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Are Bathmate gains permanent?

Bathmate Hydromax 7 x35 Penis Pump

Do Bathmate gains stick? According to my own (personal) experiment, yes… and no.

This article was originally written as part of my Hydromax 7 test. I used the pump for two months (documenting it on this website) and then I stopped to see what would happen to my gains. Later on, I also tried the Penomet, Bathmate HydroXtreme and also the Bathmate Hydro (review coming soon).

If you want to ask me questions feel free to leave a comment here or on one of my other posts. Alternatively you can contact me on twitter.

First time stopping use of a penis pump

My gains after one week of stopping the Hydromax 7

One week after stopping use of the penis pump, my length had gone back to normal (meaning I lost the extra 0.65 inches (1.65cm in length). However my maximum girth was still 0.1 inches more (0.25cm). My flaccid penis also still looked bigger and thicker.

Gains after one and a half months of no pumping

One and a half months after stopping use of the pump, my girth was still bigger than it was before I used the Bathmate pump. I only noticed because regular sized Durex condoms no longer fit me (they did before). My partner Eve also still found the girth of my penis slightly thicker. The difference was subtle but then I only used the pump for 2 months before stopping.

Update (8 months of no pumping)

After 7 months of no penis pumps, my girth was still thicker. My length had gone completely back to normal. The reason I knew my girth was thicker is because I test a lot of sex toys for this website and my penis felt a little too big for some toys I had previously had no issue with (one example is the Cobra Libre II).

Long story short – My length went back to normal but my girth remained slightly bigger.

Second time stopping use of a penis pump

One thing you may find interesting is that when I began pumping again, my penis size returned to the bigger size I had quite quickly. I never over-pump but I found that my penis size change was quicker the second time around.

Second time stopping using a penis pump

After the Hydromax I used the Penomet and followed quite a detailed regime that comes with the Penomet pump. You can read my full review of the Penomet to see what I thought of it there but to cut a long story short, I thought the Penomet regime was overly complicated. I prefer the Bathmate pumps so after my two month test of the Penomet, I never used it again.

Anyway, the second time I stopped using a penis pump my girth remained slightly bigger and the length also stayed a tiny bit bigger. However my length still went down a lot after stopping using a pump for the second time.

Gains after one year of infrequent pumping (updated 20/05/2020)

After one year of infrequent pumping my penis length had increased from 6.3 to 7.2 inches and my girth increased from 5.8 to 6.2 inches. If I had used a penis pump on a constant basis I have no doubt that I’d have been bigger. As a sex toy tester, I need to review lots of different products so I don’t tend to pump constantly. I do several months on and several months off. I imagine that most of you won’t use it constantly either. I plan to do a longer test with penis pumps at some point in the future and I also plan to test other devices, so make sure you check back here often or subscribe to my twitter where I post news.

After the Penomet I reviewed the HydroXtreme 7. The HydroXtreme 7 is now my go to pump and besides when I test other devices, the HydroXtreme is the one I use. It was with the HydroXtreme that I reached my biggest size (7.2 inches in length).

Gain changes upon using a weaker penis pump

For the past two months I have been using the Bathmate Hydro 7, which is Bathmate’s weakest penis pump. I will have a full review going up soon. The Hydro7 is vastly weaker in strength to the HydroXtreme so I was wondering what would happen to my gains. As it turns out, my length and girth haven’t changed too much. My girth is +0.1 inches bigger (not a big difference) and my length didn’t change. No big deal as far as I’m concerned. Needless to say, the HydroXtreme is better for advanced users like me.

Other user’s penis size permanency after stopping use of penis pumps

Be warned, other testimonials that I have read in forums and articles have indicated that Bathmate gains are not permanent. In order for the gains to be permanent, I would apparently need to keep using a penis pump or another form of penis extension.

My own tests show that the gains made from using Bathmate pumps aren’t totally permanent. I have been able to keep small gains in girth and very small gains in length. However this is nowhere near ‘permanent results’. I’m not too affected by this lack of permanency. It would certainly be great if the penis size gains were permanent, although in a way I’m quite happy about it. There is no evidence that using penis pumps doesn’t lead to penis damage. The fact that my penis can more or less return to normal is a good sign to me.

Bathmate Hydromax Review

Bathmate Hydroxtreme Review

Bathmate Gains Diary

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  1. So in the end your length was back to normal? no permanent gains in length then?

    1. Hey Ryan. That’s right, I personally had no permanent gains in length. However my girth remained slightly larger than it was before. It hasn’t really gone back down because I infrequently use pumps like these. However considering the fact that I don’t use them every week or even every month, that’s quite a nice sign.

      1. I should also add that the increase in girth while using the pump is impressive. However after one and a half months or so of not using the pump, the gains I kept are only a small fraction of that. Nevertheless, some gains are kept.

  2. Hi Adam, did the color of your penis changed and is permanent?

    1. Hey Marco. Yes the colour of my penis is sometimes darker just after I’ve used the pump. For me these colour changes haven’t ever been permanent. My penis is usually back to normal within half an hour. I have read stories about others who really overpumped and had the colour change for far longer.

      It’s important to always let the pressure out of your pump slowly after you’re finished (over several minutes). If you let the pressure out very quickly then you risk bruising and discolouring the penis.

      To avoid over-pumping, I recommend you measure your erect penis before using the pump. Subtract half an inch from your measurement and then never pump your penis over this length. Ever since I’ve been doing that I haven’t had a problem.

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