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Review: Njoy Pfun Steel Prostate Massager

Njoy Pfun Prostate Massager Review

Another steel toy from Njoy! I have had my eye on the Pfun prostate massager for some time now and had big expectations after the other toy buy Njoy I tried. Let’s see if this one is as good as their other toy in my Njoy Pfun review!

The Njoy Fun Steel Prostate Massager was sent to me for free by Peepshow Toys in return for an honest review. There are affiliate links on this page and if you use them, it helps us fund this blog, so thank you for the support folks!

First Impressions of the Njoy Pfun Prostate Massager

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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Like Njoy’s other steel toys, the Njoy Pfun prostate massager is stunning and looks sexy as hell. The steel really shines brightly and it comes with a nice storage box, just like the Pure Wand I have did.

The Njoy Pfun plug is a way smaller toy than the last one I had by Njoy and it’s less intimidating for beginners. The handle on the Njoy Pfun makes it easy to control despite its small size and we’ll talk a bit more about those experiences further down. If you want an accessible prostate massager though, the Njoy Pfun is about the right size for you.

Njoy Pfun Prostate Massager in case
Sexy storage case with the Njoy Pfun

The Njoy Pfun prostate massager is made of 316 medical grade stainless steel. The outer layer of the toy that you’re in contact with apparently doesn’t contain any nickel, so those with a nickel allergy are still ok to use this. Njoy says that their 316 medical grade stainless steel technically does contain nickel, but that it’s atomically locked within other elements of the toy (such as carbon etc). I’m no chemist but if they’re saying that there’s little chance of nickel leeching out of it, it’s probably ok. If you’re really worried about nickel content though, you could instead opt for the Aneros Progasm, which I reviewed here (it’s a similarly shaped manual prostate toy made of ABS plastic).

Being stainless steel, it means you can use any lube and any sterilisation method with the Njoy Pfun prostate toy. The only thing I’d caution you against is using chemical cleaners on the steel, because certain chemicals might give the steel a rainbow pattern. If that happens, you can try boiling the toy or sticking it in the dishwasher to get rid of any rainbow stains.

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Dimensions of the Njoy Pfun

Njoy Pfun diameter
The Njoy Pfun has a 1.25 inch diameter head and is 3.5 inches in insertable length.

Insertable length: 3.5 inches (8.9cm)
Head diameter: 1.25 inches (3cm)

Let’s talk dimensions, the Njoy Pfun plug is pretty modest, though not 100% beginner friendly just because of how hard stainless steel is. However, at 1.25 inches (3cm) in diameter it isn’t totally out of reach for beginners either. Just know that if you’re a beginner, you might feel better at first with silicone as a material rather than steel, because silicone has a bit of squish that can help when trying to stick things up your butt.

Njoy Pfun Prostate Massager vs Njoy Pure Plugs

njoy pure plugs
Njoy’s Pure Plugs

Some of you might know about Njoy’s Pure Plugs, which are not to be confused with this one I’m reviewing here (the Pfun Prostate Massager). The medium size Njoy Pure Plug has the same diameter as the Njoy Pfun prostate massager, but the design is less specific to prostate massage with all of the Pure Plugs. The Pure Plugs are shorter and don’t have the curves of the Njoy Pfun Plug. However, for those without a prostate, the lower cost of the Njoy Pure Plug medium is probably a better option.

The Njoy Pure Plugs come in a few other sizes too. The complete size list of the Pure Plugs is small (1 inch diameter), medium (1.25 inch diameter), large (1.5 inch diameter) and extra large (2 inch diameter).

I won’t talk too much more about the Pure Plugs in this review because I’m focussing on the Njoy Pfun prostate massager. I simply wanted to outline the differences here for you and provide those without a prostate another good option for butt fun.

Putting the Njoy Pfun in one’s backside

Njoy Pfun Review

The Njoy Pfun is designed to be inserted into the butt and to stimulate the prostate. So if you have a butt, you’ll enjoy this toy. If you have a prostate, you’ll like it more. Anyway… putting the Njoy Pfun into my backside is very easy. The stainless steel glides really easily even without a whole lot of lube and at only 1.25 inches in diameter, the head of this prostate toy passes through to where the sun doesn’t shine very smoothly and easily.

Alright, so what does it feel like? Well… pretty good actually. The Njoy Pfun feels cold upon insertion, even at room temperature, which I really enjoy. If you don’t like the sound of coldness, just run the plug under a warm tap before using it. This steel prostate massager warms up quite quickly to your body temperature when inside. The curvature of the Njoy Pfun is just right to put a nice bit of pressure on the prostate. Using the handle of the plug, it’s easy to increase or decrease the amount of pressure on the prostate. The bulbs and curves along the Njoy Pfun make this prostate massager stimulating even if I rely entirely on my anal muscles.

Sitting down with the Njoy Pfun

Only downside with putting the Njoy Pfun in your butt is that you’ll probably not want to sit down on any hard surfaces, like wooden seats or the floor. The handle of the Njoy Pfun isn’t huge and has been flattened a bit to help, yet it still gets in the way a bit when sitting down. Sitting up partially in bed or on the sofa is no issue with this prostate massager though (at least not for me).

Does it stay in?

The thing with prostate plugs is that I want them to stay in my butt while I do other things… because doing other things while having a prostate toy in is fun. The Njoy Pfun doesn’t stay in super well to be honest, which is a shame. If I stand up with the Njoy Pfun in or have sex with it in, I have to keep my hand on it to keep it from slipping. That’s to be expected with stainless steel though, because the material doesn’t have much grip at all and easily slides. It’s not so much a fault of the Njoy Pfun’s design, it’s more a natural result of choosing stainless steel as a material.

What are the orgasms like with the Njoy Pfun?

I’ve used the Njoy Pfun several times and have only climaxed with it while masturbating my penis at the same time. For me, the orgasms are enhanced, meaning that it gives me nicer orgasms than if I hadn’t been using it. The orgasms aren’t super strong for me, yet they’re pleasant. I was expecting a tiny bit more after my last experience with an Njoy toy, yet I’m not disappointed. The Njoy Pfun is a more modestly sized prostate toy and so the orgasms are more modest too.

Njoy Pfun vs the Pure Wand

Njoy Pfun Prostate Massager vs Njoy Pure Wand
Njoy Pfun Prostate Massager vs Pure Wand

Njoy does several toys that are suitable for stimulating the prostate. The Njoy Pfun has a more classic shape than the other toy by them I’ve tried (the Pure Wand). I prefer the Pure Wand personally, because it puts WAY more pressure on my prostate and I can thrust it, use the different diameter ends… it’s awesome. The Njoy Pfun prostate massager is by comparison more moderate in intensity during use. I’ve had some good orgasms with the Njoy Pfun plug but none have been as massive as the ones I previously had with the Pure Wand.

The other thing I should mention about the Njoy Pfun Prostate Massager is that I haven’t personally gotten a hands-free orgasm from it, using only prostate stimulation. I always masturbate normally while using this toy. With the Pure Wand however, I’m able to get hands-free climaxes. So the choice is easy for me… if I had a choice I would choose the Pure Wand.

Does that make the Njoy Pfun a bad choice though? No! Absolutely not. The Njoy Pfun plug is a great prostate massager, I’m just comparing it to Njoy’s other toy, which I consider a masterpiece. The Njoy Pfun prostate massager is far more suitable for beginners.

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Cleaning the Njoy Pfun prostate massager

Njoy Pfun P spot toy

Prostate massagers go to the forbidden passageway… so cleanup is always important. Luckily, being made of stainless steel, the Njoy Pfun plug is super easy to clean. I usually just use soap and water on mine and that gets it nice and shiny again after I’ve given if a buff with a towel. Great thing with stainless steel is that it doesn’t have any pores or textures that hold on to odor. Even if the Njoy Pfun started to smell a bit, you can boil it in water and that will get it nice and fresh again.

In conclusion of my Njoy Pfun review

Njoy Pfun Prostate Massager

Should you put the Njoy Pfun prostate massager in your butt? Yeah probably. I’ll admit, it wasn’t as much of a mind blowing experience as the Pure Wand was… the Njoy Pfun is still good though. I’d put the Njoy Pfun prostate massager on almost the same level as the Aneros Progasm, which is another manual prostate massager I like. I prefer the Progasm a bit more than the Njoy Pfun just because the shape of that one targets my prostate a bit better and it stays in me better too.

The main weaknesses of the Njoy Pfun is that it doesn’t stay in very easily while I have sex and it has major competition from the other prostate toy in Njoy’s range, the Pure Wand, which I reviewed here. The Njoy Pfun is more Njoy’s toy for beginners and intermediates in my opinion. Or it could be an option for people who want to try a steel prostate toy but not a big long one like Njoy’s other stuff.

If you want temperature play, easy insertion in a really manageable prostate toy, the Njoy Pfun prostate massager is probably going to be a good choice for you. The advantage of the Njoy Pfun plug over other similarly sized manual prostate massagers is that it’s easier to insert and clean, which are two things quite important to me. Let’s face it, preparing for prostate massage and cleaning are probably the two least enjoyable bits of the experience, so the fact that those two things are made easier by this toy is something I appreciate.

Is the Njoy Pfun going to be a must have toy for me though? Probably not. I’m not blown away by it, but it’s a decent prostate toy if a manual plug is what you want. For those who don’t have a prostate, you will maybe prefer to consider one of the Njoy Pure Plugs. The medium Pure Plug has the same diameter as the Njoy Pfun prostate massager, so if you’re looking for a butt plug alternative of this toy, the Pure Plug medium is the one to go for!

Thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending me the Njoy Pfun prostate massager! If my readers want to buy one, you can do so at their store!

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Njoy Pfun Steel Prostate Massager

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring

Material and design

8 / 10


6 / 10


5 / 10

Desire to use again

6 / 10

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  • PS says:

    I own the pure wand and pfun too. Fortunately, I had several orgasms with the pfun without touching my penis. I let me time with the toy (usually 30-50min) . The trick is to not move the plug in and out but rotate it very slowly left and right (around +/- 45 degrees from the prostate), it means touch the prostate, then move 45° left, then back to the prostate, then move 45 right, then back to prostate. Rotate very (!!!!) slowly. At a certain point you will feel that you can not stop the orgasm and you just cums like when masturbating. It seems to me that the cum is much more thin compared to normal orgasm but the amount is more or less the same. Its incredible feeling. After a prostate orgasm I am able to masturbate and have a second orgasm. I never had an handsfree orgasm using the wand.

    • Adam says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by to share your technique!

      • SK says:

        I’m curious whether you’ve tried the technique PS described. I have some experience with prostate play, but I haven’t yet had a hands free orgasm. I’m looking into NJoy toys, but as you know, you never really know what’s going to work until you try it. So I’m curious to know whether PS’s technique worked for you, since you said you had had success with the Pure wand but not the Pfun.

        • Adam says:

          Hello! To be honest I haven’t tried the technique mentioned in PS’s comment but I usually need more pressure than that on my prostate in order for it to stimulate a hands free orgasm. For me the Njoy Pure Wand works better (also the Lelo Loki Wave if you want an electronic toy that gives similar amounts of pressure).

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