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Review: Aneros Eupho Syn Trident Prostate Massager

Aneros Eupho Syn Prostate Massager Size

There are several electronic prostate massagers on this website. What can be said then about one that doesn’t move or vibrate?

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First impressions of the Eupho Syn Trident

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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Aneros is a brand tied equivocally to the niche of P Spot Massagers. Although their toys are very affordable, Aneros is still considered a luxury brand. I have been wanting to try an Aneros toy for some time and finally got my chance when a French company called Rue des Plaisirs offered to send the Eupho Syn Trident to me. There are two versions of this toy, the black silicone version and white plastic version. I’ll talk about both but the one I am reviewing is the black silicone version (the Eupho Syn Trident).

The Eupho Syn Trident is for Advanced Users

Only try the Eupho Syn Trident if you are an advanced user. The toy itself is very slim in profile. Most people would be able to insert the Eupho Tident into their anus without discomfort. The reason that the Eupho Syn is an advanced toy, is more because of the muscle control you need in order to enjoy it. It has been described as the ‘Ultimate Aneros’ by experienced users but be warned, if you are not an expert, you won’t know how to enjoy this toy.

If you are a beginner to prostate play I’d recommend you try out the Helix Trident or Helix Syn Trident. The Aneros Helix is one of the most famed hands-free prostate massagers and is more suitable for beginners than the Eupho Syn that I am reviewing here.

If you are an intermediate user, the Aneros Progasm or Progasm Jr may be more to your liking. They will give you a ‘fuller’ feeling than either the Helix or Eupho prostate massagers.

Physical details: Aneros Eupho Syn Trident

Aneros Eupho Syn Prostate Massager Size

As mentioned, the Aneros Eupho Syn is quite thin and won’t result in the full feeling that other hands-free prostate toys will. It is designed for mobility and the advanced muscle contractions of experienced users.

The version reviewed:

Aneros Eupho Syn dimensions
Euphoe SYN dimensions

Diametre: 0.9 inches

Insertable length: 4.2 inches

Stem to Perineum Distance: 1.7 inches

To put those dimensions into perspective, the Desire P Spot Massager by Lovehoney (one of my favourites) has a diametre / girth of 1.3 inches. So the Eupho Syn really is a slimmer toy. It isn’t designed to press on your insides from all sides. You need to be able to use your muscles to move it around.

The Eupho Syn is made with a soft black silicone material that bends slightly. It still has plenty of ‘give’ for a prostate massager though. To be honest, I chose the silicone one because I prefer the colour and like the feeling of silicone.

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The alternative white plastic version

There is another version of the Eupho known as the ‘Eupho Trident’ (no syn). That one is made of a harder white plastic. Some people prefer one material or another because each has a different resistance and slightly different dimensions. Yet it’s still the same basic design for the toy. They both have similar dimensions so it is unlikely that you’ll love one but hate another. Just pick the one that you think you’ll prefer. You can always buy another Aneros in the other material the next time!

For your reference, these are the dimensions of the white plastic version Eupho Trident (not reviewed here):

Aneros Eupho dimensions
Eupho WHITE dimensions

As you can see, the Eupho white plastic version is the same length but differs slightly in width. The difference really is tiny so again, just pick the one you think you’ll prefer more.


Aneros Eupho Syn Box

Unboxing Gallery:

The packaging of the Aneros P Spot massager made my girlfriend say wow (that’s pretty rare just so you know)! The ‘Eupho Syn Trident’ came in a beautiful red box that I now can’t quite part with. So far, Aneros has had the best packaging of any prostate toy I’ve ever received. Packaging is important because it tells me how the company views itself and what level of detail they put into their products. Of course, that promise of quality isn’t guaranteed but more often than not, I find it reliable to ‘judge a sex toy by its cover’ 😉

Experience using the Eupho Syn P Spot Massager

Aneros Eupho Syn Prostate Toy

The first time I used the Eupho Syn Trident for hands free prostate play was during one of my lunch breaks. Don’t worry, I don’t walk around with prostate massagers in my pockets! I was working from home at the time so had access to my bed.

I drew the curtains to the bedroom, lit a lamp and settled onto the bed. After using a good amount of SLiquid’s water-based lube, I inserted the Eupho Syn. As expected with such a slim toy, there was no discomfort.

I lay there on the bed performing controlled breathing for a while, to force my body to completely relax. All the while, I was contracting my sphincter muscles and moving the Eupho Syn around inside me. I could feel it pressing on my prostate and the feeling was pleasurable. Yet it was also too subtle for me to use successfully during my lunch break. I only had around twenty minutes to test the toy on this occasion and that wasn’t enough to give me a hands-free orgasm. The orgasm was still good but I had to masturbate my penis to reach it.

More solo testing

Over the following weeks, I tested the Eupho Syn several more times. It is difficult for me to get more than thirty minutes alone at the moment because I have some big projects going on. Most notably, I was redeveloping this website at the time! Thirty minutes isn’t enough time for me to get a hands-free orgasm. I’m too conscious of the time and that doesn’t help at all. Prostate massage requires an almost meditative state of relaxation. At least it does for me.

Hands free orgasms, finally!!

Finally, I had an hour spare the same weekend that I’m writing this review. In that time I was able to get very comfortable on my bed without distraction. I actually did some mindfulness meditation before using the Eupho Syn this time, which I think helped a lot.

I lay on the bed again, not really concious of the time passing. I contracted my muscles and breathed in control patterns. Then, finally something great happened. I felt my first climax approaching! At this point, it is tempting to touch the penis but it is important not to. I kept moving the toy across my prostate and eventually, boom! Orgasm number one. Shortly afterwards, I had a second orgasm.

For the last orgasm I had with the toy during this session, I finally gave my penis what it was begging for. The resulting orgasm was Class A.

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Aneros Prostate Massager Instructions

Partner Play with the Euhpo Prostate Massager

Quite soon after receiving the Eupho Syn, I tried it out during sex. Usually, I test prostate toys for longer on my own but because the Eupho is so slim and easy to insert, I didn’t wait. One of the advantages to the Eupho Syn is that it is very easy to keep in my anus while having sex. This is a great feature because many of the larger vibrating prostate massagers are difficult to keep in during the movements of sex.

There is one big disadvantage to the Eupho Syn in partner play though I’m afraid. The sensations that the Eupho Trident gives are far too subtle for me to enjoy during sex. I like sex rough and so I move around a lot, using a lots of energy. Sometimes I have forgotten that the Eupho Syn was there at all. It feels ‘nice’ during sex but it doesn’t leave me thinking of using it again. It’s just too subtle a sensation. When I lay down and my girlfriend has sex with me on top, I feel it more. However, the sensation was still very subtle.

In theory, the Aneros Eupho should be great during sex. It has been designed to allow it to move around more freely inside your rectum. Other prostate massagers are designed to give more of a constant pressure on your prostate. So if you enjoy slow and sensual sex, the Eupho could potentially suit you better than it does me. Like I said though, I use a lot of energy during sex and move around a lot. With such strong movements, I don’t feel the Eupho enough.

I did try the toy while I was receiving oral sex once and that works better. Particularly because Eve can press on the toy while she plays with me. Though even this way, I don’t really get enough sensation from the toy to justify using it often. It improves my orgasms a small amount during oral sex but not by much. A toy like the We Vibe Vector for example, is far better for the sensations it gives during partner play.

Cleaning the Aneros Eupho Syn

Not much to say here. It is a super easy toy to clean. There are no electronics or anything else to worry about so you can just wash it with water, soap and also some sex toy cleaner. It dries very quickly and can be stored away.

It is a black silicone toy and like all black silicone toys, it attracts dust. I recommend keeping the Eupho Syn in some kind of storage pouch or its original box. Or you could by the Eupho Trident instead, which is made of white plastic and won’t have the dust problem.

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Aneros Eupho Syn Prostate Massager

It’s difficult to rate the Eupho Syn because of its suitability for advanced users. I was able to have some great hands-free orgasms with it, yet I felt like I had to work too hard for them. I don’t often have such a large amount of time to dedicate to a masturbation session. If I was to use the Eupho in a typical masturbation session of 20 – 30 minutes, my experience is kind of meh. It’s only when I use the toy for upwards of 40 minutes that I can start to enjoy it to the fullest. With more time and patience, perhaps the amount of time I need with it could diminish. Honestly though, I don’t have the patience.

One thing for sure is that the Eupho Syn does what it is designed to do very well. Aneros themselves are totally open about this toy providing more subtle sensations and actually advertise it as a P Spot massager for Advanced Users. The Eupho Syn definitely shouldn’t be the only prostate toy you own, yet it is good to have as a variation to your usual toys. Say you already have the Aneros Helix or Progasm. If that’s the case, the Aneros Eupho could be a great next choice. Knowing your own body well (particularly in terms of the prostate and anal play) can certainly leave you wanting more variation. The Eupho, with its increased mobility and subtler sensations, could certainly give you the variation you crave.

Yet ‘Ultimate Aneros Toy’? I have a feeling that for most people, the Aneros Helix or Progasm / Progasm Jr will better choices in terms of enjoyment. I consider myself an advanced user of prostate toys, yet I still don’t have the patience to use the Euhpo Syn very often. It doesn’t bother me that the toy doesn’t vibrate like most of my other P Spot Toys, it’s actually nice to use non-vibrating toys sometimes. Every time I use the Aneros Eupho though, I wish it wasn’t so slim.

I admire the craftsmanship that has gone into the Euhpo Syn and it is truly a well thought out and beautifully designed toy. Yet sadly, I probably won’t be using it very much after this review is over. For novelty and variation, it gets good points. The area where the toy falls down for me is that it’s only suitable for a narrow range of people. That narrow range of experts will love this toy, which is the only reason that the Aneros Eupho isn’t getting a bad score today.

But again, I repeat, this is for advanced users! There are plenty of other great prostate toys that you can buy from Aneros if you are more beginner/intermediate level.

Thank you again to Rue des Plaisirs for making this review possible! You can buy the Aneros Eupho from their store here.

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Aneros Eupho Syn

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring

Material and Design

10 / 10


10 / 10


6 / 10

Desire to use again in the future

4 / 10


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