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Review of Satisfyer Men Vibration

Satisfyer Men Vibration Vibrator Sex Toy

Satisfyer has a new penis vibrator that looks like the Cobra Libra II yet is far cheaper. The questions are, is it good and does it bring anything new to the table?

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First impressions of the Satisfyer Men Vibration

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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Our friends at Passage du Desir asked us to review this new toy by Satisfyer. I was thrilled to accept!

Ohhhhh…. this toy looks so much like the Cobra Libra II by Fun Factory. This vibrator is by Satisfyer and is advertised as “for men”. It’s for penises. I wish these companies would stop putting “man” in the name of their products.

I loved the packaging of the Satisfyer Men Vibration. It came with a hygienic seal, which is something I rarely see with sex toy boxes. Taking it out of the box I was shocked at the resemblance to the Cobra Libra. The Satisfyer toy is in black and doesn’t have such prominent buttons.

The toy is operated with two buttons. One button turns it on and acts as a ‘next vibration mode’ button. The other button is to go back to the previous vibration mode. Honestly, the buttons on the Satisfyer Men are more intuitive than the Fun Factory buttons on the Cobra Libra.  The Satisfyer has 14 great vibration modes and feels a lot like the Cobra Libra does when I put my fingers inside.

The toy itself looks very sleek. It’s slightly deeper than the Cobra Libra and little wider too. The opening on the Satisfyer is slightly squared whereas on the Cobra Libra, the opening is more rounded. However the inside feels roughly the same on both toys. The plastic feels a little cheaper than the plastic on the Cobra Libra. However the silicone on the Satisfyer feels softer and more supple. Overall the Cobra Libra II looks more beautiful and premium than the Satisfyer. The Satisfyer also catches more dust. Yet these are minor aesthetic things. The Satisfyer still feels and looks like a great sex toy.

The Satisfyer comes with a magnetic charger and is completely waterproof. Oh did I forget to mention? It’s SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than the Cobra Libra is. The Cobra Libra II cost me 130€ and the Satisfyer Men Vibration will only set you back 49€. That’s a ridiculous price difference. So… is the Satisfyer Men Vibration as good, I hear you ask?

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Experience using the Satisfyer Men Vibration

The Orgasm (solo play – Adam)

The short answer is, yes the Satisfyer Men Vibration is more or less as good as the Cobra Libra II. The vibration modes are a little different and the vibration itself certainly feels different.

The Satisfyer toy has a slow buildup to orgasm, like the Cobra Libra. By slow, I mean that this toy isn’t a brutal vibrator. It teases you with the vibration patterns. The variation in the vibrations feels amazing and personally, this toy doesn’t take long to make me orgasm. Like the Cobra Libra, the orgasms are amazing.

I apologise for continuing to compare it to the Cobra Libra but it really can’t be helped. It really is that similar. Overall the Cobra Libra II feels slightly better. The toy itself feels more robust and premium. The vibrations in the Cobra Libra feel more encompassing and fulfilling. That’s not taking anything away from the Satisfyer though. Like I said, it feels amazing.

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Partner Play with the Satisfyer Men Vibration

The Satisfyer is a very easy toy to use on the penis. Therefore giving it to Eve guarantees that I will orgasm quickly. However it’s not a very interactive toy for her. She holds it in place and moves it up and down. However if she wants to use her mouth or do anything more with her hands, she has to first remove the toy from my penis. The Cobra Libra suffered from the same thing with regards to partner play. However it’s still a great toy to use for foreplay.

Cleaning the Satisfyer Men Vibration

This is an easy sex toy to clean. However dust gets caught in the ridges of the toy and that lets it down aesthetically. This cheapens the look of the toy a lot and in this area the Cobra Libra does slightly better. Like Fun Factory, Satisfyer didn’t include a pouch with their toy to protect it.


I feel bad for Fun Factory that Satisfyer has made a toy so similar to theirs. Yet I can’t deny that it is good to have a lower cost version of this kind of toy. Competition is good for the industry I suppose. The vibrations of the Satisfyer Men are slightly more buzzy than those of the Cobra Libre, yet they still feel really good.

If I was a consumer, I would pick the Satisfyer Men Vibration without a doubt. It’s a great sex toy and if I didn’t already have the Cobra Libra II, this would be one of my favourite sex toys. I will stick with the Cobra Libre II as my overall favourite as it is genuinely more premium. Yet with the low cost of the Satisfyer, there is really no comparison.

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Satisfyer Men Vibration

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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10 / 10

This toy was sent for free by Passage du Désir for an honest review and this page contains affiliate links. Thank you Passage du Désir!


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  • Gregg says:

    Thanks for the reviews! I have the satisfyer men’s vibrator, and haven’t quite fine tuned the use of it.
    I’m pretty girthy, (6″ on my whole penis) and it’s a bit awkward to use. Do you have any recommendations for rotating/auto strikers for us girthy guys?

    • Adam says:

      Hey Gregg, Thanks for stopping by! I have about the same girth as you and enjoy using the Handy (a smart stroker). The Handy is a bit better than the Keon for girth because the sleeves are more flexible in diameter, whereas the Keon only stretches so far because of the rigid case. With the Handy the diameter is mostly controlled by the velcro straps on either side, I reviewed it here. The Keon isn’t as flexible in diameter as the Handy is but if you want to read my review on that one, it’s here.

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