toy. You probably won’t get a full, no penis touching prostate orgasm with the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover though. I didn’t anyway. The reason in my opinion is because although there is a curve in the toy, it isn’t a strong enough curve to put a lot of pressure on the prostate.

Many folks think that they need super powerful vibrators to have prostate orgasms but it isn’t true. All you need is the right kind of pressure on your prostate and a bit of know-how (wiggle, wiggle, press, press).

For an example of a toy that has perfect form for prostate massage, take the Pure Wand. It’s a pure steel toy and is amazing for prostate orgasms, yet it doesn’t even vibrate or contain electronics. The Satisfyer Backdoor Lover has been designed to be a universal toy and it does that really well. The thing with that universal design of the Backdoor Lover is that it it isn’t design just to stimulate the prostate. They clearly had prostate stimulation in mind but didn’t go all the way.

It is possible to have partial prostate orgasms with the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover however. What I mean by that is, you can insert it, switch on the vibes, put some pressure on it and masturbate your penis. If you do that, you’ll still have a prostate influenced orgasm. I had several partial prostate orgasms with the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover and they were better than orgasms I have without any prostate toy. So even though it’s a partial win, it’s still a win.

Does the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover stay in the backdoor?

satisfyer backdoor lover review

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t really want our butt plug or prostate toy to fall out while we’re having sex. We want that motherf*cker to stay in our ass. Luckily for me, the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover stays in my backdoor really well, even though I didn’t expect it to.

I did a few tests while having the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover inside me. I walked around my apartment, I sat down, I had sex with it… I even did a squat. The Backdoor Lover didn’t fall out. Top marks for staying in my backdoor. Nice work Satisfyer.

Are people going to hear you with the Backdoor Lover?

The last thing I’d want while playing with the Backdoor Lover is for my neighbours to hear me doing it. It’s just not a turn-on for me. Anyway, the toy is ok but it is still audible through one thin wall. So your neighbours are unlikely to hear this toy, however, if you have housemates then they might hear vibrating if they’re standing right outside your door.

Like all vibrators, the highest setting of the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover is its loudest. It’s by no means a very loud toy but even when its inside you, you’ll probably want other people to be either one thick wall away or several thin walls away. It’s not a big deal with this toy though, just test out the noise for yourself in your own environment.

Video demo of the Backdoor Lover

For further example of the noise that the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover makes, you can check out my video below.

Does it connect to an app?

satisfyer backdoor lover vibrating control
The Backdoor Lover is controlled via this button on the base.

Nah, it doesn’t have any of that fancy stuff. It doesn’t have a remote either. Just one button on the base of the toy that lets you cycle through the 12 vibration modes. It’s a budget toy and to be honest, it does everything it needs to pretty well. If you want remote controls and apps, you’d be better off with a different prostate toy.

How do you clean the Backdoor Lover?

They should really go back to their place to shower… what if your partner comes home? Jokes aside, the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover is very easy to clean. It’s a waterproof toy so you can just slam that bad boy under your tap, rub it with some mild soap and it’s gonna be clean enough. You could use a sex toy cleaning spray too if you want. Clean the toy right after use to prevent it getting smelly.

In conclusion of my review of the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover

Satisfyer backdoor lover

This toy is so inexpensive, yet it has a nice little rumble, it’s decently powerful, it improves my orgasms a bit and it stays in my backdoor while I do other stuff. That’s pretty amazing overall, I’d say. The only reproach I have for the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover is that I would have preferred it to be more curved so that it put more pressure on my prostate. It’s still possible to feel my prostate being stimulated with this toy, though it isn’t powerful enough to do all the work on its own.

I recommend the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover to anyone who doesn’t already have more powerful butt plugs or prostate toys. If you’re looking for a first vibrating prostate vibe or anal plug, I think the accessible price of the Backdoor Lover means that this toy is worth your consideration. If you’re a beginner, its diameter will probably be fine for you as long as you take it slow and relax. Like I mentioned earlier, if you want to be careful get a small and cheap one inch butt plug to warm up with before using this one.

Anyway that’s it for my review of the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover. Thanks to Peepshow toys for sending it to me! If my readers want to buy a Backdoor Lover themselves, I recommend you do it at Peepshow’s. They only sell body safe sex toys, so you don’t have to worry while shopping with them.

Backdoor Lover’s latest price

Satisfyer Backdoor Lover

Score: 6.5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring


6 / 10


7 / 10

Orgasm rating

6 / 10


7 / 10

Desire to use again

6 / 10

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