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Review: Blowmotion Warming Masturbator

blowmotion warming masturbator review

Lovehoney decided to have me test their Blowmotion Warming Masturbator. It’s a penis vibrator that warms up on the inside while vibrating your penis. I’ve tried a few penis vibrators with similar designs to this one and liked them, so let’s see how the Blowmotion blows.

The Blowmotion Warming Masturbator was sent to me for free by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. There may be affiliation links on this page and if you use them, it helps me support my website. I appreciate the support so thank you in advance!

First Impressions of Lovehoney’s Blowmotion

Score: 6.8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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The Blowmotion is a penis vibrator rather than a masturbator. You can’t really stroke yourself much with it because it has a closed top. It actually functions a lot like Cobra Libre II by Fun Factory and Satisfyer Men Vibration, which are vibrators. The Blowmotion is not a masturbator. A Fleshlight is a masturbator. It’s not a big deal of course but it’s important for me to clarify this at the outset, because the Blowmotion is currently being marketed as a masturbator!

The packaging of the Blowmotion is fairly standard, it would make a good gift if you should wish to give it to your partner. It’s not overly fancy but then it’s also a more mid-range toy which is nice because we don’t always want to spend over 100 big ones on a toy! Overall the aesthetics of the toy and package is good. I just wish there was another choice of colour other than black.

The materials of the toy are totally body safe. It is made of ABS plastic and silicone. The silicone is black, which is my least favourite colour for silicone. That being said though, silicone and ABS plastic are 100% body safe and non-porous, so those materials will last a long time and not cause you harm.

blowmotion warming male masterbator
Blowmotion sex toy controls – Click to Enlarge.

The buttons on the toy are fairly straight forward. One for on and change mode, one for the heating and a simple plus/minus for the intensity.

Unfortunately the toy is not 100% waterproof, only splash proof. You at least don’t have to worry about running it under water when cleaning though, which is the main thing I need from a toy’s waterproofing. It is very rare that someone would use a toy in the bath etc anyway… vibrators don’t sound good in the bath so you’re not going to be missing out too much.

The Blowmotion’s rechargeable battery lasts up to one hour before needing to be recharged, which is pretty decent. It has 6 vibration modes and 3 speeds. It comes with a charging cable but no storage pouch, which is a shame because this toy is a complete dust magnet.

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blowmotion warming masturbator cable
Charging cable – click to enlarge.

Experience with the Blowmotion Masturbator

As you may be aware, I’ve tested a lot of different penis vibrators. Overall the Blowmotion actually felt good to me, which is saying something given that a lot of the others I have tried cost over 100 – 200. The vibrations that the Blowmotion emits are on the lighter side but to me at least they feel very pleasurable. I actually appreciate the more subtle sensation and subtle build up to climax. Some toys like the Pulse Duo Lux can be a little too intense at times… steals the orgasm a bit. The Blowmotion can get intense enough without hurting you with too much strength.

blowmotion warming masturbator

The vibration patterns of the Blowmotion feel pretty good. They’re patterns I’ve felt before in other toys, so not totally revolutionary to me. Yet the toy does vibrate well and that is basically all we want from a penis vibrator when buying one. Dare I say though that the Blowmotion masturbator is just a little bit standard in that respect. It does what it does well but there is no wow factor for me personally. That isn’t a deal breaker for you dear reader. But yeah… this toy lacks a little bit of character. It doesn’t have a personality. Maybe that sounds a bit nuts, yet I really like it when I can sense the creativity of the toy maker. I like it when there’s just this little thing about the toy that I haven’t felt anywhere else before. For me to have something different. This toy is good but for me at least, it isn’t offering anything new. Does it feel good enough though? Yes!

I’ve heard that some guys complain about the width of the Blowmotion and that it isn’t good for larger girths. I don’t necessarily agree. I’ve tried other toys like this that were narrower. But mostly I say that because I’m slightly above average in girth and don’t have a problem with this toy. Just make sure you use a fair bit of lube and you’ll probably be fine. If in doubt, measure yourself. The toy’s canal is between 3.5 and 4 centimetres wide. Some very large penises may not go all the way in but very few won’t be able to push their penis in far enough to enjoy the toy.

Like other similar penis vibrators, the Blowmotion can be used even if you can’t get erections. It isn’t as crazily strong as the Hot Octopuss Pulse toys but the Blowmotion could still make you climax, even if you don’t get erections.

What heat?

One quite disappointing thing with the Blowmotion Warming Masturbator for me is that I can’t really feel feel it warming me. I probably wouldn’t have guessed it had a heating element in it, had the box not said so. I’ve been testing the toy in the winter and it’s a little cold here at the moment. So if the toy is heating up, I should be able to feel it more.

To be honest, I wouldn’t necessarily use the heating element anyway. It’s something I can take or leave in a toy. Yet if it says it heats up on the box, I expect to be able to feel it. I think that should be improved. Especially because the Blowmotion is already doing the kind of vibration that lots of other toys already do. It’s a saturated market so while the heating feature of the toy is interesting, it needs to be more present in the sensation, otherwise there is no point in it being there.

The noise

Blowmotion seems to me a little less noisy than other penis vibrators I’ve tried. It’s certainly not quiet and people in the next room to you might hear it. Yet I really doubt my downstairs neighbours would hear it for example. With other toys like the Pulse Duo Lux the noise can be a problem. It isn’t easy to make a penis vibrator quiet because it is designed to be used on the outside of the body rather than the inside. Therefore your body muffles it less. But yes, one pretty positive thing about the Blowmotion is that it is quieter than some other toys I’ve tried.

Partner Play with the Blowmotion

The Blowmotion is a simple toy for your partner to use on you. Unlike other toys, it is quite difficult for someone to hurt you with this vibrator because it doesn’t get to those huge levels of intensity (a good thing, especially for a beginner).

The one thing I always say about these closed top vibrator toys is that your partner obviously can’t give you a blowjob at the same time. That is a little bit of a drawback when you know that there are other toys out there where this is not a problem. Take the Arcwave Ion for example (more expensive too however).

I’d say the Blowmotion is more a toy you use alone than with a partner but really it’s up to you and your own creativity. Some couples will love using this toy together.

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Video of the Blowmotion

Cleaning the Blowmotion Masturbator

The Blowmotion is an easy toy to clean but do pay attention and don’t submerge it in water. It is splash proof, not 100% waterproof. You’ll be fine rinsing it under a tap but don’t go too far. I use some soap and sex toy cleaning spray to clean mine. It dries fairly quickly.

The toy doesn’t come with a pouch, which is a shame because it is also made out of black silicone. It will get dusty unless you find some way to store it away from dust.

Conclusion on the Blowmotion

The Blowmotion is a nice mid range penis toy. I used it a few times even after my testing was complete, which says a lot for someone who owns as many toys as me. It is a pleasant toy and easily makes me climax. The orgasms I get with the toy are good and I’ve enjoyed using it. Yet as I mentioned, the Blowmotion isn’t conquering new ground. It didn’t surprise me or make me experience anything that I haven’t several times before. It’s still a good toy though.

The two biggest problems with the Blowmotion Warming Masturbator is that it is doesn’t warm up very much and it isn’t a masturbator. At minimum, it should be called a vibrator… not a masturbator. I think something needs to be done about the warming element in the toy for the next generation of the toy (if there’s a next generation). If this is the warmest the toy gets in use then there is no point in it warming up at all. The end user just won’t feel it enough.

If you just want a relatively affordable penis vibrator though, I recommend the Blowmotion! Despite what I say about it lacking character, it’s still definitely going to make you feel good when you use it!

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me this toy. You can find a list of their prices at the time of this article below the review score box. If you want to see the latest prices, click below.

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Lovehoney Blowmotion

Score: 6.8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring

Vibration strength & patterns

7 / 10

Heating sensation

2 / 10


6 / 10

Materials and colour

7 / 10

Desire to use again in the future

4 / 10


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