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Review: Aneros Progasm Ice Prostate Massager

Aneros Progasm Ice Review

Alright folks, let’s talk about the Aneros Progasm Ice. I’ve had this thing sitting in my bedside table for over a year and it took me this damn long to write about it. Conveniently though, this prostate toy happens to be worth the wait.

I bought the Aneros Progasm myself. What a fucking outrage. A sex toy reviewer actually buying a toy himself for once. In any case this page might contain affiliate links because that’s the only way I can keep doing what I do with this blog dear reader! Thanks to all of you for your continuing support!

First Impressions of the Aneros Progasm Ice

Score: 9 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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Let’s start with the bad news. The Aneros Progasm Ice does not vibrate. I repeat DOES NOT VIBRATE. Not many Aneros toys do. Don’t turn away just yet though because that is definitely not a bad thing. Manual prostate massagers can actually be better for some users than vibrating ones. I for one love non-vibrating toys.

The other big advantage with a non-vibrating toy like this one is that it’s a bit difficult to fuck up. I mean, you can put this thing in water, you can throw it around a bit, leave it out in the sun. It can take some abuse. Plus it doesn’t have batteries, so it’s never going to die.

Aneros Progasm and Eupho Syn
Aneros Progasm’s size (right) compared to the Eupho (left). Click to enlarge.

The Aneros Progasm is a little more on the chunky side when compared with the Helix Syn and the last Aneros I tried, the Eupho (you can check the review of that one here). In my opinion though, even a beginner could use the Progasm. Sure it’s not the slimmest thing in the World but I’d be very surprised if it actually hurt anyone. The good thing with a toy this size is that it will press on your prostate a bit more, which for most people feels pretty damn good.

The main thing I like about the Aneros Progasm Ice though is its material. We have a tendency in the sex toy industry to always bang on about silicone. Frankly, I mention silicone so much that I even annoy myself. Hallelujah then that the Aneros Progasm ice is NOT silicone. The Progasm Ice is made from transparent medical grade plastic. The toy contains no nasty chemicals / phthalates and isn’t porous, so it’s body safe. The Progasm comes in other colours too but I wanted the see through one. Colours aside, oh my god this material is so much better for butt play. So much better to have plastic than silicone for a prostate massager.

You see, hard plastic is smoother and more gliding than silicone could ever be. This means that inserting the Aneros Progasm requires only a fraction of the lube I would use with a silicone version. The Progasm slides in SO easily.

Anyway, damn I’m getting ahead of myself here. This is meant to be first impressions. Shall I talk about the packaging? It’s very nice packaging if you give a crap about that kind of thing. Here have two photos of it… then let’s get on to the more exciting part.

Aneros Progasm Ice Packaging
Aneros Progasm Ice Packaging

Click to enlarge

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Experience with the Aneros Progasm Prostate Massager

I use this prostate massager more frequently than any other that I have ever reviewed on this site. I use it during masturbation, during sex and I even use it to warm up for bigger toys. In every case, the Aneros Progasm is almost the perfect toy.

Aneros Progasm Ice Review

Let’s start with that shape. For my body at least, the Progasm presses in all the right places. It’s thick enough and curved enough to put a good amount of pressure on my prostate. I only have to tense my muscles slightly to rock it back and forth, stimulating my prostate. It’s the right length, the right size and has the perfect curvature for my taste. Like I said… almost perfect.

Now before I go any further let me get one thing straight. I am not one of these reviewers who just says everything is awesome. I hate articles like that and I’m sure you do too dear reader, because if you’ve gotten this far into my article I’m pretty sure that you’re a cool dude. Yeah I know what you’re thinking, I’m just making bad attempts to butter you up now. To be fair, you wouldn’t be wrong… but like I already mentioned, I’m not being paid to write this damn article so I’m going to put bad flattery in it if I want to. Anyway… I sometimes rip on popular toys if I think they have flaws. My point is, the Aneros Progasm Ice really is just that good that I’m not mentioning too many drawbacks… it simply doesn’t have that many. However it does have two things that really annoy me.

Stupid plastic arms and even stupider tag

Aneros Progasm Arms
These plastic arms are dumb. They need to be eliminated.

Two things that bother me about the Aneros Progasm is the design of the bottom of the toy. Seriously, what the fuck? Come on Aneros, pull yourselves together. This could have been the perfect toy. Those plastic arms and the tag are fucking everything up for you. The toy doesn’t need big thick arms and a tag on it like that. The fact that they’re there means that the Progasm is uncomfortable to sit on. So for sitting down, the Progasm sucks.

The plastic arms don’t even bend that much. I really don’t know what Aneros was thinking. I know it’s good to have somewhere to press on the toy while it’s inside. To alter the angle of the toy and do some manual stimulation with the hands etc but damn… those plastic arms are WAY too thick and inflexible. And that fucking tag on the bottom of the toy it another literal pain in the ass, should you ever sit on it. Take that tag away… we know Aneros made the toy. I don’t need a tag sticking out of my ass telling me that. It’s a dumb design choice. Take it away.

Please Aneros, if you read this sort out those plastic arms in your next version of the Progasm. It’s so good that it’s a shame for something like that to let it down. It isn’t genius brand marketing to put a tag on the bottom of the toy like that, it’s just dumb. I say that in jest but seriously, take it away… you’re ruining the toy.

Using the Progasm during sex

I often used the Progasm during sex. My girlfriend can’t feel the toy directly of course but it makes me super hard so it does benefit her in that way 😉

The tapered end is the right shape for the toy to stay inside me even while I do my most enthusiastic fucking. Admittedly, I do have to press it back into place every now and again but overall, I’m quite impressed by how well the Progasm Ice stays in place.

Having the Progasm inside me while I fuck makes my orgasms so much more intense. Seriously, the cum shoots out like crazy with this thing in. I stay harder while I have the Progasm inside me due to the additional stimulation I’m getting from it. The other thing I like about this toy is that because the plastic material glides more easily than silicone, I never have to reapply lube after putting it in. The same cannot be said for other prostate massagers I have.

There aren’t any sex positions I like to do that the Progasm doesn’t work for. Doggystyle, Cowgirl, Missionary, Spooning, giving/receiving oral… for all those standard positions it works great. You just won’t feel comfortable if you have to sit on a chair during sex, because of the issues I raised above with the plastic arms and tag being so thick.

Using the Progasm during masturbation

By far the most usual way I use the Progasm is for masturbation. The one annoying thing about this toy is that those stupid plastic arms dig into me if I try to sit down with it. So no sitting on a desk chair with this toy. It’s a shame.

Sitting or lying in bed is totally fine though. That’s how I usually masturbate anyway. I’ve been able to have hands free orgasms with the Progasm more than I have with other toys but that might be a little bit of an unfair comment because I also use it way more often than others I own. Don’t just assume that this means you too will have a hands free P Spot orgasm… it isn’t that simple and no toy can guarantee it to you. If you want to read more of a guide on P Spot massage, I have one over here. All I’ll say is that for me at least, the Progasm’s shape makes it easy for me to take advantage of during prostate play.

Anyway, even for partial prostate orgasms (ones where you masturbate your penis while having the prostate massager in), the Progasm feels great. I sometimes slip it in for regular masturbation sessions just to intensify them a little bit. Prostate massagers add a little more intensity, so the fact that the Progasm is so easy to insert means I reach for it a lot. It is also easier to clean than other prostate toys I own, which is admittedly part of my decision making process when selecting a toy.

Using the Aneros Progasm as a warm up for bigger toys and anal sex

More recently, crazy people have been sending me huge toys for my butt. I never expected to be putting anything like the large Square Peg Charlies where the sun doesn’t shine and to be totally honest, I found the idea alarming.

Luckily I have the Progasm because it makes warm up a breeze. If I ever get a toy that seems a little bigger than I’m used to, I use the Progasm for about 30 mins first before attempting to use it. I use it a bit like a butt plug I guess, however because it’s a prostate toy it gives me more pleasure than a butt plug would. The Progasm is chunky enough to loosen me up, yet it’s still small enough for beginners in my opinion.

So the Aneros Progasm Ice works great for warm up for bigger toys. That means it can also work for a warm up toy before anal sex too. I don’t do anal sex myself but I know for some of you, that might be an interesting thing to specify!

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Cleaning the Aneros Progasm Ice

For some reason, you fuckers always assume that black is the best colour for stuff that will potentially get poop on it. That is simply not true. Trust me, if there is poop on a toy… you’re going to see it no matter the colour. Black does not hide poop.

The Aneros Progasm Ice is clear in colour and so if anything is on it, you can see it, even if whatever it is happens to be on the other side of the toy. In my opinion, that’s a good thing. You need to be able to see all of the dirt that might be on the toy in order to clean it. And to reiterate what I said above, black won’t hide poop in any case. Don’t worry about colours when it comes to prostate toys.. it doesn’t matter for cleaning. The reason most toys are coloured black is because the people who make them have no style.

The plastic material of the Aneros Progasm Ice is so much easier to clean than silicone toys are. So much easier. It cleans very rapidly and there is never a smell lingering (at least not for me – I have flowers up there clearly). The hard plastic doesn’t absorb so much lube, body fluid etc either. This is one of the few toys that doesn’t really need a storage pouch. Silicone toys collect dust like there’s no tomorrow, so they always need one. ABS plastic doesn’t have the same issue. I keep the Aneros Progasm in dusty drawers sometimes and all it takes is a wipe of my hand to get rid of it all. So much better than silicone.

Let’s wrap this up

The Aneros Progasm Ice is an underrated toy. Usually we only ever here of the Aneros Helix Syn on toy lists and frankly it’s a shame. The Progasm Ice has a much better form factor and is certainly one of the better prostate toys I own. I recommend it far more than the Aneros Eupho that I previously tested. Like the other manual Aneros toys, the Progasm Ice is also pretty affordable. To get a high end vibrating prostate toy it costs a lot but to buy one of these high end manual ones it is only going to set you back a small amount (I’ve listed the prices for different countries below – click here to see).

Aneros really needs to reconsider the thick plastic arms on the Progasm though. Those plastic arms and the tag at the bottom of the toy suck and they need to be taken away. The toy can be worn in most positions except for sitting, which is fine for many uses. The thing is, many people will want to sit down with the toy because a lot of people like masturbating sitting down. I’m not one of these people but damn it Aneros, sort that out for all the sitting masturbators out there! Particularly that plastic tag with your branding on the bottom of the toy… take that god damned thing away.

Do I recommend the Aneros Progasm Ice? Hell yes. It’s a great toy and if you have a prostate it will definitely give you some fun. It’s great for sex, works well to warm up for bigger toys, it gives me hands free orgasms and it’s an easy toy to clean. There isn’t very much to fault with this toy. If Aneros does something about those stupid plastic arms and the dumb tag at the bottom, the toy would get a 10/10 from me. For now though, It’ll have to make do with a slightly lower score. Shame on you Aneros for putting branding above comfort, I’m deducting one point for that and the thick arms.

If you want to know where to buy the Aneros Progasm, I have prepared a price table below and the links will go to shops I trust near you. I live in France but my tentacles go wide dear reader. Anyway, that’s all for now. If you want to read a guide on prostate massage and see some of my other favourite prostate toys, click here. If this is all you came for, well I hope to see you again in the near future!

Now back to playing with my toys…

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Aneros Progasm Ice

Score: 9 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring

Material and design

8 / 10

Form factor

10 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10

Desire to use again

10 / 10


These prices may be very slightly different by the time you visit the shop. This is just to give you an idea of the cost 😉

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